She Loves to swallow


She Loves to swallowThis is a story based on my recent blog post of a fuck buddy of mine, who loves cum, she drinks it like its water. Names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent.[/uWe met my senior year in high school, she was a year older than me,and we both worked Target in the back room. I already worked their for a year at the time, and she just got hired. She was a cute girl,she was petite and black girl, with a sexy caramel complexion. Her name was Crsytal and she was new in town, and just started her freshman year at the university. She was 19, she started college a year later, she was a small town girl in the big city. She and I hit it off pretty quick and really well. I knew a lot of people already from the college, and I partied with them a lot. I have to admit, she was hot and I wanted to fuck her from the gate, but she was also a cool girl and held a great conversation. She had sily black hair , brown eyes, a cute smile, small Escort but ample tits, and a tight little ass. A few moths went by and we were closer than ever, she was feeling the like a local in the city, and she began to get a nice group of friends. She even had a boy friend she met at the university. I still really wanted to fuck her really bad, but I was not hard up for sex,because I had a few girls I fucked on the regular, but I guess it was the nature of the male species, I enjoy the hunt. That all changed for the better one cool night during the spring semester. I was at a party at the college, it was the end of mid term week, and even thought I was not in college yet, I still did not need that excuse to party. I was just leaving work with Crystal, around 9 pm. Crystal and I were the last ones in the back, the back room at Target always closed and hour early before the rest of the store,(atleast back then when I worked their) it was perfect Escort Bayan for us, because we could shower and get dressed for the party. We partied hard, I don’t drink, so I was not drunk, and Crystal really does not drink alcohol, but I shortly learned she had a thirst for some thing else. A fight broke out at the party between, a few douche bag frat guys. We left and went back to her dorm. her room mate was gone and I was horny. I put the my arm around her and we both had a strong sexual connection, so normally we started to kiss. Then what came next was really nice. She stop kissing me, and said I have to suck your dick now. I was not hard yet but , at that moment I was up. I did not argue with her. I help her take of her top, and her B cups were presented to me with her brown gum drop nipples, she unzipped my pants like a pro. She kissed me cock, and licked all over the base and the head as she massaged my balls, she then put me in her Bayan Escort mouth and I started growing in her mouth. She is a very enthusiastic dick sucker. She put my balls in her mouth and then she took my dick and balls in her mouth. I was loosing my mind. I never had a blow job like that up until that point. She really knew her way around a cock, she had me on my toes. She even slapped my dick on her face. Then as I was readyto blow, I told her I was getting ready to cum and she never once took her hands or mouth off my dick, she only suck harder and jerked faster, I released what felt like gallons of cum down her throat and into her stomach. She actually open her mouth and showed me the cum and then swallowed. I told her it was the best blowjob I ever had which it was at the time, now I its still the best but like the best in the top 5 category lol. We became even closer after that, and we are still great friends and fuck buddies today, I actually just fucked her at a party tonight and she inspired me to write this.[u]Check out the next story it is like second installment to this, but it is some of the sexy stories of Crystal and other guys,that I thought was hot and I thought you guys might think so.

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