My Sexy Roommate Ch. 01 – Steam


Friday the 23rd

Everything changed between me and my sexy roommate that night in the gym’s group shower.

It was late and we were the only people in the dormitory gym. We worked out together almost every night. As usual, we finished with spotting each other on the free weights, then hit the showers.

Frank Dixon, my sophomore roommate, and I weren’t related, but we looked like brothers; tall and muscular, with blue eyes and brown hair. His was crewcut while mine was short and straight.

We were all soaped-up when I started thinking about the hot time I’d had with my girlfriend Nancy last night. The memory sent the blood rushing to my cock.

Frank had spent last night with his mysterious married girlfriend. He was smiling while he stood in the jet from the shower head beside mine, rinsing the soap from his shoulders and chest while the water stream played over his growing dick.

He turned sideways, holding his elbow up to rinse his armpit. His eyes widened when he saw my swelling cock.

We’d seen each other naked, in the gym and while getting ready for bed. I was straight, but I still liked looking at his bare body, big cock, and sculpted ass. Sometimes, I caught him watching me, too.

This was different. Way different. I stared, fascinated and frightened, at his giant hard-on, painfully aware of my own rock-hard cock.

Frank stared at the long thick pole rising from my shaved crotch. The cock protruding from his thick brown pubic thatch was even bigger than mine, with a big bullet-shaped head.

The drop of clear fluid at Frank’s tip could have been water, but I knew it was pre-cum. I started to reach for his stiff pole, then yanked my hand back.

Frank looked disappointed for a second, than grinned. “Hot date last night?”

“Uh. Yeah.” I squirmed under the shower, washing the rest of the soap off. My cock stayed rock-hard. “You?” His dick was just as stiff as mine.

“Oh yeah.” He cupped his balls in one hand, with his thumb and index finger wrapped around the base of his shaft. “Fucked all night. Every way possible.” He took a small step toward me.

“Cool.” I was pretty sure I was blushing. “I gotta go.” I turned the water off, grabbed my towel off the hook, and stepped out into the locker room, out of sight of the group shower.

I dried off and got dressed as quickly as possible. My hard-on refused to go down, so I stuffed my briefs into my jeans pocket and went commando, with my gun in firing position.

The gym was Ankara Escort in our dorm basement. Our room was on the eighth floor.

The elevator stopped at the lobby and three girls got on. Two of them smiled at the bulge in my jeans. The third shrank back against the wall and stared at the slowly-increasing floor numbers over the door. We finally reached my floor. The timid girl and I got out. She walked away rapidly. As the elevator doors were closing, I heard the girls inside giggling softly. One of them whispered, “Cute . . .”

Back in the room, I plugged my laptop into its docking station, went to the Texas Methodist University homework web page, typed “Joseph Franklin” into the user-id field, then stopped, staring blankly at the big flatscreen monitor.

I wasn’t ready for database design exercises. All I could think about was Frank’s big hard cock, close enough to touch . . .

* * *

I’d been sitting at my desk in the dorm room for half an hour, thinking about Frank’s hard cock, long and thick with pre-cum leaking from its tip, imagining my fingers curled around its solid girth.

My dick was still rock-hard. I pushed my jeans down around my ankles and slowly stroked my rod while rubbing my thumb and index finger over its head. I wondered what jacking Frank off would be like.

The flatscreen was still showing the university homework page. I beat off with my left hand while I navigated to my favorite pirate porn site and found a video with a woman and two men.

I worked my cock harder and faster while I watched the trio fucking and sucking on the screen. Frank could have walked in at any time, but I didn’t care. In a way, I hoped he would.

The video wasn’t getting me off, not even the anal and double penetration scenes. I was staring at the men instead of the woman.

Going through the website’s gay section was strange and exciting, like playing with my early teenage cock, getting it hard and throbbing, being surprised and slightly frightened by the intense burst of pleasure the first time it spit cum.

Page after page of men, couples and groups, without a single woman. Just stiff cocks meeting eager mouths and assholes. I’d stopped jacking off, but my dick was as hard as ever. I finally chose one named Big Bear Adventure.

The video started with two muscle men, one black and the other white, chopping wood. A log cabin, framed by pine trees and towering mountains, stood in the background. Sincan Escort The credits identified the black man as “Horse” and the white man as “Jake.” They wore blue jeans and hiking boots, but no shirts. Sweat gleamed on their arms and chests while they took turns splitting logs. I stroked my stiff cock as I watched the men working.

Horse put the axe down and kissed Jake. The jeans around my ankles stopped me from spreading my legs. I froze the video and tore my clothes off, throwing them in the general direction of my bed.

I clicked the “continue” button. Frozen tongues moved again, darting against each other as the body builders kissed, hard and dirty, with lots of aggressive tongue.

I spread my legs and slid my fingers over my hairless balls, while Jake unfastened Horse’s jeans, freeing his buddy’s cock. Soft, it was at least eight inches long. I squeezed my balls as Horse opened Jake’s jeans. His soft cock was almost as long and thick as Horse’s.

Horse and Jake kissed again, standing in the middle of the clearing and fondling each other’s cocks and balls. Their rods grew long and hard. A huge blob of pre-cum pooled around my tip. I caught it between my thumb and index finger, then licked my fingers. The juice was slick, with a slightly tart taste.

The scene shifted to Horse and Jake standing naked on the cabin’s big wood deck, still tongue-kissing and fondling each others’ stiff cocks. I jacked off while watching Jake suck Horse’s cock, eventually taking most of his massive rod down his throat.

I kept thinking about Frank’s stiff cock. I wondered what sucking him would be like.

Jake stood up and took Horse’s hand. The camera followed them into a bedroom. Jake knelt on the bed and Horse stood behind him. I slid my hand up and down my shaft while Horse smeared lube on his stiff rod and pressed his giant pole between Jack’s buttocks. I almost came when Horse slid his cock into Jack’s ass.

“Oh fuck!” Jake gasped. “Take it easy.” He jacked his hard pole while Horse fucked his ass, starting slow and easy but getting harder and faster, finally shaking the bed as he rammed Jake’s butt.

I was close to coming when Horse pulled out. “Your turn.”

“Oh yeah!” Jake got up, a little unsteadily. He jacked Horse’s stiff cock and kissed him roughly. I let go of my cock. It throbbed for a long time, but I didn’t shoot.

Horse lay on his back in the middle of the bed, with his knees folded over Etlik Escort his chest and his butt in the air. I squeezed my balls and rubbed my index and third fingers over my cock-head, smearing the steady stream of pre-cum leaking from my tip, while Jake lubricated Horse’s ass and his own stiff dick, then slowly pushed his hard rod into his buddy’s asshole.

“Oh fuck!” Horse beat off while Jake stretched his ass. I stroked my cock-head with my thumb and index finger while Jake fucked Horse. After a few slow thrusts, Jake gripped Horse’s ankles, lifting his butt higher, and fucked him hard.

The tension built in my nuts as Jake slammed his cock into Horse’s ass.

“Oh God!” Horse gasped. Cum fountained from his giant dick, long streams splashing his chest and belly.

“Yeah!” Jake slammed Horse harder. “Shoot for me.” He yanked his dick out of Horse’s butt and sprayed thick pulses of cum on his cock and balls.

I came along with Jake, shooting long streams of cum over my crotch and upper body.

One line of thick juice struck my chin. I wiped it off with my finger, then sucked the finger. I sank back in my chair, holding my still-stiff dick and watching the men on the screen.

Horse and Jake walked to the edge of the deck, hand in hand, and kissed.

After the screen went dark, I ran my hands over my cock, balls, belly, and chest, collecting as much of my cum as possible, then licked it off my hands. It seemed kind of queer, but I liked the tart, slightly-salty taste. I wondered if Frank’s cum tasted like mine.

As I waited for the water in the room’s sink to warm up, I thought about the video. I’d never jacked off to gay porn before. It was scary how turned on I’d gotten and how hard I’d come. Like the way Nancy got off listening to Jordan and her girlfriend last night.

I thought about Frank’s hard-on while I wiped myself off with a warm washcloth. My cock was still rock-hard. I stroked it for a few seconds, then picked up a towel to dry off.

It was all so confusing. Sure, I checked out the other boys’ hardware in the locker room. Didn’t everybody? That didn’t make me gay. I’d had a wild time with Nancy last night, doing everything but fucking her ass.

That was it. I didn’t really want another guy. Just Nancy’s hot sexy asshole.

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright © 2017 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

Thanks to Wayde, my greatest fan, best friend, and husband, for all his love, enthusiasm, and support.

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