Out for a run parts 16-19


Out for a run parts 16-19Part 16After my adventure in the park and all the guys seeing me in the wet tee-shirt and dripping in cum I was so excited and could not wait to tell my husband about it. I did not change, so I was still wet and had cum in my hair and running down my legs when he walked through the door. He could see almost right through my wet tee-shirt, and boy did this make him excited. After he saw me I striped out of my cloths and let him get a good look at me – cum streaked through my dark black hair, cum smeared all over my face, my dark black pussy hair was matted down with cum and I had cum dried to the inside of both legs. I jumped into his arms and we somehow made it into the bedroom for some hard core fucking. I told him about my running in just my tee-shirt (no bra) and my short-shorts, and how they became transparent when I really started to sweat. Than about my having to jog past the different groups of young guys, and than after my weekly group fuck with my guys, about having to jog again past the large group of teenage boys. This drove my husband crazy, and we had super sex. After we were both worn out, he started asking more questions about my letting strangers see me with limited clothing on and how it made me feel. He was concerned about my safety first, and if I felt at all degraded when this happened. Safety was a concern now that he mentioned it, and no I felt wonderful having all those guys staring at me and than thinking about what they saw as they jacked themselves off. What a wonderful feeling to make these young men feel good and give them something to dream about – especially coming from a women in her early 50s. My husband loved this, and said I was doing a community service, but I needed to be very careful and that he should be close by if anything like this happens again. We just laid around the house the rest of the night, playing with each other on and off, talking about different adventures we could try now that he knew I enjoyed flashing. The next morning, I was pretty sore, after screwing my 6 guys, and than my husband both my pussy and ass needed some rest. I was scheduled to work at 7pm, so I pretty much had the day to rest up and let my body heal. I spent part of the morning cleaning up around the house, I do most things at home nude, because I just don’t like wearing cloths at home. I thought about calling Kim and telling her what happened yesterday, but she was at work and these types of stories have to be told in person. At around noon, I decided to take a Jacuzzi and swim in our backyard pool. I love my yard, it is secluded, with a wooden fence all the way around it, the neighbors don’t have any windows facing the pool or yard, so I am free to swim and sunbath naked. I got into the Jacuzzi and it felt wonderful on my tired old body, the bubbles worked magic on my pussy and asshole, and I just laid there totally relaxed. I heard some rustling behind the fence – about 4 feet from were I was sitting – in my neighbors yard. Didn’t think anything of it, both adults work, and they have a son who is pretty much a nerd. The type that sits at a computer all day and has not been outside in the fresh air in days. I hardly new what he looked like, except his parents have asked me to keep an eye on him when they both were away from home in the past. I thought he should be in school, until I thought to myself that it is summer and maybe he is home. I didn’t hear anything else, so maybe it was a squirrel or something. After about 30 minutes in the Jacuzzi, I needed to cool down and maybe get a little exercise, so into the pool I went, I started to swim some laps, but I was getting that feeling – like I was being watched. I swam for the next 20-30 minutes, and came to a stop at the end of my pool closest to the Jacuzzi and rested against the edge with my breasts sitting on the cool cement edge. I had my head down and was catching my breath when I saw him, he must have been lying on his stomach looking through a split in the board fence. I was much more concerned with him watching me than the other boys, because he was a neighbor and I didn’t want any problems with his parents. But than I thought, I was not doing anything wrong, and it was him spying on me. He was not going to run and tell his parents because it was him doing the spying. He was getting quite and eye full, my dark black hair was pushed back, I was still trying to get my breath, and this caused my 36 D breasts to heave up and down while they rested on the cement side of the pool only a few feet from his hiding spot. Not wanting any problems with this young man, I decided to let him keep his hiding spot secret and would be more careful in the future in what I did in the back yard. It did start to get me excited thinking about my little peeping tom and what he had seen, and how many times in the past had he been watching me. It was getting late, and I had to get a nap in before going to work, so I needed to get out of the pool. All of a sudden I became shy, and couldn’t think of a way out without showing him my whole naked body. What a fool I was, I thought to myself, all those guys saw me yesterday, and this little pervert watched me in the Jacuzzi and in the pool, and who knows all the other times he has watched me. So I said to myself, what the fuck, and hopped out of the pool and walked over to my towel to dry off. It was very exciting having someone spying on me, and it was getting me hot. I figured, he has already seen me naked, how about giving him a little something to dream about. I got my towel and looked around the patio area and found just the place to lay down for some sun. I position my towel facing the fence and laid with my legs toward the fence. I closed my eyes and dreamed about my adventure the day before and how I was now being spied on. I decided to give my spy just a little more to think about by spreading my legs very slowly so that he got a good view of my dark hairy pussy. I stayed there sunning myself for about 15 minutes, I think the excitement produced a little dribble of pussy juice that ran out of me. I than turned over and gave him a nice long look at my flat ass. When I was done, and could not take it any more, I was getting myself too horny. I got up and headed into the house. I was done flashing for the day, and needed some relief. I went into my bedroom, got out my biggest dildo, and pumped it in and out of my sore pussy until I was moaning and whining like a mad women. When I came, I almost passed out, and I laid back in bed and took a nice relaxing nap with the dildo still inside of me. I had a very restful nap, and was ready to work the night shift. Part 17Well. It has been a very busy summer, and I have not had enough time to keep up my stories – sorry to all my friends. I started working at a hospital as an RN in the ICU and it has been hard adjusting to working nights, and sleeping during the day. I have been keeping up my days with my group of guys, but over the past 2 to 3 weeks I have lost 3 members of the group because they had to leave the area to go to college – I made them promise that we would all meet as a group when they return for winter break. For now, I only have 3 guys to play with. Just before the first of the 6 left our group to head off to school we had a great day out at our secret place, and this is what happened that day. I new that my group would be breaking up, so I let my husband know that I wanted something to remember the day with, so we planed on secretly videotaping and getting still pictures of the days activities. My husband took the day off from work and got all his video and photography equipment ready. I wanted to make it a day to remember, so I took a nice long hot bath, my husband shot video and pictures the whole time, and as the time approached to head to the park he documented me getting dressed. Today I decided to be a bit more daring than usual, and wore a very old / worn / thin white t-shirt, no bra, no panties, and a pair of white shorts, with my tennis shoes. Looking in the mirror, you could see my nipples through the t-shirt pretty clear, and you could see a nice darkened V siirt escort in the front of my shorts (remember I have a nice dark hairy pussy). As, I got ready to head on over to the park and jog over to my secret place I started to get cold feet, What if something happened and I got stopped, or if, I don’t know….. With all the flashing and stuff I have been doing this summer, I don’t know why I got scared, but I did. When it was time to go, I said to myself – fuck it – and headed out the door. The whole time my husband was documenting the whole thing. He had decided earlier that he would stay as hidden as possible while still filming me as I made my way to my spot, and than stay completely hidden in his hiding areas at the spot. I got to the park without any problems, but once I got their it looked like I should have listened to that little voice in my head. The parking lot was packed with cars, and the weather was very hot and humid, to the point of a light rain. I almost turned around and headed home, but I didn’t want to disappoint my guys. So, I got to the trail head, and started to jog towards my spot, after only maybe 5 minutes of jogging I came up to a group of boys with hiking packs on, and since I was jogging and they were walking I had to pass them. They stopped in there tracks when they saw me jog by, I am sure they could make out everything I had as I past them. I continued on, and passed another couple of groups of younger boys hiking on the trail and each time it was very quiet as I jogged past. It started to rain harder, and the trail was pretty muddy and slippery, but I continued on, I came to the large intersection in the trail where it branched off into 5 or 6 smaller trails, and headed up my trail, I came up to another group of guys heading down the trail as I was going up, and they got quiet an eye full as I pasted them. I rounded a turn pretty fast, and slipped just as I pasted them and fell in the mud. The group of 9 guys I had just past heard me fall, and turn and headed my way to see if I was ok. (picture this: a 50ish yr old lady dressed in my flimsy jogging cloths laid out on my butt in the mud) They all came over and made sure I wasn’t hurt, and helped me up – I didn’t know how much of a show I gave these guys until I saw the pictures and video that my husband got of them. I talked to the guys for a couple of minutes, while they made sure I was ok, and I think they took their time because they were looking at my almost naked body through my now almost transparent jogging cloths. They wanted to know if I needed assistance down to the parking lot, and if I was hurt, I said I was fine, and was going to continue my jog. They let me know that they were going to be setting up their camp down at the trail intersection, and if Things got bad while I was jogging just to stop in and they could help me down to the parking lot. They were all very nice, and I thanked them and left them on the trail. After I left them I looked down and could clearly see my nipples through my t-shirt, and my shorts were muddy, but I could make out my bush like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. I continued on to my spot without any more mishaps. All 6 of my guys were there, ready and waiting. We talked for a couple of minutes, and I told them about what happened on my run up to the spot. This, I thought would give my husband time to get into position and set up his equipment. My group of guys were great, they had decided that since it was the last day for 2 of them that they would go first. I had them help me out of my shirt and shorts, standing in the hot rain naked with my 6 guys felt so good. I told the guys that I didn’t want to be the only one naked, and in a split second I had 6 naked guys with their hard dicks pointing at me. I wanted this day to be special, so I let them know that I wanted to start out just like we did the first time we got together. They all remembered, and they spread out my blanket onto the ground (I have not washed it all summer, and it is very crusty) and I laid down on my back. One of the guys handed me a plastic water bottle, and I was ready for the fun to begin. I rubbed my 36D breasts with the bottle and sucked on my nipples, and as I got more and more excited I placed the bottom end of the bottle at my pussy opening, and slowly pushed it inside. I slowly worked it all the way in, and than started to slowly pump the bottle in and out – the whole time I was making the most obscene noises – and as I was doing this, my guys were jacking themselves off. I was pumping the bottle in and out, and pretty much going nuts fucking this large piece of plastic. After I had my first organism. I pulled the bottle all the way out and slid it down, and ever so slowly eased it into my ass hole. As it slid in, I was going crazy, and was moaning, and screaming and talking to the guys. I felt some cum hit my face about this time, as the guys couldn’t handle it anymore and started to cum. As I got the bottle all the way buried into my ass hole, I felt more cum landing on my face and breasts. I used my fingers of my free hand to scup up the cum and drink it down. I was lost in ecstasy as I had one organism after another. It was probably only a couple of minutes, but all my guys had had their first cum of the day and I needed a break. I pulled the bottle out, and laid there on the blanket and rested, using my fingers to clean up any left-over cum. After a couple of minutes, my heart rate and breathing returned to normal, and I asked the guys what they wanted to do now. They all agreed that they wanted to use the tree stump so that I wouldn’t get tired, and they could use all my available holes. They helped me up, and laid the blanket over the stump, and than over I went. They took turns, 2 at a time, one fucking either my ass or pussy, and the other my mouth. My one special guy, waited until the end, and used his mouth for clean-up. The guys knew that this was the end of a good thing, and they just kept coming back for more. My faced was covered with cum, cum was running out of my ass and cunt, and they just kept on fucking me. I was in my own little world, I was cumming over and over again, and in between having a cock in my mouth I was making all kinds of obscene noises. But, all good things must come to an end, and the guys got worn down. After the last 2 guys finished up, and my clean up guy was through, they helped me down off the stump and I laid down on my back to rest. The guys all got dressed and I gave the 2 guys that were leaving the group nice wet kisses and told them to make sure and stay in contact with me via e-mail and off they went down the trail. I stayed there lying in the light rain naked enjoying the feel of having had some great sex. I had forgotten that my husband was video taping the whole thing, but I felt it was time to head back home. I found my shirt, soaked, and my shorts, soaked too. I got into them, and got ready to head home. I still had cum in my face and hair, and even with my shorts on, I could feel cum oozing out of my cunt and ass. I thought about cleaning up in the pond, but I was just too tired, and thought it was getting dark and no one would see how I looked as it got darker. Off I went, my breasts were very sensitive due to all the excitement, and I had tittie hard-ons the whole time, and as my breast swung back and forth with each step I became more and more turned on. I could also feel cum running down my legs and I continued on the trail. I was making pretty good time, until I came to the intersection of the trail, because the group of guys that I had past earlier on the trail had there camp set up there. I looked around and figured if I jogged along the trail, I would pass them without being noticed. I started along, and when I was out in the open and about half way to the main trail I heard one of the guys at the camp call my name, I told them my name when I fell and they were helping me up. O god, I thought, I was stuck. As soon as he called my name I saw all the other guys look my way and I felt obligated to stop and talk to them. I forgot for those couple of seconds how sinop escort I must have looked, and stopped jogging and walked over to their camp. Nine sets of eyes were staring at me, and I than remembered what I looked like. Nothing I could do now, but go with the flow, and after a little small talk get going on my way. They made small talk and asked how I was feeling after my fall, and how it was getting late and I must have jogged a long way. These guys were eating up my old body with there hungry eyes, and I could feel myself warming up to them. They had a nice fire going and invited me to sit down next to the fire and talk some more, I sat down, but as I did a large trail of cum rolled down my leg. I think you could have heard a pin drop as it landed on the ground under my leg. I looked around at the guys and could see their pants tented out with hard cocks. I was about to get up to leave, when one of the guys asked what I had been doing out in the park that got me looking the way I was. I was caught, and so I told him that I met some friends and we had some fun, and now I was going to head on home. He was very polite, and said that they had all been very horny this afternoon after seeing me jog by them, and they were all hoping to see me again. He said some of the guys (I believe most of these guys) had never seen a naked women before, and that I was so close with my wet cloths. He than asked very softly if they could get a better look at my breasts – By now I was getting very horny myself, and having 9 guys staring at my body and wanting me was getting to be to much. I said it might be ok, but we needed some rules before I did anything – they had to keep this our secret, and only do what I said. I had 9 guys agreeing in no time. I looked around and they had a good sized tent set up in the middle of a bunch of smaller tents – being out on the trail I didn’t want to risk being caught by someone else coming down the trail, so I said lets go into the tent. In the guys went with me following them. After we were all in the tent I lifted up my wet t-shirt and gave these guys their first look at a real women’s breasts. Some of the guys were rubbing there cocks through their pants, so I said they could all drop their pants and underwear if they wanted to continue seeing my breasts. Down went 9 pairs of pants, and out sprang 9 very hard cocks – some little, some decent sized, but most had very little hair on them so I knew they were very inexperienced. I pulled my top completely off, and most of the guys were jacking off. I told them to slow down, because I wanted to show them a bit more. I was super horny by this time, having 9 young cocks staring me in the face, so I reached down and pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them. I was now standing in the middle of 9 guys nude, and I felt something land on my right leg – cum, the guy to my right came without my even touching him. I decided that I might as well give them all a treat, and dropped to my knees and reached over to the first cock I could reach and pulled it into my mouth. The second it touch my mouth he came, I moved on to the next, and next and next until I had blown each of the guys. It didn’t take me long at all because these guys came super quick, but it felt so good. When I finished with the last guy I got up and pulled my cloths on and started to leave, as I was leaving I gave the guys my e-mail and said I hoped to hear from them and I was off. Looking back I saw 9 very happy faces, that I might see again. The rest of the trip home was uneventful, and when I got home I was met by a very horny husband who said he taped most everything, except when I took the guys into the tent. He was going to go out in the morning and get a editing program for our computer so that he could make a hot porn video staring me, so that we could relive this day over and over again. Hope you liked – need comments to continue writing…. No I will not be posting the pictures or videos.. sorry, husband says they are for us to enjoy..Part 18It has been a very busy summer, with my group of guys in the park, my new job, and my new freedom to flash and screw whoever I want. Unfortunately summer has ended and my group of guys have all gone off to college, leaving a hole in my sexual outlet. I have e-mailed the group of boys I met last week , but they seem to be a bit to young to get anything going with, plus I don’t know if they would be able to keep a secrete. Even the nerdy little peeping tom that lives next door went back to school, so I can’t even get off flashing him during the day. This week has been extra bad in the sex department because my husband went out of town on Saturday and will not be home for 10 days, leaving me very frustrated and horny. I even thought about a little girl-on-girl action with my friend Kim, but she is out of town for work, so nothing there either. I decided to drive into town and do a little shopping and maybe get something to eat. I got myself dressed and headed out to the car, it is very humid and as soon as I was out the door I was starting to sweat. Thank god for air conditioners in cars. I drove into town, but really didn’t see anyplace that I wanted to stop at and shop, so I headed on down the rode (about 6 miles to a much bigger town that had more shops and things to do. As I pulled into town, there was a little adult book store that I have been in before and have gotten some of my dildos from in the past. I figured why not see if they have anything new and exciting that I might need, and maybe getting a new toy might take the edge off from being so horny and frustrated. I walked into the store, and went straight over to the toy counter, behind the counter at the register was a butch looking girl about 25, a bit overweight, but nice looking face. We got to talking about the different toys that were in the display case, and how each one worked and different things that could be done with each of them – very educational. I settled on a large, double ended bendable dildo – must be 2 feet long total and about 2 inches round, and a set of nipple clamps – I have never tried anything like these (pain) before, and a pair of handcuffs. After I paid for everything and was getting ready to leave I decided to check out what movies they had playing in there booth section. All this section had was a chair facing a video screen and 3 walls and a curtain door that only came down half way. I guess this was so nothing sexual can happen in the booth without it being seen by the store staff. There were about 10 of these booths in a long row, and there was about 3 guys using them. I got into my booth and started watching a video that had one girl and 4 guys going at it. After only about 30 seconds I new that this was a bad idea, because I was now supper horny and had no place for release. I thought about how I could relieve my tension without being noticed, and decided that I could probably use my new dildo if I was very careful and didn’t attract attention by making noise – I didn’t want to get kicked out of the store. I was wearing shorts, so I casually undid the front buttons and eased them open, no panties made reaching my hairy pussy a bit easier, but had to slide down in my chair to get the right angle. As the video was going I slide in one end of my new dildo into my soaking wet cunt and slowly moved it in and out using nice long strokes – trying hard not to move around much or make any noise. The video was getting very hot, and I was concentrating on slowly pumping my pussy, when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and there is the sales clerk staring at me with this giant dildo sticking out of my pussy – I froze. She had come over because I forgot to sign my MasterCard receipt, and now I was busted. We just stared at each other for the next couple of seconds, neither of use saying a word. She was very nice about no making a scene when she saw the giant dildo sticking out of my hairy pussy, but let me know that if the police came in and caught me I could get in big trouble and so could the store. I started to remove the dildo, when she said that there was sivas escort a small office in the back of the store if I needed to finish up what I was doing, and she could show me it. Being as horny as I was, I agreed and pulled the dildo all the way out and put it into the bag, got up and followed the sales lady. She opened the door to the small office and inside was a desk, couch, and chair – no windows. She said go ahead and use the couch, and enjoy myself. It felt weird being in there by myself, and I was kind of losing my hornyness, so I got up and opened the door to leave and found the sales lady standing on the other side of the door – she had not gone back to the cash register, but was standing at the door waiting to listen to me masturbate myself. She looked more distressed at me finding her at the door still than I had been being found in the both with a giant dildo stuffed into my cunt. I did the only polite thing and asked her if she cared to join me and my dildo in the office. She hesitated for a couple of seconds, but than said it might be fun and went to lock the front door of the store – didn’t want anyone coming in and taking anything. She followed me into the room and said that she had never been with another women, but wanted to see me using the dildo on myself. She was very soft spoken and this let me be more the aggressor. I asked her if she wanted me naked, or just as I was in the both – naked she whispered, so off came my shirt, than my bra – letting my 36D boobs hang free – it being cool in the room made my nipples rock hard, than down came my pants and underwear – exposing my hairy old pussy to this quiet younger lady. She just stared at my naked body as I laid on my back on the couch and took my giant dildo and pushed it slowly into my wet pussy. She was breathing pretty heavy as I started to really work my dildo deep inside, taking long deep strokes, building up speed as I was getting closer to coming, pumping it in and out, getting more and more worked up as I started to cum, I was making all kinds of obscene sounds as I pushed the dildo deeper and faster into my pussy, cumming again for my observer. I figured I had an audience and I would give her a truly great show, so I pulled it out of my pussy, dripping with my slimy cum and pushed it straight into my mouth. She was rubbing herself raw through her jeans as she watched me sucking this giant thing deep into my throat, but I was not done yet with my show, I stood up and walked to the end of the couch, and laid stomach first over the arm rest – this let her have an even better view of my dripping pussy and my now fully exposed ass hole. I reached around with my giant dildo and started to push it ever so slowly into my exposed ass hole – I was grunting and groaning, making little screaming sounds as it started to pass deep inside, than I started to pump it in deeper and harder until I started coming again. I was a horny fucking machine, pumping that big thing deep inside of me, and getting off on being watched by this stranger. After wearing myself out, I pulled the dildo out and did one last truly deprived thing – I went straight from my ass hole and shoved it down my throat for a few last pumps. The sales lady had continued rubbing herself the whole time and the crotch of her pants were soaked. I laid there for a while trying to get my breath as my new friend tried to get her breath too. I than got up and got dressed and left the room and my new friend standing there in her soaked pants. As I was leaving I let her know that I approved of the toy she sold me and that I would be back for more toys in the future. And that I approved of the try-out room… She just stood there as I left. I drove home and took a long shower and thought about my life and how it has changed. What could happen in the coming days and weeks to top what I have already gone through sexually…Part 19It has been a very long time since I last wrote, been very busy with the new job, my guys all went back to college, and I was starting to scare myself with some of the wild things I was starting to do sexually. I decided to calm things down, and just fuck my husband, and be happy with this until maybe my group of guys came back from college on their breaks. Well, as the weeks dragged on, I became more and more horny, but also really missed my wilder lifestyle, but also did not want to get caught and go to jail. I was keeping in contact with each of my guys (all 6 of them) at their different schools via e-mail, and as the weeks passed I started sending them more and more graphic messages, and they were doing the same back to me. This was all in fun, they would tell me what they were going to do with me when we got together, and I would let them know what I was looking forward to. After a couple of weeks, one of the guys asked me to send him some pictures, he said that even thou he had 100’s of ones that him and his friends had taken, he wanted to see new ones of me so that it would be like we were close to each other again. Sounded ok with me, plus I had a bunch of pictures that my husband had taken of me saved on the computer and I had my digital camera that I could use to take more pictures of myself. I sent him a couple of pictures that showed me in a real sexy gown, and one in a bathing suit and a couple with a nipple here or some pubic hair there showing. I wanted to tease him a bit, and didn’t want to send everything right away – wanted to save some of the more graphic shots for down the road. This was all fine and good for a week or two, but I needed more and so did my guys. I thought, what could I do… I talked with my husband about my problem and we came up with a plan.. He likes to watch me flash and watching me have fun… The idea was that he would video me doing different things in public places and I could send these to my guys, plus we would have more great videos. The first adventure was pretty tame, and this is what we did. My husband taped from start to finish, first I got dressed in one of his x-large tee shirts – well worn with nothing on under it. We than took separate cars. Him leading the way, and me following. First stop was for me to get some gas – self serve station. He stopped on the other side of the station and started taping as I got out of the car and went into the station to pay for my gas – with just the shirt on, you could clearly see the dark outline of my nipples and since I was in a very air conditioned car before heading into the station my nipples were very hard. I had to be careful, because if I bent over or did anything to quickly my ass and pussy would be visable for all to see, since even the x-large t-shirt only ended about 2 inches down my legs. Since the t-shirt was pretty worn you could also make out my hairy pussy if you looked. I was pretty nervous doing this because all the other times I had flashed, or accidentally been seen it was not in such a commercial place and not so risky. Inside the store area there was only the man at the counter, and when I went up to pay for the gas he got a pretty good look, but he did have to look through the t-shirt and this wasn’t that rewarding for me, and since it was only him, I had him wait a minute before he rang me up my gas ,and I turned around and reach down for a pack of gum on the lowest self… Doing this I gave him a perfect view of my flat ass and he could see up between my legs to my dripping pussy lips. I stayed that way as I looked at the different flavors of gum, and even spread my legs open to steady myself – also giving him a much better view of my hairy old pussy. I got back up and paid for my gum and gas, The guy just kept staring at me as I paid and walked out. The whole time my husband had been taping the whole encounter. As I got to the car, I quickly picked up the front of my shirt and flashed my breasts and pussy to the camera.. I hooped into the car and hurried home – I was so fucking horny, this was so exciting, I now know I am going to need more – as my husband came through the door I attacked him and we screwed each others brains out throughout the house. We than loaded the video onto the computer and watched it – It was great, my husband was able to zoom in and see the counter mans face and pan back and see me.. He spend a couple of hours and edited it down to a nice 5 minute video clip.. It stays in our collection and I e-mailed it to my guys with a message – Only The Beginning…

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