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Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 116 “I need someone to fuck me, and I need him right now,” demanded Prince, “which of you has the biggest?” Louis won this by some margin so it was he whom Prince selected to be first up. “But if you’re coming back again then Aaron gets his chance.” Lucky guys, I thought, knowing what skills lurked deep within Prince’s guts – skills which Aaron had delighted in, but which had been too much for Duane. Prince got on his back. “I get fucked on my back,” he said, “that way you get further in.” Louis said it was fine by him: he didn’t mind how the guy getting fucked wanted to be as his main interest was “jizzin’ as far from daylight as possible”. As this was what the rest of us wanted as well nobody said anything to discourage the pair of them. I noticed Javid and Tim getting very cosy on the other bed – this was an interesting pairing. Since we stopped being whores I had noticed that there were fewer couplings outwith the boyfriend pairings than there had been before. It still happened sometimes, of course, but much less often. Was this old age? Surely not. There was certainly no element of unfaithfulness – we were far too sensible for that to enter anyone’s mind – but the wanton random couplings of pre-war days had greatly reduced. It was therefore interesting to see Javid grab Tim – for that had been what happened – and, pulling him onto the bed, start to give his arse a good rimming. From past experience once they’d both come the two of them would go straight back to Nigel and Sam, hot with their recent orgasm, and get very warm and sexy back home, as it were. Nigel and Sam would each have deeply satisfying orgasms within the next half hour, I predicted. Prince and Louis were slowly coming to the boil. Ryan and Aaron, each with a beer in his hand, were watching the children play, enjoying the various erotic sounds the four of them were making. Nigel and Sam, together and gently stroking each other, had reached the same conclusion as I had about the delights shortly to be afforded them. That left Graham, Charlie and me. I noticed Graham looking wistful. This wouldn’t do, so I decided to go over and – but to my delight Charlie beat me to it. “Come on, Graham, I feel wicked,” he said, and pushed Graham onto his back. He’s a bloody good rimmer, is Charlie, and his teuchter tongue soon had Graham grabbing the bedclothes and curling his toes in delight. As I said, Charlie doesn’t fuck about with the others that often, but when he does he’s always a joy to watch. I’m biased, but I reckon his tongue is the tenderest and most erotic tongue that gets to play anywhere on my body, so watching him giving Graham the pleasure I know he gives me made me all tingly. I knew he would soon fuck Graham, and when he’d come he’d let his cock slip out and I’d be across there slurping and licking and loving every moment of it and I’d kiss him, all cummy, and then I’d fuck him slowly slowly slowly while my balls slowly cooked the huge cum that would pour deep deep into the man I loved. I damn nearly came just thinking about it. An increased level of noise from Louis and Prince broke my reverie. Louis wished us all to know that his orgasm was imminent, information which he repeated every two or three seconds in time with his ever-deeper plunges into Prince’s arse. Prince’s cock was rigid, an ebony tower of hot promise rising from a smooth sweat-drenched belly. His hands were under his arse, forcing Louis in even further. “Aah … yes … oh fuck … aah … Prince, yes, yes,” and Louis finally came, his eyes tight shut, his six-pack muscles rippling as each spurt of cum jetted up and into Prince. Then Prince came – no touching ataköy escort – just a sudden eruption of white cum leaping about a foot into the air and falling back onto his belly … and a second … a third, his hands now very much involved as he aimed the later jets at Louis, where they rolled slowly down to the hairy sweaty tangle at the base of Louis’s cock, still deeply implanted well inside Prince’s tingling arse. All this noise clearly acted as a stimulus to both Javid and Charlie, each close to filling Tim’s and Graham’s arses with unfamiliar spunk. I went over to Charlie and Graham, ready to join in. Nigel and Sam were close to the other two, their rutting noises now continuous. Tim is particularly vocal when he wants to be, and whether it was the skill with which Javid was performing, or the fact that there was the sound and smell of fucking all round him, didn’t matter. No-one who might have objected was in earshot, and Tim howled with ecstatic delight as Javid finally unloaded. I knew, because we’d done it often enough, that what would have taken Tim’s setting up to 11 would have been Javid letting beer go up there as well, but even Tim in his most away-with-it moments drew the line at pissing on the bed. It crossed my mind that we might move the sling into the shower, but although it seemed a good idea it was a fag to take it down and re-erect it. By the time it was up nothing else was. Charlie came then, much more quietly that Tim (who had wanked himself to Paradise as Javid came), but from the look on his face no less ecstatically. Graham’s cock was still hard, but he hadn’t come. I took hold of it, but he shook his head. “No, Patrick, I’ll save it for Prince.” I smiled, and turned my attention to Charlie. “Out you come,” I whispered. He let his cock slip out of Graham’s arse, leaving a little trail of cum as he did so. No way was that going to waste, but I didn’t hang around. Charlie’s soft cock was in my mouth and my tongue tasted the most wonderful taste I knew for the ten thousandth time. I took it out of my mouth and gently rolled his foreskin back. He shuddered as my tongue gently moved over the billion nerves still screaming their recent excitement. “Oh God, Patrick, you are a marvel.” He hadn’t called me that before. I decided I still loved him, maybe a tiny bit more than I had ten seconds before. “On your back,” I said. He smiled a relaxed smile – the sort of smile a cat smiles when it knows it’s going to have its tummy tickled – and I parted his arse cheeks and started to fuck him. “I need this so much,” I said, “look at all the others.” Charlie looked: he had been too occupied with Graham that he hadn’t noticed what else was going on. Tim was fucking Sam, Nigel was fucking Javid, Graham was tied in knots with Prince and would doubtless be fucking him in a few moments. Louis was lying whacked after his session with Prince. He had another beer in his hand, generously placed there by Ryan. Aaron was staring goggle-eyed at all the rampant teenagers, stroking his cock gently. “You’ll be on next,” said Ryan, “who’s going to be lucky?” “I’ve had that pleasure with three of them,” said Aaron, eying the talent engaged in vigorous coupling. “Prince, Tim and Javid. Five left, but Sam, Graham and Charlie are all getting fucked right now. I’d rather fuck a fresh ass – don’t get me wrong, Ryan, I like it where it’s already nice and wet – but right now I feel like being the first. Well, maybe not the first, but the first today.” Ryan looked at him. “OK, OK, the first since lunch, maybe? That means Patrick or Prince. Prince I’ve visited, although I’d sure like to dip my wick there again, so Patrick it is.” “A wise choice,” said Ryan, “you’ve probably worked out that he’s the leader of this lot – in fact he was the leader as soon as he and Tim came aboard in 1936.” “How old is he then? He must still have been in diapers then.” “Not quite: he was 14.” Although I was busily, happily, joyfully fucking Charlie I heard every word of this, and I thought my evening could hardly have become any better. Nice things being said about me, a nice cock planning to electrify my insides, and Charlie, my Charlie, squirming hotly as his orgasm approached. merter escort Concentrate, Patrick, get the most important thing right … Charlie almost always cums seconds after he feels my spunk, but this time he didn’t – after all, he’d come pretty copiously in Graham not 15 minutes before. He did purr though, and as I leaned over him he embraced me and we kissed deeply. Aaron, witnessing this at very close quarters, turned to Ryan. “They really are in love, aren’t they?” Ryan nodded. “Yeah. All eight of them. I envy every one of them every minute of the day.” “No-one special for you?” Ryan shook his head. “Me neither. It doesn’t stop us though, does it.” Ryan was swift in assuring him that the bonds of love binding the four couples actively engaged before his very eyes in now way precluded extra-curricular activity. “It seems to turn them on,” he said, “when I fuck one of them his partner gets very horny, I’ve noticed. I’m very fond of all of them, and so are the other guys who play in their little group.” I heard that too, and was briefly worried. It was fine for Aaron to know about a bunch of kids, but if he had got the idea that someone like Will … I undid myself from Charlie’s embrace. “Enough chat, you two, I think I heard Aaron say that he might honour my arse with his fine Yankee cock. Would this be a convenient time?” Aaron conceded that it would – although … might more beer be permitted? Several of us got some more to eat and drink before returning the the orgy. Aaron’s wish to fuck me – a wish fully endorsed by me – had been transmitted to all the others, and by the time we got back to the cabin excitement had mounted in both audience and participants. “I’m all yours, Aaron,” I said, “how do you want me?” “Begging for more,” he said, “but let’s get you there first.” I was going to enjoy this, I thought. He made me kneel – it was going to be doggy-fashion – and I waved my arse invitingly, not that he needed much encouragement. After a minute or two spend rimming me he cautiously put a finger in. “That’s nice,” I said, “but I can accommodate more than just one.” I distinctly heard Tim say `five’, but I kept my mouth shut – let Aaron discover than for himself if he feels so inclined. Fingers two and three quickly found themselves poking around in the dark. I squirmed. “More, more,” I muttered. He was getting me quite antsy, and as you know, I love being stretched widthways. I sensed Tim getting impatient. Aaron removed his hand and asked for some lube. Tim solemnly passed the jar to him. “All of it,” he said, “he can take it.” I wasn’t so sure, not having thought to study Aaron’s hands. A carpenter would have biggish hands, surely. That’ll teach me, I thought. Aaron meanwhile got four fingers in nicely – no problem there – but when he tried to tuck his thumb in the ridge of his knuckles was just too big. However much I pushed I simply couldn’t relax my arse lips enough. It wasn’t that it hurt too much, but that his fist just wouldn’t go in. It was as though a wall was stopping him. Tim’s frustration was mounting. “Oh, for God’s sake let me get at him,” he said. “I’ll get him all warmed up then maybe you’ll be able to get in.” Both Aaron and I thought this a good idea, with the result that 60 seconds later Tim was deep inside, an inch or two short of his elbow. Neither of our guests had seen this before. “I never thought you could get in that far,” said Aaron, “I’ve never got in past my wrist.” Tim wriggled around for a bit, making short fucking movements. As these were well beyond my prostate they didn’t get me any closer to coming, but it was nice all the same. Then, without warning, he pulled out. “Go on, try it now,” he said, and to his – and my – delight Aaron’s wedged fist slipped smoothly in. “Aah!” I groaned, “rub your knuckles over my prostate.” If he’d never got his fist in past his wrist he might not have known the knuckle manoeuvre, but he was a quick learner, I discovered. Like a good doggy-position fucker he reached round with his free hand to check on me, and found a great quantity of precum in his fingers, quickly transferred to his mouth. “You taste good, Patrick, and I guess there’s going to bahçeşehir escort plenty more from that tap real soon.” Much as I was enjoying what he was up to, I really wanted to be fucked. What I’d seen if Aaron in action made me keen to be on the receiving end of it. “Fuck me, Aaron,” I groaned, “I’m not going to cum like that. I need your big far cock doing the necessary way up. It can get a lot further in than your fist.” This was not strictly true, as Tim’s forearm had demonstrated, but Aaron seemed not to have noticed. Out came his hand and, to my delight, he flipped me over. When one of was on our backs it seemed to be a reflex action for knees to get as close to ears as possible, and thus Aaron was able to feast his eyes on a hairless boy, his cock wet and rigid, his arse gaping and begging to be filled. The naked hairless boy smiled invitingly. Seconds later his arse was filled with the wonderful heat of a man’s cock, urgent in its quest to do what it had evolved to do. Aaron smiled, and I smiled back. “I’m glad you came back for more gravy,” I said, “now it’s my turn for some sauce.” “You got it, kid,” muttered Aaron, and set about making good on his promise. Charlie would have approved – as he told me afterwards, a good sauce takes time to cook, and needs very careful attention to get it perfect. Aaron certainly took his time, and it was about 20 minutes before the sauce started to bubble. The metaphor breaks down here, of course, because the last thing a chef wants sauce to do is boil; Aaron however wasn’t a chef and the bubbling of his sauce merely brought about a great increase in the speed and depth with which he was stirring me. And stirring me he certainly was. What had started a slow rhythmic fuck had suddenly become a fierce thrashing as he dived for the tape. Like Tim earlier he allowed himself to be really noisy as the sauce, boiling nicely, flew out and up where it was wanted. I needed only a few seconds with my right hand for my sauce to appear and coat my chest. Aaron dropped forward onto me. “My God, Patrick, you’re good. Charlie, you’re the luckiest man alive.” This was all very pleasing, but I felt it incumbent on me to say – for it was true – that Aaron had been a bloody good fuck, and that while it was beyond doubt that Charlie was exceedingly lucky, the same had to be said about me and the other six. “I love the way you Limeys say `bloody’ all the time,” said Louis, “it really tickles me.” None of us had realised that a perfectly normal piece of swearing to us was peculiar, exotic even, to the Americans. Two countries divided by a common language indeed. Aaron peeled himself off and we both went for a shower. Inevitably the beer made another appearance. When we got back most of the others were in twos or threes stroking or sucking. I joined Javid and Sam while Aaron got into bed next to Charlie. When I looked over from time to time they seemed to be having a whispered conversation that went in for ages. I couldn’t hear it – I don’t suppose I was meant to – and anyway Javid was doing very erotic things down below with his tongue. I was further distracted by Sam, whom I hadn’t kissed as intensely as I was then doing for a long time, I did see Tim climbing in beside Charlie and Aaron, and that was when I must have fallen asleep. ***** I took them both back up at 0720, agreeing to collect them again at 1715 as usual. It never happened. We never saw them again – well, not to fuck, that is. I saw them both in the cafeteria, but they didn’t show up at 1715. At 1720 I worked out that something had gone wrong, so I went down to the gangway to find a whole crowd of carpenters (but none of our former visitors) shaking hands. “What’s up?” I said. “We’re all done,” said one of them, “two days early, but they’re going to pay us those two days. We love you Limeys, you play real fair.” I went back down, saddened that we hadn’t had the chance to say our good-byes. It was a subdued evening. In bed I asked Charlie what he and Aaron had been whispering about. “You,” he said happily. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 117 when big changes happen as we go to war. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing last year, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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