old guys fun part 3

Big Tits

old guys fun part 3Hi just a quick recap Rose and her family had moved in with John read the other part firs thanks .This is from Roses view of her life now .Right many people will think its weird way to live me a 35 year old black women my mum who is 55 and my twin girls 12 years old .We love it here when i decided to move in with John a 71 year old guy that was the best thing i have ever done .this is a year later im now 36 and John has got me pregnant .I was scard to tell him i was pregnant but he just loves my big belly im 6 months now so getting bigger every day after the time i had with the wast of space i was married to who i have not seen for over a year this is heaven .John loves to just look at my belly and run his hands over it .I feel so ugly but John says a pregnant girl is so so sexy more bitlis escort so when there black .I find it hard now to fuck but i take it up the asshole now its a lot easier .John loves to see my tits bouncing about when he fucks me .I find im so happy when mum and me share Johns bed together it sounds weird when i say that .Mum and me sounds funny but John loves us both .Mum has never had so much cock in her life hehe she loves it .I love to see mum happy manys the time when Johns fucked us both one after the other i hold mums hand when shes getting fucked and she holds mine .Mum loves to take it up the asshole it felt funny the first time John ass fucked her in front of me .My mum getting ass fucked and me laying next to her she likes it in her pussy and mouth but not bolu escort as much as her asshole . When you think mum had not been fucked for about 20 years till she meet John she takes it great she fucks like a rabbit now hehe. My twin girls love John he gives them any thing they want they wear the best things now not like last year when all they had were second hand stuff .They love to suck Johns cock they try and have a race to see who can make him cum first but im sure John lets one make him cum next time the other .They keep asking me when is John going to fuck them like he fucks you and granny i just tell them when your 16 thats years away they cry .For now he just eats there tiny pussys they love that when he licks there tiny clits .Never thought 12 year old girls burdur escort could cum but John made them both cum .They loved that like having butter flys in my tummy they said .John loves to eat them out loves licking there clits and im just so happy the girls are happy .Me im just so happy it was the right thing to do i know i owed John £1000 and i was paying it of by fucking him but now we are all happy .Mum me in bed with John is amazing love to see mum so happy how John keeps so hard for so long i will never know hehe but he can fuck me then fuck my mum for hours on end . My favorite thing is to suck his cock love to look him in the eye when im sucking him then i will put his balls in my mouth he loves that roll them around in my mouth all ways find i can make him cum by putting my finger up his asshole it sure does the trick .When he cums its like a fucking hose spraying every where never seen so much cum hehe so John loves fucking me my mum loves getting fucked up the asshole the girls love sucking his cock and John earing there pussys so we are all so happy the end enjoy

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