The Battle of Awakening


The tone of my nonsensical dream slowly changed to a flash flood of emotional remembering: excited fear of the first hand between my legs rubbing the seam of my jeans, nervousness when the first hand went up my shirt timidly holding my breast, anticipation from the first hand up my skirt after going to the movies, anxiety from the first fingers, other than my own, to slip down my panties, and finally, the first boy that brought it all together that rainy night by the creek. In the hazy güvenilir bahis moments between sleep and awake, his fingers teasingly played between my legs. I groaned not from his manipulation but from being taken from my dream.My mind stood in the darkness wanting to sleep while he stood in the light. They faced off. My sleepy mind vowing to remain in dreamland while his fingers countered with bringing me to the light of awakening. Let the battle begin.His warm lips kissed my neck while güvenilir bahis siteleri his hot breath against my ear made me squirm. My squirming brought the excitement of him. This new thought caused my eyes to open in slivers turning to the light. The room was still dark, too early to be awake, keeping me in dreamland. Stalemate.To keep from losing ground, his finger slipped inside me. He began his exploration of what my mind wanted to stay hidden, protected. A nervous sigh iddaa siteleri escaped my lips. My mind took a step toward the light.I heard a pleading groan when his finger slowly left inside me before I realized it was me. A split second later, he grazed my clit. Inhaling in stages, I took a deep breath. A shiver of anticipation ran down my body, closer to awake. Another step towards the light was taken within that breaths time.With his briefest of delay, sleep overtook me until two fingers inside me pulled me back slightly. An image of my now forgotten dream flashed on my closed eyelids. A half step back to the darkness. He countered, holding me tight to him so I could feel his hardening desire. A full step towards the light.

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