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Pizzaboy delivers[Although this story stands alone, in some ways it is best read as asequel to my encounter with Dean, which I have recorded in Delivery Boyin Gay Male — Beginnings]Dean put the phone down and turned back to me. `Jake will be here in abouthalf-an- hour’ he said.Jake was Dean’s best mate, or so he had said, and Dean was keen to get himto join us at my flat. I had only met Dean for the first time thatmorning, when I had gone to the new supermarket down the road. Dean hadoffered to deliver my groceries (and, I had quickly suspected, was up forit), and here he was, a few hours later, lying back on my bed having justshot a load of his teen spunk into his sexy white nylon briefs. It hadbeen his suggestion to give Jake a ring:`He works in a pizza joint, and I happen to know he’ll be wearing hispizzaboy’s delivery uniform. Fancy that?’I needed no further information, but agreed at once. No, that’s not quitetrue, I asked one question:`How old is he?’.`18 – same as me’. That’s when I handed Dean the phone.So we had half an hour to kill, and the first thing we needed to do wasclean up a bit. Dean was covered in cum – not just his own (which oozedfrom his briefs) but mine too, as I had made a point of pumping over thefront of his white nylon briefs and had also splattered over theyoungster’s taut flat stomach. I pointed out the bathroom and he began toget up.`Why not strip out of those briefs and leave them for me – you can hardlygo home in those.’Dean smiled and tugged the clinging spunk-sodden strip of nylon down hislegs and stepped away.I walked over to a drawer in the bedroom and pulled out a few pairs ofbriefs and shorts. `Take your pick from those. Take them with you andchoose something you like – surprise me!’He went through the drawer and took four of five things with him to thebathroom. I picked up the nylon briefs he had left behind, and they wereheavy with boycum. That heady scent of cum and nylon filled my nostrils,and I almost swooned with the excitement of it. I just knew that beforethe day was out I would have disgraced myself in those briefs!As I waited for Dean to return I also freshened up a bit, using the sink inthe kitchen to clean up. Back in the bedroom, I chose some wine-colouredsilk boxers, and pulled my black jeans back on, together with a whiteteeshirt. The bathroom door opened and Dean re-emerged, in his white shirtand black uniform trousers. He seemed slightly sheepish and awkward, nowthat the first encounter was over and there was the danger that we wouldhave to make contrived conversation, but I misjudged him for he was veryeasy with me and we chatted about how he was getting on his new job as ifwe had known each other for weeks.He went into the kitchen and began drinking the coke that I had opened forhim earlier, and I poured some mineral water for myself. Then I don’tquite know what happened, but suddenly we were kissing again, tenderly atfirst and then more intensely. He dropped his head back, and his softthroat presented itself. As we kissed, my hands dropped behind him andcupped his firm buttocks through the black trousers, and I gently pressedhim in to me. I badly wanted the boy again, and I knew he was eager, but Iwondered how much time we had before Jake arrived. And I certainly wantedto save something for that!But the soft sound of Dean’s murmuring, his eyes closing as my lips brushedagain and again over his throat, was so arousing that I could not helpmyself. I needed slowly to undress him again, to feast my eyes on thatteenage beauty, to work my mouth over the secret centre of him. I guessedI had ten minutes or so before we were disturbed – long enough for us toenjoy ourselves without going too Escort bayan far.There was no question about his wanting it. In fact, I felt his hand comearound between us and slip down to my jeans, and Dean began to feel me upthrough the outside. My hot cock grew hard to his touch, and moved easilyinside my silk boxers. I hoped he was enjoying the sensation as much as Iloved the feel of the teenager’s caress on my eager flesh. I moved mywaist slightly away from his, to give him easier access should he want tounzip me.As if by instinct, my fingers unbuttoned his white shirt and I slid my handinside the open cotton and soothed the warm chest, his firming nipples, theperfectly flat soccer player’s stomach. But it wasn’t enough. I needed toplay once more with the hardness of the boy whom I had so recently wanked.The catch at the top of his trousers detained my only a moment, and Iopened him up. The tell-tale sound of his zip pushing downwards caused himto respond in kind, and he tugged at my fly. I was ahead of him though,and I pushed my hand inside the opening and cupped the front of his briefs.Well, my borrowed briefs I ought to say.`You naughty boy’ I whispered in his ear. `These briefs feel a bit damp.Are you leaking precum?’`Mmm’ was all I got as an answer, so I decided to have a look. I droppedto my knees in front of him, as if in worship, and pulled the trousers wideopen and downwards. They slid down his thighs and he stepped out of them.He had chosen a pair of pale blue briefs, nylon (most of mine are) and nowbulging fantastically with the fullness of his boyish erection. And yes,there was a wonderful wet patch where precum leaked from his knobheadtrapped in the nylon pouch. I lightly slid my finger over this wet circle,enjoying the silky smoothness and warmth of the juicy dampness as Deanoozed into the blue nylon. I worked more insistently then with my fingerover the trapped head of his cock, encouraging yet more of his boyjuice todrip into the hugging sheath. The satiny precum covered my fingers, and Ilicked them eagerly, enjoying the tang of the teenager’s wetness.But I so badly needed to suck him off through the blue nylon, and just as Ihad done when he was wearing his own white nylon briefs I closed up on himand, with my sight filled with the bright blue material, I travelled thelength of the cockshaft as it throbbed and moved under the confining nylon,tonguing and mouthing Dean’s boymeat. The fullness of his balls fascinatedme, heavy and soft, and I wanted to explore them more. So for a moment Istopped sucking the lad, and instead began to rub his ballsack lightly butinsistently through the warm nylon, moving the fullness of his bollocks intheir silky pouch. The thought of the creamy spunk gathering in them sentme wild, and I went back to work on them with my mouth after a few moments,licking and tonguing Dean’s balls that gave under my lips. I tried togather his sack into my mouth, but the briefs were too tight.It was then we heard the engine of the bike outside, and as of one mind westopped and moved to the window. It was probably just as well that we wereinterrupted at that point – two more minutes and I would have had to makeDean cum right there and then, and I was throbbing so badly myself from thegentle feel-up that the boy had given me and with the excitement of suckingthe youngster through nylon that I was getting ready to spunk.On the street below us I saw one of those pizzabikes, and a dark-haired laddressed in a bright red uniform carrying a box. Even from this distance Icould see that Jake was a real stud, and whereas Dean was refined andclassy, Jake was a bit of rough stuff. As we watched him dismount, I slidmy hand down Bayan escort the front of Dean’s bulging briefs and gasped as I felt thehugeness of him, wet beneath the nylon. `Let’s save this for Jake’, Isaid.`Yeah. Oh by the way, he’s straight.’`Straight? So what are you doing asking him over here for?’`Oh don’t you worry about that. He’s horny as fuck, and just loves sex.He won’t suck you or anything, but you can do anything to him. He justloves being the centre of attention.’`And you don’t, I suppose’ I thought to myself, smiling as I headeddownstairs to open the door. I was still fully dressed, but I had tonegotiate the stairs a bit cautiously as my erection was causing me a fewproblems trapped in my boxers.I opened the door and breathed heavily. What I had seen from upstairs wasonly half the story. Jake was stunning – a dark-haired teen with thosemelting soft eyes that you would die for. The red polyester uniform topwas both ludicrous and incredibly sexy on such a stud. Beneath it he waswearing tight blue jeans, trainers and white socks. `I had a call from mymate Dean to bring a pizza here – is that right?’`Sure. Come on up.’He followed me upstairs into the kitchen, where we left the pizza. (Itnever was eaten.) Then we headed into the living room, and Jake’s mouthfell open when he saw fair-haired Dean, who had positioned himself on thesofa and was lying back provocatively, smiling up at Jake with legs apart,his hand slipped inside his nylon briefs and gently wanking on his boydick.`What the fuck’s going on?’ said Jake.`You timed your arrival well’, I said. `I was just about to wank Dean off- maybe you’d like to take over?’`God man, what do you think I am?’`A fucking horny k**, that’s what’ I said. `And I guess you could do withshooting some creamy teenspunk yourself – yes?’I sensed that I was going to be an active spectator in what was to follow,assisting the two teens to shoot their cum as best I could, and that suitedme fine. If I played this carefully, it could be a real wankfest. Andsure enough, I was not surprised when Jake headed towards Dean and, leaningover him, began to stroke the blond boy’s bulging packet of cock whichpressed through the shining blue nylon of the borrowed briefs, wet from mysucking and the boy’s own leaking precum. Dean stretched his legs apart asfar as he could, and I again noticed the fullness of his balls beneath thethrobbing cock.I went behind Jake and said softly, `why not lose this jacket’, and he letme slip the red pizzaboy uniform from his shoulders. Beneath, he wore ateeshirt, white like my own, but cut closer and with his shoulders bare.He rubbed Dean firmly again and massaged the soft sexy nylon so that hisfriend began to groan softly. I knew I was risking things, but I thought Ihad to chance it, so having dropped his uniform jacket to the floor Ireturned to stand behind him and reached round to the front of his jeans.The soft blue material felt so sexy under my fingers, as I reached for thecatch and then swiftly unbuttoned him. He didn’t resist at all, so I knewhe was mine.The jeans were tight and I had to work them down his legs, but he let me doit in my own way, and I peeled them off. The dark teenager was wearing apair of white nylon soccer shorts under his jeans, which both surprised anddelighted me. Lads in soccer kit send me wild, and nylon shorts are justheaven. I wondered if he was wearing anything under them – I hoped so.And then I could tell he was, as I could make out the line of somethingbrief and tight showing through the thin nylon of the sexy shorts. Thiswas going to be fun.Jake leant forward to continue to feel Dean’s nylon-covered cock, and thedark-haired teenager’s bum pushed Escort temptingly towards, the nylon soccershorts shining and full. With both hands I made contact, pressing theteen’s firm flesh through the sports shorts. And the k** wanted it, Iknew, because immediately he pushed backwards into my hands so that I hadeven firmer contact. I stroked and smoothed him through the nylon, andthen reached round the front and let my hands slide and press through thefront. My left hand made contact with what was clearly a large hot cock,and I immediately began to rub him up, wanting to give the k** pleasure.He was bigger than Dean, I could feel, and if anything even harder. As Ifelt him with my left hand, my right slipped under the leg of his shortsand travelled up to the front of the teenager’s packet. Sure enough, hewas wearing something silky and tight underneath, and my fingers began totake out the unmistakeable softness of mesh nylon. God, this 18-year-oldwas as keen on nylon as me! Unusual for a straight teen, I thought tomyself.I got working with my right hand at once, and began to wank him off throughthe nylon brief or pouch, and he began to move feverishly under my touch.I knew that I had to get his shorts down his legs pretty quickly if Iwanted to enjoy a bit of suckfun before he shot his cum, so I tugged atthem and they fell down his meaty thighs at once. And yes, the k** waswearing a seethough black nylon brief, and was sporting the most beautifulpiece of teencock, that quivered and moved enticingly in the transparentnylon. Nothing was left to the imagination, every vein of his boycock wasvisible, everything from the wet tip of his foreskin to the dark hairmassing around his teenage balls was there for me to enjoy. But I knewthat I didn’t have much time, so cut my losses and went straight for thejuicy nylon sack.As Jake flipped Dean’s cock free from the blue nylon briefs, I sat on thefloor between them and plunged my warm mouth over Jake’s bulging mound,sucking the boy noisily through the tangy scent of his black nylon briefs.He bucked his hips and head-fucked me, and I reciprocated by bobbing up anddown on the juicy cockmeat thrusting through the flimsy nylon. I flickedmy tongue under his foreskin and he cried out with pleasure, meanwhilemasturbating Dean fast towards his creamy climax.With my left hand, I opened up my jeans and thrust my hand deep inside mysilk boxers, which as you can imagine were pretty damp by now. I wanted towank in unison with my two teenage visitors, and I knew that they were toolost in themselves to help me out. Dean was very close to cumming, I knew,and alternately closed his eyes lost in ecstasy, and then opened them togaze at his mate being sucked to cum heaven.I wanked myself furiously now, and knew that I had only a few secondsbefore the k**s would jet. Dean came first, arching his youthful back andlifting slightly off the sofa as he tumbled into orgasm: a torrent ofpearly teenspunk erupted from him and covered his stomach for the secondtime within an hour – I was amazed that he seemed able to produce just asmuch spunk as before. As he moaned, I felt Jake tense in his briefs, and Iplunged my mouth tighter still over his knob. He bucked a few times andthen shuddered as his spunk filled first his briefs and then my mouth as itforced through the mesh of his black nylon pouch. His cum was thick andcreamy and I was hungry for it. As he continued to pump pulses of theteenmilk into my grateful mouth, my own orgasm overwhelmed me, and my spunkfilled my hand and silk boxers.After just a minute or two Jake stood up and pulled his shorts back on andthen his jeans. He seemed to want to get away as quickly as possible.Dean lay back smiling, amused at his friend.`Don’t worry mate, I wont’ tell on yer!’ he said. But Jake was off, downthe stairs and away, and we lay back listening to the sound of themotorbike heading off back to safety.

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