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Subject: Strike Two Chapter 32 (Adult/Youth & Athletics) Strike Two Chapter 32 Disclaimers: Everything you read in this story is my intellectual property and as such should be treated with utmost respect. The people described are not living, breathing human beings mind you. They exist only in the realm of pure imagination. The people described in the story do not really exist, but are rather the combination of several different people. Thus, they do not exist. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO REAL PEOPLE IS ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL ON MY PART. All other disclaimers/rules/procedures apply. If you are under the legal age of viewing this material (depending upon where you live, that could be any age) please direct yourself to something else that will occupy your time. I’ve read plenty of Nifty stories over the years, and have enjoyed many of the stories that I consider good, now I’m just trying to pay it forward. It’s going to be a chapter story, so if you are looking for a quick toss-off better move onto the next story. Other than that, I sincerely hope you enjoy my story. Constructive criticism/feedback/comments are duly appreciated. Please direct them to my email at razorbald@yahoo. All are welcomed. Thanks again for reading. Blade Strike Two Chapter 32 Adian laid on his bed thinking back to what had happened earlier today. He had fun going for a run with Ryo and then going to the Williamsport High school to go diving with Ryo and Miki. He was actually surprised at the size of both Ryo and Miki. They were actually bigger than his own father. Both Ryo and Miki were even bigger than some of his friends. This made Adian wonder if they would continue to grow as they went through puberty. Adian knew he would grow bigger because his uncle Logan was big at the age of fourteen. Adian was also surprised how Ryo backed into Adian as he washed his back with his best friend under the same showers. He was afraid he had ruined things when he came on Ryo’s back while humping the boys butt cheeks. That was part of the reason he switched to wash Miki’s back. He figured Ryo would bust his nut between his cheeks but was surprised to see Ryo leave the shower. When he finished Miki’s back Adian cleaned himself off and went to see if Ryo was okay. Out in the locker room Ryo was sitting naked on the bench and when he saw Adian come out of the shower he smiled as Adian got closer. Before Adian could say anything, Ryo was to his feet and gave Adian a kiss on the lips. “Are you okay?” Adian asked once they broke the kiss. “Yes, I am better than okay. I now know that I am gay.” Ryo said with a smile on his face. Adian looked at Ryo and spoke. “Don’t you think it is too early to think that?” Adian said realizing he had the same thoughts. “My brother told me that not that long ago. He said I am still too young to think that way. He also told me that I just need to have fun and to think about things later when the time is right.” Ryo thought about what he said. Maybe this American kid was right. Maybe he was jumping too far ahead. He decided he was going to have fun. Both boys kissed again then Ryo finished dressing. He called out to Miki who was still in the shower. Adian finally fell asleep. *** Miki went back to his room and quickly dressed then went out and met up with Ryo. The two boys spent the next two hours going through drills and batting in the batting cage. By the time they finished the two boys were really tired. Their coach told them they were to take the rest of the night off, because they would need their rest. Back at the Grove, the two boys went to their rooms and quickly changed. Then went down to eat in the cafeteria. Ryo smiled when he saw Adian was sitting alone at one of the tables. ” “Where are your team mates?” Ryo asked as he sat down. Adian smiled and he said most of them were working on their school work. “Where is Miki and your team mates?” Adian asked. Ryo turned around and pointed just as Miki walked into the room. Adian laughed as Ryo sat down with him at his table. “Is it okay if we sit with you?” Ryo asked. Adian said he wouldn’t have it any other way. Miki, Tora and a few other boys from the Japanese team joined them after getting their food. The chatter was loud and the boys were enjoying themselves. bursa escort Miki and Tora had even engaged in talking with Adian. Most of it was on what Adian thought their chances of winning their game was going to be. Adian gave his honest opinion saying he thought they would have a good chance of winning. When the boys finished, they all agreed to go watch the movie that was playing at eight. Adian had heard of the movie, but had never seen it. Sandlot was playing, none of the Japanese boys had ever heard of the movie and all they were told was that it was a baseball movie. All of the boys really enjoyed the movie and would talk about it even after the Little League World Series would end. “Are you coming to watch our game tomorrow?” Miki asked Adian as they walked back to their rooms. “You know I would not miss watching you play.” Adian said to the young Japanese boy. Tora had asked to talk to Ryo. So, Miki was alone with Adian as they went upstairs. When they were at Adian’s door. Adian ask Miki if he wanted to come in for a few minutes. Miki agreed to go in with him. Once inside Adian surprised him with a question. “Do you like Ryo?” The question kind of surprised Miki and was unsure how to answer Adian. He thought about it for a while. Then said. “Yes, he is my best friend.” “I know that but do you, like really like Ryo? Because he really likes you.” Adian told his Japanese friend. Once again Miki thought about what to say. Yes, he liked, no, no he loved Ryo. But how could he tell Adian that, in Japan homosexuality was looked down at and even illegal in some places in Japan. But he wasn’t in Japan and who was Adian going to tell. “Yes, I really like Ryo. Probably more than I should.” Miki admitted “Do, you like me?” Adian said as he took a step closer to the Japanese boy. They were now just a few inches apart. Adian was just a little taller than Miki and Miki did not make any kind of move to move away from Adian. “Yes, more than I should.” Miki admitted to Adian. Adian then leaned in and gave Miki a kiss on the lips. Miki moaned the second Adian’s lips met his. This is what the young Japanese boy was hoping for, he loved Adian just as much as he loved Ryo. And if there was going to be anyone, he wanted to kiss more than Ryo it was this Korean/American boy. Miki opened his mouth and pressed his tongue against Adian’s lips. Adian opened his mouth and accepted Miki’s tongue inside his mouth. The two boys stood in the middle of the room embracing each other, with their lips and tongues twisting and turning inside each other’s mouth. Miki could feel something hard pressing against his own hard penis and he liked how it felt. It had been light outside when they went into the room and now it was dark. The two boys finally broke the kiss and Adian said. “I like you too. Actually, I really, really like you.” Miki smiled at Adian. “Now what?” He asked. Adian looked down at Miki’s tented shorts. He thought about kneeling down and giving Miki a blowjob. Then thought it was not his place to take something from his friend Ryo. “You know, Ryo told me he is gay. Maybe you should tell him how you feel about him. It is not my place to interfere. But you two need to open up to each other. Let each other know how you feel.” Adian said as he kissed Miki on his lips again. “I can’t.” Miki said. “Why not? It is obvious that the two of you are in love.” “I am afraid he will reject me and tell everyone.” Miki said as he backed away from Adian. “I am scared.” “He feels the same way. He is afraid that you will reject him and who cares what other’s think of you. I don’t care what others think of me. Most of my friends know I am gay and they accept me for who I am.” “Yeah, but this is America, people here are opened to that.” Miki tried to justify to Adian. It was then a knock on the door came. Adian could see fear in Miki’s eyes. Adian told the boy not to worry then told Miki to adjust himself. Miki was not sure what Adian was telling him, but when Adian adjusted himself. Miki understood what he was saying. So, when Adian went to the door, he quickly adjusted himself. Ryo was outside the door and Adian invited him in. Ryo’s eyes popped open when he saw Miki was in Adian’s room. Then he smiled and looked bursa escort bayan at Miki. Miki smiled back. “Hey, I thought you were in your room?” Ryo asked his young friend. Adian spoke up and said he had invited Miki to come into his room. Adian then went over to his bag and dug through it until he finally found what he was looking for, then pulled out a black button up jersey with the number 29 on the back along with Parks stitched above the number, He carried it over to Miki and spoke. “This is for you, but I require something in return.” Miki looked at the shirt. He really liked it, because it was different from the one that Ryo had. “What do I have to give you?” Miki asked looking at Adian. “I want the same thing Ryo gave me in return for giving Ryo his shirt.” Adian told the young Japanese boy. Ryo’s face turned red as he remembered the kiss, he had given Adian. He then smiled. “What did Ryo give you?” Miki said looking first to Adian and then to Ryo. Adian moved closer, this time Miki stood his ground when Adian’s lips touched his. Just as they had been doing before Ryo interrupted them. Just as before he got lost in the intense action between Adian and himself. This time Adian did not hold off. His hand went in Miki’s shorts. He turned to look at Ryo as he did this and saw the biggest smile on Ryo’s face. Adian broke the kiss and then said. That is what Ryo gave me. Miki then realized Ryo was still in the room and Adian still had his hand inside his shorts playing with his boner. Miki just smiled, then turned to look at his friend. Ryo smiled back at his two best friends. Yes, Ryo thought of Adian as one of his best friends. It was starting to get late and they did have a game tomorrow. “Hey, we should get going before someone comes looking for us.” Ryo said. He watched as Adian pulled his hand from Miki’s shorts. He could see that it appeared to be wet and wondered if Adian had made him cum. Miki knew Ryo was right. Miki was close to cumming and he was happy that Adian had stopped or he would have soiled his shorts. He quickly adjusted himself before he gave Adian another quick kiss. “I’ll be at your game tomorrow and if you guys win, I will give you a reward.” Adian said smiling at his two new close friends. He planned to take both boys blowjob virginities. Adian gave Miki the shirt and before Miki opened the door Adian came over and kiss Ryo good night. “See you tomorrow.” Ryo said with dreamy eyes. Adian knew he had both Japanese boys in his grasp. They would do anything for him now. Once the boys left Adian went to his bed and prepared to jerk off but changed his mind. He figured if he got the two boys horny enough after their game, he might get them to suck him off. *** Ryo had joined Adian for his morning run, but had to cut it short because he had to get back early to get ready for his game later in the day. Adian didn’t mind he enjoyed the company during his run. Normally he would be out with his team mates but it seemed none of them wanted to get up early to go out for a run. They had practice at nine and Adian planned to make it back just before practice to get ready. It was a full schedule at the two ballparks with six games being played. the first game starting at ten a.m., one p.m. and 5 p.m. These were still pool play games. The winners of today’s games would go on to play an international game on Thursday. While the losing teams would play on Wednesday to see who would move on to single elimination starting on Friday. After Adian finished his run he met up with his team mates. Blake put the boys through a two hour work out before he released the boys so they could go watch games or relax in the Grove. *** Adian made it to the stands just ten minutes before the game started. He had gone back to his room to cleanup and fell asleep on his bed. If it had not been for Aaron coming to his room to see if he wanted to come down and go swimming with him. Adian apologized and told him he was going to go watch a game. Aaron knew what game he was going to watch. He was kind of jealous of Adian’s two new friends but knew it would only be for the next week and a half. Then he would have him back, once they were back home. He also knew that his new friends would have the same escort bursa kind of relationship he had with Adian. Adian was just about ready to sit in the section next to the Japanese section when he saw Ryo’s father waving to him. He waved back, but Mr. Abe kept waving to him. It was then he realized that Ryo’s father had saved him a seat. Adian excused himself as he made his way to sit next to Ryo’s father. When he reached the seat, he found a Japan Regional tee-shirt, a cap and a Japan pin sitting on the seat. Adian smiled and put the shirt on at Ryo’s father’s request. Asia-Pacific Region, Chinese Taipei verses Japan Region, Tokyo Japan. Just like everyone expected the first two innings were shutout innings. Three batters up, three batters down. It was turning out to be one of the great Little League World series games. Tora was the first person to get a hit. It was a single to the right field, he barely made it to first base. Tama was the next up to bat and moved Tora around to second on a hit over the shortstops head. Adian was surprised when he saw Miki was up to bat. He thought Miki was one of the better batters on the Japanese team. Adian turned to Mr. Abe and asked why they would use Miki as the ninth batter. Mr. Abe went on to tell Adian how the coaches used each player according to how the opposing team studied what positions the players on the team played, and in what batting order their opponents use while playing. Even though they really don’t watch the batting order. Just who plays where. So, mixing the batters up in the batting order with two boys on and no out means that they had an advantage. Mr. Abe was right. Taipei had made a mistake. Miki stepped in and hit a beautiful double right between the center fielder and the left fielder that went to the wall and bounced making it difficult for the fielder to make a good play at second. Adian and the rest of the Japanese crowd were on their feet cheering the two-run scored and the double Miki achieved. The sad thing was the next three batter struck out stranding Miki at second base. The Japanese coaches decided to change pitchers at the top of the fourth inning. Yuki Tanaka was their best pitcher but they wanted to save him for their next game. Which would be against Caribbean Region Willemstad, Curaçao. Mr. Abe explained that Curaçao also undefeated in pool play and that Yuki would be needed. He was replaced by Kouki Watanabe who was considered the fourth best pitcher on the team. Things were going good until the last hitter up to bat. He blasted a one run homer to bring the game to a one run game. Kouki cause the next batter to hit a high foul ball which gave the third baseman plenty of time to get under the ball and make the catch. Adian let out a cheer when Ryo came up to bat. Mr. Abe smiled seeing that his son had made a good friend in the young Korean/American boy. Little did he know that his young son was more than just friends with Adian. Ryo must have heard Adian because he turned and looked and smiled before he stepped into the batter’s box. Just like Blake had taught Adian, Ryo watched the first pitch go by. This was the second time seeing this pitcher and he figured he had his timing down. Ting Adian and Ryo’s dad were on their feet and watched as the ball sailed over the left field fence. Adian hugged Mr. Abe and surprisingly Mr. Abe hugged him back. The Japanese crowd went wild with the chants and their noise makers. Ryo was met by his team mates at home plate. Mobbing him once he touched the plate. Ryo had the biggest smile on his face when he returned to the dugout. He looked up at his father and Adian and gave a thumbs up. Ryo had started the train that would roll over the Taipei team. The score was 9 to 2 when the game ended. Nifty is kind enough to post these stories and could use your help. Please send your donations too: Nifty Stories Archive ion… Thanks again for reading all remarks are appreciated. 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