The Boy’s Story (Chapter 6)


The Boy’s Story (Chapter 6)We shower and after drying go back to the sofa and he puts another porn DVD on the player and we watch a big black guy fucking an older guy and the black guys dick is huge. After about 10 minutes I decide it is time to surprise my Master again so I get up and go to the kitchen to prepare his surprise……. Chapter 6: The surprise this time is that I am going to cover my Masters cock & balls with whipped cream and ice cream.. I have jokingly talked about this to him but this will be the first time for both of us. In a bowl I squirt some canned whipped cream and a dessertspoon of soft ice cream and fold them together into a mixture. Then I take a large towel and some plastic covering in and ask him to stand while I spread the towel and plastic out. (This exercise is quite messy). He looks at me strangely and sits down. I go to get the bowl and bring it back and put it on the sofa beside him and scoop a large serving onto my fingers and spread it over his cock head and down his shaft. I can tell from his face that he likes the new feeling as it is cold and soft and then I start to lick it off his cock. Starting at the head I lick around it and put my mouth over it sucking the cream up gently while flicking my tongue over his cock head. Then I lick down his shaft towards his ball and I notice, as planned, the ice cream is melting and starting to run between his arse cheeks. I lick around his balls sucking more cream off each of them and back up his shaft making it clean. Then Basmane Escort lifting his legs up I look at the line of melted ice cream that has slid between his cheeks and along his arsehole. I start to lick from under his balls towards his arse making sure not to touch his hole with my tongue (yet) and then lick back up the other side leaving the only piece of melted ice cream across his lovely smooth hole. With my tongue I gently flick at the cream on his hole slowly putting more of my mouth and tongue onto his rosebud hole until my mouth covers it completely and I suck hard and push my tongue into his hole as far as I can. “Is that nice?” I ask and his usual answer is “It’s quite nice” so I get another scoop on my fingers and start again enjoying my ice cream sundae! I do this about two more times then because it leaves a sticky mess he goes to have a shower. After the shower he asks me how the feeling is and I say it is going away. “Me too” he says so he gets another pill from his bag and we each swallow it with a long drinks of water. We have been having sex fun for nearly 4-5 hours already and with the second “E” we should just about go all night. I am very excited as I know we that there is a lot more pleasure to be given by each of us. We watch more porn for some time until we can feel the new “E” start to kick in. He stands and takes my hand leading me to the bedroom where he picks up the giant dildo again and looks at me. I must look frightened Bayındır Escort because he smiles and says “Later”. He likes to tease me about the giant dildo. He climbs on the bed and lays back against the pillow and tells me to put his cock ring on again and to suck his dick. I love sucking his dick and this time it is still soft so I play with his foreskin, biting it gently and slipping my tongue inside it. Slowly he starts to get hard and it is not long before I am in heaven again giving him long licks and sucks and deep throat and sucking both balls into my mouth. I know he is liking it because he hits the poppers again and as usual it makes me very excited so that I suck his dick with enthusiasm. He tells me to turn around and we get into a 69 position. His mouth is warm on my cock and he gets it hard very quickly as he is an expert cock sucker. My cock head is very sensitive and I cannot take too much and I say to him that he’ll make me cum. He takes no notice and keeps working on my cock until I say “I am cumming!” and he takes his mouth away and watches as my cock shoots loads of cum onto my belly and chest – even hitting the pillow beside my head. He smiles at me then with a mischevious look he wipes his fingers in my cum and tells me to lick it off his fingers. He makes me eat my cum and he has a satisfied look on his face – I am happy because I have pleased my Master again but he isn’t finished. As the “E” feeling is getting stronger he tells Bayraklı Escort me to turn over and put my arse in the air. He leaves the room and comes back with a leather paddle that he has kept secretly in his bag. He tells me to put the mask over my head again which I do and then he gives me the popper bottle. It is not easy getting it to my nose but I get several sniffs and feel him get behind me. Then with his hand he starts to spank my cheeks but, again, running his fingers over my cheek after each spank. Then without warning I feel a different spank and he has used his new paddle. It didn’t feel too different to his hand and, as he uses his fingers after each spank, it does ease the pain. He asks me if it is OK. I say OK. He then spanks me harder and it stings more but I sniff the poppers and it seems to make it easier. He keeps doing this alternating between each cheek and I feel him rub his cock up against my arse and I can tell that he has become very hard. Spanking me makes my Master horny. He keeps spanking and then I feel his cock push against my hole and quickly he slips it inside me and begins fucking me hard, stopping every few thrusts to spank me with his paddle. I am tingling from the spanking, the fucking, the popper and the “E’ is making each of us feel adventureous. He keeps fucking me for about 6-7 minutes and I can feel my arse cheeks are getting very red. Being a good Master he doesn’t want to hurt me too much so he stops spanking me and leans down and pulls on the nipple chain while continuing to fuck my arse. As he has cum twice already he doesn’t cum this time and pulls out and makes me lick his cock clean before we lie down together again. “How is the feeling?’ he asks me. “Very strong” I say and he says “Good – we have more to do! You are my Good Boy!”………… To be continued.

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