Seduced by Teen neighbour 3

Big Tits

Sunday morning saw me wake up with very hard morning wood. This wasn’t a surprise though considering the events of the past couple of days after my eighteen-year-old neighbour seduced me and then teased me with phone sex the past two nights. What was I going to do with her?!Acting on auto-pilot, I got up, showered, dressed, and made breakfast.As I was eating, I saw another message arrive from my teenage temptress.“A couple of clips loaded up to the hub that you might be interested in…” she wrote, attaching two links to a website I knew too well.My mind went into panic mode, I’d tried to put out of my head that she had recorded the whole incident on Friday night & Saturday morning.“I can’t believe you have done that Beki!” I replied eventually.“Relax,” she assured me. “My brother is good with videos so nobody would recognise us in the free clip and the second clip is behind the paywall. Anyone who does recognise us in the second clip will have to explain why they were paying for premium porn. You never know, they might like to fuck me too! Of course, unless I send people the links.”I didn’t know which freaked me out more, the fact that she had put clips of us online or that she had obviously shown them to her twenty-one-year-old brother. This was a total mess!Unable to stop myself, I clicked on the link. The first one entitled “Teen slut gets reamed” showed Beki on her hands and knees as I fucked her from behind. Beki was right, you couldn’t tell it was us, although someone who knew us well might recognise us. The second clip made no attempt to hide our faces as Beki slurped lovingly on my cock. Still, as she said, how likely was it that someone I knew would come across this? Still, in a bit of shock, I rang her to suggest we needed to talk.“You are coming over after church, aren’t you? We can talk then,” said Beki, although with a strange emphasis on the word “talk”.God, yes, I was meant to be in church in ten minutes! And yet, how could I go with everything I had done these past two days? Somehow, Beki persuaded me to go, and I found myself sitting through a service with bahis şirketleri not the slightest idea of what was being said. Little did the people around me know what I had done these past few days or the lewd thoughts swirling through my brain.I was equally distracted over coffee, although I became aware that I was looking at the women around me differently. Beki had woken up something in me, so suddenly I was noticing more about the size of their tits or the roundness of their ass. None more so than when I found myself chatting to an eighteen-year-old Phoenicia. I’d watched her grow up these last 18 years, but suddenly I was aware of how grown up she was for the first time! When did her boobs get so big?“You seem a bit distracted today,” I heard her say through a haze of lust.“Yes, I didn’t sleep well,” I replied, giving my head a shake and trying to focus on the conversation at hand. Somehow though, a fantasy of sucking on Phoenicia’s gorgeous young tits entered my head. Of me getting her nice and wet and then sliding my cock between her mammary glands and tit fucking her till my cum spilled out over the top of her breast and she leaned down and licked up my seed from her chest. God, what was wrong with me? I was a sick pervert lusting after someone young enough to be my daughter.“Did you know your neighbour, Beki, is in my class at college?” asked Phoenicia as I tried to clear my head of thoughts of sex.  My mouth went dry as I realised how close my two worlds were becoming, Why had I given in to Beki so easily? What if Phoenicia found out what I had done?Making my excuses, I left and headed home. It was Beki’s fault, she was the one who had started all this, and it had to stop. No matter what she said, I had to be strong and put an end to all this. I still couldn’t really work out why someone as hot and young as her had put so much effort into seducing an old guy like me, but surely she wouldn’t go ahead with ruining my life by releasing the videos if I said no to her.Even if she did, I had to be the adult and stop this once and for all. I was decided, as soon bahis firmaları as I saw her that I was going to tell her we were not going to do anything else physical and if she wanted we could just be friends. This was a one-time thing – OK a two-time thing if you counted Friday night and Saturday morning separately – OK a three-time thing if you included the phone sex on Saturday night – but it had to stop.Beki answered her door, and all my rehearsed speech went out of the window as I stared at her. She had a tight tee-shirt on and a short skirt that showed off her legs and accentuated her curves. God, she was a blonde bombshell. I couldn’t talk to her anyway, as her mum and brother were there. I forget what we spoke about for a while before Beki suggested we go upstairs to chat.I looked at her brother who had a knowing smirk on his face, but her mum didn’t seem to even raise an eyebrow at this as Beki grabbed hold of my hand and led her to her room. Almost before the door was closed, she was pushing me up against the wall and locking her lips onto mine. With a supreme effort at self-control, I pulled away from her.“Stop it!” I told her as firmly as I could. “We can’t do this, it’s wrong! And your mum and brother are downstairs.”“They won’t mind,” she replied, “and you didn’t object the last couple of nights!”“But we can’t do this again Beki!” I replied, even as I felt my resolve crumbling as she leant into me and cupped my stiff member.“At least part of you is talking sense,” she whispered as she yanked down my trousers and underwear before I had a chance to object. Beki sank to her knees and kissed the tip of my bloated knob.“No, we shouldn’t,” I whimpered as she rang her tongue along the length of my hard shaft.“Shh, be a good boy,” she said before sucking my balls into her mouth and running her tongue over my tight sack. “Or a bad boy, if you prefer,” she grinned.“God, this is so wrong,” I croaked as I watched her sink my prick into her hot mouth. “So good.”“Do you like that, daddy?” she asked as she slipped my saliva covered dick out of her mouth.I could no longer kaçak bahis siteleri speak as she engulfed my member again between her lips and began bobbing her head back and forth. Gradually, she sunk more and more of my cock into her willing mouth, and I knew I could never resist her.“Do you like your dirty teen neighbour sucking your dick, Mr Smith?” she asked as she came up for air.“Yes… Don’t stop.” I responded as she licked up and down her new fuckstick. Looking up into my eyes, she again began sucking on my prick like a woman possessed, deeper and deeper until I felt myself deep in her throat and felt myself on the edge.“Lunch is ready!” I heard her mum shout from downstairs.“Just coming!” responded Beki as she withdrew her mouth from my shaft and began pumping my cock vigorously. No longer in control, I erupted as I shot my cum all over her gorgeous face. She kept stroking as I coated her with my man seed, before scooping it up with her fingers and licking them clean.“That was a nice starter,” she joked as she began to clean herself up. Mortified at my actions, I mutely got dressed and headed downstairs. Beki went to the bathroom and came down as if nothing at all had happened.If Beki’s mum or her brother Tim had any clue as to what had transpired, they didn’t give anything away. I did my best to hold a normal conversation over the dinner table, but it was so hard. Beki didn’t help with her constant innuendos, but nobody seemed to pick up on anything.After lunch, Julie (Beki’s mum) announced she had to go out but thanked me for agreeing to help Tim and Beki out with a homemade video he was working on for his university course or something. I knew nothing about such a video, but I sensed this was another trap.As soon as Julie left, Tim looked at me with a smirk. “I see you and my sister having been having a good time,” he laughed.I moved my mouth to say something, but nothing would come out. What could I say?“Don’t sweat it,” said Tim as we moved into the lounge. “I’m not sure many straight men could resist my slutty sister when she has her sights on you.”I looked around the room, which was already set up with a couple of cameras and another handheld camera for Tim to use. Beki had disappeared but stepped into the room having changed into her old school uniform which was now too small for her.

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