Slavegirl Island 6.2


Slavegirl Island 6.2Chapter Six (Part Two)Timal got in touch with me and asked me if I could be in Training Room Number 4 at 11 am. I was happy to say I would. As I walks towards the the Slave Quarters, I reflected that young Chloe would have passed a most unpleasant night. Not only would she have had to endure the atrocious pain in her buttocks but she would constantly be aware of what was going to be demanded of her the following morning. Frankly, I thought she would give little more trouble but one never knows. When it comes to enforced sexual activity, young women can be amazingly stubborn.Earlier that morning, after a light breakfast of orange juice fortified with vitamins (mainly to add to sexual prowess). I mady my usual tour of my six charges. First Tania and Millie. I fondled and teased them, ending up by giving Tania six stinging slaps on her bottom for what I called looking sulky when I told her I wasn’t going to fuck her that morning. The girl is certainly getting very keen. I moved on to Elsa and Margot. Elsa didn’t fancy but Margot was tempting in her shoolgirlish way. However, I decided in the end I would go to the cell next door and make use of Nina’s lovely tits. You might say I was a bit spoilt for choice.Into the cell I went only to find that Nina wasn’t there. She must have been taken off somewhere and then I recalled she said one of the guests planned to make use of her tits that day. Fair enough. I turned to the dark passionate looking Therese and went over and fondled her. She submitted and presented herself boldly as a slave-girl must.„I think I’ll fuck you, slave.“ I said at length.„Thank you, Sir,“ she answered meekly.„Or, rather, I think you can do the fucking. Come on top and ride me.“„Very well, Sir.“ The girl moved so that I could lie flat down on her bunk. Now, the strange thing is, alhough Therese looks passionate, she isn’t. She is what I would call a lethargic fucker. She never gets carried away like Tania and never seems to work harder than she must. I am also pretty shure she simulates orgasms rather than actually has them.„Now I want some effort out of you this morning, my girl,“ I said. I want that arse of yours REALLY working…or you find yourself getting a cane across at the midday. Got it?“„Yes, Sir,“ came the submissive answer. I pinched her nipples sharply and Therese whimpered faintly.„You can suck me to get me up,“ I said.Therese went down at once and did her work. Unhurriedly, but steadily, as is her wont. She is very good if you want a long drawn-out sucking…but on this occasion I didn’t. I felt a little lazy but then thought abaout Chloe and soon got big and hard. Therese moved her mouth. „Now, Sir?“ she enqured politely. „Yes…you can start riding, slave…and don’t forget what I said!“„No, Sir…“ Therese came up, straddling me, raising her hindquarters high over my upthrusting prick. Then she gripped my root, skilfully and deliciously lowering herself upon me. She uttered a gasping-groan. I knew I’d always been too big for her, but she simply had to put up with it.Unhurriedly, her haunches rose and fell. That was fine. I didn’t want her to start off in a frenzy before she was warmed up. The girl was experienced…knew what to so. Very cleverly, she increased her pace minute by minute. Soon she was getting hot and wet. A girl may hate me, but she can’t resist me.I realised I was having a most satisfying fuck. After my threat, Therese was obviously putting her mind…and her body…into it.Still the pace increased. She was soon really whamping up and down, skilfully rising so that she just gripping my knob, before going down and taking me in fully again. She was really putting her slit to use in the way that I wanted. I heard her begin to pant. Was that effort or mounting lust?Faster yet faster…Her vagina had gripping action which was most exciting. I knew wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer…so gave her bouncing bottom a couple of slaps.„Right slave, we’re in the straight…now ride for the finish.“My God, she went at it hammer and tongs! Giving me everything. A superb performance.Thump…thump…thump…thump…thump…thump…thump…She was gasping. Making little squeals. Perhaps she was having a genuine orgasm. Why not? With a cock like mine, she ought to have done.Suddenly I was abandoned, rising fast to a tremendous climax…shooting and shooting into her still thumping hindquarters, whilst she wriggled frenziedly, back arching, mouth agape.Ah yes, I’m sure that little beauty had achieved malatya escort an orgasm.She slumped down on my chest. I could feel our hearts hammering. She was damp with sweat and so was I.„Good girl,“ I said, giving her bottom another couple of slaps. „No need for the cane now.“„Th-thank you…thank you, Sir,“ she gasped out.„Off you get…“ she rolled off me and I got off the bunk. Time for a shower and a little rest before my next appointment.Well, now I was on my way to it, feeling very relaxed and fit as a flea. One day, I said to myself, I shall just have to find out how many fucks I can manage in a twenty four hour period! Not that I wanted to burn myself out too early.I went into Training Room Number 4. No one there yet. I removed my restrainer and sat on the leather squab. Nice to think that an inexperienced 16-year-old was being brought to me and was going to have to suck me.Or else!A few minutes later, the door opened and in came Timal. She had Chloe on the end of a collar and chain, not upright but on all fours, her hindquarters high in the air. Already the girl was sobbing, her distress very evident. Well, what else could you expect?„Good morning, Tariq.“Good morning, Timal.“„I say…just look at this arse. I don’t think our Chloe would like to feel a cane across that in an hour or so’s time!“I stood up and looked at the young girl’s bottom. It was certainly a terrible mess. It was not only red and purple but, at the edges, now yellow and black. It was amazing to know that Full Treatment could clear all that up in a little more than twenty four hours.„Mmmm…certainly looks very tender,“ I said, running my hand over the hot flesh. Chloe flinched wildly.„P-Please…please…“ she cried out.„Posture Number 3,“ said Timal. Wincing and gasping, Chloe knelt before us, hands on her head. Her pretty features were quite distorted; I hardly recognised her. I smiled at her showing I could be friendly as well as cruel. Chloe did not respond to this gesture. „Now,“ continued Timal, „you don’t, slave, want to feel a cane across that backside of yous, do you?“Chloe broke into a torrent of sobs, her rounded tits heaving up and down, her head shaking from side to side.„N-N-Noooooo…ooooohhhh…noooooooooo!“ she wailed. „I…I’d rather die!“„Mmmm…yes…“ nodded Timal, „it certainly would be exceedingly painful. But, as has already been explained to you here, on this Island, slaves are not permitted to die. They simply have to remain…and SERVE!“The white apple-breasts continued to have, the copious tears flow.„It is all a question of your obedience, girl,“ I said to her. „If you behave yourself, you’ll escape punishment; if you don’t you’ll get it. It’s as simple as that…“„M-MERCEEEE…MERCEEEE…FOR PITY’S SAKE…H-HAVE MERCY!“„You’ll get no mercy if you disobey,“ said Timal. „None.“ She sawed her switch across the top of Chloe’s buttocks as she knelt and the girl flinched wildly again.„NOOOOOOOOOOOO!“ she shrieked in terror. Timal smiled at me. „I think,“ said Timal, this slave has been softened up a little. We shall soon see. Would you like your balls kissed, Tariq?“„Why not,“ I grinned.„Kiss Tariq’s balls,“ ordered Timal sharply. I lifted my cock, now just starting to swell, so that the girl could get at them. The day before, we had had a lot of trouble to get her to go down ther but, now, she was at it straight away. Kissing, licking, really giving me a treatment. I stiffened fast. „Now lick that lovely big prick,“ said Timal. Again, Chloe didn’t delay. Her hot little tongue began to lave up and down my solid erection.„Better, girl,“ I said condescendingly.„Yes, considerable improvement,“ agreed Timal.But, obviously, the threat of pain even worse than that she had already known, must have broken this young girl. It was not surprising.„Now,“ Timal said, „yesterday, slave, I gave you an order which you chose to disobey. For that you were well flogged. Today, I am going to give you those order again.“I tensed. This was it. THE moment.„Take the knob of Tariq’s cock into your mouth.“Chloe shuddered convulsively. Her eyes were wild and disbelieving. She heaved and heaved with sobs. But she knew she was going to have to do it. „Open wide,“ I said, grinning down at her. „Otherwise you’ll never get it in.“Poor, half-demented Chloe opened wide and her mouth encompased my knob. I enjoyed that but largely because I was aware that this was the first time the girl would have had a cock in her mouth. Later on, when she was fully trained, manisa escort she would give me far more sexual pleasure. She retched and heaved and snorted, twisting and turning, eyes screwed tight, tears jetting from them. „SUCK;“ I said, „just think of it as a nice big lolly.“Rather to my surprise, young Chloe did try to suck, even if not very successfully. Timal sawed her switch over that most tenderised bottom. „Suck stronger, slave!“ she rasped.Chloe sucked more strongly though the effort. Her mouth was wide; it was quite a strain. I thrust my cock in fractionally and Chloe instinctively recoiled, losing my knob. At once, Timal lshed her switch across the girl’s bottom. Chloe shrieked in agony, writhing frantically. „Get that cock back in your mouth, slave…AT ONCE…or you’ll get another good hiding!“Scrabbling frantically, Chloe came back into position. The threat had sent mortal terror trough her. My knob slipped back into her wet-warm mouth. It was, I may say, a most pleasing sensation. I smiled up at Timal; she winked back at me. „Just the first steps,“ she said.„Mmmm…but they are most adventurous ones, aren’t they?“„Indeed…indeed…“ Theswitch sawed menacingly. „Suck more strongly, slave.“At once I felt the increased pressure of Chloe’s mouth. She was surely trying her best. Not wanting any more of that switch; nor of the cane.„Are you going to came off?“ asked Timal.„No…I don’t think so. Bit lazy today.“ I saw Timal smile understandingly.„Maybe tomorrow through.“„That’s fine. I think things are now going well,“ nodded Timal. „Like another few minutes then?“„Sure,“ I said.Chloe’s light brown head of hair went on bobbing up and down, my knob was being nicely titillated. Her mouth did feel very inexperienced; and very young. But then, it was!A little while later, Timal led out Chloe, again on all fours.I strolled back to my quarters.Naked I dived into the pool and swam around for a while. Then I climbed out and lay on a lounger. There were two or three women guests in the pool, also naked. Lesbians I presumed. But then one of them got out and gave me quite an admiring glance. I recognised her as Miss Patina Gomez, a quite attractive bisexual Argentinian.„Hello, big boy,“ she said, smiling down, „ you’ve got quite a piece of equipment there.“„Thank you, Miss.“ I smiled up at her. I occasionally fuck guests, if and when they ask, and it makes quite a pleasant change.„What’s your name?“ I told her. „Well, Tariq,“ she said, „I may want you to come up to my apartement before long.“„OK by me, Miss,“ I replied. She walked away, a nice ass swinging seductively. Funny to think it had never felt a cane or a strap across it. Later I went to the canteen where I found Timal drinking a Tequila. I ordered one of myself.„Amazing what a really good hiding can do,“ she said.„Yes,“ I nodded, „our little friend was certainly more cooperative.“„I’m going to let her have a go at Johnson this afternoon,“ said Timal. „Mmmm…I bet she won’t like that.“ Johnson is one of the Negro Trainers.„Too bad,“ smiled Timal, „but she’s got to get used to black meat as well as white.“„Of course,“ I agreed. Poor Chloe…she was going through a really tough stage of her training. But then, they all have to. And they survive. After lunch I decided to look in on Nina. She of the big, beautiful tits. When she knelt up on her bunk, I was rather startled to see the lush orbs were reddened all over.„Hello, what’s happened here, Nina?“ I asked. Her mouth quivered and a single tear ran down one cheek.„I…I was taken to a lady guest, Sir,“ she answered. „First she slapped my bottom; then I had to go down to her. Later she slapped my breasts and I had to go down to her again.“The woman, whoever she was, certainly a right cow, but I didn’t say so. Those tits were a very deep red; the girl must have had dozens of slaps. „Hurt did it?“ I asked, a little unnecessarily.More quivering of the lips. „Y-Yes, Sir. Miss Pohl let me put some Healing Ointment on them right away.“ I could see it glistening on the flesh. „I reckon you could do with a little more,“ I said and went and fetched a jar of the shelf.„If you say so, Sir.“ Nina knelt there apprehensively whilst I smoothed on some more ointment. She kept on gasping and flinching at my touch. I got the ointment on really thick, since despite what had happened, I was going to make use of those orbs. „You’re still going to use them on me, my girl,“ I said.„O-Oh…oh…Sir!“ she gasped, eyes widening. But she was too maraş escort experienced a slave to actually protest.At length I put down the jar and sat on the edge of the bunk. Those tits were coated all over; they were going to feel very good.„Kneel,“ I ordered…“now get to work.“ Playing with her boobs had already brought me virtually to full erection. In a gingerly fashion, Nina slipped my cock between her cleft. Then squeezed. She gasped; her eyes flickered with pain. Then she began to undulate her torso up and down, continuing to gasp. No doubt it was hurting her. Too bad. It wasn’t hurting me one little bit.Slippery, succulent, cool at first, then getting warmer. Delicious! Bravely Nina kept a steady pace. She’d done this often enough to me before but never when she was so tender.„You beauty,“ I said, „you’re really good at this.“ She was, too.„Th-Thank you, Sir,“ she said. There was a sob in her voice. If I’d been that sort of fellow I’d have felt rather sorry for her. But I didn’t. As a matter of fact, the fact that she was suffering added to my pleasure. „Faster,“ I ordered. At once she began to move faster.My big, hard donger was sliding up and down in the slippery cleft, which was being kept tight by her pressing her hands to the sides of her tits.„Faster still,“ I ordered. She’d been going at me some ten minutes and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. Shuddering, I began to mount to a climax. It was good…so good! Nina kept at it vigorously, panting with her efforts. Good girl!My balls seemed to be swelling; the blood in my thighs and flanks was like hot wine. Then those thighs and flanks were suddenly quivering uncontrollably. Nina still kept going even when I began to squirt powerfully over her face, her neck and her tits themselves. She went on and on until I was quite drained, spunk now mingling with the slippery ointment. Oh good girl!„Excellent, slave,“ I said, pating her dark head.The big brown eyes regarded me mournfully. Well, it could not have exactly been a pleasant experience for her!I permitted the girl a shower then re-anointed her orbs with ointment. I also put some on her buttocks which were just as red as her tits. Quite some slapping. Still, all in the day’s work for a slave. „Where’s Therese?“ I asked, looking across the cell.„She was taken off to a gentleman guest, Sir.“I thought of the excellent fuck the girl had given me that morning and wondered if the guest was getting it so good. Doubtful.„I may come back and fuck you later,“ I told Nina before I left.„Thank you, Sir,“ she said submissively, bowing her head slightly. But later, as it turned out, I went in to see Tania…and fucked the ass off her instead.She seemed to love it!The following morning, I kept my rendezvous with Timal and Chloe. The girl’s bottom was considerably improved so, obviously, she had been having overnight Treatment. Chloe knelt submissively before me, in Posture Number 3. Her features kept twitching, her eyes were brimming with tears. An all too familiar sight with trainee slave-girls!„How did she take to Johnson?“ I asked. The features twitched more. „Not too well,“ said Timal, „I had to give her quite a bit of switch before she’d play. In fact, she only just escaped an evening caning.“ Chloe shuddered. „Silly girl,“ I said, ruffling her light brown hair, „what’s so terrible about sucking man’s cock…whether he’s white or black?“ Chloe burst into tears. „That will be enough of that,“ said Timal, her switch sawing. Chloe strove to check her tears. „I think,“ continued Timal, „we will dispense with the licking this morning. She can get straight on with the sucking.“„Fine by me,“ I grinned.I was only partially in erection with Chloe got her mouth round my knob and began to suck. She sucked with considerably vigour too, for Timal was constantly tapping with her switch and occasionally laying on a harder stroke. Soon I was solid and Chloe was half choking as she tried to get more of my cock into her mouth. As Timal had ordered her to do.I took hold of Chloe’s hair and bounced her head rhythmically up and down. Timal was signing to me to go all the way…and I certainly had no objection. My lust mounted and I took a tighter grip on Chloe’s head. The girl would certainly try and pull away when I ejaculated. Up…up…up…coming to the peak. Then my prick jerking and juddering as I shoot and shoot. With Chloe frantically struggling to escape the eruption. In this she was only partially successful.„I think she’s coming on quite nicely,“ said Timal as Chloe lay on the ground, choking and retching.„I agree,“ I said. „Let me know when you want me again, Timal.“„Sure thing.“„And also when you think she’s ready for her first fucking?“„Will do, Tariq. Thanks for everything.“„It’s been a pleasure.“And I assure you I mean that!END OF CHAPTER SIX

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