Rachel and Stephanie (part 2 – nearly caught)


Rachel and Stephanie (part 2 – nearly caught)Rachel and I had changed from brother and host sister to something altogether more sexual.Rachel part 2Over the following few weeks, whilst others in the family would have seen nothing different, we continued this teasing and exploring. She started to touch me through my trousers, realising that I had become hard, aroused by her. She would trace the shape of my erection through my trousers.I started to massage the heat of her crotch through her jeans, my hand wandered under her t-shirt and I massaged her breasts. I even managed to peel her bra down and expose her breasts completely. Although they were small and not fully developed I loved the way she would breath in deeply to puff up her chest and push her breast more firmly into my hand and I loved the way that her nipples would harden to my touch becoming hard and puckered – clearly aroused.One Wednesday night, when Mark was out working and Mom and Dad had gone out bowling with some of their friends, Rachel and I had a really intimate petting session. We were lying full length on the sofa, kissing with passion – I had taught her to kiss with her mouth open so that our tongues could snake around each other’s mouths – her t-shirt was up around her neck and her breasts were out of her bra receiving plenty of attention.For the first time I moved my head down and took her erect nipple into my mouth. She was moaning and clearly enjoying the attention, she was also rubbing my hard cock through my jeans enough for a dark spot to have appeared where my precum had soaked through my boxers and my jeans.My left knee was between her legs forcing them apart so that my left hand could rub her pussy, she felt really hot between her legs and I could clearly feel the shape of her engorged labia through her jeans. It felt totally natural for me to then move myself across so that I was now between her legs. As I did this, without saying anything – in fact without breaking our kiss, she also moved under me so that she was now lying down the middle of the couch with me on top of her.Most of my weight was on my knees and my elbows. Like this I had to move my hand from her crotch but I was still able to nibble and kiss her nipples and most importantly my hardness was now pressed right against her pussy.We may have had two pairs of jeans between us but we were now humping. I was blatantly pressing my erection into her groin and she was responding, lifting her hips and pressing herself into me.This was the furthest we had gone together and there was only one place this could now go. I could not see either of us wanting to pull back from where this was going. I knew of course that at th**teen I could get into a heap of trouble if we were caught but that really did not enter my mind at all, in fact my mind was not really engaged in the process, I was thinking with my cock.After about 10 minutes of this we had to stop. Mom and Dad were due back at any moment and we could not take the chance of being caught. Reluctantly we broke our embrace. Rachel went to get changed for bed and I tried to get my aching cock into a more comfortable position.When Mom and Dad came home about 20 minutes later we were sitting on the sofa together but just side by side and not touching, watching TV as we did most nights. The following evening when I met with my girlfriend she was surprised at the amount of cum I had to give her, I told her it was because I missed her – little did she know that it was caused by my th***teen year old host sister.There was little time for Rachel and me to be alone until the same night the following çorum escort week when Mark was working again and Mom and Dad went out.It did not take long for us to be cuddling up on the sofa touching each other and kissing passionately. Soon I had her tiny chest exposed and for me to be rubbing her hot and aroused pussy through her jeans. She seemed as keen as I was to loose herself in the passion of the moment.Again we ended up dry humping while I sucked on her pretty little baby breasts – I could almost get the whole of a breast into my mouth they were so small and cute.We were grinding so hard against each other that her breathing was getting ragged as if she was about to cum and I could feel that I was also approaching my own orgasm. I really did not want to loose it like this and wanted things to go further so very reluctantly I moved off Rachel and laid beside her again on the sofa.Although the level of passion had dropped we did not stop kissing and touching. She was on her back with my knee still between her legs to keep them open, we each had a hand between us, I was rubbing her pussy paying particular attention to where I knew her clitty was and she was feeling the shape of my hard cock through my jeans.Now I moved my hand off her crotch and slid it up the front of her jeans and onto her stomach. Instead of moving on up to touch her breasts I moved my hand back down but pressing against her stomach so that it started to slide down inside her trousers.I could tell that she was totally concentrating on what I was doing, her breathing had almost stopped and the whole room was sort of frozen in anticipation. As my hand started to move down inside her tight jeans and she sucked her tummy in giving me a little more room. My hand continued down her tummy, I felt the top of her panties with my fingertips and made sure that my hand continued down inside them.I was now kissing her much more tenderly, in a reassuring sort of way, plenty of passion but also tenderness and a feeling of caring. My fingers continued, my hand now in her jeans right up to my wrist. I felt the beginning of some soft, even downy hair. Not the course and slightly rough pubic hair you get in adulthood but the soft and downy hair of an early pubescent.My middle finger continued and I allowed it to pass right over her clitoris, which felt like a hard little button, on my finger went until I felt her lips close around it and it slid into the wetness at the entrance of her vagina.She had shivered momentarily as I passed over her clitoris but she sighed into my mouth when I reached her forbidden entrance. I stopped then and very gently, very slowly moved my finger around. It was difficult with my hand trapped in the tightness of her trousers but it was clearly having a very positive affect on Rachel.Her breathing was again ragged and her hips were moving forward rhythmically as she tried to encourage my finger to enter her, to penetrate her flooded depths.At this point she also started her own exploration. Her much smaller hand also started to slide into the top of my jeans. I was so hard and upright in my jeans that she did not have so far to go before her delicate little fingers reached my rock hard cock. she touched and moved over the head of my cock, slick with precum and very sensitive, her hand moved down until she was able to gently but firmly grab my shaft.As much as she could, in the tightness of my jeans, she started to move her hand up and down increasing further the stimulation I was receiving. We were now deeply committed to the passion that had risen within denizli escort us. I am sure we both regretted not undoing the other’s jeans when we started and I am sure we both wanted to be somewhere more private and more naked – I certainly did. I wanted to take Rachel at that moment, to deflower her and make her into the woman she was growing into.She was clearly ready for this, she was desperate for it, her need was clear; there was no coercion, to pressure from me – she was not being lead but was leading as much as I was.Then she broke our kiss, her hand withdrew from my jeans, I did the same and leant back so that I could look at her.“Are you OK?”“Oh God yes, more than OK, I just need a moment. I’ll be right back.”With that she got up from the sofa and quickly left the den. I guessed she was going to the toilet or something like that but I was concerned that we had moved forward too quickly and that she was backing off, that she was a little scared at the emotions we had stirred. It wouldn’t surprise me, after all she was only 13 and it was pretty full on just then.I sat up and straightened my painfully constricted cock, which really did not have enough room in my tight jeans, it was the fashion at that time to wear tight jeans but it was not always terribly practical. Now was one of those moments.I checked to see if there was a wet mark from my precum – there was but it was not too obvious. I also checked the time – we had maybe 45 minutes until Mom and Dad got home – that was pretty tight as would could not risk them getting home early.As the minutes ticked by I was more and more convinced that Rachel was frightened by what we were doing and regretting going this far, I suspected that she was going to avoid me and go straight to bed, when all of a sudden she reappeared again.I was part right I guess, she had changed out of her jeans and was now wearing the longish t-shirt and panties that she normally slept in.As if nothing had happened she came over the where I was on the sofa and lay down snuggling up to me again. I kissed her cautiously, not wanting to assume anything or to scare her but as soon as I kissed her she rolled onto her back again and pulled me part on top of her.OK, I may have been only 18 and not fully experienced but I knew clearly what she was signaling. I started to lift up her t-shirt up, again she helped by lifting her back off the couch so that it would ride up easily, I kept going until her chest was fully exposed. She had no bra on now and her pretty little titties were exposed to my gaze and touch. I kissed first one then the other, her nipples quickly popping up to full hardness as I nibbled and teased them.Meanwhile apart from arching her back to push her breasts towards me she also reached between us and started to unbutton my jeans and try to push them over my ass. Not so easy when they are tight and when I had my erection back in all its glory so my turn to help her.Between us we managed to get my jeans down to my mid thigh before we gave up. I still had my boxer shorts on, now with a very obviously wet and slimy patch at the front. I moved my head up off her breast and looked her straight in the eye. At the same time I rolled over a little until I was between her legs.As I moved my hips forward, pushing the head of my cock against her panties right above her pussy entrance, she opened her legs wide giving me full access to her; she smiled at me and we kissed again.As our kiss became more passionate so did the movement of our hips. My cock was now trying to force entrance to her through the material diyarbakır escort of her panties and was partly succeeding. I suspect that I managed to push a fair bit of her panty gusset in between her pussy lips with the force of my cock. She was moaning and lifting her hips to meet my thrusts. We were now ready and fully committed – this was going to happen. That was when we saw the headlight beams sweep across the front of the house followed by the slamming of a car door.Rachel shot off the couch as it she had been fired from a gun and disappeared towards her bedroom, I scrambled to pull my jeans back up and somehow get my hard on so that it was not totally visible to everyone. Fortunately adrenaline works wonders in that department and I found myself going from hard as a flagpole to flaccid in no time at all.By the time Mom put her head into the den I was back slouched on the couch watching the TV, although I probably looked pretty flustered, the dim lighting helped to hide my flushed face. My heart was racing and I suspect there was a tremor in my voice – that was bloody close but I think we got away with it.“Hi David, you OK? Manage to find something for your dinner?”“Yes thanks, just chilling in front of the idiot box – how was your bowling?” I hope I sounded calmer than I felt.“Oh not so good this week but practice makes perfect and we will be back there again next week. Has Rachel gone to bed?” “Not sure, she may be doing homework in her room still.”Mom left me to it and then a few minutes later Dad came in with a couple of beers in his hand and passed one to me. I was very glad that they were relaxed about me drinking at home – back in the UK I would be legal to drink and not drinking in the US would have been weird.I did wonder if Mom or Dad could smell Rachel’s and my juices in the room – whilst neither of us had actually cum we were both very definitely aroused and I would have been surprised if there wasn’t a distinct odour to the room.Mom came back into the den a little while later.“David, could you give Rachel a hand with some homework she is doing. There is a bit she is stuck on and she wants to finish it before going to bed.”“Sure, I’ll do it right away.”I hopped up off the sofa, pleased that I no longer had an erection, and walked across the house to Rachel’s room.I could not see Rachel as I entered her room but once I was fully into the room the door shut behind me revealing Rachel standing against the wall.She was dressed as she was when she had fled the den in such a hurry and was standing with her head slightly bowed and was biting her bottom lip is a very alluring way – she looked shy, vulnerable and super sexy like that.As I turned to her and took a step towards her she moved her hands to the bottom of her t-shirt and started to lift it slowly. First her panties came into view, the bulge of her pubic mound clearly visible as was the shape of her pussy lips – the perfect cameltoe, then the flat of her stomach and the bottom of her rib cage and then finally the gentle curve of her breasts with the puckered pinnacles of her dark nipples..With her hands and bunched t-shirt now up under her neck she looked simply irresistible.I closed the distance between us and pushing her firmly back against the wall, I crushed her lips with a firm and passionate kiss. My hands went down to the outsides of her thighs, right up near her buttocks.I lifted her off her feet, at the same time moving her legs apart and brought my groin forward with some force so that I was pressing firmly against her exposed womanhood.“God I want you Rachel, but we can’t now, not with Mom and Dad here. Next week, when they go bowling again we can have the whole evening together, just you and me.”I lowered her to the floor, she looked a little sad but reluctantly disentangled herself and went across to her desk to finish the homework that had been completely ignored that evening.

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