Preachers Daughter Chapter 16


Preachers Daughter Chapter 16While my wife Charlotte was away at the ladies church retreat with the preachers wife (my number #2 sex slave slut) getting seduced and fucked by Pam, the preachers wife, Jaimie (preachers 23 year old daughter — 24 next month!) whomk lived with my wife and I was left alone with me for a few days.She is VERY pregnant and showing with my baby (unknown to my wife that our nanny is carrying my baby).Jaimie has been getting jealous (as my first seduced and blackmailed number #1 sex slave slut) of all the fucking attention I have been giving to my wife, and her mommym, Pam, the 46 year old preachers MILF wife. I tell Jaimie about me fucking her mom and she hears me fucking my wife nightly. I did not even let Jaimie suck me off for a week before Pam and Charlotte left for the church retreat. I did tell Jaimie, “tell your professors you will out a few days and get your home work and assignments for your college classes — because after you get my k**s off to school of a morning, you are going to be my 100% sex slave and fuck slut for days!.”I decided I would not do all the BDSM and painful games to her since she is so far along with baby, but……we would still play.The day Charlotte left I fucked her that morning before she left the house. Jaimie faked leaving for college but instead went to the store and purchased “her” list I had given her. Candles, cloths pins, pliers, and glue.She was wet and anticipating. She returned to the house and I watched her park and come to the door. It had been a couple months since we had a real Master and Slave game session. I went to her room and retrieved our play box.On the living room table I placed her dog color and slut tag, handcuffs, riding crop, rope, leather belt (I added that) and camera. I set up the hidden cams in all rooms we would fuck in and made sure the audio was good. More recordings to come of my sluts!I them let her unlock the front door and walk in as I stood behind her. I held the blind fold. She opened the door and walked in. BAM, I grabbed her hard by her hair and slammed the door as I shoved her face hard against the door, one hand in her hair pulling, one hand on her throat. “Bitch, lock the fucking door, you are mine and you are going to get fucked the way you want.” I choked her until her eyes were watery up then kissed her, check, I asked İzmir Köle Escort softly in her ear, “what do you want bitch?” You Master she replied “What shall I do with you slut?” Anything you want Master she replied. I then blindfolded her and turned her to me. Still holding her firmly against the door I slapped her face on each cheek and then ripped open her blouse, button and cloth tearing. I placed her hands above her head and cuffed them. I tore her blouse free, squeezing her tits and then I tore off that bra, holding her large pregnant mommy tits. I slapped her tits, she moved her hands, I slapped her face, I then slapped her tits more. I told her not to fucking move and I walked to the table, returning I retrieved the riding crop. Switching it in the air for her to hear, she tensed and shuttered — slap slap slap on those tender nipples. Slap slap slap on those tits. I made her squirm. I asked is she liked it, “yes Master!” Who are you, “your slut Master, I am your bitch, your whore, the mother of your baby Master!” Jaimie, are you a true slut preachers daughter I asked? Jaimie, with tears running down her cheek said softly, “yes Master, I cant help it but I am” I told her to tell me more, this now well trained slut said she was mine, 100% mine, she loved the taboo and secret, she loved carrying my baby and could not wait to have “Masters baby” she loved fucking me and being fucked in my own house when my wife was away, she loved being the naughty preachers daughter whom was a slut. She said, “Master, you know, you blackmailed me for my virginity but I liked it, I liked the blackmail, you gave me an excuse to be a slut and I love it, I love you, you are the only cock I have ever had and all I ever want.” WOW!!!! Caught it all on film (still toying with the idea of making her pussy d_dd_ fuck her sometime when she is blind folded).I ran my hand down her pregnant belly and under her skirt I found a dripping wet slut pussy. So nice! I reached into the bag she had bought and pulled out cloths pins, they went onto her nipples. She winched. I cut away her skirt and panties, and attached a cloths pin to her clit. She screamed. I shoved my fingers up her wet cunt and told her to shut up. I made her stand there, hands cuffed above her head, naked, pregnant belly, cloth pins on her clit, İzmir Rus Escort pussy lips and nipples blindfolded. I walked to the table and got her collar, leach and camera. I removed her blindfold after putting the collar and leash on her and making her bite down on the riding crop. As I removed the blind fold I held the recording camera in front of her. She saw it and started to panic. “Please Master ….. she was also crying from the cloths pins….” She dropped the riding crop so I slapped her, on film. I reached down to get it filming her face as I messed with the cloths pins making her scream and as I brought of the riding crop I hit the pins then slapped her tits hard 3 times for dropping the riding crop. I then asked her to tell me what a slut she was, state her name, who her parents were, where she went to church, and so forth…crying, Jaimie did so. I then removed the pins and made her crawl in front of me, me holding the leach spanking her wide pregnant sexy ass as I made her crawl to the table. She got the rope. Then crawled the same way behind herded and spanked back to the door to get the bag with the glue and more cloths pins. Then she was herded into my bedroom where she was forced onto my bed. After spanking her ass for 20 minutes, raising red welts, I turned her to me and face fucked her. I crammed my cock into her mouth and looked into her sexy eyes, and face throat fucked her, my hands in her hair. Choking her then pulling out, I did this until Jaimie swallowed every drop from my hard cock.Then I removed the handcuffs and put her spread eagled onto the bed. I tide her hands tight and her ankles spreading her full. I then bound those tits tight with rope. Next I poured glue on her tits and around her ass crack and across her pregnant belly. I wrote SLUT and WHORE on her in glue.Taking a hair dryer I got her hot and dried the glue. Then I used ice on her and made her scream from the cold. Then hot again. Then cold. Then, when I was ready, I ripped the glue from her and peeled it slowly making her scream and making her so very tender in those spots. Next I used the candles to drip hot wax onto her nipples, belly, ass and around her pussy. I again spelled out SLUT and WHORE and now SLAVE with the droplets of candle wax. Later, I tore off that wax. But first, I needed to cum İzmir Türbanlı Escort again to I straddled her and made sexy young Jaimie suck my cock, balls and tongue my ass. Finally, I stood and cum on her face calling her names.Then, I removed the candle wax and taking a vibrator, one I used with my wife, I tortured and teased and pleased her clit and pussy for an hour. Each time before she cum, I would stop. Then I shoved the vibrator of her pussy turning it on high I put nipple clamps on her tight then untied her legs raising them towards her shoulder I tied her legs to her upper arms and the head board, her legs around her pregnant belly and her pussy and ass high off the bed. I know it was painful but the combination of vibrator in her pussy and nipple clamps had her soaking and moaning to be fucked, then I oiled my cock and without warning I removed a butt plug I had shoved in her and replaced it with my hard, thick long cock. Jaimmie screamed loudly in my marriage bed where I fuck my wife as I shoved my cock balls deep up into her ass. She screamed and cried as I began to ram and fuck her, asking her names. Soon she was screaming for me to fuck her, that her whole body belonged to Master. She screamed for me to fuck her ass as she had an incredible orgasm. Not one, not two, but three shaking screaming orgasms. As I pulled my now semi hard cock from her ass watching my cum trail and removed the vibrator from her gaping cunt, her fluids gushed and she moaned basically passing out. I then removed the ropes from her feet and let her legs down and removed the nipple clamps and rope from her tits. I caressed her telling her she was a good slut and this was only the beginning of the week. She smiled and moaned contently as I missed her. Then I kissed and licked her nipples and worked down over her pregnant belly to her soaked sensitive pussy and I began to tongue her, her ass and pussy and she began to move again. I ate my bitch until she cum again on my face. I untied her hands and told her to suck my cock hard again, she did. Then Jaimie asked Master for permission to straddle and ride my hard cock. She did as we came together. My blackmailed sex slave cum slut whispered she loved me as she fell to sleep. DAMN!!!! Bitch was now well trained! Soon I would have her and her mommy Pam again, together, and Her and my wife!This week I think I will introduce her to my garage sale slut! But now, I will let slut sleep a few hours then begin again…. Jaimie wont even get to those college classes and homework this week — she will be too busy cooking for me, fucking me, sucking me and shoving her tongue up my ass. Nice week!!!

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