Double Penetration

Subject: Rockhill State Jocks – Part 8 This is a fictional story based on my fantasies. This story contains sexual activity between 2 (or more) males, so if you find this offensive or if you are under the legal age limit in your country, DO NOT read this story. The characters, places, and events in this story are the products of my imagination and not based on any real life events or experiences, so any similarities are purely coincidental. Huge thanks to Zach who helped me proofread and edit this chapter! Please! Donate to Nifty to keep this awesome site fty/donate.html If you have any feedback or suggestion, e-mail me ail ————————————————————————— “Thanks for the help, bud!” Randall smiled at me, ruffling my hair. We were chilling at the living room after ended up spending almost an hour in his room. Not only cleaning the syrup, I also helped him tidying his entire room. Turning it from a war-zone-like condition, into a clean-and-neat 5-star hotel room. “I’m fucking starving,” Randall said, rubbing his perfectly built abs. “You hungry? Want to grab something to eat? My treat.” “Really? Okay, Sure.” I answered, flashing my boyish smile at him. “How about McDonald’s?” “Sounds good to me.” “Okay. We should get dressed then.” Randall said as he slapped my butt, making a loud smacking noise before walking away to enter his room. I did the same, quickly closing my door. My ass felt sore as I sat on the edge of the bed. Suddenly, the images of the things Randall and I just done started to flood my brain. Randall was one cunning bastard! I don’t know how long he planned this ‘photo session’, but I bet he was having fun doing it. It was all going according to his plan and I willingly fell for it. I was kind of mad at myself for loving every second of it. Then, the realization hit me. “FUUCKK!” I moaned as I covered my face with the palms of my hands. I couldn’t believe it. I officially have been fucked by all the jocks that lived in this apartment. First Rex, then Luke, and now Randall. Never in my life would’ve I thought that this would happen to me when I move here. I always felt self-conscious, always thought that nobody would find me attractive enough. I have always been a pessimist. Well, a realist to be more exact. But it was real. At this point, I was feeling happy and confused at the same time. Happy because all three of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen have been ‘planting’ their seed inside of me. Confused as to why these three big athletes, who could pick any girls they want, picked me instead. Are all of them gay or bi? Or are they just experimenting? I moved my hands away from my face to look at myself in the mirror in front of me. What would my parents think of me if they knew about all this? I bet it never crossed their mind that their beloved innocent little boy was always craving for another man’s touch. Let alone addicted to having big cock shoved up his tight little ass. Then, a loud knock woke me up from my reverie. “Alex, are you done? Let’s go!” “Coming!” I took one last glance at myself in the mirror and jumped from the bed. Opening my closet, I grabbed a t-shirt and shorts and quickly put them on. After I finished getting dressed, I opened my door to the sight of Randall greeting me. He was wearing a leather jacket and blue jeans like earlier. God, he was perfect! “How about we watch the new Avengers movie too?” he asked as he wrapped his arm around my neck. “On me.” “Okay then, sure.” I answered without a slight hesitation. Watching a movie alone with this gorgeous man? Would be stupid if I said no. “Let’s go then!” he said as he dashed to the front door, pulling my hand. Just as Randall was about to lock the front door, Luke emerged from the end of the corridor, wearing his signature dark blue football jersey with tight blue jeans. I don’t know why, but he always wore his football jersey even though he wasn’t playing football. And it was not just him, everybody on the football team did the same thing. I’m not complaining since they looked really good wearing them; but maybe it’s a way for them to show their school pride, since football is really big at Rockhill State. You are basically a celebrity if you are on the football team. Everybody – even the professors and staffs – are overly nice to them. They literally could do anything and get away with it. They were all treated like gods. Life is easier when you’re a football player at Rockhill State. “Where are you going?” Luke asked as he approached us, definitely asking Randall since he was looking directly at him. “McDonald’s, then the movies,” Randall answered, pulling mezitli escort the key from the keyhole, canceling his plan to lock the door. “We’re probably gonna be out until 5.” He added as looked at his watch. “You’re going with him?” Luke threw a disgusted look to me. “Don’t tell me you are a fucking homo too and currently dating this fag.” “Fuck you, Luke!” Randall said as he threw the key at him, hitting his head. “OUCH!” Luke yelled in pain. Randall quickly walked away from Luke, pulling my hand again. “Fuckin’ asshole.” I could hear Randall muttered under his breath as we walked towards the elevator. ** We arrived at the McDonald’s 10 minutes later. The place was full of students since it sits right outside of campus. We both ordered a Big Mac with nuggets and french fries. After scanning the room, we sat at the last empty table which was right beside the entrance. Randall was definitely starving. He unwrapped his Big Mac as soon as we sat down and immediately shoving it into his mouth. “Fuck, I love Big Mac.” Randall said as he chew before taking another bite of his burger, just miliseconds after taking the first bite. “Slow down. You’re gonna choke and die.” “Die because of a Big Mac? I’m fine with that.” Randall said as he continued to chew the burger. “Can’t think a better way to die.” “‘Randall Smith, 18, Midfielder for the Rockhill State lacrosse team, died choking on a Big Mac.’ Yeah, It made a pretty good headline.” I joked. We both chuckled. We spent the next 15 minutes just chatting and joking as we enjoyed our unhealthy concoction. From 3 of my roommates, Randall is definitely the goofiest. He was a nice, caring, and funny man with a body of a Greek god – a complete package. I couldn’t help but smile every time he spoke. We were talking about our high school life as I saw 2 of his teammates from the lacrosse team enter the McDonald’s. I know them since they live across the hall from us and came over to our apartment a couple times. “Randall!” One of them saw us. “Todd! Ryan!” Randall gave them a wave as both of them approached us. “What are you doing here?” Ryan asked. “Selling drugs.” Randall said sarcastically like he always does when answering rhetorical question. I took a thorough look at Todd and Ryan since this was the first time I was really close to them. Both being athletes had well-built bodies. They were muscular, but not as big as Randall. Compared to him, they looked smaller and shorter. They both immediately took a seat with Todd sitting beside me and Ryan beside Randall. “So, this is Alex, my roommate. You guys already met him before.” Randall gestured his hand to me, introducing me. Both of them gave me a bro nod. Then, they started talking about lacrosse – how exhausting the practice was; comparing their ruthless coach to Hitler; and of course, about girls. They talked about who they wanted to bang. Who has the biggest ass. The typical jock conversation. Unsurprisingly, they were all ignoring me. Just treating me like I didn’t exist. And this includes Randall, which made me kind of disappointed in him. I tried to join their conversation even though I knew little about lacrosse or girls, but they just kept ignoring me. It felt like we were talking in a different frequency where I could hear them but they couldn’t hear me. After a while, I gave up. Feeling bored and annoyed, I pulled my phone and decided to open Twitter to looked at some memes. Memes and nuggets always made my mood better. Suddenly, I heard them burst into laughter and then quiet. “So, you guys having a date or something?” Ryan asked, pointing to me and Randall. Since my mood was still ruined, I didn’t have any desire to speak. I just glanced at him for a second before returning my attention back to my phone. “Kind of. We are having a bro-date. After this, we’re gonna go to the cinema to watch the new Avengers movie.” Randall answered, nibbling his french fries. “It’s already out?” Todd asked, surprised. “Yeah. Since last Friday.” “Really? Can we come with you guys?” Todd asked, looking at me and Randall back and forth. Ryan was just nodding excitedly like a little boy. “Of course! The more the merrier, right Alex?” Randall turned his attention to me and I immediately put down my phone. “Umm, actually, I just remember that I have an assignment that I have to finish today,” I answered Randall with a lie. My mood had turned negative. For the first time, memes and nuggets failed to make my mood better. I didn’t want to go because if Todd and Ryan were going with us, I was certain that I would be invisible to them, just like this moment. “I think I’m gonna go pozcu escort back to start it.” “Oh really? Can’t you do it after the movie?” Randall said with a disappointed tone. I couldn’t tell if he was really disappointed or not. “I’m afraid I can’t. The deadline is tomorrow and I haven’t done anything at all.” I convinced him with more lies, this time I was adding a fake smile. “Well, it’s just going to be the three of us then.” Randall said to Todd and Ryan. They nodded in response. Then, silence. The three muscular lacrosse player just looking at me like they were waiting for something to happen. “Well, I think I’m gonna go now.” Couldn’t handle the awkwardness anymore, I decided to get up to leave. “See you later Randall. Bye Todd. Bye Ryan.” I said goodbye to the three of them, squeezing Ryan broad shoulder on my way out. “I’ll see you tonight, okay?” Randall yelled as I opened the door. I just smiled and gave him a thumbs up as I left the restaurant. ** Moments later, I arrived at the apartment. As I was about to grab the door handle, I remembered that Luke was back. Since Randall and Rex were out, I was going to be alone with him. I was hesitant because in the past few days, every time I was alone with him, the bullying would continue. I still couldn’t believe that after everything that happened he was still treating me like shit. I could’ve told everybody what we have done but in the end, who were people gonna believe? Taking a really deep breath, I opened the door slowly – trying not to make a sound – hoping that Luke was in his room and not working out in the living room. Usually, whenever I’m back while he was in his workout session in the living room, he would yell at me as soon as he saw me. So, as the door swung open, I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth – bracing myself. After standing there for a moment, I finally opened my eyes and greeted by the sight of empty living room. I let out a sigh. Luke must be in his room. I closed the door really slowly so he wouldn’t know that I was back. Now that the door was closed, the apartment became super quiet. But then, I heard a heavy breathing sound from down the corridor. ‘It must be Luke working out in his room’ I thought to myself. I took a couple of steps heading to the corridor towards my room before suddenly heard something else. “Oooohhh… Uuuuhhhhh… Shiittt… Ungghhhh… Aaaaahhh…” Luke’s heavy breathing changed into a loud moan. I froze like a statue. ‘Shit! Is Luke having sex right now?’ This was the first time I heard him moan like this. Listening to Luke moaning in his heavy, husky voice was very arousing! My mind began to wander to whoever Luke was fucking. She must be having the time of her life! I was imagining her just laying helplessly on his bed as he slid his monster cock in and out of her hole. Without realizing, my cock was already rock hard, tenting in my shorts as I felt it twitch a couple times. Curiosity finally got the better of me and I braved myself to do some ‘investigation’. “Ooohhh ffuuucckk…” His moan became louder as I looked at his door and saw that it was not fully closed. Being a pervert, I decided to tip-toe my way to his room, making as little noise as possible. My heart was beating really fast. I knew this was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. It was not my fault that Luke – when he was not being an asshole – was very irresistible. I was getting closer to his room before realizing that the sound wasn’t coming from there. It was actually coming from the room next to his – my room. I was really confused. ‘Did Luke having sex in my room?’ Making sure, I slowly peeked into his room. Scanning his whole room, I didn’t find anyone there – confirming that he was indeed in my room. Inside was just clothes scattered everywhere. My mind ran a couple of possible scenarios of why he was using my room. ‘Probably because he was embarrassed using his own room. It’s a fucking mess.’ Still horny and curious, I decided to tip-toe further to my room since the door was also not fully closed. As I took a step towards my room, Luke said something that shocked me. “Oohhh yeaahh, Alex… Uuuuhhhh…” Luke was calling my name as he moaned in ecstasy. I was confused. ‘Why is he calling my name? Is he having sex with a girl or a boy named Alex?’ My mind started to wander again. Couldn’t hold my curiosity any longer, I hasten my step till I reached the door. At this point, he was becoming very verbal and kept calling my name. “Oooohhh… fuuucckkk yeeesss Alex…” I took a deep breath before slowly peeking into the room. I could feel my rock hard cock throb, excited to see what was happening escort bayan behind the door. But nothing could ever prepare me for what I was about to see. The sight inside made my jaw dropped. It felt like my heart stopped. Inside was Luke – alone, on all four – wearing nothing but his worn-out jockstrap. His entire body was covered in sweat, making it glistened as the sunlight from outside the window was shining over his hard muscular body. The one that shocked me the most was what he held with his right hand. He was holding tight a black dildo, thrusting it in-and-out of his ass rhythmically. The dildo itself was not big. In fact, it was smaller than regular dildoes that I have seen. The size contrasted in comparison to his own ‘monster’ cock, which was hard as steel. I noticed that he moved his ass backward as he slammed the dildo into his ass; making his hard cock swung up and down; and creating a loud ‘slapping’ sound as it hits his 8-pack abs. Another shocking thing was his face was covered. Wrapped around his head was a white cloth. Originally, I didn’t really know what it was until he adjusted it with his hand and learned that it was actually my underwear. My dirty briefs to be exact. Luke was adjusting it a lot of times so the crotch area of my underwear was covering his nose. He took a deep breath a couple times, inhaling the aroma of my used underwear as he fucked himself with a dildo. Moan escaped from his mouth non-stop. “Oooohhh… Fuck, Alex… Fuck me buddy… I’m yours! I’ll do anything you want!” I almost cum without touching my cock at that point. He was fantasizing about me. Luke – the big muscular alpha, the star linebacker of the Rockhill State Knight football team- was fucking himself with a dildo as he was fantasizing about me, a small nerd, fucking him senselessly. I couldn’t believe what I saw. The man who always called me a bitch and a cock-whore IS actually a bitch and a cock-whore. Seeing him fucking himself was so hypnotizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in my life! At this point, I slid my hand inside my shorts and started to slowly stroke my cock. Puddle of sweat was forming on the floor as he kept pushing the dildo into his ass faster. He was definitely enjoying this. He threw his head left-to-right in ecstasy. I even could hear him taking a deep whiff of my underwear every now-and-then. His eyes were closed, precum was flowing non-stop from his monster cock as he was becoming more verbal, lost in his own fantasy. “Ooohhh… fuucckkk! Faster Alex!” His pace became faster. He was sliding the dildo in-and-out of his ass at supersonic speed. “Oooohhh yeeaaahh… Are you enjoying my ass Alex? Aahhh… Do you like my muscular ass clenching your cock? Oohhh…” Then, I could see his muscle became tense and his dick twitching like crazy. “Ooooohhhhhhh ALEX! ” Luke yelled as hot, thick cum was spurting from his monster dick like crazy. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!” 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8! 8 jets of cum was spewing from his cock. It was very powerful and glorious! I couldn’t believe it! He was cumming hands-free, just from fucking himself in the ass with a small dildo! He was cumming so much. The entire floor beneath his body was entirely covered in jizz. At this point, I stroked my cock a little bit faster and seconds later, I followed Luke reaching the point of no return. My whole body jolted as cum was spurting from my cock inside my shorts – my second ejaculation today. “Fuck!” I whispered as I tried to catch my breath. Peeking inside the room again, I saw Luke pulling the dildo out of his ass slowly and carefully. A loud popping sound could be heard as the entire dildo was finally withdrawn, revealing a hungry gaping asshole. He didn’t move for quite sometimes; still in all four, dildo in his hand, and my underwear in his face. His chest was going up-and-down in a rapid pace, to try to get as much oxygen as he could. He must be quite exhausted from the powerful self-fucking he just did. After he collected enough energy, he finally got up. He unwrapped my white dirty brief from his face and inspected the huge mess he just made. “Oh, fuck!” He said under his breath as he shook his head. At this point, I decided to leave, tip-toeing my way out of the apartment before he sensed my presence. I leaned on the wall in the hallway as soon as I was out, still couldn’t comprehend what I just witnessed. I pinched myself to make sure I was not dreaming and apparently it was real. I knew that he’s a submissive but I never thought that he’d done something like this. He owns a fucking dildo for fuck sake! Never in my mind would’ve I thought that a man like Luke would own a fucking dildo. But he did, and that means he did something like this before. Then, the realization hit me. HE WAS FANTASIZING ABOUT ME. HE WAS FANTASIZING ABOUT ME! WHY DIDN’T I COME IN AND GIVE HIM THE REAL THING?? God, I was so stupid.

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