Mystical Creatures Ch. 1

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I saw her one Halloween night. She was looking amazing, even with a horn sticking out of her forehead. Her body fascinated me as it went from one side of the room to another. She was wearing a white iridescent suit that showed all her curves, but was innocent enough a nun would approve. The hooves only made her feet look smaller. She was the prettiest unicorn ever to roam the earth.

Her brown hair, always one of her two best assets, was hanging in long curls around her angelic face. Her lips, pouty and delicious, were colored red, a crimson so bright it was a beacon calling me home.

She spotted me from the corner of her eye and turned to me, smiling that smile I had grown to love for so long. I knew what she was thinking, even before she spoke it. “How’s my favorite little witch?”

I blushed, knowing that she was talking about my costume as well as my demeanor. “Sassy as always, my pretty.” I giggled.

The party that we had gone to was one for women only. It was a children’s benefit. We somehow had managed to get the invitations and RSVPed as soon as we could. That was only a reason to excape the humdrum of life and our husbands.

“I rented a hotel room so we could drink and not worry about having to spend time driving all the way home. You are welcome to stay if you wish.”

Again she smiled, my eyes lighting up again. She was planning to stay all along. Drinking would only make it easier to accept the invitation that only the Devil would make. We both knew what could happen.

“IF I do that you might take advantage of me. Unicorns are innocent.” She said as I laughed. We both knew that she was close to that, but we also knew that like the unicorns, she longed to be corrupted.

The night passed quickly. Secret little quips floated between us all the night through. It was wonderful to joke and be myself even with a group of people about.

Time had come for us to either say goodnight, or go up to my floor. “You don’t have to come with me if you do not wish.” I said, feeling once again like a virgin, yet so like an imp. “I only want you happy.”

She looked as if she were lost in thought for a moment, her eyes hiding everything she was thinking from me. I wanted to know what she lingered on. I wanted to see her in my arms, as she was within my heart.

“Yes.” She finally said. It seemed as if years had past between us before finally she answered. Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort I thought perhaps I had offended her, but I knew also that she would say such.

I grabbed her hand, holding it all the way to the elevator. I am sure to the rest of the people in the lobby we must look the odd pair. The witch, evil yet mystical. The unicorn, mystical yet beautiful.

Inside the room awaited a surprise that she would have never imagined would come from me. Rose petals lay strewn across the floor and bed. The sheets atop the bed were black and orange silk.

Candles lit the way to a hot tub filled with bubbles. It was something I had only done with her once, yet longed to do it again. This was my chance to do it one more before I passed.

“What do you think?” I asked, trying to be quiet and act as if I was not excited.

“It is wonderful.” She replied in a whisper. She had tears in her eyes as if no one had ever done anything as romantic.

“All for you.” I took her hand once more and pulled her along the candlelit pathway to the hot tub. “May I?” I asked, going to my knee to help her out of her furry hooves. Gently she shook her head yes.

Her right foot came up, then her left; both being relieved of the fur lined cuff that embraced both ankles. Her hands came to my shoulders to keep her balance.

I stood up, my arms embracing her as her soft lips pressed gently against mine. I kept my eyes open, wanting to see hers looking back into mine for what moment they would. Tonight I wanted it to be us. Not our husbands, not
our children, just too feminine hearts that beat together as one.

I let her hands make the first move, as they slowly went to my sensitive nipples. Even through the black net material I could feel her fingertips as if there were nothing there. Her fingers, cold like ice, felt wonderful to me. I felt myself moisten at her touch.

My own hands made their way up, fondling the horn on her head before taking it off. Her lucious curls fell right back into place as the elastic come from its home. I just had to run my hands through them, watching as each fell back into place.

My lips lifted from hers, only to kiss her sparkling, glitter covered eyes. My lips moved from there down the side of her face, only to kiss her lips before moving lower to her neck. I heard a sigh excape her mouth as I went to the tender spot where her body and neck met.

Her sigh, little by any means, was like music to my ears. For years I had watched many sounds slip from those lips, and each was unique and beautiful in its own way. Yet that sigh, one little escape of breathe, made me long and want to loose control.

I felt her lip tug at my ear, pulling me ever closer to her. As I lifted up my breasts pressed against hers. My arms once again went around her, only this time it was to unzip her suit. I wanted to unwrap her like a Christmas gift. Find out what was inside and love it as I had loved her for so long before.

The suit slid off with ease. It peeled around her shoulders, down farther revealing her succulent breasts, and further still to her flat stomach.

My mind wandered away before the vision in front of me to myself. How could anyone as beautiful and thin as this want me. I was no where near my ideal weight, only plain in most eyes, yet here she was before me, holding and kissing me. Wanting me.

As if reading my mind, she lifted me by my chin, “WE best be getting into the hot tub. I want more than just this.” With that we took off our clothes, standing there nude in front of each other before stepping into the water.

It was warm and the bubbles tickled every crevice of our being. I sat in the captain’s chair, while she, in all her glory, came to me, wrapping her arms around me. Her legs straddled mine, her pubic hairs gracefully fell on me, making me giggle.

“I am sorry. You just tickled me.” I said, before once again looking into her eyes. “Once before I held you like this. You thought it was a joke in a drunken haze, but I knew in my heart why.”

She looked at me for the longest moment before kissing me again. We were like that for a few moments. Her lips on mine, her hands exploring my body as mine explored hers. It was as if time stood still long enough for us to enjoy the moment.

“Let’s go to the bed. I want more room to move.” She asked to my surprise. I didn’t mind for I had waited for this for a long time. A few extra moments only made it more special.

As we lay on the bed, our bodies connected in more spots than ever before. Her lips to mine, her breasts, her pussy. We were tangled up in a web of passion.

Every time a connection broke, another found it’s way. We didn’t want to separate at any point.

I worked my way down, my lips kissing every open patch their was. I wanted to taste her, relish her. She was my gourmet meal after years of hunger. My first drop of water in the desert. She was my Mona Lisa.

I kissed her nipples. They were like diamonds and I thought at once that perhaps I might cut myself upon them, but the fear fleeted as the fact that it would be a wondrous pain came to me.

I kissed my way down her stomach, to her dark trimmed bush. The candles accented every curve, curl, everything of this woman. My lips touched the inside of her thigh, tasting the flesh before me. I was now so hot and wet that it could have been the river Nile between my legs.

As my tongue parted her sweet lips, I heard the first moan she was to bring to me. There would be many that followed in its wake, but that was the most enjoyable. That would be the one that I heard anytime I remembered this night and wanted to bring that all too familiar tingle to my life.

My tongue delved into her folds, seeking out the treasure held within. What magical riches were held beneath the tender creamy center.

My mind was dazed at the events that took place. I was lost in her and loving it all the same. My hands, one on her breast, the other moving downward to her genitalia searched as if I were blind and trying to memorize each inch of her.

I lay there, licking, teasing her clit, fingering her, showing her how it felt to be touched by a woman. I was showing her how a woman that loved her would treat her in bed. It was I that was giving her the adventure she so longed for.

I heard her breathe quicken, lust bringing it on faster. She was moaning, not the fanatical screams that women do on the movies, but a loving caring moan. I felt her muscles tighten around my finger, squeezing me as if I were going to pull away and that was the last thing she wished for me to do.

I was going no where, only wanting to bring her pleasure. I wanted to hear her cry out my name, begging me to stop. I wanted to feel her legs tighten around my head, holding me in that last spasm of ecstasy.

She pulled me up from her, pulling my lips to mine. “I want to taste you as well.” She said licking a bit of her juices from my lips.

“Oh, no my love. We must leave something for later.” I smiled and laughed evilly. For that is what a witch does. She makes you wish for something that you are not yet ready for. “Next time.” I said before laying next to her.

“For now, sleep.” I wanted to hold her in my arms as she slept, dreaming of another time, soon to come.

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