Stepsister Fuck True Story


Stepsister Fuck True StoryI first started spying on my step sister at the age of thirteen. I had already started masturbating on a daily basis just imagining Linda naked and had to constantly remind myself to stop staring at her gorgeous tits when in her presence. Linda is 6 years older then me and was a stunning looking nineteen year old woman when I first seen her naked through her bedroom window, she has long ass length jet black hair with perfect 36C tits and trimmed but thick black landing strip over her beautiful pussy. On the first night I seen her getting undressed in her room after she had been out with friends, I was also coming home from a friends place where my friend Justin and I had found his Dad’s porn collection and had been watching porn all night, needless to say I was already sporting super wood before I got home but had hit the absolute mother load when sneaking through our back yard to get into the house without being caught (yes I had a curfew) and seeing Linda’s bedroom light on with her curtains just open enough for me to peep through them. There I was with precum already dribbling into my shorts and my sexy as hell stepsister looking at her ass in her floor length mirror in her skin tight denim jeans and black AC/DC t-shirt. Approximately 2mins (or 30 strokes of my cock) passed with little change until as quick as I could blink she raised her arms over her head taking her t-shirt with them revealing to me for the very first time her awesome tits, I literally squirted precum into my hand the moment I laid eyes on her perfect erect nipples, she ran her hands from her shoulders down over her tits and all the way down over her ass and legs. I nearly fell off the brick I was standing on to see through her window when she started to undo the button and fly of her jeans. The jeans were so tight I could clearly see the shape of her pussy lips between her thighs. She had to roll them down her legs to remove them which required her to bend at the hips to get them all the way down and off, this sent fireworks going off in my head and cock as I got a front row seat to her sensational ass and pussy all in the one view. I immediately shot stream after stream of thick cum all over our house side wall. I was so preoccupied with my orgasm Escort I didn’t even see my stepsister get into her nighty and hop into bed.After my first taste of Linda’s naked body I became obsessed with her. I started going into her room when she wasn’t home and going through her underwear, yes even wearing some of her sexier stuff and really getting off on how the material felt on my hard cock knowing it would soon be rubbing against her wet pussy sometime soon. It took me a long time but I eventually stumbled upon her vibrator and relished the musky smell and taste of her pussy. I longed for the chance to taste it for real, slide my tounge deep into her pussy and feel her cum squirt into my mouth, this wouldn’t happen until a number of years later.For quite a few years by now we had both matured and gone onto live our separate lives, we were both single when our brother was to get married, I had moved interstate so I was very excited when I Linda offered me to stay at her place for the weekend so we could go to the wedding together. The one thing Linda failed to mention during all this time was that she had taken in an old flat mate Trudy, (we had a fleeting drunken moment years earlier) so I was even more excited when she greeted me with a huge smile and a knowing look in her eyes when I arrived. After all the pleasantries were over we proceeded to drink some my stepsisters finest bourbon and catch up on all that had happened in the intervening years. About half way through our first bottle Linda got up to go pee, as soon as Trudy heard the bathroom door shut she had her hand on my throbbing cock and her tounge down my throat, I ran my right hand up her inner thigh until I could feel her already soaking wet pussy through her shorts, just as I was about to reach her breasts with my left hand we both heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door open, Trudy let out a sexy low moan and slid back into her chair just as Linda walked back into the room, I could tell she knew something was up but she said nothing, it might have been my tent in my shorts or Trudy’s hugely erect nipples, it wouldn’t have taken a rocket scientist to figure it out.As is always what happens when Linda drinks to much she gets very emotional, at this Escort Bayan point Trudy having heard it all before decided to go to bed, leaving Linda and I sitting together on the couch as she poured her heart out about her latest heartbreak. As sad as I thought it was I still couldn’t get rid of my hard-on. Being able to see most of Linda’s right breast as I looked down her top wasn’t helping at all. I almost jumped out of my skin when Linda burst out in tears and dropped her head into my lap to lay across the couch and cry some more. Her crying abruptly stopped as the head of my cock almost went into her left ear through my shorts, her head flew around and looked straight at my throbbing cock I’m sure she could see the wet patch that was now appearing at the front of my shorts from the precum I was producing. Expecting shock and horror on her face when she looked up at me I was very surprised to see the sexiest grin I have ever seen on any woman’s face both before or since that moment. I went from being disastrously embarrassed to purely delighted in a single instant.Linda looked at my cock and back at my face again, seemingly debating over the moral implications of what she wanted to do to me, I got the results a fraction of a second later when she flicked her tounge across the soaking wet material covering the head of my cock, she licked her lips and grinned even bigger as she caught the taste of my cum in her mouth for the first time. She took the head (still wrapped in my shorts) into her mouth and let her hot breath make my cock twitch. Feeling the head grow even bigger in her mouth made her giggle and let it pop out of her mouth like a popsicle. I could hardly take it anymore but I didn’t want to ruin it by trying to take control so I let her tease me to her hearts content. I was let of the hook a few moments later when she finally slid my soaking wet cock out of my shorts and letting it slap against her tounge. She immediately took me all the way into her mouth until my throbbing head stabbed the back of her throat. By this time I had finally realised that I now had the green light to finally touch the body of the woman I had been obsessed about for over a decade so I reached down nervously ( I don’t know why Bayan Escort I was still nervous, my cock was by now deep in her throat???) and started to massage her breasts through her top, her nipples were already erect and slid between my fingers naturally, her breasts felt fantastic but it was her throat that was feeling all to good. I reluctantly asked her to stop so I didn’t cum to soon, I had dreamt of her pussy swallowing my cock since I was thirteen, she gave the head of my cock one last lick and looked straight into my eyes and said I know!!! She had noticed the way I had looked at her body whenever I thought she wasn’t looking and she just knew it was me that kept messing up her underwear draw all those years ago. I was surprised to see that she wasn’t wearing underwear under her shorts as she slid them off over her feet, again I got that view that started it all off those many years ago of her perfect ass and pussy bent over but this time it was right in front of my eyes and close enough for me to lean forward and lick it…….so I did, I grabbed her ass and pulled her towards me and proceeded to lick from her clit right round to her puckered asshole. mmmmmmmmmm it smelt and tasted so fine I thought I was in heaven, she let me enjoy myself for a little while until her pussy was yearning for something more, she allowed me to keep hold of her ass and guide her pussy straight onto my cock as she mounted me cowgirl. Her pussy swallowed my cock balls deep on the first stroke and I swear I passed out just for a second, all the years of sexual tension all hit me as soon as my cock bottomed out in her pussy. To my surprise within a few minutes Linda strangled my cock and started moaning really loud, she came so hard her juices squirted down my balls and pooled around my ass, I was so delighted she had cum before me and saved me the embarrassment I thought was sure to occur by me coming to soon I relaxed and started fucking her even harder to try and prolong her orgasm, she never stopped cuming, right up until I finally couldn’t take it any longer and cum so hard I thought it would cum out her nose, she finally collapsed beside me on the couch until both our breathing settled down.As we lay on the couch not saying anything just lightly caressing each other I finally heard her breathing become more even and deeper so I covered her so she would remain warm and walked quietly towards Trudy’s room where she lay sleeping quietly……….I will let you know how the night ended another time 😉

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