The Best Fuck I Ever Got


The Best Fuck I Ever GotI thought I’d share what has to be the best fuck I have ever had with a guy. Since marrying, I still take the opportunity to indulge my bisexaul side when I can. So I was online on a gay personals site and I got a message from another user who had seen my profile. He said he was free that week during the day if I was interested. I looked at his profile. He was after “good bottoms and guys who enjoy taking it”. Sounded good, and the pic he sent me looked even better. Now as luck would have it, I had to go up to Birmingham (I worked near Oxford) on business later that week, so I told him I would see him on that day. The date was all set…Two days later, I got through my onsite work by 3pm, and hit the road. An hour later, I phoned my wife to say I was just leaving – this left me an hour to drop by his place…I drove up a small tree-lined lane in a small Southen Oxfordshire vilage, and pulled up in front of a beautiful house. Getting out, I walked towards it. The door opened and a muscular, tanned guy in his early 40’s strode out, smiling broadly. He shook my hand firmly and showed me inside. “If you don’t mind taking off your shoes…” he indicated. I complied, and he held out his hand to indicate I should go up the broad stairs from the spacious entrance hall. I looked at him and walked up with a smile. His hand slid over my buttock as I passed him, and he followed me up the stairs. I could feel his eyes looking me up and down from behind as I ascended in front of him.”Straight ahead”, he said. I walked into a large bedroom, with en suite bathroom and a huge double bed covered in whte linen. There were towels laid out on it. he came in, closed the door and then the blinds, all the while beaming at me.”Right”, he said, “should we see what you look like?” I unbuttoned my shirt, laid it on a chair, and slipped off my trousers. He stood and looked me up and down, approvingly. I stood in my white briefs and socks. “Socks…?” he said. I took them off too, then walked over Escort to him. He was tugging off his own golf shirt and bermuda shorts by now, and I slid my hands around his waist , hooking my fingers into the elastic of his briefs. My cock was rapidly hardening, and I could feel his bulge pressing against me. We looked into each others eyes for a moment, then he tilted his head and gently and passionately kissed me firmly on the lips. My mouth yielded, and his hard, slippery tongue pushed insistently into my mouth. I melted against him, as he grabbed by butt cheeks and pulled me against him. I moved my arms up to d**** around his neck, and continued to kiss and nibble as erotically as I could. He pulled my briefs down over my hips and my erection popped out angrily. He looked down. “Mmmmm, nice,” he said. I could see his hard cock straining inside his briefs, so i quickly slid them down, and knelt in front of him. The most magnificent cock I had seen in ages towered in front of me. It wasn’t the biggest I had seen, but it was beautifully formed, about 7″, and with the head just glistening as the foreskin slowly inched back as it engorged further.I gently kissed the tip of his tool, playfully licked up and down the shaft, cupping his balls in my hand as I did so. Then I opened my mouth and took as much of it as I could into the back of my throat. It was so amazing to feel the meaty, hard rod filling my mouth, and I started to wank myself in time to my mouth movements as I worked up and down his cock. He moaned and thrust his hips forward to present himself more fully to my eager mouth. After a while, I had to force myself to stop wanking as I felt myself soaring towards climax. He reached down and helped me to my feet. “Let’s go to the bed,” he suggested.We moved to the large bed, and he lay back on the pillows while I knelt between his legs and bobbed my head up and down on his cock. It was beautiful, but I wasn’t here to only suck cock. I came up for a breath, stroking his cock with Escort Bayan my hand.”Wow!” I said, “You have an amazing cock!” He beamed again with a glint of lust in his eye and said, “Well, you know where it’s going to end up, don’t you?” I felt my sphincter twitch involuntarily in anticipation.”Let’s 69,” I said, climbing around to present my hard cock to him while I continued to work his. As I resumed sucking him, he took my rock hard penis and flicked his tongue over it. A couple of exploratory passes over it with his mouth, then then suddenly he grabbed my waist and pulled me back onto his face, ramming his hot slippery tongue deep into my asshole! I gasped, and squatted kneeling as he expertly worked my sphincter and into my male pussy with his really powerful tongue. All I could do was gasp and moan, “God, that’s REALLY goooood!”As suddenly as he had begun, he stopped, and pushed me forward so that he could get out from underneath me. He came round to the bottom of the bed, and guided me around to where he had been lying. He pushed me onto my back, and I opened my legs, invitingly, my erection standing up from my stomach, glistening with precum. He reached over to the bedside table, and pulled out a tube of lube and a condom. He slipped it on and then without wasting time, applied cool lube to my twitching ass and his now very engorged cock! He raised my legs, looked into my eyes and slowly, but unstoppably pushed his prick up my bum. I groaned as I felt him slide further and further in, relaxing my sphincter and pushing out slightly to make it easier for his fantastic prick to enter me. I looked up as I felt his balls graze against my splayed buttocks – he was all the way in, and god was it good! Then he started to fuck me, slowly at first, then getting faster until he was pounding into me, panting and grunting as he did so. It was fucking incredible, and I mewled “Oh yes, yes, fuck my ass, baby, harder!” He grinned at me, “You LOVE this, don’t you?” he said. “Oh yeaaah,” Bayan Escort I moaned, “God I’m such a fuckslut!”He continued to fuck and pump into me until I was almost beside myself. I wanted to cum and my hands groped for my cock, dribbling precum over my stomach. Suddenly he pulled out, and ordered me to turn onto my knees. He pushed my head down, and arranged my upturned ass so that my legs were wide open and my puckering hole was just where he wanted it. Then he relubed me and pushed his cock in, deeper than he had gone before. It was so deep, it forced a grunt out of me. “Yeh,” he moaned approvingly, “that’s it you fucking cockslut, can you feel how deep it is?” I moaned incoherently – his cock was filling my insides. Then he started to pound into me, and with every wonderful, deep fucking thrust, I had a grunt forced out of me, “Uh! Uhh! Uh!” It was so intense, he had been fucking me for nearly an hour by now. He pulled out, and rolled me onto my back again. He put my legs over his shoulders and plunged back into my wide open asshole! “God! You’re so open!” he exclaimed delighted. I gasped and grabbed at my cock, wanking it furiously as he banged me like the little slut I was. Then I gasped as the familiar intense onset of climax hit me. “Aaaah, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” I yelped. “Ooooh yes,” he said, his face a picture of lust and delight. My legs stiffened over his shoulders, and my buttocks clenched up, imprisoning his cock fully buried in my ass. With a mighty spasm I shot my sticky white load all over my stomach, bucking and jerking it all out in splashes while he held on, his cock right inside me.As I subsided, he slipped out of me, pulled off the condom and his spew of sticky cum inundated my balls and cock! It was absolutely fantastic.He allowed me to rest a minute, then I had to get cleaned up and dressed so I would not get home too late so as to arouse suspicion. “You know,” he said as he admired me dressing, “You are a natural fuck – that was really good!” I blushed and said lamely “I’m glad you liked it.” With few other words, he ushered me downstairs and out into the dark of early evening, my cock throbbing, and my asshole definitely abused! With me I took the memory of the best damn fuck I have ever had!

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