Romy Takes a Wrong Turn Part 1


Romy Takes a Wrong Turn Part 1It was supposed to be easy and straightforward. Romy was just supposed to drop her husband at the airport and then drive home. Nothing simpler, was there? Only her husbands flight was delayed by two hours, so her trip home in the afternoon was postponed as she waited with him at the airport, keen to see him off, ignoring his protestations that she should leave and then fearing driving in the rush hour once he did get away she stayed and had her dinner at the airport, waiting for the rush to die down. And it did. The only problem was that it was nearing dusk when she did leave the airport and she really wasn’t that good a driver and didn’t know the road that well. Rather than follow the signs she got fascinated with a van that seemed to be going in the right direction and she followed it. And of course, it was going nowhere near where Romy wanted to go.She got flustered and lost in a tangle of roads and before long, with the light fading she found herself hopelessly lost in an area of the city she wasn’t familiar with. Where ever she was, it did not look to nice. k**s roamed in menacing looking gangs, women hung around outside bars chewing gum and looking mean and the whole place seemed to hum with menace and anger. Trying not to panic Romy drove on, hoping to find a road she recognised or a policeman to ask or something that could help her out. But there was nothing and as the night got darker Romy seemed to get more and more embroiled in the seedy streets that she had found.An idea came to her and she stretched down for her mobile phone, bringing it up and pressing the menu button to get the number of one of her friends, their husband could rescue her. Only to find that the phone did not respond, slamming her hand off the wheel in frustration as it dawned on her that she had not recharged in weeks and that it was dead. She stared at the phone and cursed it, lifting her head just in time to see a dog run out in front of her. She slammed on the brakes and managed to avoid the dog but still scrapped along and into a large Black SUV parked at the side of the road.Romy sat for some moments without moving, her long blonde hair spread over the steering wheel and her breathing hard. She wasn’t hurt, her seat belt had saved her in the collision, slowly she started to regain her senses and she decided that it would be best to get away from here as quick as possible, yes, she knew she should stay and hand over details but looking at the neighbourhood there was no chance Romy was going to do that. She turned the key and the engine lurched into life for a second then died, she turned again, and again and again with less and less life sounding with each increasingly desperate twist. Then, without warning her passenger door slammed open and before Romy could open her mouth to protest a powerful, a tattooed arm reached in , grabbed her by her jumper and hauled her from the car and marched her around the front of it.Romy’s mind was in a spin and she barely took in the sleazy looking bar she was being held in front of and the few men and women hanging around outside watching her captor holding her, not looking likely to intercede on her behalf. She obviously didn’t fit in around here, she had all the trappings of respectability and wealth, the car, the jewellery, the clothes, here you looked after number one, first and last.Gathering herself she had decided to speak to the Hispanic thug holding her, tattooed, muscled and impassive as he was when the door to the bar burst open and seemingly a mass of humanity burst from the noisy bar. In fact there were only five men but they were so large and colourful they seemed like a mob all by themselves. The guy up front was obviously in control and he was a huge mountain of a man. Chocolate skinned , six foot four, muscled and dressed in leathers, this was Big Willie, a notorious character in the area. He was followed by his gang, a strange mix of two Latino guys, small Willie, his little brother and Freddie a white gang-banger wannabie.Big Willie marched over and took Therese from his man’s grasp and dragged her by her protesting arm down the dark alleyway to the side of the bar. Not wanting to know any more the spectators turned away and went back to their conversations, just another Friday night.As he pulled her stumbling down the dark, damp, dripping stone alleyway Romy suddenly seemed to realise the very real danger she was in and began to struggle harder, pumping her arms and legs harder trying to free herself but to no avail, Cüce Escort Willie’s grip on her unflinching. Not too far down the alley he tossed her down and to her knees in a puddle and she looked up determined not to show the fear she had. “You Goddamn stupid Bitch! That’s my motherfucking car you drove into, you stupid cunt!””I’-I’m s-s-sorry. I just lost control. P-Please don’t hurt me”Her blue eyes looked up in appeal, the real fear showing in her eyes.”I ain’t gonna hurt you Bitch. I just want to know what you gonna do about my ride, it’s fucked up ‘cos of you.”Big Willie’s gang crowded round behind him, happy to see what he would do. And so Romy could not see one of them disappear back up from where they had come.Romy thought hard and believed she could maybe pay or talk her way out of this situation.”I’ll pay. I’ll sort it all out. It was my fault, My insurance will cover it all, don’t worry I’ll make it right.””Insurance!! Goddamn Bitch I don’t want insurance I want paid now, where I come from we don’t trust nobody with insurance, you wanna sort this Bitch, we do it here and now!””OK!OK! Let me get my bag I can give you money and credit cards, whatever you want just let me go safely.””All right Bitch, lets see what you got.”So they frog marched a much relieved Romy back up the alley to the main road. God, she had been sure she would die or worse up that damned alleyway. She almost dragged the massive man towards her car and as her painfully surveyed the damage to the two vehicles she entered her passenger side door sure that all she had to do to escape this nightmare was lift her handbag from the backseat and use it to pay him off. It was gone! Trying not to show her rising panic she craned her head between the two front seats to search with her eyes and her hands, but it was nowhere to be seen. Willie soon realised her frantic search and laughed to himself, his man Freddie had nipped back up before him and lifted anything of value from the car before they got there.”Well come on Bitch, I’m waiting how you gonna pay for this damage, you done?”Her eyes displayed her panic and she could do nothing but shake her head and mumble and without asking Willie grabbed her and lead her back into the alley.”Freddie, get these cars moved, don’t want no nosy cops interrupting us.”Thus time he marched the petite blonde much further down the alleyway and when he finally stopped and spoke to her she could barely see it’s end. At her back was a wire fence and to both sides high walls, between her and the only way out were the five big, guys. This was not good.”You know that is a brand new SUV back there. I paid $50,000 for it just last week. Now what I want to know is how are YOU going to pay me for that damage? Now I reckon your last claim that you had money in your car was you trying to pull one over on me, so you ain’t leaving here until I am paid off.”Romy didn’t know what to say, half formed words stammered from her as she tried to talk her way to an amicable solution.Big Willie face suddenly transformed from a look of anger to a big, beaming smile. Somehow that worried Romy more. His big hand reached out to her hand and held it, looking intently at her silver wristwatch.”Now that’s nice. Real classy. That could go some way to paying off my repairs.”Romy was loathe to hand it over as it had been a gift from her sister but if it got her out of this then so be it. But it was to be the start of the ordeal that followed. Her earrings next took his eye, then her rings and necklace. She hated handed them over but could do little else. Finally, with all her jewellery gone she thought maybe that would be that. Then a hand plucked at her pink jumper.”Hey this is pretty classy. It would look good on my Bitch”, this came from one of Willie’s gang.Willie smiled down at Romy and asked “Well, can he get it?”Romy kind of shook and nodded her head, which they took for her agreement and it was peeled from her body to reveal her white bra. It was not long before the gang liked the look of Romy’s designer jeans and boots and finally her underwear. In less than ten minutes she stood naked before the men, her hands trying, unsuccessfully, to hide her precious areas from their mocking, lusting gaze. Willie paid no heed to Romy’s obvious embarrassment and concern at her nakedness and, indeed, after staring at her for a moment her placed his powerful hands on her shoulders and slowly forced her down onto her knees before him.”Now see Bitch, all these pretty things you’ve given us, Escort Bayan they’ll pay for a lot of the damage you caused but I still reckon I’m out a few thousand dollars. Now Big Willie’s a fair minded man and what I was thinking was this. Most nights in the bar I pay for a girl to relieve me and the boys of the tensions of the day. If you were to do that it would save me some cash, Know what I mean?”Romy couldn’t meet his bright eyes and just hugged herself and trembled a little in the small puddle she was kneeling in.He slowly dropped his zipper and let a long, thick black cock appear from the opening, already in a state of semi- arousal.”So what’s it gonna be girl? No? Well you know there are other holes we can use. Oh, I see, changed your mind? Good. Now open up.”So Romy knelt there and as the other members of his gang watched on in delight she accepted his huge member into her mouth. She closed her eyes as the slimy, sticky cock skin slid inside her , prodding at her cheek walls as it passed downwards and over the surface of her tongue. Fortunately, oral sex was her favourite thing to perform on her husband and she in some small way actually savoured the feel of this oral violation. If only it wasn’t in these circumstances she may have been more turned on.But how could she fully enjoy this as Willie gained in his pace, placed his big hands on either side of her head and as his motley crew egged him on and called her all kinds of degrading names, he began to fuck her face as if it were a whores pussy. She took that cock deeper than she’d ever taken anything before and was amazed that she didn’t gag but he seemed to time his frantic thrusts perfectly and the only real problems she had were when he came deep in her throat in a sudden flood of cum, that she struggled to gulp down quickly enough.Romy had been so caught up in the blow job that instinctively her right hand had reached for her snatch and she had gently began fingering herself as she had her face fucked and the guys quickly picked up on her wantonness.”Hey look, Willie, the cunt likes it. She’s into it. Give it to her harder!”But for now Willie was spent and he paused only briefly to slap his shrinking cock on her messy chin before standing back and ushering one of his Latino gang members. Horrified at her body’s reaction she may have been but Romy opened her sticky lips wide open and allowed easy access to this second cock. Over the next hour the petite blonde took each of the six cocks one after the other, letting them spray their cum wherever they wanted, some down her throat and some over her pretty face. As the last guy withdrew and all six gathered round her to see the state she was in they chortled, watching thick strands of cum drip from her face into the damp ground below her. She felt degraded, like a piece of meat these guys had just used, but she was also more turned on than in the last eight years of marriage and nearly found the voice to ask for more. But she never, before she could lower herself to that level a new character put in an appearance.Karen was short, fat, ugly prostitute with a real bad attitude. It was usually her job to relieve Big Willie’s gang and finding them missing she had gone in search of her daily payday. To find this! Some skinny, rich whore sucking her money away. She was furious and if Willie had not held her back she would have pounced on Romy and given her a beating there and then as she knelt.Karen wore an ill-fitting tight, black top and a tiny mini-skirt and long boots.”C’mon Willie, how’s a girl supposed to earn when you’re splashing on a cunt like this?””Shut up Ho! I don’t want to hear it.””Aw but…”Karen had her complaint cut off by his large hand engulfing her face, he came in close to her and hissed.”I’ll tell you what Bitch, I’ll pay you real good if you dig into that bag of tricks of yours (pointing at her handbag) and get out that old strap on dildo you carry about with you. You strap that fucker on and fuck our little blonde slut where she kneels and I’ll give her to you for the rest of the night, see how much she can earn you. What do you say?”The tubby brunette needed no second offer and was digging in her handbag immediately for the long, thick plastic dick she used on some of her kinkier clients. She folded her skirt up and strapped the object tightly around her bulging waist before approaching the cum-plastered Romy. Romy had not really been listening and was surprised to see this large woman looming over her, just as she was licking Escort Bayan İzmir some of the cum off of her lips. Karen stood over , her dildo poking at Romy’s mouth and took a big handful of Romy’s hair and wrenched her face round to look up at Karen.Karen had dark, shoulder length, curly, greasy hair that sat in a strange fashion on her rotund head. Her features looked like they were squashed up on her face and in some ways she cut quite a comic figure. But there was little funny in or about Karen’s life. She had a bad haircut, bad dress sense and most importantly, a bad attitude. Maybe it was because few people had ever regarded her as anything positive, a life of grime on the mean streets could do that to most people. Nonetheless, as she hovered there in the alleyway over Romy, she had a big smile on her face. As well as costing Karen her business for the night, she viewed Romy as everything she had wanted to be and never was. Pretty, Petite, Blonde and Big Willie’s gang seemed quite taken with her. Yes, Karen was going to enjoy this.”On your hands and knees cunt!” she barked at Romy, and Romy, with difficulty because the large woman kept a tight grip of her hair turned to obey her. She had decided to do whatever was asked of her, she wanted out of here in one piece and after the revelation of enjoying her humiliating gang-blow job earlier she was sopping wet so felt she could handle the ominous mound of plastic strapped to Karen’s waist.But when Karen first thrust the phallus up into Romy’s wet pussy she was not so sure. The street walker rammed it straight into Romy with no concern for the recipient and began a rough, aggressive pace that Romy struggled to match. Karen was doing to this blonde bimbo what loads of drunks and perverts had done to her and she relished every second of dishing it out for once. She pulled back on Romy’s hair pulling Romy’s slim body further onto her cock and enjoyed the bitch’s grunts and groans below her. As this unfolded the gang whooped and hollered, encouraging both sluts to keep up the spectacle that they were providing and some more people came from the bar to see what was going down.Karen leaned forward and hissed into Romy’s ear.”Your spilling some of that precious cum. I want you to reach down as I fuck you and lick it up. Come on cunt!”Romy looked down as her body was thoroughly fucked and saw some of the cum had indeed slipped from her face and rested in a puddle on the cobbles below her. In a lust crazed state she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and lapped the cum from the rain water from the ground. Karen ground her cock into her as she did so and the crowd was amazed at how nasty this rich bitch had become. Karen left the plastic cock embedded in Romy’s soaking pussy as she unstrapped it before pulling the blonde up to her knees before her and ordering her to pull it out herself and to lick it clean. Romy did all of that, licking her own juices off the length of the plastic penis.While her charge was degrading herself like this Karen had gotten a kinky brainwave and peeled off her skirt and panties and stood over Romy and once she had licked the dildo clean she thrust her hairy crotch deep into Romy’s face and as the crowd cheered them on she forced Romy to lick her out. Romy was disgusted, it was hideous, Karen smelled awful and tasted worse. Romy though she might retch and be sick there and then but her mouth was buried so deep she could choke on her own vomit. It was a sour, evil taste and of all the indignities heaped upon her that night this was by far the worst. The audience seemed to love it though, cheering Karen on. Taking to her new fan base Karen reached down and buried Romy’s little face deeper and deeper in her unruly mess of black curly pubic hair.”Come on you white trash slut, lick me, lick me out, yes!yes!”These last screams of ecstasy were at the touch of Romy’s tongue on her clit, the petite blonde having realised that she would have to give the back street whore head to escape the position she was locked in. She ate the big woman out for a full ten minutes, until the foul taste and stench became stuck in her throat and she licked on auto pilot, so much so that when Karen finally moved and turned around Romy obeyed the whore’s instruction to lick her ass, lapping at her massive ass obediently. As Karen finally, moved away Romy knelt in a puddle surrounded by people, drunk and looking at her as a piece of trash.As she knelt there unmoving, conscious of how dirty and nasty she had been and looked, Karen put her skirt back on, packed her dildo away and from her bag removed a dog collar and leash. She moved back to Romy and fitted it around Romy’s neck.”C’mon trash whore” Karen said, “You can make me some money before the night is over and you go back to your nice, clean life.”To be continue

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