OHGIRL’s Fetish Party


OHGIRL’s Fetish PartyI got a call during the week from an older gentleman named Logan. He was the proprietor of a local neighborhood bar in which he wanted to stage an after hours fetish party for him and two of his friends. This was the bachelor party that Lou had told me about and apparently all three of the friends decided to throw a bachelor party that catered to the special fetish that they all enjoyed. Logan explained to me that he and his friends were into bondage and some light S&M and wondered if I would mind staging a show for them that they could film. It sounded interesting, but since it was something that I had never done and because it was an event that they wanted to film, I quoted a wild amount of money at an hourly rate and a minimum of 4 hours plus expenses. Logan agreed and I showed up at his bar at closing time that following Saturday. I met Logan at the rear of the bar and he escorted me into his establishment and took me to the back pool room, where his two friends were waiting. All 3 of them were older men in their early 50’s and it seems that they all shared a few kinky fetishes. The back room was set up like a torture chamber with chains, leather, straps, ball gags, etc and the Jukebox was blaring out hard metal music. After a few short introductions and questions, the three men got into their leather and latex outfits and began getting their cameras and video recorders ready. Logan, David and Phillip had been friends for quite a few years and when Phillip proposed to his current fiance, they had decided to have a fetish party for his bachelor get together. This was Phillip’s third marriage and they wanted to all have fun together. I took off my long coat and showed off the black latex leggings and garter I had worn. I also wore a pair of long latex gloves and that was it. My breasts were bare and so was my pussy, since I was made aware ahead of time what they wanted me to wear. It seemed that they were pretty pleased and they had me dance around the room to entertain each of them before they began their festivities. They all had on a various array of leather straps, belts, latex and other S&M type of outfits, including leather masks that they wore. It made it easy for me to rub on each one of them as I danced and to have access to their stiff cocks as I sucked each one of them to hardness. All of them were very visibly aroused by the time they wanted to start filming. They buckled some wrist, neck and ankle bracelets on to me and then led me to a combination chair and table that had a wide variety of chains, leather straps, connectors and, luckily, padding attached to it. They turned on the cameras that they had set up around the room and David hooked a chain to my collar and walked me around the room naked to music that was playing. Even though they all had masks on, I could tell who each one of them was under their disguise. David was softly hitting my butt with his multi leather strapped whip Escort Bayan and, as he led me to each of his friends, I was forced to provide some sort of sexual act. Phillip had me bend over and he licked my pussy from behind, while I sucked David‘s cock and Logan and David took turns sliding their cocks in and out of my pussy for a few minutes and smacking their erections on my ass. Logan took the leash and then led me to the table where I laid on my back and they connected the straps to my wrist and ankle bracelets. I was laying there spread eagle when Logan strapped on a small dildo, that fit on his chin, and then got between my legs. He started licking my pussy and then slid the chin dildo into me as he ate my twat. He licked my pussy until I was moaning in pleasure. Phillip then came to the table and put a ball gag in my mouth and strapped it around my head. David and Phillip then unhooked me and converted the table into a chair that left my arms and legs tied down, but allowed for my butt and pussy to be exposed pointing upwards for them. I was kind of bent over, but the chair was pressed into my midsection and doubled me over. I couldn’t move an inch and watched out of the corner of my eye as each guy lined up and took turns fucking me. My head wasn’t hanging downward, but was propped up at my shoulders to about waist level. Each guy would come to the front of the device, remove my ball gag and then put their cock in my mouth while the others fucked me. They would stop to slap my ass every few minutes with a flat leather riding crop. Each time they would ask me if I was alright and then hit me harder across my butt cheeks. They continued to fuck me, have me suck their cocks and whip my buttocks for what seemed like a long time. I wasn’t hating it, but it was a little uncomfortable. My pussy was really wet, since I had cum from the chin dildo experience, and their cocks felt great, as they took turns fucking me from behind. Phillip began lubricating my anus and then he strapped another device onto his crotch. His long penis fit through a hole in a leather belt that had a large, black, strap-on dildo attached to it. He worked the big dildo into my pussy and then slowly slid his cock into my ass. When he started to pump me, I came again. David and Logan took turns feeding me their cocks and whipping my behind as Phillip double penetrated me. I had never experienced anything like this at all. Phillip removed his belt and then David and Logan took turns entering my behind. They kept me really lubed up, took their time and were gentle as they slowly slid their cocks all the way into me. I’m not sure how long they took turns in my ass, but they finally removed me from the devise and converted it back into a chair. They chained me with my legs spread in the chair and they had a drill connected to a big dildo and they took turns sticking it in my pussy and actually drilling me with it. Surprisingly enough, it Bayan escort felt really good. I took turns sucking on each of their hard cocks as this occurred. My pussy and ass had been explored rather deeply when they finally hooked me into a sex swing that was hanging from the ceiling in the corner. I hung there, exposed to them for their own sexual purposes. They held on to the straps and either fucked my pussy, mouth or ass as they pleased. Phillip always seemed to be the first one to take me in a new fashion and David and Logan took time out to move and adjust the cameras, often holding them for close ups or changing their batteries.One of the guys grabbed some nipple clamps and asked to put them on me. I nodded my head and it didn’t hurt too bad. They were tight, but my nipples were already really big and hard from the fucking they were giving me. Phillip then preceded to fuck me in the ass again. After a short time, I felt him cum inside me as he pulled me close to him and held his cock deep in my ass. David brought him a metal butt plug and he inserted it into me to keep his cum from dripping out. Then Logan moved up behind me and slid into my pussy. They had been fucking me with their cocks and big dildos and my cunt was a wet, gaping, hole for their taking. He fucked me for a long time, slowly stroking his cock in and out of me as his friends tugged on the nipple clamps and whipped my warm, red buttocks. He finally exploded in my pussy and then he stuffed the big, black dildo into me as he pulled out his cock. Both my ass and pussy were filled as David stuffed his cock in my mouth. He smacked his long hard cock across my lips, face and cheeks as he allowed me to suck him. He came in my mouth after much extended play while his friends pinched my nipples, pumped the dildo in my cum filled pussy and smacked my ass. Phillip and Logan had been stoking their lubed up cocks, in between pinching and smacking me, while I sucked on their friend and they were surprisingly hard again. They all stood in front of me as I looked up at them, totally incapacitated. Their stroking became much more rapid, then each of them took their turn cumming all over my face. Logan had grabbed one of the cameras around the room and held it to get a close up as they sprayed my face. I was made to lick each of their cocks clean and I stayed strapped up as their cum dripped from my face onto the floor. The dildo and butt plug were still in place, keeping their huge loads, that they had emptied into me, inside of me. I was still strapped into the chair and unable to really move. They replaced the ball gag in my mouth and I was left to hang their as they left the room. Phillip returned about 10 minutes later and I was kind of relieved to see him. His dick was standing erect again and I looked back to see him lubing it up once more and stroking it until it was really hard. He pulled the butt plug out of me and then slid his cock Escort into me to replace it. Then he started fucking me again. My ass was pretty sore and full of his cum, but he just kept pumping me until he came again. He held his cock in me until I felt his shaft quit throbbing, then he put the butt plug in place again and left. I had no idea what was going on and was getting a little worried. My face was covered with drying jizz and my ass and pussy were stuffed with a plug and a dildo to hold in the cum that they had shot into me. David and Logan came in after another short period of time and they led in someone altogether new. This guy was naked and had on a leather gladiator outfit. He was very muscular, well hung and handsome too, but he acted like their slave, as they ordered him to remove the dildo from my pussy. Then they told him to fuck me. I wasn’t told about this twist in their party as their slave pushed his huge cock into my cum filled pussy and started to fuck me really hard. They told him not to cum until he made me orgasm, so he started grinding my pussy from behind with his big cock and pulling on the nipple clamps as he slid full length in and out of my cunt. He was so hot and muscular and the thought of him fucking me with his big cock, as I was strapped there in the chair, unable to move and filled with cum, was really turning me on. My pussy tightened up and I let out a groan as I climaxed on his hard cock. He began thrusting harder but the guys ordered him to stop. Then Logan removed my butt plug and told him to fuck my ass. He slid in and I felt his long cock push out some of the cum as he started pumping me, then he exploded. Logan put the butt plug back in and then then all four of them left again. I was so tired and sore as I sat there alone and was wishing I could yell for someone, when another guy came it. I almost started laughing, but I couldn‘t. It was Lou, the owner of my club and the person who had referred his friend Logan to me. He started taking off his pants and his long cock popped out to see me. He stepped up to me and slid it between my cum encrusted lips. I sucked on it until he was hard and then he walked behind me and began to lube himself as he removed my butt plug. The other 4 men walked in to watch as Lou fucked my ass.“I told them all what a nice, sweet ass you had.” he said as he pumped me. The other four men gathered near and fondled me, tugged on the nipple clamps, spanked me with the riding crop and took turns placing their limp cocks in my mouth for me to suck. Logan was filming close ups of him and his friends and when Lou finally came, he pulled his cock out and they removed the dildo from my pussy, letting the huge amounts of cum ooze from my well fucked openings. They unhooked me from the chair and led me to the bathroom to clean up. I washed all the dried cum from my face and then used the restroom. I had been tied down, hanging and being fucked for nearly 3 hours and I had to really go to the potty. I got dressed and the guys all thanked me for taking part in their fetish. Logan actually gave me an extra $500 for my work and wanted to know if I would be available for future fun. I’d have to think about that.

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