Naomi Revisited


I had two previous photo shoots with Naomi. In the first shoot Naomi and her daughter were individually posed in their own rooms as clothing was shed. The second shoot Naomi had her best friend Diane with her and in some of the shots they were together. In both cases, I had just managed to maintain my resolve to remain professional throughout the entire session. I must admit, at times it was very difficult to control the temptation. This was especially the case during the second session. They went out of their way to tease the horny guy inside me.It was a quiet evening at home. I was concentrating on processing a few images of wildflowers I had taken the previous weekend when I was startled by the ringing of the phone.“Guess who?”“With that voice, it can only be Naomi. You startled me. I was concentrating on tweaking some photos.”“It is I, Naomi. You are correct. I promised I would call you again, didn’t I?”“It was more like a threat,” I laughed back at her.“Oh, you! … I wouldn’t do that to you,” putting on the most innocent tone she could, “When have you got a day to do what you never did last time you were here?”“Let me check my escort service diary,” I said in a serious tone, working hard to suppress a chuckle.“Escort service diary? You are a bit of a lad, after all,” she giggled, “if I didn’t know you better … Well, when are you available?”“All of next week is free, so choose a day and tell me what you have in mind.”“I’m sure you know what I have in mind. Still, bring your cameras along. Is it ok with you if I’m not alone?”“Cameras will be fine and charged, but I’m a bit apprehensive about the company, to say the least. It’s something I’ve never done before. I’ll admit I’ve dreamed about it, but never sought to follow through with it. No one has ever offered it, either.”“I understand your performance anxiety,” she replied with a giggle, “seriously, don’t worry, just let things happen naturally. So let’s make it Tuesday, then.”“Ah, doing what comes naturally, he-he. Okay, then Tuesday it is, camera and energy drink in hand.”“Energy drink … oh, you … see you then.” With that, she ended the call.All sorts of things were going through my mind after that. Who would be there with her? Diane, Naomi’s daughter Jean, or someone new? Could it even be two or three of them? Performance anxiety was certainly on my mind, but in this case, it would certainly be two. Certain was, that I would Escort find out the next Tuesday.I hoped it was just another of her teases and turned up on Tuesday at 8:00 am. The day was sunny, the autumn sun was warm on the skin.The garage was open through to the backyard, so I made my way out there. Naomi was sitting at the patio table alone with her coffee and toast. She was dressed in her bathrobe and had her back to me.“I hear you worked out your way in,” she giggled, as the garage door was closing.“I’m not in yet,” I replied with a nervous laugh.“Don’t be nervous. Sit and have your coffee,” she patted the chair to usher me to sit.“Thank you for the coffee. Am I that obvious?”“Yes, but there is no need. I’m alone,” she said with a smile and a pause, “The others will be here later. I want you to myself first.” She smirked again, but her tone was serious.“Others, plural? How many have you invited?”“Just kidding,” she said with a dismissive wave towards me. “Di will come over mid-morning or thereabouts and that is all. I really had you worried for a while, didn’t I?”“I must admit that I am a little anxious about the day,” and I took a photo of her taking a sip of coffee. “That is a gorgeous natural shot of you. Look …” I turned the camera so she could see.“MMM, I like it,” and she leaned over to kiss me. “Oh, mm, that was a very naughty message you sent then. You should be ashamed,” she giggled, as she gently eased away.She collected the cups and plates, stood up and turned towards the house, “Grab your gear, and we’ll continue this inside.”I did as I was told and followed her inside. As she placed the dishes beside the sink, I deposited the bag on the floor and the camera on the table. Before the camera was safe, she spun around, flung her arms around my neck and our lips met firmly as she moaned and rubbed her right inner thigh up my leg. I put my arms around her as my tongue entered her opening mouth. She shifted her rubbing leg between my legs, so she could gently massage my groin.Determined to make the most of the situation, Naomi’s kissing was full of passion and some urgency. When she stopped the kiss, she took me by the hand and almost dragged me upstairs. At the ensuite door, she undid my pants and let them drop to the floor. I put the camera down and removed my shirt, while she let her gown follow my pants.“I was intending to drag you into the shower, but Escort Bayan changed my mind. First I need to pee, and then I’m going to jump you.” She entered the ensuite, “You can watch me if you wish,” she giggled.I removed the last few items of clothing and climbed onto the bed. She’d left the door open, so I could her legs peek out from behind the shower recess, while she had a quick wash in the bidet. I wondered if she really wanted me to watch, or if it was another of her little jokes. As she returned, she said, “Now that’s how I’ve wanted to see you since we met nine months ago.”“I guess that’s fair, I’ve seen you like that before now.”“That you have. Hold still,” she ordered, grabbed my camera and took some photos of me spread out over her bed, from different angles. In a few, I’d partly cover myself with the doona. “Something to make the others jealous,” she giggled.She put the camera down and joined me. Kissing me from the knee, she worked her way up my body, intentionally bypassing my erection. As she reached it, she looked up at me and told me she would leave that for later. Naomi continued up my body with kisses and as she reached my lip she moved to cover me.She pecked my lips, “Do you have any idea how much I wanted this?”“I had a suspicion,” I chuckled.She raised herself and moved up my body. She was wet, as if she had forgotten to dry after using the bidet.“How good are you with your tongue?”“Only one way to find out. Try me and decide for yourself.”“I hoped you’d say something like that,” with that she moved to sit on my face.What else could I do with a naked pussy in my face, but give it a long, slow lick? Naomi shifted slightly, so I could lick from the perineum to her clitoris, which I did several times to the music of her whimpers. Then she leaned slightly forward, her clitoris came close enough to suck, so I sucked it into my mouth and teased it with my tongue. Her whimpers turned into moans and pushed herself closer for better access.My upper arms were trapped between her thighs and my body. I could still place my hands under her backside. Then, to tease, I could her rear hole with a thumb as she leaned forward. She moaned loudly and leaned further forward to give better access to both my mouth and thumbs. Naomi’s labia were very swollen from her arousal, so she used her hand to spread them open to them for me, since my hands were trapped under Bayan Escort her.She kept that up for quite some time, edging herself a few times. Her rocking motion allowed her to lean back when she was close, and she wanted me to stop licking and forward to get her going again. She leaned back again. That time, my thumbs applied enough pressure, so one slipped past the sphincter. To a deep moaning sigh, she plummeted over the edge and sprayed my face.Her body shook for a while as she landed. In one slow, deliberate slither of her soaking lips, she moved down my body, leaving a wet trail. She leaned forward to kiss me and whispered, “Thank you, that was worth waiting for.”My throbbing erection was laying between her thighs with the head at her perineum and the shaft along her wetness, getting very wet. I wrapped my now free arms around her and kissed her cheek and ear. For some reason, I still don’t understand, I was in no hurry to enter her. We just lay there like that in her afterglow. How long, I don’t remember, nor was it relevant.I wasn’t going to deny her a pleasure she desired and waited for, for many months. At least I hoped I was providing that for her. In the back of my mind, I was still concerned about her, “the others”, remark. I snapped myself out of that and kissed her cheek some more.“A penny for your thought?” I asked.“Just replaying the feelings of that wonderful orgasm in my mind as I feel your throbber knocking on my doors. Which one would you like?”“You choose, or you could just hump it as it is right now. I have no choice but to surrender to your lust, so you may as well decide where you want it most of all.”She began by humping it as it was. After a little while, she lifted herself onto her knees and lowered herself onto my ‘throbber’, as she put it. She lowered herself slowly to a long sigh, “I haven’t had a thick one like this in ages. It feels so, so … yum,” she said when it had almost disappeared inside her.Naomi sat there for a while, squeezed me with her muscles, and slowly leaned forward to kiss me. It felt like she put all the lust she could muster, into that kiss. She squeezed her muscles and shaped her body to keep me inside as far as possible in that position. As she broke off the kiss, we both sighed, anticipating where our senses and nerves were about to take us.She gently placed her hands on my chest to support herself in what she was about to do. Each hand was carefully placed, so my nipples were between her forefinger and thumb. Accompanied by a sigh, she slowly raised herself until only the tip was inside her. Then, with a louder sigh, she slowly lowered herself all the way,

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