My Pal Kaylie Wanted Her First Time On A Sleepover


My Pal Kaylie Wanted Her First Time On A SleepoverKaylie’s smile sparkled up at me like I’d never seen before as she lay on her bed below me in her matching bra and panties, giddy that I was about to be her first sexual experience. I noticed the clock by her bed, 12:34 in red numbers. We were waiting impatiently to start after her parents went to bed around 11, her brothers before that. It was really adorable that she had picked this set of undies for me because I knew she didn’t usually worry about matching.”This is cute,” I said pawing at her breast playfully through her bra. Her eyes widened with surprise at the unexpected touch. We are about to do this. I’d put my hands on her like that before. “Are you feeling good about this?”She nodded quickly. “Yeah, really good.” She giggled a little after. I couldn’t help smiling at how cute she was being. I’ve been with both guys and girls. But, Kaylie is a virgin and hasn’t even had a real kiss. Sitting outside at school this week, she said something like “I wouldn’t mind my first time being with a girl, even just with a friend, just to see what’s like with no pressure.” I couldn’t help myself offering to be that for her. She was worried at first it might make things weird between us. I told her I’d been with friends before and it’s only weird if you make it weird. It can just be like any other touch we give to each other as long as we are open about what it means and let it be what it is without forcing something else into it. She is pretty sure she’s straight, but open to playing with a girl. I’m more into girls, but can enjoy sex without getting attached if the friend isn’t bent that way. We sealed the agreement with a quick little kiss, right outside with people walking all around. It was so sweet!”You’re so pretty,” she said to me, that schoolgirl giddiness in her eyes.”So are you,” I said, letting my hand drag down her tummy from her breast and pass over the bahis şirketleri front of her panties. “Thanks for putting these on for me,” I said, looking up her body. I watched her eyes look down to see me touching her, then look back up at me. I moved in close and laid on top of her and kissed her softly, lingering for a moment with just our lips touching lightly before poking my tongue out a bit to part her lips and enter her hot mouth. She let out an impassioned breath as her tongue met mine. Her hand came up onto my back, then fell down towards my butt. I could tell she was exploring me, feeling the curves of my body, experiencing sexual touch for the first time.She was a good kisser. Her lips were soft and sweet and her breath smelled like fresh toothpaste. Kissing wasn’t the main event, but I couldn’t help leaning into her because she felt and tasted so wonderful. “Joyy…” she whispered in between kisses as our tongues intermingled. “Joyyyy…” her hand carressed my cheek and her fingers played around my lips as our kisses became wetter and more passionate. I enjoyed how her hands wandered around on my body. My other experiences were not quite as casual as this. There was something wonderful about how relaxed we were, just enjoying the touch for the pure experimental sensuality of it with nothing else at stake.I straddled her as we kissed and began to grind slowly against her, driving the roundness of my pelvic mound down into her panties. My cotton sleeping shorts were thin and soft allowing me to feel the lacy ridges of her panties through them. She pushed her pelvis upward into my crotch, her breathing becoming jerky with each stroke. I buried my mouth in one of her breasts, pushing the bra down and mouthing her nipple wetly. She caressed the back of my head as I did this. Then she pushed me up and pulled my chest down to her face and kissed my boobs through my bra, wagging her head back and bahis firmaları forth to move the cups out of the way. I unfastened it in the back and let it fall free so she could suck on my nipples with her eager lips. She took lingering licks and made me moan a little with how long she spent there. Sitting back, I settled down beneath her knees and gripped her panties by my thumbs. “I want to eat your pussy now,” I said grinning at her. “Yes, please,” she answered. I had to admit I felt really excited to make love to her cuz she was just so into it. She was beaming at me with anticipation. Her panties slid off easily, revealing her bald vagina. She told me she used an Epilator and it left her so smoooootthh I luvved it. Her lips were pouty and her clit sat in between them like a flower in a small cleft.”You’re so pretty down here,” I said, feeling the smoothness of it with my fingers. She was already wet, a small glimmer of lube shining up from her pink slit.”Just for you,” she said. Ohhh, she had game! I told myself again “She’s straight, we’re just playing.”I rubbed up and down to see what she liked. She shifted when I touched her clit, and liked when I tickled her butthole. I played with her labia and she seemed to enjoy the right side of her clit, along the hood, the most. I enjoyed touching her and watching her react for a minute or so. Her fragrance came to me after a bit, her anticipation rising to waft through my nostrils. The urge to taste her filled me and I knelt down and took her in my mouth. Her flavor washed into over my tongue, musky and strong. I licked from bottom to top, lapping at her as she shuddered and made soft cooing sounds. “Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh…” was all she said. She lubricated profusely, wetness dribbling off my tongue. I caught a large drop of it and painted upward with it, swallowing a little with a small slurp. A string of it connected form my bottom lip down to the slick kaçak bahis siteleri pink skin between her lips. It was really hot. I plunged down into her again. She rode her hips up and down with my licking motion, enjoying herself immensely. Her hand appeared on the back of my head. I reached up around her hips to hold onto her as I ate her hungrily, feeling a deep and beautiful connection to her body and how she was responding to me.”Oh, it feels so good, Joyyy. Don’t stop everrrrrr…” she said. I licked and sucked on her, drinking in her juices as she produced them. I laid her legs down flat, lapping hard at her clit. While I did this, I eased a finger inside her underneath my tongue.”Ohh!” she exclaimed as I entered her”Shhhhhhhh…” I said, giggling. “You’re going to wake someone!” She covered her mouth, giggling, then grabbed at the sheets, clutching them into balls in her fingers. I drove one finger into her, bumping the base of her vagina with my knuckles as I finger-fucked her. She reached for her clit, rubbing it with me as I banged her.”Oh god, I’m gonna…cu-uhm…” it came out like a whimper. Gasping, she seemed to bite down to contain the sounds her body wanted to make. Rearing back, she pushed her head hard to one side, her free arm rising above it as she began to convulse. I couldn’t help but smile, my fair skin turning red with the pleasure of it. She came for a long time, pumping her hips into my finger thrusts, pulling at me with her hand. Finally the spasms ebbed until she was looking down at my finger inside her, glistening with lube. Her forehead had a light shimmer from perspiration, some more visible between her breasts.She laughed and so did I. “I made you cum. Pretty good for the first time?””So good!” She said. “Come here.” she pulled me on top of her and we kissed some more. Then she rolled me onto my back. “You’re wearing too much,” she said, pulling at my tiny shorts until my camel toe was visible. She kissed down my body with the glee of a first timer until her warm tongue was melting onto my throbbing puss. I laid there, enjoying her eating me for the first time and wondered why we’d waited so long to do this!

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