Subject: My Straight Brother Chapter 11 Please make a donation to Nifty. This is a mutiple chapter story. If you wish to contact me, you can do so by email. I’ll respond to every email. Before you start reading, I want to thank Valentin Delgrado for his help to check my chapters. I got in contact with him after reading his beautiful story Brotherly games. If you want to read a good story check fty//gay/incest/brotherly-games/ Chapter 11 I must have fallen asleep at some point. I still had my phone in my hand. It was 5 in the morning. My throat hurt from all the crying, so I went downstairs to get a glass of water. Maybe it all was a bad dream? Maybe it didn’t happen. But I knew that my hopes were in vain. Tijs betrayed me. Why hadn’t he told me that he had feelings for men? I couldn’t understand why he decided not to open up to me about it. I sat at the dining room table and started sobbing again. I lost my boyfriend, and my best friend at the same time. Suddenly, I noticed Tim approaching through my tears. I did my best to wipe them, but he saw that I was crying. He must ‘ve just woken up, because he was just wearing his boxer briefs. “Sander, are you crying?” He inquired. “No…” I denied, unconvincingly. Tim sighed defeatedly. “I’m sorry. I took this too far.” “Huh?” was all I could say while I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. What was he talking about? “I fucked everything up. I must have been messing with your mind.” He said with an angry tone in his voice. “I’m such an idiot!” It hit me. He thought this was about him, about us. Even though I was upset, the look on his face was comic. I started laughing, which confused Tim. “No, it’s not about us.” I sniffed, because like always when I needed one, I didn’t have a tissue. Tim took the chair across from me and pulled me closer. He put my head on his shoulder and caressed my back while I cried on his shoulder. I loved that he just comforted me, instead of asking me why I was crying. I had to let it out first. After a few minutes, I stopped crying and raised my head. Tim took my face in his hands, and with his thumbs, he wiped the last tears from my eyes. “What’s wrong, Sander?” I told him that Nathan had left me for another guy. That was all I wanted to share at the moment. I didn’t want Tim to know about Tijs. Tijs was also his friend. Deep down, I loved Tijs very much. I still hoped we would move over it, but at this very moment, I was not ready to forgive him. “The bastard!” Tim exclaimed. He then added in a lower voice: “You deserve better! You deserve someone who truly appreciates you. Who sees how wonderful you are.” In a softer voice, he added: “How sexy you are.” I don’t know what came over me, but I leaned in and kissed Tim on the lips. After the kiss, I whispered to him, tears running down my face: “I want you, Tim. Only you! I love you, I do!” I was shocked by my own words. I don’t know why I said what I said. I meant it. But up until that moment I never realised how much Tim meant to me. I put my hand over my mouth, as if it would unspeak the words that just escaped my mouth. I couldn’t possibly be in love with my own brother, could I? Lust, okay, and brotherly love too, but being in love was something completely different. Tim pulled away and took my face back in his manly hands. He sighed; I could see the pain and shock in his eyes. He stood up and leaned on the kitchen counter, his back turned to me. I was a nervous wreck. I couldn’t afford to lose him too. He sighed deeply. “Sander…” He finally spoke. “It’s just the pain talking now.” He started pacing the kitchen. “I love you, as a brother. You’re precious to me.” He turned around and looked at me with a faint smile. “But I can’t be what you want me to be.” He smiled apologetically. “I would be the luckiest man alive if I could love you that way, but I’m your brother. I’m not the man for you. I wish I could be.” He sighed. “But I’m not.” I was so ashamed. I turned my face and looked away from him. Tim sat down again. “Hey, look at me!” He pleaded. I looked into his eyes. “Sander, maybe we have taken it too far.” I was saddened to hear that. I didn’t want him to regret what we did, I didn’t. I stood up and started walking towards the stairs. I felt so lost. Tim caught my wrist and pulled me in his arms. “I’m sorry, Sander! I’m sorry I can’t be the brother you want me to be.” He started crying too. “Fuck, now I’m crying. I can’t stand to see you being hurt!” I hugged him back and said: “Please forget what I just said. I was confused and hurt. I didn’t really mean it.” “Okay buddy. It’s forgotten!” He said while he kissed my hair. While walking up the stairs, I realised I couldn’t forget this. It made me question everything. Did I lust for my brother or was I really in love? I pandered over these thoughts when I laid down to sleep. I was so tired that I fell into a deep slumber. I was awoken by the neighbor’s lawn mower . I looked at the clock: 11AM. I stumbled out of bed and took a shower. It helped me to relieve some of the headache I was feeling. I still couldn’t believe what I said to Tim last night. I went downstairs to have some breakfast, but once I was in the kitchen, I didn’t feel like eating. Dad walked in. “Hey Sander, I’m just here to pick up my bathing suit. Martine and I are taking the twins for a swim. Do you want to join us?” He asked me “No, I have to study today.” I replied “But you still have a whole Sunday to study. You can join us, if you want to.” Dad suggested Truth was that I did not need to study much. We had history on Monday, and it was my favorite subject. I knew everything and only needed to review it briefly. I just didn’t feel like meeting with anyone. “No, sorry, another time. There is still a lot that I have to do before my exam on Monday.” I declined. Dad walked out and left me alone again. Before I got upstairs, I heard the back door opening again. At first, I thought it was dad who had forgotten something, but it turned out to be Tim. “Hey Buddy! How are you?” He panted. He just came back from his run. I just shrugged. I was relieved that he didn’t treat me differently after what happened the previous night. “Yeah, the exam’s stress is probably getting to you.” He grabbed an apple. “I’m going to the gym şişli travesti later, want to join me?”. I shook my head while I took a sip of water. “Can’t! Have to study a lot!” Why didn’t they all leave me alone? I couldn’t bear to be around people right now. I went back upstairs and heard Tim getting his fitness gear and heading out. I sat at my desk and tried to read my history notes, but I couldn’t focus. I kept staring at my phone. I decided to thank Brecht. I took the piece of paper he had given me out of my pocket and sent him a long message, saying how much I appreciated him being there for me and how it was great to have a friend. He replied immediately saying that he was glad that he could help me and that he hoped to see my smile next time. That made me smile indeed. I opened my message history with Tijs. I wanted to confront him. I wanted to yell at him. I wanted him to see what he had caused. I started several drafts but deleted every one of them. Eventually there was no need for long explanations. I simply sent him: “How could you?” I saw that he had seen my message, but he didn’t respond, which made me even angrier. I kept staring at my phone, while wishing all kinds of bad things to Tijs and Nathan. After 5 minutes my phone buzzed, but it was not Tijs who replied. It was a text from Nathan. “Oh, now you’re texting me, after you ignored me all week?” I said to my phone. “Hey Sander, I didn’t see you in Bar Rock last night.” “Well, I did see you!” I angrily shouted to my empty room. But I didn’t reply to him. I went back to Tijs’ conversation and sent a new text: “Tell your boyfriend to stop contacting me!!!” Within a second, Tijs was typing. “What’s wrong?” The nerve! Asking me what was wrong! I was fuming. “You betrayed me!” “Please Sander, let’s not do this over the phone. Can we meet?” Did he really think I wanted to meet him, ever again? I ignored his text. My phone lit up again. “Sander, please!” I ignored it again. “You can’t keep ignoring me!” I can’t? Try me! “Don’t be like this” I kept persisting in my anger “You’re being a baby! Risking our friendship over this!” I was a baby? I risked our friendship? That was it! I started typing. “You are the one who threw our friendship away!” “I don’t want to do this over the phone. I’m coming to your place.” I didn’t respond anymore. If he wanted to come, he could. But if he thought he could talk his way out of this, he was mistaken. I used to trust him, and this is what he did to me. 15 minutes later, the bell rang. I was still fuming with anger when I opened the door. I shot him a death stare. “Can I come in?” He asked. I stepped aside so he could enter, but still didn’t say a word. He walked in and sat down on the sofa. I stayed standing; my arms crossed. He faintly smiled at me, but my face stayed motionless. He looked away and stared at his shoes. “It just happened!” He said quietly. He looked up. “I didn’t mean to hurt you!” I still kept silent. An awkward silence followed. “I just fell in love!” He suddenly exclaimed. “But you’re not supposed to be gay!” I yelled. “All the while you pretended to be my friend! You claimed you were straight, only to steal my boyfriend the first change you got!” “Sander, it was not like that. And besides, he was never your boyfriend!” He shot back. The words hit me hard. “I didn’t plan on this happening. I was surprised when he called me to have a drink. We hung out together and one thing led to another. Maybe I’m gay, I don’t know. I just know that it feels good to be with Nathan.” I started crying. “But you knew I was in love with him! You knew it and still you didn’t consider my feelings!” Tijs stood up and walked towards me. He put his hand on my upper arm to console me. I stepped back. I didn’t want him to touch me. I stared at the wall behind him, I didn’t want to look at his face. “We didn’t do this to hurt you…but love happens.” He sighed “Why can’t you just be happy for us? Why do you begrudge us our love?” I couldn’t believe my ears, he wanted me to be happy for them? I was too shocked to utter a single word. “You’re being selfish and childish! You’re just a jealous boy. You’re a boy, and Nathan needed a man.” He yelled back. This was too much for me. “Leave!” I said calmly. When he didn’t move, I opened the door and repeated “Leave!” this time louder. “Dick!” He whispered underneath his breath as he passed me on his way out. When he stood outside, he turned around, but before he could say anything, I slammed the door. The next two weeks, I was busy studying. I avoided every place where I was reminded of either Nathan or Tijs. I hadn’t heard anything from them. I started to miss Tijs, though. I still hated him for what he’d done, but still, I missed our friendship. I wanted to try to repair our friendship, but I wanted Tijs to make the first move. In 3 weeks, it was his birthday. He would invite me, and then we could talk it out. In a few days he would call or send me a text to invite me. That was my plan. We would be friends again before his birthday. I talked with Brecht almost every day. He was the first person I wished good morning and the last person I send a good night to each day. I was so lucky to have such a great friend. During the day, I could hold myself together for the most part. I still felt empty inside, but I put on a brave face. If anyone ever noticed anything wrong with me, they could blame it on stress for my exams. Not even Tim noticed. But the nights were terrible. I kept thinking about it and my dreams were plagued with nightmares. Tim and I hadn’t had sex or even kissed since that one night. It was something I had to live with, I guess. I blew it with my big mouth. Finally, the long-awaited day arrived, my last exam. It wasn’t a day too soon. I was exhausted. A group of classmates gathered in a youth bar. Some were already wasted before it was noon. I only drank ice tea, I still had plans for the evening and didn’t want to spoil them by getting drunk. I was talking with some girls from my class, when I saw Jan and Christof approach. This meant trouble. They always thought they were the coolest people in the room and loved to bully others. Mostly I ignored them, so I was rarely on their radar. Up until now, it seemed. beylikdüzü travesti I was holding Lien, a girl from our class real close. We were very close, and people suspected that we were a couple. “Hey Sandy!” Christof sneered, using a nickname they reserved for me when they picked on me. “Rumours have it that you’re bi?! You were seen entering Bar Rock!” Totally unnecessary he added: “That’s a fagbar!” They made the assumption that I was dating Lien and therefor couldn’t be gay. I had so much stress the last weeks, my heart was broken, and I missed my best friend. Jan started to laugh; my friends looked concerned. Lien opened her mouth to say something. In that fraction of a second, I made a life-altering decision. Enough with all the lies. Before Lien could say anything, I shouted loud enough so that everyone could hear it. “Rumours are wrong, I’m not bi, I’m gay.” After that you could hear a pin drop. My friends looked at me, confused, Jan and Christof didn’t know what to say. They turned around and walked away. The conversations around us started again. My friends looked at me, not daring to speak. Suddenly Lien asked: “Is this true?” I nodded and stared at my shoes. I was so scared of what their reactions might be. Lien hugged me. “Good for you!” I looked up; everybody had an encouraging smile on their faces. I felt so relieved. No more hiding! Suddenly others came to me, to congratulate me with my coming out, to say they supported me. Some even bought me drinks. It made me wonder why I hadn’t told it sooner. I thought that I had to tell Tijs, but then I realized that we don’t talk anymore. A shot of pain went through my heart. I wished I could undo what had happened to us. I missed the way we laughed, the way we knew each other so well. It felt wrong to be like this. I wanted to talk to him, but I did not want to take the first step. I was too fucking stuborn. But I knew Tijs would be giving a big birthday party in two weeks. He always invited me; I saw no reason why he wouldn’t do it this time. I was surprised he didn’t invite me already. We had made preparations for the party together. We had chosen a theme, made a list of snacks. It was kind of our thing. The invitation would arrive any moment now, and that would give me an excuse to talk it all out. When some of my classmates asked me to a party that night, I politely declined. I said that I had plans that night. I told them I was going to Bar Rock. It felt great not having to make an excuse or lie anymore. To my surprise, my classmates wanted to accompany me. We would meet at my place and would go together. I headed home, in the hope I would see Tim. When I saw our house, I saw Tim’s truck on the driveway. A smile came on my face. I knew dad was still at work. I hurried in and called for Tim. He came down and stood on the bottom of the stairs with a shit eating grin. “How was your exam?” He asked “Good, but glad it’s all over!” I sighed. “Come here!” He ordered me. I went over to him. He put his hand on my cheek and kissed me on the mouth. It was the first kiss since that night. Maybe everything was not lost? We started making out and my dick got hard. When he broke the kiss, he took my hand and guided me to his room. On his bed was a small black plastic bag. He took the bag and handed it to me. “A little present, to celebrate the fact that you survived the exams!” He smirked. I wondered what it could be. I opened the bag and in it was a dildo. I never had expected Tim to buy me a dildo. He came closer and crossed his arms around my lower back and pulled me closer. “I thought we could have fun with it together…” He shyly whispered before kissing me again. Just at that moment, we heard the front door slam shut. Dad was home. “Tim? Sander? Can you guys come down?” He cried out. We both looked at each other with a confused look. What was wrong? Tim took the dildo from me, put it back in the bag and shoved it under his bed. We both walked downstairs. Dad sat at the table and motioned us to sit down too. “I have something I want to share with you guys.” He started. When he saw the worried looks on our faces, he smiled and reassured us: “It’s not something dramatic, it’s good news!” We both sighed with relief. “It’s going rather well with Martine and me. We are talking about living together…. And maybe even marry.” He paused to let the new sink in. Tim spoke first: “That’s great news, dad!” I nodded. “But we’re not there yet. You haven’t met your future stepbrothers and Martine and I have not lived together. Staying over and holidaying is not the same as actually living together.” He looked for our reactions, but we were just waiting to hear what he had in mind. “That’s why Martine will move in here, for a month. Call it a trial arrangement.” It started to dawn on me. Our house was not the biggest. It was large enough for us, but Martine wouldn’t come alone, she would bring her sons with her, no doubt. We only had 3 bedrooms. Dad saw the puzzlement on my face. “What’s wrong, Sander? Don’t you like the idea?” “No, it’s not that. It’s just… if Martine and the twins move in here…where will they all sleep?” Dad looked at his nails. “That’s that favor I wanted to ask from you.” He looked at us both. “I know it’s an inconvenience… and I hate to ask it, but we see no other alternative. Martine’s apartment is too small, and it would only be for a month.” Dad rambled on. “Spit it out, Dad, we can handle it!” Tim smirked. “Would you mind sharing a room for one month, so that the twins can share the other room?” Dad blurted out. “No, not at all!” Tim and I said in unison. Tim had just put his hand on my thigh under the table and gave it a gentle squeeze. “You guys are the best sons anyone can think of!” Dad said relieved. “You make so many sacrifices for me.” “It’s not a sacrifice at all!” I said with a big smile, while I winked at Tim. Sleeping with Tim for a month! What a perfect holiday! “Come here, guys,” Dad exclaimed, as he stood up and hugged us in a group hug. “Okay, now out of the kitchen, I got a lot to do! Martine is coming over for dinner with the twins, so you guys can meet them.” Dad ordered. “I hope you didn’t have other plans this evening?” I smiled awkwardly. “I do have istanbul travesti other plans… a group of my class are going to celebrate the end of the exams and the beginning of our summer holiday.” “Oh…” Dad looked a little disappointed. “But you do have time for dinner, right?” “Yeah, no problem!” Back upstairs in Tim’s room, Tim closed the door behind me, pulled me close by my t-shirt and started kissing me. “It’s going to be a great summer, `roommate'” He chuckled. “So, what are you going to do tonight?” He asked. I told him who I was going with. “And we’ll go to Bar Rock.” I concluded. He looked surprised. “Does this mean that they know?” He asked. I nodded: “Yes I told them this afternoon.” “Good for you!” He said while he pulled me on the bed and started kissing me. He took my hand and guided it to his crotch. His dick was rock hard. I moaned in pleasure. Tim stood up, locked the door and then reached under his bed. He took the dildo out of the bag and placed it on his nightstand before climbing on top of me. He took my wrists and pinned them down behind my head. “You’re mine now!” He growled with a deep voice which turned me on. He pressed his lips on my mouth and his tongue invaded my mouth. While we were making out, he grinded his body against mine. I could feel his dick pressing through his jeans. He took my t-shirt with both hands and without a warning, he ripped it apart. “Hey!” I started to protest. “I’ll buy you a new one, I’ve always wanted to do that.” He chuckled. He was in luck that this was actually an old t-shirt and, yeah, I had to admit, it felt kind of sexy. He started kissing my neck and licked my earlobe. He went further down and licked his way to my nipples. He was still holding my wrists and with his arms stretched out, his armpits were exposed. I could smell his sweat and I basked in the scent. It made my dick scream for release in my jeans, but with my hands held down, I did not have much opportunity to decide anything. The only release I could get for my rock-hard erection, was to grind it against Tim’s body. I started moaning. Clearly, I was being too loud, because Tim let go of one of my wrists and put his hand over my mouth, shooting me a look that warned me to be quieter. Tim sat up and pinned my arms on the mattress with his knees so that I remained immobile. His crotch was now towering over my face. The scent was intoxicating. He opened his jeans and took his dick out. “That’ll muffle your moans!” He chuckled as he slapped his dick on my face. I opened my mouth and he shoved his dick in. “I haven’t showered since my morning run! I knew you would appreciate it!” He was right, I did. Tim was fucking my mouth, and his balls slapped against my chin. The scent coming from his pubes made me high on lust. When I suspected he would cum, he took his dick out. I sighed in disappointment. “I don’t want to come just yet!” He explained. He got off the bed, went down on his knees in front of me and undid my pants. He pulled them down in one swift move. He grabbed hold of my dick, looked at it for a second, then looked into my eyes. He closed his eyes and took my dick in his mouth. He started sucking my dick. It only lasted a few seconds, before he released my dick and stood up. He reached for the dildo on the nightstand and took a bottle of lube out of the plastic bag. He started coating the dildo with it. He then took off my shoes and my pants, so I lay naked on his bed. It was kind of exciting, doing this, knowing that dad was downstairs. It made it more dangerous. Although dad would never come upstairs, and the door was locked anyway. But still… Tim grabbed my feet from the edge of the bed and pulled me closer, so that my butthole was sticking out from the edge, exposed to him. He took a copious amount of lube and started spreading it on my hole. My dick twitched when his finger entered my hole. He placed the dildo next to my hole and started pushing it in. It was not as large as his dick, but it was not easy to take it all. When it was all in, he straddled me and guided his dick to my mouth. While I sucked him, he leaned back and fucked my hole with the dildo. It was so hot to have both my mouth and hole filled at the same time. Tim was towering over me and the sight was so hot. He kept thrusting in my mouth and we both orgasmed at the same time. While Tim shot his load deep in my throat, my cum landed on Tim’s lower back and ass. “Come on, let’s hit the shower!” Tim whispered. “Before dad gets suspicious.” We took a quick shower. While we were dressing, Tim asked: “So, you’re out now? Have you told everyone?” “No, just my friends. I’m not going to tell dad or the rest of the family. I need more time for that.” We were barely dressed when Dad announced that Martine and the twins had arrived. I stole a little kiss from Tim before we went down. Downstairs Tim and I both kissed Martine. Martine introduced their sons as Joni and Jordi. The twin boys said hello with hardly any emotion. They kept looking at their phones while they said hello. They looked identical. They were not bad looking, but they were not very friendly, which made me dislike them a bit. During dinner, Martine asked me how my exams had been. “Good, we have to wait until next week before we know for sure, but I think I did okay.” I told her. “He’s being modest.” Tim chimed in. “He’ll probably have the highest marks of his class.” He seemed to beam with pride. Under the table, he put his hand on my thigh, and squeezed it. “I’m so sure he’ll be great. That’s why I already gave him a present this afternoon.” What the fuck was he doing? “Oh, that’s very nice of you Tim. What did you get, Sander?” I turned red. What the fuck was Tim doing? I shot him an angry look. “Go on, Sander, tell them what I gave you this afternoon.” Tim sounded so innocent. He loved to tease, but I was not sure how he would rescue me from this one. I couldn’t tell them I got a dildo, now could I? “I’ll tell you what I got for him. Since I’m sure he’s done a great job with his exams, I planned for a brother bonding weekend! One of the following weekends, Sander and I will go to the woods and enjoy nature and each other’s company!” While he said that, he moved his hand from my thigh to my crotch and gave it a gentle squeeze, while he looked me in the eye and winked. I was never a fan of camping. In fact I never did it. But a weekend away with Tim, just the two of us… it sounded like heaven. And something that I could use after all the shit that had happened lately.

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