Subject: ‘Redd’ & the Wolf This is a fictional story that follows the ‘Red Riding Hood’ tale. It’s an alternate idea for thw story. The main character is not a girl but a Ginger kid named ‘Redd’. Still sent to visit his grandma. He is sent by his single father to take grandma her food and medz. There is some wolf fun in this story too. So there is some animal aex in this story. So of this bothers you, please move on. The rest follows the original tale.. Somewhat.. Hope you like this sexy version…. ‘Redd’ & he Wolf. (1) Redd is a kid in his teens. He lives in a small town near the edge of a vast forest. He lives alone with his father Merle. His mother had passed away some years back. She was apparently killed by some creature in the forest. Her body was found some miles deep inside it. Her neck torn out by a large animal. She had been taking supploes to Merle’s mother would lived on the other side of the forest. She lived near a lake on her own. Merle had tried many a time to get her to leave the small cabin she had lived in for decades. It had been built but his father. And she refused to ‘leave her home’ “Yet grandma is a stubborn one” Merle had said But from what his father had told him about what happened to his mom. The animal was captured and killed. And since then it’s been quiet in the forest. And until recently, it was Merle who had taking the trek to deliver the supplies to Redd’s grandmother. He ankara rus escort went with him several times when he was younger. Redd loved his grandma and lived visit with her. She always gave him treats and goodies when he visited. “Love seeing you again Redd” she would say “You should come more often to visit” But as Redd was still schooling. He didn’t always have a chance to go. His dad wanted him to get educated. Redd is an average kid with average build. he was named Redd because when he was born he already had some hair on his head. And it was as gingery red as a baby’s head could be. He was a typical ginger. Fair skinned and. Woth thw red hued hair that was also coming out of his young crotch. “Holy Crap!” He huffed when he first saw it “Dad. Dad. I got red hair on my pee pee” The red hair did not come from his father. It came from his late mothers side of the family. She had reddish blondw hair. Merle was a sandy brown haired man. And a fairly good looking man at that. Redd had noticed his fathers looks a few years back. Seeing that his dad was a handsome man. Strong features and a chiseled chin. Strong smooth chest and body as well. “Wow.” He huffed as he saw his dad one day “Dad is hot!” “But he’s my dad. Eww!” Redd had realised a few years back that he was gay. He always looked at the boys more at school. Especially those athletic types. Of which he as not. He was the smart çankaya escort kid. But he saw their lean and sinuewy forms in the showers and felt the strange tingle in his loins from the sight “What the..” He pondered as he saw himself erect He knew of homosexuals. His father had told him about them just last year. And he had seen one or two in his town. But they were ever so effeminate. Which he didn’t care for. “A man should be a man” he said to himself “Like my dad” . Redd loved watching his dad too. Whenever he worked outside he was shirtless. Showing of his chiseled shape as he wore no shirt. Redd could feel his loins twitching as he watched hia dad outside. His dad would see him as he looked out the window sometime. And he would amile and wave. “You should come out herw and help son” he called Redd decided to go outside with his dad one day. It was the day his father decided to make Redd a man. Redd was staring out at his father. He was chopping some wood outside. Redd gazed at the muscular form of his father. As the man swung the heavy ax, Redd could see sweat as it flew off his dads incredible body. “Wow. Dad looks so incredible today” Redd sighed “Look at his muscles.” “Damn!” He looked at the man’s damp sweat covered chest. How the muscles flexed on him as his arms moved. His lega flexed in his jeans. Redd eyes bulged as he stared at his dad and thw mans body. He also ankara escort felt his dick stretch at his pants too. And then his father called at him again. Waving his strong arms out at his son. So ress got up and headed outside. “Good” his father crowed “Have been wanting you to help me for ages” “I think you are old enough to do so” Redd looked at the axe on his father shoulder. The man looked sexy as ever standing there holding it so. Then.he looked at the big heavy axe. He knew it was because once he tried to pick it up. “That’s too heavy” he said to his dad “Not that foolish boy” his father chimed “Grab some wood and carry it to the house.” “That’s something you can do.” “Yes sir” Redd replied. So he grabbed a few logs. 3 to be exact. It was the most he could carry. But he tried. Hus father helping placed the 3 in his outstretched arms. “Good boy” he said “Drop those in the wood box and come back” “You’ll take as.many as you can to fill it. ” He nodded and then headed back to the house. Dropping the wood on the ground then opening the box and tossing the logs into it. Then headed back to help his father more. Several trips layer and as he stood there watching his hot dad continue to chop wood. Redd again felt a tingle in his pants. His dad was.looking so good right now. He wanted to grab a towel and wipe down that sweaty body. “Well this should be the last” his father said “We will take a break” The man took his handkerchief and wiped his sweaty brow. Then his awesome chest. Redd eyws locked to his dads chest. Then dad sat down on the chopping stump. He leaned back and let the days sun gleam down on him. The boy just stares at him. And that’s when dad wanted to talk……. To be continued

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