sexual escapades 2


sexual escapades 2I guess I could tell you that Celeste isn’t me but that wouldn’t be truly honest I’ve also heard that stories like these being told in the first person makes them better. I’ve always thought being a writer would be and exciting career lol .Anyway I believe that I will tell the stories I write in the first person. Most will be experiences some will just be fantasies but all, I hope will make u a bit excited from reading them . On that note I will tell another story from “celestes” sexual escapades from my point of view .This one is just about a guy I dated well maybe fooled around with is a better word for it , for about a month he used to come over when my mom wasn’t home thought i would tell u about one of the times he came over and i truly had my first anal experience. This has been like any normal day watching the world go by outside and waiting for my mom to leave the house so I can call Terrence and let him know its safe to come over . Terrence is one of my yummier men I’ve met from online and Im happy I did . Tall ,black and muscular wonderful abs and tight arms if I had to guess I would say his cock is about 8 or 9 inches. I’ve never been good with this sort of thing guessing the size I mean. About this time I hear my mom preparing to leave and I get up to see her off I’ve learned in the past that any strange behavior what so ever on my part before leaving or bringing one of my men over does arouse suspicion even though talking to her does lessen my mood and interrupt those naughty thoughts that seem to keep popping into my head .”Anything special planned while I’m gone for today ?” my mom doesn’t even look up as she searches her purse for her lipstick and the car keys .I lean against the wall where the hallway ends and smirk as I answer ” Nope just cleaning or maybe I’ll take a nap anyway i think i can find something to keep me entertained .” she nods and waves me off as if my answer has gotten to long for her . Finally after I wait for a few minutes she rises from the recliner and heads for the door calling over her shoulder and telling me to have a good day. As the door closes behind her I wait for the sounds of the car being started and hear it pulling out of the drive way. I permit my self a bit of a Escort happy dance as I head to my room and flop onto my bed, reaching for my cell I call Terrence and ask him if he’s ready to come over . We agree on a time and I hang up to get ready . It’s supposed to be a movie date today so after I shower and am ready to go I pullout a movie that I know were probably not even going to watch but a girls got to keep up appearances. Once everything is ready I sit on the couch and wait for his knock on the door it’s not long before I hear his car pulling up in the drive and see his silhouette crossing the window that spans the living room wall .As I open the door wearing my dark blue denim skirt and a a hot pink spaghetti strap tank top . I can tell his mood in and instant his eyes seem to sparkle with a mischievous type of nature and his jeans are a little tight in that particular area I try not to stare as I let him in . We sit on the couch together and talk about how things have been going for both of us . His hand skims my legs and the inner part of my thighs as we talk . I see his smirk as I try to hold in my moans and maintain some sort of control over myself but its starts slipping away as his hands start to stray over my chest and into my shirt .My nipples betray my thoughts and become taut in his fingers I lean into him as he leans closer and opens my lips with his tongue . He pushes me down and lays me back on the couch beneath him opening my legs and pushing up my skirt over my ass until the excess material is gathered on my stomach, he slides his fingers into me massages my breasts as he goes faster into me .He stops for a second to pull out his cock rubbing it against my pussy I tell him breathlessly not to tease me . Just as he’s about to slide it into me my phone rings, I look at the screen, my moms calling I tell him to hush as he tries to tell me to ignore it . I rush into kitchen with the phone and answer it. It’s only her telling me that she’s going to be later coming home than she thought I sigh in frustration at being interrupted even if it is good news for Terrence and I . As I’m hanging up the phone I feel hands sliding over my butt and up my back as I move to turn around Terrence’s hands hold me stillas Escort Bayan he whispers ” I cant wait for you to make up your mind and your games of innocence don’t fool me I know what it is you want. ” At first my eyes go wide trying to remember what it is he could be talking about, then I remember the last time he was over the first time I had met him in person and how I had pushed him away unsure of having sex with a cock that size he had eventually fucked me that day but I could tell he had been a bit annoyed when I had denied him. Needless to say my heart began pumping hard trying to think of what sort of payback or punishment he had in mind his hands tight on my skin pressing firmly on my arms .I can feel his cock pressing against my butt . I go to turn around again and explain but he shushes me quietly and slowly bends me over the counter . Moving my skirt up again and pulling down my top again so that my breasts are hanging up and over the top of the shirt . Once Im fully bent over the counter he parts my legs with his knee . Rubbing my back all the while and softly sighing . I sigh myself as he continues his way down my back over my butt and then pushing his fingers again into my pussy I start to relax thinking I probably over reacted . I feel his cock pushing against the entrance to my pussy and his other hand holds me firm against the counter . He then moves up quickly and pushes his cock firmly and swiftly into my ass I jerk up in protest but Terrence is ready for me as he take both of his hands and presses me against the counter more firmly slamming home hard each time deeper into my ass . Tears spring into my eyes from the shock and the feeling of betrayal thats coursing through me angry at being tricked i try again to move away from him but there is no where for me to go he has taken my legs and trapped them against the counter with his own . satisfied he has me still he pulls out slowly but firmly and then pushing it in fast again he repeats this process over and over .I try to focus my breath this feels too good.I hear him chuckle at my moans not taking his hands from my arms that are still pressed against the counter top. My breasts feel crushed as he takes one hand and presses it into my back and Bayan Escort starts to slam hard into me again this time covering my body with his own I feel his breath in my ear and hear his moans as my moans start to fill the air. He is right I do like it lube or no, I am in love with the roughness and the control he has on my body he reaches down and rubs my clit unrelenting until my juices are running down my thighs I cry out from the pleasure and the intense sensation of my orgasm . All the while Terrence grips me tighter this time not from control but from pleasure he’s feeling . I know that if he would have asked to fuck my ass I wouldn’t have let him and I think he knew that as well which in a kinky sense of a way makes me hotter that he knew not to ask his hands tighten on my shoulders and then to the back of my neck my cheek roughly scr****g the counter i start to cum again feeling the full length of him slamming home again and again Terrence lets out a deep groan as he pulls out of me still holding me firm with one hand the other i hear working his cock up and down another groan and the feeling of hot sperm splattering my back tells me just how much he enjoyed it . He lets go of my shoulder and I slowly straighten up and stiffly turn around to look at him . Terrence tries to hold in a smirk and I try to pretend to be mad part of me is but I cant help my self but smile some at him and go to the bathroom to clean up I hear the sink running guessing he is doing the same.. After sulking for a bit and deciding wether to be mad or just tell him how much i enjoyed it he comes into the bathroom and asks me if I’m all right I tell him I’m fine. Terrence asks me if Im upset at him I tell him that I would be if I hadn’t enjoyed it so much. I adjust my skirt and pull my tank top back up and over my chest and walk with him to the living room we kiss for a bit and then he pulls back and asks me if i would mind if we did it again sometime I tell him that next time i will need a little warning but that i loved it just the same . He just shrugs and laughs telling me he knows what kind of girl I am that if he wants it he can take it and I wouldn’t mind . Knowing its true I don’t even bother denying it . I say good bye to him as and close the door . I lean against the door after he’s left and smile I might be a bit sore from todays excursion but I cant deny that I loved every minute of it and even if he didn’t ask next time or never asked. I would enjoy it anyway again and again.

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