Subject: The Barber this is my first attempt at writing one of my fantasies down I hope you guys like it It was late and I needed a haircut before an important meeting, sure I could shave my own head but I really liked to have it done by a professional. My regular shop was closed so I was headed to a place Google said might still be open. As I pulled up I noticed the stripped barber pole was still lit and spinning and the lights on in the shop, so I was hoping I was in luck. As a grabbed for the door an older gentleman just flipped the lock. He looked up at me, my disappointment must have shown as he considered and then unlocked. “Can I help you young man?” came a deep voice. “I was hoping to get my head shaved, but it looks like you’re closing. I have an important meeting tomorrow and want to look my best.” I sounded desperate I’m sure. “Very handsome man already, but I can stay a little later for you. I’ll have to close up the window and turn off the pole so no one else wanders up � go have a seat in the last chair, that’s my station.” I entered the shop and headed towards the back, familiar scents of oils and clippings filled senses it was masculine. All the barber chairs were red leather and pretty new, this place looked much cleaner and nicer than my regular shop; if the old man did a good job I’d even consider changing. I sat down in the chair, very nicely cushioned and some levers I wasn’t used to seeing on barber chairs, maybe they were something new. I looked at his stand and how nicely it was in order, not a thing out of place. No picture of a wife, girlfriend or family � this guy was all business. I appreciate a man who is serious about his craft. The front lights turned off and I glanced towards the front of the shop � he was walking towards me slowly. He was dressed as any barber would be � nice clean white, old style with the buttons down the side on the front, black pants and shoes that showed his reflection. He was smiling his blue eyes sparkling and his full head of black hair had just a nice sprinkling of gray. I thought I saw him adjust himself as he got closer. “We’ll get you all cleaned up and satisfied this evening, how does that sound boy?” He asked. I’m 44 and I have gray of my own in my goatee and the stubble that grows on my head, but I learned long ago not to argue with a man who can affect your appearance with a couple of snips of the scissors. “Sounds good sir, thank you so much for doing this for me.” ankara escort bayan He wrapped a paper strip around my neck and then draped the smock over me and buttoned it in the back. Placing his hands on the top of my head he began to feel all around it, deeply caressing and massaging all of it. “You’ve got a very nice head boy, no odd bumps or protrusion, I can see why you like to have this done by a professional. Nothing sexier than a polished head I always say.” He grabbed my ears and rubbed them too, it felt oddly erotic and I may have moaned a little bit. I heard the sound of a clipper and he was smiling at me from the mirror, “Just a quick buzz all over and then we’ll finish it with the razor” He gets to work quickly and I feel the clipper going over my head, and I relax, this is a treat for me, being handled by a professional barber, I relax and feel the tensions of the week leave me. He switches from behind me to the side and presses into my arm on the chair � and presses again. My eyes open and he got a smirk now as he runs the clipper over another spot. Maybe I was imagining it, soon enough he’s turned it off and he takes a brush to my head, brushing away stray hairs from my face. A blow-dryer on low then sends the rest from my shoulders and head – wafting to the floor. He left and came back with a hot towel; he sprayed something on it before placing it on top of my head. He firmly wiped me down with the towel. Then he grabbed a new hot towel and wrapped my head and face in it. “This opens up all the pores, gets you ready for my hot cream, you’ll like” he said with a chuckle. Then I felt his hands on my shoulders, he started to massage my shoulders and neck � “You’re so tense bambino, you should relax, let me take care of you” I could feel the back of my head pressed firmly against his belly. I was starting to relax it felt so good having the hot towel on me and he was pretty talented at the massage thing. Then the towel was off, my face and head felt so cool for a moment and then the hot lather was being spread on my head. His gentle touch, the scents and his deep voice were overtaking me I started to get aroused. I felt heat rush to my face and knew I must be blushing. “Look boy, is funny” he said � I opened my eyes and saw an over abundance of lather on my head, like a whipped topping on a sundae. I smiled and then saw him behind me rubbing his crotch suggestively. “You see something you like boy?” he smiled, I quickly closed etimesgut escort my eyes “no need to be shy boy, it’s ok to look” He started to hum a tune while he worked on my head I didn’t recognize it and every once in a while I’d hear a word or two but nothing I could make out. He just kept humming it over and over. My hard on was throbbing fiercely and I had never been more thankful for the smock at the barber. “Hold still boy, I’ll be very gentle” I opened my eyes at that and saw him with the straight edge razor, it was gleaming and his smile was back. He slowly slid his tongue over his top lip and then the head shave began. I love the feel of a razor as it scrapes along my scalp the roughness of it and the trust I place in the man wielding it. Over and over again he’d pull my skin tight and draw the razor across the stubble with a nice pass over with his hand after, to ensure each stroke was smooth. As he’s shaving he moves several times and I can feel his hardness when he bumps again my hand, it throbs and he chuckles as I moan a little. “This is enjoyable no?” he asks, and then scrape, scrape again… before I know it it’s over and he’s wiping off the excess lather. I was regretting that fact that I would soon have to go when suddenly the chair was leaned way back � my eyes shot open. “It’s ok, relax, I’ll clean up your face, you have a nice goatee but we’ll trim just a bit.” He said. I was laying almost straight back. He placed another hot towel, this time on my face and let it sit there. I then felt his hands on my chest and he started to massage my front � not something I’d ever had a barber do. “Good firm chest, yes, very nice” he said. Lather and the straight razor to my face was soon happening, again he would grind himself up against me as he got close to my hands and the humming continued. “Yes you look very nice boy, very nice indeed. Have you enjoyed your shave?” He asked. “Yes, this was … quite enjoyable, I’m sad it’s over.” “Oh it’s not over yet” he said and I heard the distinctive sound of a zipper. “I’m going to give you a head of your own to polish, open up” I couldn’t believe what was happening, he was reaching into his fly and pulling out his cock. This was incredible. I was about to protest, about to tell him that I wanted no such thing � but the lie stopped on my lips, I wanted to see it and to taste it and to please this handsome old barber. He made a slight adjustment to the kızılay escort chair and my head was leaning almost upside down. “You like my chair, will help you to swallow my cock” I finally looked at it and saw this beautiful uncut 8 inch cock, just the right amount of foreskin that he was pulling off the mushroom head and glistening with precum. “He’s happy you dropped by, such a handsome man with such a pretty mouth boy, open up” He didn’t wait, he grabbed my chin and brought his cock up and slid it in my mouth. I had just a quick taste with my tongue of that sweet syrup he was leaking and I knew I needed to tap the whole load. He slowly slid in and hit the back of my throat, I gagged. “Relax boy, relax, I’ll get it in there, you just relax and open up wide” he said sliding back in “there you go, breath through your nose, nice tight throat”. He had it inside my throat and I panicked just a little. His balls were resting on my nose and he was just holding his cock in there. “So sweet little angel, you make my cock feel good.” I relaxed, I knew this man was in charge and I wanted so much to please him. He started slowly to thrust in and out and he was humming, loudly the same tune as before. I was doing my best to accommodate his girth and pleasure him � my cock was still trapped inside my trousers and throbbing away. As if he could read my thoughts he said “Don’t you worry bambino, I’ll make sure you’re little one is taken care of before you go home” all the while thrusting his cock in and out of my throat. He began to speed up his thrusts and gagging didn’t seem to bother him at all, he was going to get his nut off and it was going to be soon. “Such a good boy, you like Daddy’s cock. I’m going to give you my special hot cream now, are you ready baby?” I could only moan in agreement � my throat ached but I wanted to taste the sweet nectar. Suddenly he pulled his cock almost all the way out and just the head was in my mouth � I suckled it and teased the base with my tongue. “Swallow it all baby, make me proud” and then it his juice started to fill my mouth, a sweet, slightly bitter thick sauce. I was so wrapped up in how good it tasted I almost forgot to swallow. He was jacking it off and spew after spew filled me, I savored every drop. I then licked him clean � he growled a couple of times and then pulled away when he was satisfied. He then raised me back up some and leaned down and kissed me, shoving his tongue in my mouth and caressing my face with his hands. I was moaning again and my cock was still throbbing, trapped � why did I have to wear such tight underwear today? His cock was still out of his trousers and a little hard. He stood up and then spun the chair around. JR in Scottsdale

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