My first woman

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My first womanThis story happened to me when I was 18 years old.My friends and I went to the so-called c***dren’s summer camp. For us young people of that time had a few pleasures in life – is to drink and dream about women, which we never had. In general, we took half a case of vodka and a few packs of condoms and the rest went with high hopes.But still there was not, as expected, no, we, of course, drank every day, talking to girls, but then kisses the 15 year old girl did not went down.But one day, one day, my life turned upside down in the camp. Government was appointed day, we rest in the senior squad put teachers and counselors in the more junior.In this detachment was Olga Vladmirirovna counselor, she was 21. We met her and talked, I did nothing to this and did not think.The day passed, two, three, we said hello to her, sometimes talking. But one night during a disco, she invited me to her, I went to did not even thinking what’s next. We sat in her room playing cards, laughing, talking, I felt quite relaxed, because I was a little drunk. Suddenly she stopped giving away and looked at me in a strange way, I do not understand, ask her why she did not continue. But she put cards and began to unbutton her dress, it was sleeping with her, she was sitting in front of me in a bra and panties. I looked at her, his head ran some strange thoughts, all mixed up, I felt like in my pants already at attention is my dick, but I’m all dumbfounded and can not move. She looked and looked, and then asked:- Have you ever had sex with the girls?I sat there like an idiot shaking his head.- Do you want it – she kept asking.I nodded.-Then just relax and lie down, I’ll do it myself – getting out of bed and knocking me on it, Escort said Olga.I lay down, all while continuing to understand nothing, it was all like a dream. Olga leaned over and started kissing me on the lips, neck, forehead, cheeks, removed shirt, my excitement is driving me crazy, my dick is tearing my swimming trunks, she went below kissing my chest, stomach, shoulders, and I liked it very much , took off my shorts with my swimming trunks. My cock was standing at attention, she smiled and looked at me, I was just about to finish. Now she stood up and began to move slowly, and turned back, undid the bra and turned to me, my eye landed on her beautiful big breasts with beautiful nipples standing. Olga came closer, took my hand and placed it on his chest, feeling it was fine, the firm breasts was just perfect, and I did not notice that finished, my cock softened and fell. Olga laughed, I felt very embarrassed in front of her as a girl done wrong before. But she did not think it all ends, I started to calm down:- Do not worry, it happens, many for the first time, now would be all right. Again she started kissing me, I began to answer her caresses on her. We have merged the lips in a kiss, my hands kneaded her firm breasts, stroking her back yet, head. She picked up my cock, and he began again to swell, and become as he was back and he was ready for battle. She moved away from me, and said,-Now, on to the main point.She smiled and started to take off her white cotton panties, which was already quite a big wet spot. Here she is a good counselors Olga stood in front of me 15 year old boy naked.It was beautiful: brown shoulder-length hair, pretty face, slim figure, large and beautiful breasts with erect Escort Bayan nipples, perfect round ass, slender legs, which converge at the top of the triangle neatly shorn hair. She was the first girl I saw naked, everything seemed like a fairy tale.I lay on the bed, my cock stood and eager to fight. She climbed on the bed, with the words:- Are you ready? – Beginning to fall back on his heels. And now I feel like my cock at the entrance to her vagina, and she quietly began to fall. Oh it was lovely to feel her wet, hot wall covering my cock, he moved rhythmically on me, fall down and rising up every time her movements became faster and faster, out of the mouth pulled out a groan, I felt that she was about to finish, I also already was almost ready. And she threw back her head with a groan behind him and fell on me, I continued to move her hips hands on his penis and ended too soon.We were not mobile, she on me my dick was still in her, even though he had already softened, flowed from her vagina our juices. Everything was perfect, I thought about what had happened, and I thought that at last it was done. She looked me in the face and smiled.We have lain so for ten minutes. But I did not feel any fatigue, I wanted more, I wanted to try all of what I’ve been dreaming that he had seen in frank films on video. My cock started to rise again from these thoughts. I got up, put on her back Olya, she immediately understood and spread her legs, bending at the knees.I climbed on the bed and began to examine her vagina. My eyes landed on her beautiful, tender pussy lips, spreading them, I saw a small bump at the top – it was her clitoris. I started to kiss him, just touching him, Olga began to move, Bayan Escort I started to do it gently, but not development, as the first time. Started to kiss her lips, licking, sucking the moisture coming. Olga murmured something under his breath, but clearly, she moaned. I caressed her clitoris mouth, kissed him, biting, sucking, Olga pressed my head more and more between your legs, arched his back and roughly finished. I climbed on her and began to kiss her breasts, rising higher and higher, came to her lips and kissed her face. Then he turned his hand for a long time ready cock in her womb. And started to drive inside …In general, our night lasted a very long time, I went from Oli in his body was almost dawn. My friends greeted me with a “baptism of fire”. I almost did not sleep, and did not want to. On that day, I almost did not go out of the body, as for some reason afraid to meet my first women’s lives. But the next evening at our camp was scheduled disco, my friends and I were again badly on his chest, and went dancing. It suddenly came to me, Olga, seeing it all, I blushed and looked at her as a delinquent first grade, my friends stood by and laughed winking. Olga, as if nothing had happened, started with me normal conversation. At that time, played a slow dance, and we began to dance with her, she whispered to me that he was waiting for me in 10 minutes at home. I quietly left the disco and went to her. Once again we made love all night ….Since the end of the camp changed all my nights were busy, I spent every Olya, she taught me, to know about sex, if you can call it that.After the camp, I met her a couple of times, but that was, we do not remember, just talking about life, about how those who live. The last time I saw her five days ago she was already married and expecting a baby.Now I am already 24 years old, I live an active sex life. But for me, my counselors – Olga, probably forever remain the most memorable girl in the world.

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