Subject: Strike Two Chapter 28 (Adult/Youth he also knew he would have to keep himself in check. “Trust me Ash. They are going to listen to us. Plus, the coaches will be here in the suites. So, if we have any problems. We will just have to talk with the coaches.” Don told Ash. The two-teens moved from room to room checking to make sure everything was in place. Don smiled at the cute young man who was with him checking to make sure every room was clean and had the team’s new uniforms on their beds and that each room had the Easton equipment that was being supplied for each team. Once the two teens finished, they headed back to the room they shared. Donny Shelly was from Spencer, Iowa and lived with his grandparents. His first love is baseball and his second love was being around baseball. He played on the American Legion Baseball team. He was one of the top players on the team and was selected to be part of the volunteer crew that would help the teams at the Little League World Series. Donny stands five feet six inches, weighs around one hundred forty-five pounds, with brown hair, and hazel eyes. Donny is only a sophomore in school but is one of the top athletes at his school. Part of that reason is he goes to a small private school. Ashley Pence is also a Sophomore in school. He also played baseball and loved the sport. But he really enjoyed running cross country. His father David Pence was the Head of all the Volunteers at the Williamsport baseball. David is also the head of Pence Real Estate and Property Sales. One of the largest Real Estate companies on the east coast. Ash only met his father a year ago, somehow, he had found out that Ash’s mother had past away and that Ashley had been living in foster care for the last four years. David called to Portland, where Ashley had been taken when he was a baby. He had lost track of them once they moved. He would still have to pay child support, but never knew where the money went. He only learned about Ashley’s mother being dead when he got a letter from the foster care program. David got a hold of his lawyers and demanded custody of his son. Now it has been a year and David convinced his son to be one of the floor managers with Don Shelly a boy his age. Donny kept looking at Ash when his back was turned, He had to admire his young teen friend. He was really handsome and was very shy. They shared a room and had been staying there since Monday. It was really more like and apartment than a room. All the floor managers were put in pairs. Donny and Ash were the youngest of the floor managers but were probably more respected by players because they were closer to their age. Don found out that Ash was really shy the first day they were in the apartment. The Apartment had a kitchen, living room, a big bedroom with twin beds and a bathroom. They were unpacking their clothes and Donny was unpacking his underwear and Ash must have notice, because he was blushing and looking away. Donny laughed to himself it was nothing to be embarrassed about they were going to be seeing each other in their underwear while staying in the apartment for the next two weeks. It was even possible to see each other naked while going to the bathroom while showering, so Donny did not know why Ash would be so shy. Donny was able to see Ash during the first days at the Grove. It was by accident and he was surprised by what he saw. For a teen his size his penis was the size of a full-grown adult. It had to be at least six inches soft from what he could see. Donny was no slouch himself with a soft five inches. He had one of the bigger penises in his class. There was only one other boy in his class that was bigger than him and his name was Justin Porter. Justin was just a few months older than Donny. They even lived close to each other and had been friends when they were younger. But Justin did not play sports he was into reading, science and math. The only reason he knew Justin was bigger than him was, because of P.E.. Donny had the locker next to Justin and got a good look on the first day of school. Ever since then he could not stop looking at it when they had Phys Ed together. Donny found himself checking the other boys too. It was not like he was gay or even bisexual. He was just curious; he would even go on line and checkout guys on line. Donny had a girlfriend back home and she was cute. But something about Ash made him curious to try new things and if he could convince this shy boy to do something, he knew the two of them would enjoy the time they spent together. Ashley did notice, he knew Donny had been checking him out. He figured his shy act might cause Donny to check him out while they were together. He liked Donny the moment he saw him. He was cute and was the type of boy he liked. He might be able to do something with him if that is something Donny would want to do. *** “Welcome to the Grove sport facilities. This will be your home while you are here. Only ballplayers and coaches are allowed to come to the buildings. As instructed the coach are not allowed on the players floors. But they are allowed to dine with the players and use the meeting rooms. Now if you will follow me I will take you to meet your floor manager.” the young man said after everyone got out of the van Carter drove to the Little League Ballpark. From what Adian and his teammates saw as they enter the ballparks, they were amazed at the ballfields from what they could see. It was an awesome sight to see and to think they would be playing on those ballfields. The boys were excited Blake and Ben could see it in their face. In a way Ben was excited too. He was going to be spending two weeks with his boyfriend, and he gets to watch these amazing kids play baseball. He was lucky enough to see them play at the state tournament, with his brother and Blake’s cousin Kyle Holand. Ben felt himself lucky to be invited to coach alongside Blake. Ben had Blake as a coach in high school and was lucky enough to be on last year’s State championship team. So, it was exciting to see Blake lead another team to a State championship, now they would be playing for the World Championship. This was totally amazing and was going to be fun. *** “Okay guy’s, once you have everything unpacked head over to conference room three. We will go over what we are going to practice this afternoon. Remember to grab something to eat before coming.” Blake told the boys before heading over to his apartment. Donny and Ash met the boys as they got off the elevator. “Hi, my name is Donny and this here is Ash. If you need anything you can come to our room and we will be happy to help you out. While you are here the first few day’s, we would like you to wear name tags so we can get to know your names.” “Each team has fifteen rooms to divide amongst yourselves. You can have guests in your room but you will not be able to have overnights. Only players and coaches are allowed in the sleeping areas. Parents are allowed to visit, but they are not allowed in the players area. So, they have to stay in the dining area. That is the only place they are allowed. Those are the rules. If you have any problems Please come and get us are rooms are just down the hall.” Ashley told the group of boys in front of him. He wasn’t sure if this was the team from the Midwest. But they were a diverse group of kids. From what he could see there izmit sınırsız escort bayan were White, Black, Hispanic and Asian kids playing together on one team. It was cool. All the Cougars rooms were on the left had side and Adian decided to take the first room at the end of the hall. It was closest to the floor managers. He figured if someone had a problem, they should talk to the captain of the team first. Even though Adian was not the only captain on the team, he had taken the role on himself and Kristopher decided to let him. Adian was as natural a leader as he was a natural athlete. The first thing Adian noticed was the new uniform jersey on his bed. Along with the helmet, batting gloves, elbow pad baseball glove and shin pads. “Wow this is so cool.” he said to no one, he stood looking at all the new clothing and equipment. He had to try it on and show it off to the rest of the guys. He quickly took off his clothes and put on his new uniform and headed out into the hallway. He was not surprised to see some of his team mates dressed in their new uniforms. They were laughing and having a good time when they heard Donny and Ashley coming around the corner with another group of boys. The boys rushed back to their rooms. They were not supposed to be wearing the new uniforms till tomorrow’s game. Adian made it back to his room just as the next group of boys rounded the corner. He closed his door as the boys from the next group came into view,. Adian listened to Donny and Ash give the next group their speech. Then someone else spoke. He recognized the language as Japanese. Whoever was speaking was not doing a very good job, because one of the boys who understood English spoke so the rest of the group understood what Donny and Ash told them. “Wow, at least one of the boys spoke English.” Adian thought to himself. Adian changed his clothes back to what he was wearing earlier. He looked at the clock and noticed it was time to go down and have their team meeting. Once in the hallway, he met with his team mates and they headed down to their meeting room. *** Blake had everything setup for the boys when they entered the room. “Hey, Guys it is good to see you could make it in time. Have a seat and let’s get started.” Blake told the boys. For the next hour he went over his plans and how they would work them. He even had videos of the team they would be playing explaining who was who on the team. Their strengths and their weakness. He also went on to tell that the team they would be facing had gone undefeated at their regional tournament. Only one team in their group had lost one game, but they came back to win the whole thing. Once the meeting was over Blake and Ben took them down to the dining hall to have a snack and then head up to change for practice later that afternoon in the batting cages. Blake and Ben headed back to their apartment to change. Blake and Ben talked over what they were going to do at the batting cages and what they were going to work on while having the boy’s bat. Adian came out of his room and saw two Japanese boys standing across the hall from his room. It was the two boys from the swimming pool. He thought for a moment then recalled their names Miki and Ryo. “Kon’nichiwa Ryō to Miki” Adian said. (hello Ryo and Miki) “Anata ga yakyū o shite iru no o shiranakatta nodesu ka?” (I didn’t know you played baseball?) “Anata ga nihongo o hanaseru to wa shirimasendeshita?” “(I didn’t know you spoke Japanese?”) “Do you mind if we speak english? My Japanese is not very good.” Adian told them. “Your Japanese is very good. If I did not know better, I would think you were from Japan.” Ryo said in English. Miki looked at Ryo not understanding some of the things Ryo said. He knew he would tell him later. “This is my room. Adian added in English. “That is so cool, this is my room and Miki is right next door to me.” Ryo said. Ryo then told Miki what he told Adian. Adian smiled when Miki looked at him understanding that they were going to be next to each other. “Where are you going?” Miki asked in broken English. “We have batting practice at three. Do you have practice today?” Adian asked. Ryo and Miki looked at each other and then told Adian they had practice after they have supper. “Well, if you are not doing anything you are welcome to join us. We are going to be at the batting cages three and four. If you are interested.” Adian told the Japanese boys. Then told them he would see them later. Then headed out to the batting cages. After Adian left Ryo and Miki headed back into Ryo’s room. Miki helped Ryo unpack his bags and helped him hang up his new uniform and put his new equipment into his new equipment bag. Of course, they had to try on their new jersey’s sliding pants and pants. Ryo took every opportunity he could, to get a good look at his friend Miki when they changed into their uniforms. Neither boys were shy but Ryo noticed that Miki has started to grow in certain places. Ryo got a good look at Miki’s uncut three-inch soft dick with several black wiry hairs just above the base. Ryo often compares himself to Miki. Luckily he was a little bigger but not by much and his hair was thicker and when hard he was a good five and a quarter inch. Both Miki and Ryo were able to cum and were both bigger than the other boys on the team. “Hey, let’s go check out how Adian’s doing. Something tells me he is a good baseball player.” Miki said. Ryo was surprised that Miki was interested in seeing Adian. Ryo knew he wanted to see him to but for other reasons. Ryo thought Adian was really cute. He had already seen him half naked at the pool the day before and wondered what he would look like naked. With that in mind he and Miki made their way to the batting cages. Once there they watched as the team took batting practice. They were surprised at all the boys and how well they hit the ball. But if they were surprised by the Cougar’s players they were amazed when Adian came up to bat. Like usual Adian hit every pitch to come off the pitching machine. Sure, some were fouled off, but most were hard hit line drives or hard-hit balls. Ryo stood watching Adian with awe and reverence. He had never seen anyone that strong. Aaron just happened to be standing close. So, Ryo decided to talk to him. “Excuse me, But how long has he been playing?” “Aaron was surprised to see the two Japanese boys watching and answered him. “Him?” Aaron pointed? “You mean Adian?” Aaron asked “Yes. Adian, how long has he been playing baseball?” Ryo asked again. “Well, Adian started playing baseball this spring. His friend Kristopher asked him to join the team. So, this is his first year.” Aaron told the young Japanese boys. Both Miki and Ryo looked at each other in surprise. “Does he play any other sports like swimming or diving?” Ryo asked. Aaron looked at the two boys and thought a moment. “I know he likes to run. He won the junior marathon this summer and I think he was into diving but our school does not have a swim team that I know of.” Aaron told the two boys. Just then Adian stepped out of the batting cage and saw Aaron talking to Ryo and Miki. “N�” Ryō, Miki. Anata ga kitekurete ureshīdesu.” (Hey Ryo, Miki. I am glad to see you came.) Adian called out. “Kon’nichiwa Adian. O ai dekite yokattadesu.” (Hi Adian. It is good to see you.) Miki called out evinde görüşen escort before Ryo had a chance to say anything. Aaron just stared at Adian as he walked over to greet the two Japanese boys. ” I see you have met my good friend Aaron.” Adian said to Miki and Ryo. “Yes, he is a very nice young man.” Ryo replied then told Miki what he told Adian. “We were just talking about you.” Aaron said. “Well, I hope it was all good.” Adian replied and gave a little chuckle. Then the four boys talked while others began to gather around. “What time is your game tomorrow?” Adian asked. “We don’t play until 3 p.m.” Ryo answered. “We play at eleven in the morning you should come to watch our game.” Adian answered. “I will ask our coach.” Ryo said in reply. Blake called the boys over and Adian said he would see Miki and Ryo later and went off to see what his coach wanted. Blake had the boys take one of the practice fields and had them Take infield and outfield practice. Ryo and Miki left because they had to get back to the dorms and change to get ready for their turn in the batting cages. The three boys did not see each other till the next morning before breakfast. Blake Also told the boys they were not allow to go for a morning run since they had a game at Eleven in the morning. So, instead of running in the morning they could go for a nice long run that evening and he would even join them. Everyone agreed that they would go out for a run after everyone changed. Once back at the grove the boys changed and got ready for their run. Ash had noticed the boys from the Midwest Region had come back and asked Adian what they were going to go do. Adian informed him they would be going out for an evening run. Ash then asked Adian if he could join them, Adian did not see a problem with him joining them. So, while Adian went in to change so did Ash. He met Adian coming out of his room and the two headed downstairs to wait for the rest of the team. Ash suggested the route for the team and they headed out. Adian was surprised the young teen was able to keep up with him. He figured the teen would be running at the back of the pack. “I take you are a cross country runner.” Ash asked Adian. “Not really, I just like to run. I do it every morning and night.” Adian replied “So, have you run in any marathons?” Ash asked Adian. Adian had to think for a bit then told him he ran in the Hornet Marathon at home. He also told him he won the junior division with the time of 2 hours and thirty-one minutes. “That is a fast time how long was the marathon? Ash asked “26 miles, I came in second overall. I would have won, but I took the wrong turn and had to back track and the leader won by thirty-one seconds.” Adian told the young teen. Ash was amazed that this kid that stood five foot one was that good of a runner. When they got back to the Grove the boys did one lap around the dorms as their cool down. All the boys were too tired to do anything else but eat and go to bed. At supper Blake reminded the boys to be up at 8 a.m.. To eat and then get dressed and meet him in their assigned conference room. *** Cougars vs. New Castle (Midwest vs. Great Lakes.) Once the boys had breakfast, they headed out to the practice fields. Blake had the boys warm up their arms before they started to throw a baseball. Once they finished the boys began to play catch. Like usual Aaron paired up with Adian. He liked playing catch with Adian because he never made him run for the ball. Once they finished with that Blake called out the starting lineup. Freddy Olson second base Aaron Danvers third base Kristopher Heinze shortstop Adian Parks pitcher Eric Hopper Right field JD Smith Center field RJ Johnson Left field Carlos Lavia catcher Peter Philips first base When he finished telling the boys their positions, he had them take infield. While Ben and John Parsons took the rest of the boys and took outfield. When they finished, they picked up their equipment and headed over to Lamade Stadium before they took a dugout, they had to flip to see who would be home team and away team. So, Blake had Adian and Kristopher do the flip. Like normal Adian called the toss and won home field advantage. New Castle took the field while the boys from Wilton were asked to stand in front of the camera and play pepper with the Little League World Series Mascot Dugout. After the New Castle team finished their warm ups the cougars took the field. The umpire gave Adian twelve pitches to warmup but after the eight pitch Adian told the umpire he was ready. The first three batters went down on nine straight pitches. *** “Good morning baseball fans and welcome to the Little League World Series opening day. I am Calvin Jones your announcer for this mornings game. The Midwest Regional Champions the Wilton Cougars from Wilton, Minnesota with a record of 35 – 0 Vs. The Great lakes Regional Champions from New Castle, Indiana who are 32 – 3 but went undefeated during regional play. Pitching for The Wilton Cougars is a young man by the Name of Adian Parks and he has won twenty one of those 35 games and has pitch nine shut out games. But he will be going up against another tough young pitcher from New Castle by the name of Leon Johansson who has an equally impressive pitching record with 15 wins out of the 35 games with four shutout games. So, we could be in for a pitching duel.” “You might be right about that Calvin and it looks like Adian Parks is setting out right away to win this game he has already struck out the first three batters to end the top of the first inning.” “Ladies and Gentlemen that is my partner and color commentator Joe Blauke. Joe you have done a little research on these two pitchers who do you think is the better pitcher?” Well I was at the Minnesota State Tournament and got to see the Wilton Cougars play and they have some mighty fine hitters on the team. So, this pitcher might have a tough time against these boys. “Here is the first pitch to the Cougars second baseman Freddy Olson, and it is in for strike one. Freddy has been one of the main players along with his Brother Bobby Olson who is also a top player for the Wilton Cougars.” “Freddy squares and lays down a nice bunt just down the first baseline. He is on.” *** Aaron steps up and looks down the third base line to get the sign from Coach Johnson. Ben is coaching the third baseline in place of Blake. Aaron gets the signal to swing away. Just like Freddy, Aaron watch the first pitch go by. Aaron stepped out looked at Ben then stepped back in. He watched as the pitcher got set. Aaron did what David, Blake and Adian had told him to watch the ball from the windup to the release all the way to the sweet spot on his bat. Ting Aaron tucked his head and ran for first base not looking up. He got the signal to go to second base where he was stopped by Ben at third base. He looked up to see that the ball was coming in from right center. He would learn later it had dropped just in between the centerfielder and the right fielder. Kristopher was the next up to bat. Kristopher was the second-best hitter on the team and was set to watch the first pitch. But instead of watching he jumped on the first pitch and popped it up to the shortstop for the first out. Adian stepped up to the plate next. “Adian Parks is said to be the best hitter on the Wilton kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan team.” “Yes, he holds the Minnesota state record at 21 homeruns at the State Tournament home run derby and had 7 home runs at the Regional Tournament. It will be interesting to see how he does here at the Little League World Series.” Calvin said during his comments. Ting “Did you see that. That is amazing it is half way up the hill.” Joe said as they watch the ball roll down the hill with several young boys chasing the ball. “With the score three to nothing this might be a good game.” Calvin replied. Eric stepped up to the plate and hit the ball to left center for the next out. Then RJ stepped in to finish the inning with out number three. Adian stepped up to the pitcher’s mound knowing that the next batter up was the number four batter. His first pitch was a fastball straight down the middle. The New Castle player watched as the first pitch went by for a called strike one. Adian went into his windup and threw the next pitch inside and the young player swung and got a piece of that pitch and went foul down the first base line. Peter made an attempt to catch the ball but it hit up against the foul ball fence. Adian’s next pitch was once again across the center of the plate and the umpire called strike three. The next two batters never stood a chance against Adian. At the bottom of the second inning JD hit a single up the middle and Carlos hit a hard single down the third baseline for a single and move JD to second. Peter went down on four pitches. Freddy once more bunted to move everyone up one base. Aaron stepped in and drove DJ home on a single past first base. Ben held Carlos at third base. Kristopher stepped in and drove Carlos and Freddy home with a double into left field. Adian stepped up to the plate once more the pitcher looked to his coaches and then back to his catcher. The catcher stepped out and the pitcher threw the ball for ball one. Adian stepped out and looked at Ben who signaled him to square for a bunt. Adian smiled He knew exactly what Ben wanted him to do. When he stepped back in to the batter’s box he squared right away. The infield moved in and the pitcher had no idea what he was going to do. He looked at his coach and then went into his windup. From what Adian could tell the catcher wasn’t going to move this time. When the pitcher began his motion Adian pulled his bat back and waited for the pitch. But the pitch never came, the pitcher pulled back and the second base umpire called a balk. The New Castle coaches came out to protest but were turned back by the umpire at third base. Aaron went home while Kristopher moved to third base. With the count still one ball and no strikes Adian resumed his Hitting stance. The pitcher went into his windup and the catcher move to the corner of the plate. Adian wondered if they were going to pitch out or try to hit the corner of the plate. Adian watched and got his bat ready. When he saw where the ball was going, he swung hard. Ting Adian duct his head and ran to first base, John waved Adian to second base. As he rounded second, he looked toward Ben who was signaling him to come to third. Ben had him slide as he was just under the tag. with the score now Eight to nothing, Eric stepped up to bat. The pitcher from New Castle figured he had struck out Eric the first at bat. So, he figured he could do it again. Eric watched as the pitcher went into his wind up. Ting Eric tucked his head and ran to first base. John held him at first as Adian made his way to home plate. RJ stepped up to home plate after giving Adian a high five. RJ went down fighting but was able to move Eric to second base on a fly ball to left field. JD went down on a full count. Once again, the New Castle batters went down in order. Adian was pitching a perfect game. nine batters with 27 pitches. There had only been four other pitchers in history of the little league doing that. Blake had a decision to make. Should he keep Adian in the game or put Kristopher in at relief. He wanted to keep Bobby Olson for the next game. He really wanted to keep Adian in as the pitcher, he knew if he pitched the whole game, he would not be able to use him till the final game of their pool play. But he also had a strong pitching staff to choose from for the upcoming games. Carlos stepped in knowing this was his last at bat. He wanted to at least get on base. He stepped into the batter’s box and got set. He drove the ball over the second base for a single. Peter stepped in and drove the ball over the first baseman’s head for a single moving Carlos to second. Freddy stepped up to bat and the infield moved in to stop the bunt. Freddy squared and pulled back just as the pitcher delivered the pitch for strike one. Freddy squared again keeping the infield pulled in as the pitch was release Carlos took off for third base and peter moved to second. Freddy had done his job and moved the runners into scoring position. He stepped out and looked down the third base line for the sign from Ben who gave him the sign to swing away. Freddy stepped in and swung at the next pitch. Ting Freddy drove the ball into right field scoring Carlos and moving Peter to third base. With the score now ten to nothing. Blake made the decision to keep Adian in the game. He figured Adian would be able to take the next three batters down. Aaron stepped in and hit the ball to left field but was held at first base.. Kristopher stepped in and flew out to center field. Adian stepped in and hit the ball over the second baseman’s head for a single. Scoring Freddy and moving Aaron to third base. Eric stepped up to bat with all intentions to drive both Aaron and Adian home. But Eric hit a flyball to right field where the New Castle right fielder made a great diving catch for the third out. Blake made his changes Bobby went into right field, Jose went into catch for Adian, Peter Corona went in at first, Sean Marcus went into left field and Bryan Mars went into center field. Jose warmed up with Adian. Since Jose was a new catcher the umpire let Adian warm him up so he would get used to being in the game. “Play ball” the umpire called out. Adian never gave the New Castle batters a chance to even get close to the ball. Striking out all three batters. *** Ryo, Miki and Tama sat with the Wilton cheering section and watched in amazement as they watched Adian pitch and then go in to hit. They had heard from some of the coaches talking that it would be a close game between the New Castle little league All-stars and the Wilton Cougars. Most were talking that New Castle team would walk all over the Wilton team. Since the players from New Castle were All-star players. Tama asked Ryo if he knew the team from the Midwest Region were going to be that good. Ryo told Tama he and Miki had met Adian on Wednesday night and figured he was a swimmer, but did not know he was this good at baseball. This was going to be a interesting tournament. 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