My sister inlaw First Time


My sister inlaw First TimeThe names have been changed to protect the innocent.June is a blonde, 5′ 6″ 38D still in good shape inspite of her age which will remain a secret.I have always wanted to fuck her but never thought she would be interested. How wrong could I be.It all started when I was giving her the usual greeting peck on the cheek. However, this day I pressed close to her right tit so I felt it press against my chest. Since that day she seemed to treat me differently, I liked that.One day I had to give June a lift to her bowls and as she got out of the car she said “I nearly kissed you when you were sleeping.” I was surprised and said nothing.When I got home my wife told me June bent over as though she was going to kiss you but she stopped.Since that time eveytime Escort Bayan we meet I make sure I feel her tits against my chest. I was always looking for a chance to be a lone with June but it never came.One day I got a call from June “I need to get a pot down from the top of a cupboard but i’m alone and am afraid I will fall, would you come round?” Would I come round of course I would. I was round right a flash. June was wearing a low cut see through top that showed the cleavage off perfectly. She was wearing a red bra. A white tennis skirt and hold-up stockings completed the vision that greeted me at the front door.June led me into the kitchen and pointed out the cupboard that had the pot on top. I offered to climb on top of the worktop to pass it down to her. Bayan escort June said “I can do it myself just didn’t want to climb in case I fell and was lying immobile on the floor. I just want you to watch me incase I fall.”June quickly got ontop of the worktop and as she reached up her skirt rode-up to show here nicely rounded bum cheeks. I was surprised to notice she wasnt wearing any panties. I got a beautiful view. I was just wishing that she had had her legs apart so I would have got a great view of her pussy.Just then she turned round and spreading her legs with the pot still above her head. Oh I got my wish. She had a lovely pussy surrounded by blonde hair. She saw the look on my face and she laughed saying “I’ve wanted to show you that for ages.” Escort With that she brought the pot down and passed it to me saying “Are you gonna stand there staring or are you gonna help me down?”Putting the pot down I reached up to her waist and helped her down. As she came down to floor level we over balanced and fell onto the floor. June ontop of me. My cock by now was rock hard.June felt it pressed against her and she commented “Oh my thats a big one, been a while since I have had any” then she kissed me. Rolling sideways she slipped her hand down the front of my jeans. I nearly came right away but i slipped my hand onto her pussy, fingering her clit.In no time she had my jeans off and was sucking my cock. Oh my I enjoyed that. Then she mounted me cowgirl style. I slipped her top over her head and slipped her bra off. Her nipples were hard and i kneeded them mercylessly.After an hour we stopped and we agreed not to mention it again. However, i hoped we would get the chance for a repeat.Let me know what you think.

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