son comes to visit


son comes to visitToday is a very special day, my son is coming to visit me after not seeing him in sixteen years he is now twenty two years old, his mother and I divorced and she got custody of him when he was younger due the fact that I was in the military and traveling all over the world and not staying put too long in one place, My son Eric wants to get to know his father and I wanted to get to know my son, he is planning on staying the entire summer with me and we were going to bond as father and son, and not to mention getting to know one another.Eric’s plane is landing in 2 hrs and I’ve just finished cleaning the apartment up, I have a 1 bedroom apartment and bath, nothing special for me its just a place to eat and sleep, I still do a lot of overtime at work (no longer in the military) but still I work a lot, managed to get a week off work just to spend some time with him and get to know him, see his trip was arranged about a month ago, and were both looking forward to it,I manage to get my stuff together and drive to the airport to meet his plane, its on time which is a miracle and he steps off the runway ramp and I almost miss him, he has changed he is now about 6’2″ tall and very lean, not heavy about 180 lbs, but looking very good, but as I said I’ve not seen him physically for a long time, we catch up to each other and chat for a little bit, about what he has been doing, while chatting we go and gather his baggage, so we can get out of the busy airport, and maybe do some more talking about what I’ve missed while he grew up!We get his bags, and head to the car, he has to stop at the men’s room before leaving, so I figure I may as well try too for its about an hour ride from the airport to my apartment, I get the urinal right next to him, and were still chatting, he pulls out his cock and starts peeing like he’s been drinking all night long with no rest stop, there are no walls between stalls so I get to see what my son has on him, soft he had to be about 5-1/2 inches long, and looks to be quit thick too, but I’m trying not to get caught looking at my son’s cock, I still can’t go so I just pull my now getting harder cock a couple of times, and stuff it back in my pants and zip up.Eric finish up and puts his back in his pants too, now were on the road home I’m learning all about my son, and what he has been up too, he had a girlfriend and just broke up with her, she didn’t want him to come and visit me for the summer and she didn’t think it was fair she couldn’t come too, so she got pissed and broke it off, I found out all about his mother and step father, as he put it his mom was a royal bitch and john his step father was a great man, But I knew that already for john and I was fooling around in the military, I’m very open and very Bi-sexual, I love to have fun, that is one of the reasons for Eric’s mother and I divorced, she could not keep up with me, nor did she want to, but we split up on friendly terms, Or so I thought, More about that later.So I found out that my son was into the computer world and fixing and building new computers, hoping to get a good job in one of the larger companies that built them and worked on the technology for the up and coming markets.We finally get back to my apartment and Eric looks around, and see’s it just one bedroom and bathroom and kitchen, along with a living room, I told Eric that it was small but it worked for me, and that the sofa did pull out into a bed, but it was very uncomfortable, and that I had a king size bed in the bed room he could share with me if he didn’t mind sleeping in the same bed as his old man, he had no objections to sharing the bed, but he did make it clear that he slept in the nude, and could not sleep with any thing on his body, if that would be ok with me, I said sure I sleep nude too, love the freedom, he said no problems here dad, so with that we proceeded to put his things away in some space I made for him, and while putting his stuff away in the drawers I notice no underwear, I ask if this was a under site in his packing and he neglected to put his underwear in the bags, he said no he never wore underwear and had not worn them in about 5 years, I just said oh ok.We went to dinner at a local restaurant and had a pleasant meal and chatted about some family stuff, me learning lots about the family I didn’t know, and him getting some information on me too.After dinner we went to a local video store and got a couple of movies to watch, when we weren’t talking and I let him pick them out, he likes the action movies, and v******e but he choose movies that sounded good and I had not seen already so it was going to be a good night for us, I stopped and picked up some cokes, I didn’t know if he drank or not so all I had in the apartment was rum, and figured if he didn’t drink he could have coke to drink, but when we got back he said he did drink and ask for a rum and coke too, I fixed us both one and went to watch the movie too, gave him his drink and turned the movie on. He was wearing loose fitting shorts by now he had changed when we got home. So I did the same leaving my underwear off too, he was on the sofa and I was in my recliner I could see him perfectly and I notice he had his legs open just a little too much and I could see his cock and balls now, boy was this going to be interesting, but I didn’t want to scare him off on his first night here with me. And I didn’t want him to know that I was getting turned on by looking at his nice body either, so I had to play it cool, the movie was about half over and I was feeling no pain from the rum and was getting a bit tired too, for it had been a long day for me, I told Eric that I was going to turn in, he could stay up as long as he wanted, I went to my room and got undressed and took a shower, while in the shower Eric came in the bathroom and ask if he could use it, I said go ahead, so he just dropped his shorts, and sat down, I have a clear glass shower door on the shower, and there was no hiding nothing at this point, I continued to wash up and wash my hair, while rinsing my hair I opened my eyes to see Eric watching me, I started to get a hard on again so I rinsed and opened the door to get out and grab a towel, Escort Bayan told Eric to hand me one from the rack, he did and when he got up to get me the towel I noticed that his cock was just a little bit longer than the last time I seen it, So I rushed to dry off and get out of the bathroom, but again I didn’t want to scare him off on his first day with me.Eric came out of the bathroom while I was getting into bed, he noticed that I was getting into bed naked, he said he thought I was just making him comfortable or k**ding with him, I told you Eric I always sleep naked, shoot I don’t even like wearing cloths at all but have to around work and the apartment for there were too many k**s around and you know how parents can jump to conclusions right off the bat. I got into bed and turned the light off, Eric went back to the movie, I had one heck of a time falling asleep but finally managed to doze off, I have no idea as to what time Eric came to bed but I felt him getting into bed, I just rolled over and went back to sleep, the next morning when I woke up I found that Eric was cuddling right up against me with his leg d****d over mine, I could feel his morning woody on my thigh, and it felt good, his leg was over my cock too, and man my cock was so hard I thought it was going to burst, but I had to take a pee really bad, and I figured that is what it was from, so I moved Eric’s leg and he rolled over taking my hand with him when he did, and when I pulled my hand back it grazed his hard cock, and it jumped at that moment, so I lay there for a second or two and just say hell with it, I wanted to feel his cock and balls, so I just rolled over to my side and just let my hand land on his cock and balls, just waiting to see if he had any reaction to my movement, he didn’t just laid there still slightly snoring, so I just wrapped my hand around his cock and squeezed it, just to get a good feel of it, it jumped again, he still didn’t wake up, so I gave it a slight pull and then he began to stir, I just released it and acted like I was stretching, he just said good morning dad, hope I didn’t wake you when I came to bed, I said I hadn’t even felt him come to bed, I still had to go to the bathroom but I knew my cock was rock hard and Eric would see this, and might be embarrassed about it, but I thru caution in the wind and just thru the sheets off me and over him, and proceeded to get out of bed, and go to the bathroom, it was hard taking a piss with a cock that could split wood, but I managed to finish, when I went back to the bed room eric was just laying there sprawled out on the bed naked as the day he was born, very nice body slight body hair and a nice thick bush of pubic hair too, and his balls were covered in hair like mine, his cock was hard and I guess that it had to be about 9 or 9-1/2 inches long and as I imagined it was thick, and his balls were very large about the size of golf balls, and they hung low, for they were resting on the mattress, I just smiled and said looks like your going to stay in that position all day if you could, he agreed with me laughing, he was not even trying to cover up his hard cock from me seeing it, and I know he knew I was looking, with that he just reach down and scratched his balls and gave his cock a good pull not caring if I was watching or not, I go into the kitchen and turn on the coffee and get the food started eric gets up out of bed with his cock standing up attention and comes to the kitchen and says he’s going to take a shower, I say its fine, so I get the food cooked and he’s still in the shower I go in and say come on your using all the hot water and your foods getting cold, He says Ok but before I get out would you mind washing my back I can never get it all, and he usually had his girlfriend wash it for him, I say sure, I open the glass door and get the wash cloth and some soap and he turns and I get to washing his back, I get it good, and then I just go on down to his butt, its nice and tight and got the cutest bubble to it, I was in heaven washing his back and but his skin was so soft and very tight I was loving this, but again I didn’t want to get too carried away, but was he making advances to me, or was it just my imagination working overtime, ? I washed his butt again getting into the crack and feeling his rose bud and just letting my fingers run over it, I was getting turned on by my son, my cock was hard and standing again, being that I was still naked he could see it too, so I just went on doing that washing his back, then he says dad why don’t you get in the shower and I can wash yours too, Next thing I know is I’m in the shower with my son, facing him my hard cock hitting his, and he just smiling, he says dad turn around and let me wash your back for you so I can go and eat, I give him the wash cloth and soap he begins on my back he has good hands and knows how to used them from what I feel, he washes my back and continues down to my butt, where he takes his time washing the crack out and running his fingers over my rose bud then he continues down to the back side of my balls where he just cups them and rolls them around in his soapy hand, I’m in heaven and I don’t think that he knew what he was doing to me, he asks if he could wash the rest of me too, Its been a long time since I had that done and I tell him that, and say go ahead if you wish, but I could not be held responsible for what may happen, I said I was already excited and didn’t want to upset him, he said I was fine and didn’t need to worry about it, for he was also excited and he had nothing to hide from me either, so with that I turned hand he just stared at my cock which was not at full mass about 9 inches, and thick he started washing my chest which made my nipples stand up and point out, he was being very gentle and taking his time, then he did something that surprised me by getting on his knees and washing my stomach and pubic hair, he said that my hair was as thick as his and he knew were he got his hair from, then he started on my cock and balls and said that he could see the family resemblances and he was very happy that he could finally find out about me and what it was like to be back with Bayan escort his daddy, I turned and rinsed off and when I turned around again he was still on his knees, and he didn’t even flinch when my hard cock hit him in the face, but he did move to grab my cock with his hand and put it in his mouth, I was stunned that he did this, cause I wanted to do the same to him, but he suck my cock with a great tenderness then he sped up going the full length of my cock and even sticking his tongue out and licking my balls, this was too much for me to be getting the best head I have had by my own son, I told him I was going to cum if he didn’t stop soon, and he just sucked all that much harder and when I said I was going to cum again he just grabbed my ass and shoved my cock all the way in his mouth, till I was shooting the largest load I’ve ever shot. He drank all my cum down and stood up after giving my cock on last good sucking, then releasing it.I said now that you know your father its time for your father to get to know you too, all he said was feel free, I leaned into him and started licking his nipples and getting them nice and hard, then licking down his chest to his belly button and feeling the head of his cock on the under side of my chin, then I take his nice hard cock in my mouth and try to do the same thing he had just done to me, but his cock was bigger than mine, in both length and girth, so I did gag, and now taking my time I take him to the level I wanted to the night before, but now he is letting me his dad suck his cock and feel his balls rolling in my hand, he tells me he is ready to cum, but I want to watch my son shoot his cum I tell him to shoot it on my chest so I can watch him shoot his seed, I am still stroking his cock so I guess you could say I was jacking my son off, he wiggles and says he Cumming and with that I see him shoot his seed on my chest, and I cant resist I have to taste it, I take his cock while still shooting and stick it back in my mouth and start sucking it for all I was worth, and tasting his cum was sweet and sour at the same time, but I loved the taste, when he is finished Cumming I let his cock fall out of my mouth and get up so I could wash his cum off my chest and he just bends and starts licking his cum off my chest, this is too hot, and I’m getting hard again, he looks down and grabs my cock and says thanks dad its been a while since I’ve had man meat in my mouth, but I’m sure I’ve got other places for it to go too, with that he opens the shower and gets a towel and starts drying off, he says more will come later and I join him in drying off, then get dressed for the day,That was two years ago that my son came to visit, he never left and we have done lots of things since that day, including fucking suck and 3 ways, with both men and women, we have found out that we have a lot in common and plan to spend the rest of our days together, making love and being happy, Which we have enjoyed every day and every possible way of making love.More to this story will come soon, and by the way this is a real story to the best of my knowledge and ability to remember it.Eric had come to visit and it wound up being for 2 years, I wish it couldhave been more, He arrived and we had fun loads of fun, but I lovedlooking at his body, and taking photos of him, which I have by the way.And he loved posing for me.It all started when we first met, and he was just getting to know me, andhe gave me a shower and a blow job as I did the same for him.But to add to the story I must tell some of the there things that tookplace to give all a better understanding of what actually took place ondifferent days and different times, this will give you a betterunderstanding of how we are together open and honest and not hidingnothing.Eric had been back with me for about 2 weeks and he came back frompartying with some of his friends and he told me he was very sore he musthave pulled a muscle while dancing and it really hurt him to stand in astraight position. He took off his shirt and I looked to see if there wasany swelling and or bruises, there was none, then I told him to go soakin a hot bath and put some Epson salt in the water and it would make itfeel less painful for him, I was in the mist of doing some things aroundthe house, he went to my bathroom and ran a hot bath, I was doing a lotof things so I didn’t go in and sit and chat with him, but about 25minutes later he called for me and said he could not stand up to get outof the tub. I go into the bathroom where he is and ask him what in theheck he did, Dad I must have twisted the wrong way while dancing I askhim if he would like a nice rub down to make him feel better, (No I wasnot thinking of anything else at the time) but to make my boy feelbetter, I was concerned. I told him to lay on the bed and I would getsome oil to rub in his skin, told him to lay on a towel so the bed wouldnot get oil all over it, he did but to my surprise he just took the towelhe was drying off with and laid it on the bed then he laid on it nakedwith that nice bubble but staring me in the face, I was in my boxers so Ididn’t have to take any thing off to rub him down,I started by rubbing his legs got them nice and oily then continued tohis bubble butt, I notice that he had been shaved between his crack andask who did that for him, he said his friend Chris had done for him, justto get him laughing I said What else did Chris do for him, Oh dad youhave your mind in the gutter again he said, I replied is there a betterplace to leave ones mind… Both laughing I continued to rub his legs andbutt, mmmmm it was so nice to touch him every where I wanted….While rubbing his legs I let my fingers hit the back side of his ballsmany times and he never said a word, so I continued up his crack andrubbed his rose bud and wink at me. All he did was moan and say it feltso good. So I continued up to his lower back where I found the spot hesaid hurt him, his muscles was tight but I worked on it and worked on itfor a while till knot to loosened. Continuing up his back and down hisspine till I thought that my hands were going to fall off, so I shiftedpositions and put my knees on either side of his Escort head and started rubbingdownwards, he was really enjoying the attention I was giving him andneedless to say that while I was helping my son out with a pulled musclein his back I had an attack of a pulling muscle in my boxers, it was hardand trying to get out, the fly on the shorts were doing nothing to keepmy cock in side my shorts the head kept coming out of them, I keptstretching downwards to massage him and low and behold my cock wasrubbing on his hair and it felt great, I’ve always been one that loveshair, body facial or otherwise, I love it all, this went on for a whileand I was getting weaker from the rubbing of my cock on his head, I wasgetting tired, just then Eric said dad hang on you can do the front tooand with this he rolled over in on swift motion before I had a chance tomove or anything, so I just applied the oil to his chest and startedrubbing, this is when I realized that when I was going with the lowerstrokes that my balls were running right over his face, and that my cockhead was sticking out of the boxers again, Eric seen me putting it backin, then again and again, finally he said dad wouldn’t it be easier ifyou just took them off, So I did, Like I said I was hard, and he had seenme like this before so I didn’t pay it any mind, I took the shorts offand continued with the rub down stretching down to his waist line, andall the while my cock and balls were running over his eyes, nose andmouth, and over his goatee which I love the feeling of so I just kept itup, next thing I know is that my son Eric had his tongue out and waslicking my cock and balls with each down stroke, and again with the upstroke, I was so turned on that I almost forgot about the rub down andwanted to shove my hard throbbing cock in his mouth, so I just stoppedrubbing and got on my knees so that my son could lick his daddies ballsif that is what he chose to do! But I got a bright idea at this time so Itold him to hang on and I would be right back, I went and washed my handsof the oil, grabbing the digital camera, went back into the room where hewas still laying there naked with a hard cock standing on end wantingsome attention, so I got back into my position and told eric that Iwanted to take some more pictures of him, which I proceeded to take someof his naked body and me stroking his cock, him stroking his cock andplaying with his balls too, telling eric I wanted some good pictures ofme sucking his cock and licking his balls he would have to take themthough, he agreed to this with no hesitation, so I gave him a towel toclean his hands off and handed him the camera, where I really got intosucking his cock knowing he was taking photos of me sucking his cock andlicking and sucking his balls, I loved it, this went on for a while hegot some great shots of me sucking him and licking him I think about 25pictures and I got more daring to, I said well i’ve got the pictures ofme sucking your cock now its time for me to take some of you sucking andlicking me, Not knowing what he would say or how he would react, so I gotback to me over his face with my cock and balls and proceeded to rub themover his face by just hanging there (well my cock was standing) it seemedlike forever he was just laying there doing nothing, no tongue on myballs, and his lips seemed dry so I told him to lick his lips andcontinued to rub..I did this for a while and told him to lick again then I changedpositions so that I could rub my cock over his moustache and goatee, andgetting my cock right on his lips, man this was awesome they felt so nicebut dry I told him to wet his lips again and he did then I told him tostick his tongue out and let me get my dick head nice and wet to make itsmoother while rubbing my cock on his tongue I knew if I kept this up Iwould shoot a load very soon so I told him I was going to take somepictures, asking him to hold my cock on his lips and tongue, this is whenhe grabbed my cock like it was a piece of crystal and proceeded to holdit on his tongue softly and then Eric started to rub it on his tonguejust going back and forth, this was an awesome feeling that only a fatherknows having his son hold his cock and rub it on his tongue, the feelingwas getting to be too much for me so I figured I should stop and rest fora moment but Eric said to take some good pictures of him and me. That iswhen he opened his mouth and suck my whole head in, and shut his moutharound it, talking about being in the best place you have ever been thiswas it, and still ready to shoot a load but didn’t want to scare him byshooting in his mouth, I was still surprised he had my cock in his mouth,so I didn’t want to push it too far and scare him off, but he would notlet up, I continued to take pictures of this, him licking my cock suckingit and licking my balls, all the while holding my cock in his hands andplaying with my balls, I was in heaven and ready to cum, telling Ericthis he just sucked harder on my hard cock, now it was going down histhroat Oh the feeling, mmmm I cant tell you how good this felt, so thecum building in my balls was now traveling up the length of my cock andgetting ready to shoot him in the mouth, but he just kept sucking andsucking and there it hit, shot after shot went into his mouth, he finallylet my cock go and it was still shooting on his moustache and goatee,along with the rest of his face, so I took my cock with was still hardand rubbed my cum in his facial hair then proceeded to go down and lickmy cum off his face, this he must have loved cause he got hard again andI went back to his cock and got more pictures of him shooting his cum onmy tongue and on my face which he then proceeded to clean up with histongue,As I said this is how things actually got started and now he owns a housenot far from me and he comes by on a weekly visit to see his daddy. Andto take care of things we both need. We are now not only father and son,but best friends and lovers! Its an awesome feeling to know the one youlove is loving you back. There is a lot more to this story and there willbe more to follow, hopefully it wont take as long to post for you toread.Hope you all like it. just wanted to let you know how it started, andnext story may be about some of my son’s friends who likes to serviceEric’s daddy too, and Eric actually came in on a couple of occasions tojoin in. But that’s a new story to be told later. Let me know if youlike it., thanks for reading.

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