Thank u for being there


Thank u for being thereMEETIN MY LOVELY HALF…………Tru Story………….. So My father was a Rollin Boulder!!! long story nice and short…… I was 18 wen I was introduced to 2 siblings that were from my dad I did not know about. Now years went by and my sister was now old enuff to come around and hang out with me at my house, So I am not sure how the topic was touched but I got to see her Nipples. As shocked, but excited as I was, I kept my cool Escort and told her that her oatmeal pie nipples were a turn on. She hid them back into her bra and got up and played it off (becuase there was PPL upstairs coming in and out of my house and where we were was super visible), she proceeded to act as if she was doin a cheerleading routine. Since I knew wut was goin down, her moves were everything but Cheerleaderish. Next day she Escort Bayan comes back and I asked to see her nipples again, and with no protest she took them out . I started feeling on them and sucking and again no protest. I tried my wild card and unzippered her Pants and stared licking her pelvic area. After 2 mins she willingly took her pants off and I started to eat her Pussy. As she enjoyed me eating her Half Puerto Rican and Half Bayan Escort Black Pussy she stopped me and said its my turn. I laid on my back and she uttered, “I NEVER THOUGHT MY FIRST DICK IN MY MOUTH WAS GONNA BE MY brother”. Yes I was her First cock in her mouth. She started to suck my cock nice and slow and my Fone rings. It was a girl that I have been after for 3 years, and I spoke to her enjoying my s*s suck my cock, that the girl on the other side even asked me, IF I WAS BUSY! (yeah she noticed something was goin on). I never got to fuck my s*s but we 69ed for at least 2 weeks striaght. I keep in touch but have no luck to get it where it was. I JUST HOPE IT DOES HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!!!!

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