Subject: My Son, My Dom – Chapter 2 Please donate to fty/) if you can to help keep this wonderful site available for everyone to enjoy. Thanks. Chapter 2 My bathroom has an open shower, no door or curtain, with shower heads on both sides. I watch as my son, Leon, steps in. I watch as the hot water runs over his small frame. He runs his hands through his hair, then down his face, and slowly across his chest. He looks over at me, “coming in?” I don’t say anything. I walk over and join my son under the water. Leon looks up at me. “Dad?” “Yeah, buddy?” I look down at him. He looks so innocent again. Vulnerable. “Do you want me to be like the guys you have over?” he asks. “Whenever I’ve watched you, I imagine myself being them. I can’t explain it, but the thought of doing that to you… it just… you know…” “I do know what you mean,” I begin as I grab the bottle of shampoo and start to wash my boy’s hair. “Before last night, it never really dawned on me how much those guys all tend to look like you.” I guide him back under the water to rinse his hair out. “I would love for you to. This morning is honestly the closest we’ve been in almost a year.” I place my hands on the sides of his face. “I was pleasantly surprised by how naturally you took to being dominant. I can’t even begin to explain how exciting that was for me.” “That was so much fun. I don’t know what came over me. When things started, I thought back to what those other guys did, and just did what felt right,” he grabbed the bar of soap and handed it to me. I was obvious what he wanted me to do. I started rubbing the bar of soap on his chest, getting it nice and lathered up. I moved to his arms one at a time. Caressing his smooth skin. “There’s a whole lot more that we’ll be able to do now. That was just a small taste,” I said as I turned him around and washed his back. I reach his lower back with the soap, moving down to his butt. I grab one cheek as I wash the other, then switch. I hear him moan slightly as I message his ass. “Lick my ass, dad,” he demands. “I’ve seen how much you enjoy it and want to know how it feel.” I don’t question it. I put the soap back and get down on my knees as Leon leans against the shower wall, sticking his little butt out at me. His hole exposed. I’ve had a few guys tell me to eat them out. Can’t deny that I enjoy it. Whatever makes him feel good, makes me feel good. I grab him with both hands and spread his ass. Leaning in, I kiss his hole. Leon lets out a faint whimper. I begin to circle my tongue around. His whimper turns into a moan. “Oh, wow, dad. That feels amazing.” Wanting to make my boy enjoy every moment, I take it slow. Switching from circling, to licking up and down, and back to circling. My tongue dancing around his hole. I’ve always been an artist with my tongue, whether it’s a cock, an ass, or a nipple, I can make a guy beg for more. His legs tremble as the pleasure runs through his body. He reaches down and begins to stroke his cock. I finally begin to push my tongue into him. This drives him wild. He puts his forehead on the shower wall, panting heavily, “ahhhh. Fuck, dad, I’m going to cum again.” şişli travesti Leon’s body shakes as he begins to unload all over the wall. I don’t stop rimming him until he finishes cumming. He turns around. With our bodies blocking enough of the water, I can still see some cum oozing from his cock. Before I can even do anything he says, “clean it up.” I lick the tip of his cock, the sweet taste of his cum sliding across my tongue and down my throat. “That too,” he says moving to the side and pointing at the wall. Not wanting to disappoint, I scoot over and begin to lick up the cum running down the wall of the shower. After I get it all, I look over at him. Leon has a grin on his face. I can see it in his eyes that he derives a whole nother kind of pleasure from watching me do that. There’s absolutely no questioning it now. My son is a dom. Leon gets out of the shower and dries off as I finish showering myself. He’s gone by the time I’m done. I dry off and head into my room to get dressed. This is not how I expected my morning to go. A part of me is still questioning whether I should put a stop to this before it escalates any more. A significantly larger part of me is telling me to continue. To let it progress. This is the closest I’ve been to my boy since his mother left, even if it isn’t exactly in the most appropriate way. I walk out of my room and glance in Leon’s room. He’s not there. He must have gone downstairs. Heading down I hear him in the kitchen. He’s only in his underwear and pouring himself a bowl of cereal. That reminds me that this morning has been pretty active and I haven’t eaten yet either. I grab a bowl and follow my son into the living room sitting down next to him on the couch. He still hasn’t said anything and has a blank look on his face. “Hey buddy,” I look down at him. “What are you thinking?” “Dad,” he says, “does this make you my bitch?” I was a bit shocked at him using that word, but I’ve been called that by several of my other partners, so it should have been expected. “Well, yeah. I guess it does,” I answer truthfully. “I would very much like that. I love you and I want to make you happy.” “Good,” he grins. “Cause, for some reason, I really want to make you do things. Not all the time, but when I see what those guys to do you, I want so badly to do that to. I want to be like them. But, even with everything I’ve seen, I still don’t really know how.” “Don’t worry,” I say, “you’re doing great so far. Just do what feels good. Trust your instincts, I like to say. To put it kinda crudely, let your dick do the thinking. You just always have to remember that, in public, you are still my son and we need to keep up that appearance.” “Okay, dad. I can do that.” He seems like a typical cheerful kid again. “When can we do more?” “Honestly, whenever you’re ready,” I tell him. “Which I imagine is going to be all the time.” “Cool. Cause I am,” he looks down. My eyes follow. He’s fully hard. “Suck it,” he commands. I put my cereal to the side and get down between his knees. Tucking my fingers under the waistband of his boxers and sliding them down. His huge young cock flipping beylikdüzü travesti up and slapping his stomach, a drop of precum sticking to it. I lick it up, savoring the taste. I grab the base of his cock and guide the tip to my mouth, licking it. “Mmmmm, more,” he demands. My mouth opens and I put about half of his cock into my mouth. I suck as I pull up, leaving just the tip inside, my tongue making circles around the head. He moans even more. I go back down, moving my hand away so I can get his whole length down my throat. Leon grabs the back of my head, gripping my hair tightly and shoving my face even deeper into his crotch. He lifts my head up slightly as he begins to fuck my throat. I’m used to this treatment and love it. I can feel my own cock straining against my shorts, a wet spot forming quickly. “Ahhhh, fuck, dad. This is even better,” he says has he stands up so he can get a better rhythm. My spit is dripping down his balls as he mercilessly face fucks me. I reach up and start rubbing his stomach and chest. I love feeling up a smooth body while he uses me. Suddenly he pulls out. I finally get a full breath. “Yeah. I just don’t want to cum yet. At least not in your mouth. I want to fuck you,” he demands. I get up and start stripping. As I take my shirt off, my son begins to run his fingers through my chest hair. When I dropped my shorts, he reaches down with one hand and begins to stroke me. I wasn’t expecting that, but if he wants it, he gets it. “Get on your hands and knees,” he says as he removes his hands from me. I obey as Leon kneels down behind me. He places his rock hard cock up against my hole. I move my ass up and down slightly to tease him a bit. That’s all it took. He wasn’t gentle. Good thing I don’t need, or even want him to be. He shoves in and buries all 6 inches into me. I let out a little yell. It did hurt, but I don’t care. “It’s so warm and tight feeling,” he says as he holds himself balls deep inside his own father. He slowly pulls out and then back in. Only doing this a few times before he starts to fuck me with all his might. It’s not difficult for me to hold my ground and push back against him with each thrust. He’s got a huge cock for his age, but he’s still a small boy. He starts picking up the pace, making shorter, more forceful thrusts. I can tell he’s getting close. His cock is hitting all the right spots. I can’t believe how much precum I’m leaking. Strings of it flying all over as my cock swings with each of his thrust. “Fuck, yes, dad. I’m gonna cum in your ass. This is the best fucking thing ever,” he yells out as he makes one final push. I can feel his cock pulse as shot after shot of my son’s cum unloads into me. He collapses on top of me. His sweaty body so warm against mine. His cock slips out of me as it begins to soften. “That was absolutely amazing, dad. I can see why those guys love doing that to you so much.” He sits on the couch. I get up and join him. He leans over, resting his head on my chest. I wrap my arm around him, leaning down and kissing his forehead. I never noticed this before as he never played sports, but I am istanbul travesti intoxicated by his sweaty scent. Reaching down, I pick up the TV remote and put on something for us to watch. We stay like that for several hours without saying a word between us. Even with him being naked and sweaty, I still can’t help but see him as my little boy. Only a day ago, I had no idea he would end up ferociously fucking me on our living room floor. I noticed that he had fallen asleep. It was starting to get late and I would need to start cooking dinner soon. I gently moved him off of me and set him down on the couch, covering him up with a blanket. I slip on just my shorts and head into the kitchen. I’m almost done with dinner when Leon sneaks up behind me and smacks me, hard, on my ass. “Hey, dad. What’s for dinner?” he asks standing there completely naked. “Smells good.” “Nothing special, just some stir fry and rice,” I answer. “Go ahead and sit down and I’ll dish some up for you.” I make a plate for both of us and sit down at the table with him. As we’re eating, I feel Leon’s foot on mine. I look over and he’s got a sly grin on his face. He then grabs my free hand and moves it under the table and onto his cock. He’s hard again. Fuck, I love the recovery time at that age. I wrap my fingers around his cock and begin to stroke him as we continue eating. Leon cleans his plate, “dad, I need to fuck again. I want to do it on your bed this time.” “I’d love to,” I say as we get up and head to my room. We step in and move to the bed. Leon pulls my boxers down and makes a move to shove me onto the bed. I let him and fall back. Leon lifts my legs and I grab them to hold them back for him. I watch Leon spit on his cock a couple times, rubbing it across the tip. He moves forward and runs his cock up and down my crack getting my hole nice and wet. He shoves it in, his thick cock stretching my ass out for the second time today. “Fuck, dad,” he says as he pushes in balls deep. “Take it. Take my cock.” The look on his face is incredible. A look of lust, but also aggression. He reaches down and starts jerking me off as he starts fucking me harder. “You like that?” he grunts. “You like your son fucking you?” “Yes, Leon,” I moan back. “I love it.” I’m not sure if it’s his size, or maybe just the angle from his height, but Leon was hitting all the right places inside me. “Fuck, son, I’m cumming.” I start shooting onto my hairy stomach. The buildup for each sexual encounter today without release, causing the most intense orgasm of my life. It’s like my cock won’t stop cumming. Several shots hit my chest, a couple even hit my face. The extreme orgasm must have made my ass clench tight around my boy’s cock. “Oh my god, dad, I’m cumming too,” he says as he thrusts in hard. I don’t think I could ever get tired of the feeling of Leon’s cock twitching as he empties his teen cum into me. Leon pulls out of me. I can feel some of his cum leak out. He scoops some up with his finger, reaches up and put it to my lips. He must have seen one of my other partners do that. I grab his hand and begin to sensually lick and suck on his finger, savoring the taste of his cum. “I’m gonna go play some video games,” he says as he pulls away and walks out. Normally he asks permission to play. Even if I wasn’t still in a post orgasm daze, I don’t think I would have questioned it. I am loving this new side of him.

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