Stuck in Winter Cabin with My Mom Ch. 02


I lay in bed thinking. It had been an eventful day. What with the unexpected camping trip with my mom, the entirely expected nor’easter storm, and the stupid way in which we got stuck in the snow and had to take shelter at the park ranger’s cabin. If it stopped there, it would have easily made it to the top 10 most eventful days in my life, but there was also the “bath” incident. we had both attempted to give ourselves sponge baths in the confined cabin to clean ourselves up. I had gotten an unfortunately timed erection that my mom had noticed, and one thing had led to another until I had come in my mom’s mouth.

I closed my eyes and relived that moment. My mom had offered to cut the awkwardness by taking the towel from me and helping me with my shower, but that had just made the situation worse by giving me a rock hard boner. Every time I closed my eyes, the image of my mom innocently used the towel to sponge my balls and shaft. I say “innocently”, but she had that playful twinkle in her eyes like she knew the effect she was having on me and was just tickled by the thought of her son getting hard. I got shivers just thinking about the moment when I directed the tip of my dick to graze her lips, and the gloriously warm sensation as she sucked me off. I could tell from her experience and control that she knew exactly how to raise me to a point of ecstasy, hold me there ever so gently, and then tipping me over as waves of pleasure crashed into me, as I spurted my hot, sticky fluids into her mouth. She kept her eye contact with me while she did that, and there was a kindness in her eyes that made me feel safe and comforted, not guilty and ashamed for committing incest.

I shook my head a little to get the image out of my head. I was starting to get hard again and I didn’t want to get into another awkward situation lying next to my mom. We were both smushed together in a twin bed that I imagine barely even fit one park ranger, much less a mother and son. I could feel her soft delicate shoulders pressed against my side as we shared the small twin bed and tried to get some sleep. The wind outside was practically howling now and the walls shook every time the house got a direct hit from a gust of wind.

The decently sized wood stove meant that the inside of the cabin was toasty and tropical and both of us slept without needing a comforter. I dozed off to a fitful sleep. Every once in a while, the intensity of the storm would cause me to wake up. The rattling of the shingles in the siding was very unsettling.

One of those times that I woke up, the rattling had gotten unusually close. It almost felt like the noise was coming from inside the cabin. That’s when I noticed that mom was a little breathless. Her body seemed to shake ever so slightly. At first I figured that she must be in REM sleep and having a dream. Then, I realized that her body was shaking too much in a rhythm for it to be a dream. That’s when I realized that kaliteli gaziantep escort her arm that was further away from me was moving back and forth furiously. Was my mom jilling herself off right next to me? I was mortified. I did NOT want her to know that I had woken up to this.

At first I held my breath. It was almost deafening the way she was going at it. Even though the wind was howling outside and the wood stove was crackling, there was an unmistakeable rustle of skin against pubic hair, and the squishy sounds of a hand that was smushing an aroused pussy back and forth.

I held my breath. My mom suddenly paused what she was doing.

The silence in the room could be cut with a knife…

“You’re going to have to exhale at some point,” said my mom.

I slowly exhaled, mumbled as if I was still asleep, and pretended to breathe normally again.

“I know how you breathe when you are asleep and how you breathe when you are pretending to sleep. I’m your mom, remember?”

Awkward silence.

“I just need to take care of something for myself, ok? I don’t want this to be awkward. I’ll wait till you are asleep” she said, with a hint of sadness in her voice.

I suddenly felt guilty. This was my mom, but she was also human and had her own needs.

“Don’t worry about it, mom. I was just surprised is all,” I said matter of factly. “Let me turn around to give you a little privacy.” I said and tried to go back to sleep.

“thank you…” she said weakly. My mom had clearly become self conscious.

Secretly, I wished she would start going at it, again. Nothing. Just silence. Soon, I was sleeping soundly again.

I have no idea how much time had passed. The next time I woke up, the storm had wound down. Except for the occasional hoot from an owl in the distance, there was an eerie post-storm stillness outside. I felt my mom change positions and lie on her back. I was also on my back now and her shoulder and body was nestled slightly against my body. It felt nice having her close.

Her body straightened a little as she lifted her hips and I felt her pushing her PJs down past her bum towards her thigh. My heart pounded as I realized what she was about to do.

She turned and looked towards me. This time, I knew to control my breathing better and pretended to be fast asleep.

Slowly, she reached down to her groin and touched herself. At first, it was a series of broad strokes as she touched her thighs and her tummy, and she made a few circles around her pussy.

Gradually, she started to get closer to her pussy and then changed her stroke to become more rhythmic like earlier. Soon, I could hear the squishing sounds I had heard earlier and realized that my mom’s pussy was now dripping wet.

I continued listening to my mom pleasuring herself without making any sudden changes to my breathing. After a while, my mom gaziantep kaliteli escort sighed and stopped what she was doing. She returned back to making broad strokes and touching her thighs and abdomen, before returning back to a more furious shaking as she went after her clit. After a few minutes…she stopped. She was breathing hard. Then she sighed deeply. “Why is this so hard?” she muttered to herself as she rubbed herself again.

I felt sorry for my mom. She had given me such wonderful pleasure earlier in the day and was now trying in vain to get herself off, stuck in a twin bed with her own son in a strange setting.

I surprised myself in doing what I did next.

I turned my body a little to turn towards her. My mom FROZE! I could feel her heart pounding as she listened for sounds that I might be awake.

I slowly moved my hand over to her hip and stroked her hip. I then put my hand under the T shirt she wore and slowly grazed her skin as I followed the gentle curve of her hip down to her waist and up past her ribs. When I reached her chest, I could feel a small bit of soft flesh of her petite A sized breast. I continued until I felt her hard nipple bend and nudge my hand as I grazed past it.

My mom sighed.

As I brought my hand back down to her hip by following a line from her chest down to her belly button and then further down, I felt a wisp of her pubic hair rustle past my fingers as my hand traced the bottom of her abdomen. I made another broad arc with my hand as I traced it past her side to her breast. This time, my mom arced her back and pressed into me. I half spooned her, my own dick now getting hard as it pressed into her lower back.

As I traced my hand down past her belly button again, I continued past and felt her furry nether regions. Her groin felt warm and moist and I could tell that her pussy was still wet from her earlier efforts.

My hand continued down until I felt her pussy lips. I used my thumb and middle finger to part her outer lips and gently touched her clit. She exhaled deeply and leaned back further into me, this time her neck arching so that her cheek was touching mine.

I slowly started to touch her and moved my hand back and forth.

My mom’s breathing got heavier and more ragged. As my hand started increasing its speed, she leaned her head back and whispered into my ear: “A little softer, sweetie.”

Then she paused as she thought about something. She then leaned back again and whispered shyly into my ear: “Do you think you could use your tongue?”

My heart was pounding. Did my mom just ask me to give her oral sex?

“I…I…I’ve never done that before,” I stammered.

“Don’t worry, sweetie. You’ll be a natural” she said and kissed my cheek like she always does.

I slowly scooted down to the other end of the cot and buried my face in her crotch. It smelled sweet gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan and musky at the same time. My tongue reached out and touched her clit, feeling it throb in pleasure and tasting a sweet and salty mix of her juices on the tip of my tongue.

I took my free hand and put two fingers into her pussy. I could feel the ribbed upper surface of her vagina and gently rubbed it on the inside. I felt a hot dribble of juice from her pussy flow down my fingers onto the palm of my hand.

I continued to lick her clit and used my tongue to trace either side of it and around it.

I felt the muscles in my mom’s pussy start to quiver a little bit. Then all of a sudden, my mom grunted and turned her hip to one side. I felt her muscles tightly wrap themselves around my finger. And there were a couple of seconds of silence. I licked her clit one more time. This time, the muscles in her pussy spasmed and pulsed as she came. A warm gush of fresh fluids greeted my fingers, my hand, and my chin.

It felt so wrong…and so tender…and so amazing. My mom was now softly moaning in pleasure and motioned with her hand for me to come back to her.

At first, I started sliding back up to where I was, but she steered me so that I was sitting on her, straddling her chest. My dick was rock hard and was waving back and forth by her chin. She grasped my hips with one hand and steered me closer. With the other hand, she grasped my throbbing dick and gave it a slow, tender lick from the base up to the head.

My dick grew a couple of sizes with just that one maneuver. I angled my dick so that it entered her mouth and then thrust slowly until most of my dick was in her mouth. My dick was pretty average sized for a guy, but she had such a small mouth that I could visibly see her throat bulge a little.

It was the hottest image.

I pulled my dick back out and then rubbed the wet, slobbery piece of meat across her face and used her cheek to rub it.

I was now visibly throbbing and the veins in my dick were sticking out.

I arched my back and thrust back towards her face. My mom held my dick with two hands and licked the head of my dick like she was holding an ice cream.

It was all I could take. My dick pulsed once. I felt a familiar tightening around my balls and felt a buzzing in my pipes. My mom kept licking the sides of my dick.

My dick pulsed again. Then, I erupted. A long sticky, off white, string of cum shot out of my mouth and hit my mom in the face sticking across one of her eyes. Then, my abdomen crunched up and I grunted and another long string of cum shot up and hit her in the mouth and even went into her nose.

Then, I quivered as I emptied the rest of my load all over her face.

The last time, I had cum inside her mouth. This time, I had basically blasted my cum all over her face.

Spent, I collapsed onto my side of the bed, panting.

My mom laughed.

She then waited for me to come back down to earth and said “Can you pass me a towel or something?”

I looked at her as her face looked like a frosted cookie, covered from forehead to chin with my cum. I laughed and then leaned over and got her a towel for her to clean up.

We didn’t say anything. We just spooned each other the rest of the night and both enjoyed a peaceful and deep night of sleep.

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