The Bug that Got Me Mom CH. 04 of 04


In the middle of the night, Dawn awoke to her body shivering. The fire they had lay next to had died to glowing embers, and the chilly night air now blew across her naked body.Her body stirred as her bearings cleared, and as they did, she turned her head in the dim reddish light. Rapidly, she noticed her son as he lay next to her. The wonderful child that just hours ago made her climax like never before.Remembering how he had taken her again awakened her sinful passion as her body begged to feel that monster cock pumping and ramming deep inside her once again.Dawn felt her pussy moisten as the strange new sexual urge took control over her free will, and she quickly thought. What, what’s happening to me! I, I can’t stop thinking about my son’s cock! Oh god, I can’t control this! I’m, I’m getting so horny! So fucking horny!It was no use. Dawn had become a slave to her new desires, and all thoughts of right and wrong had vanished. The only thing she wanted was her son pounding madly inside her tingling womb at that very moment.As she focused on her son sleeping so peacefully, she whispered to herself, “I can’t help it! Please, god forgive me, but I need to have him again!”With trembling hands, Dawn reached for his body and lightly touched his marvelous young, muscular chest. Sinfully, she no longer felt it to be wrong to touch him this way. To rub her young man’s body in such a sexual manner was giving her great pleasure, and she continued onward.Dawn’s pussy tingled as her hand slowly made its way down to his waist. She could hear him breathing lightly as he innocently slept beside her, unaware of what she was wickedly doing.Farther down, her hand strayed, down on the spot a mother dare not go. A place that, in the world’s eyes, was unacceptable and forbidden. But Dawn didn’t care; she only knew she wanted him. She needed him. And she was going to have him. She had become obsessed with what her body beckoned for. He was the only thing that could quench the fire that burned deep inside her. Her hand touched his magnificent manhood, and she paused as her fingers felt its hardness.My god, he’s already stiff! Dawn thought as her fingernails grazed lightly across his massive tool. The thing she most desired was now ready to service her dark desire. Dawn opened her hand and enclosed as much of her son’s enormous dick in her palm as she could. Delicately, she stroked up and down its great length. Her son’s body responded as she toyed, and his hips pushed against her moving hand.Dawn lowered her other hand down to her sweltering pussy, and her finger scratched her clit, sending micro orgasms throughout her body. Her nub was hard as a rock and needed to be felt. Her juices flowed freely, seeping out of her mound.Dawn flickered faster on her swollen nub while she pumped harder on her son. He stirred while she cautiously bent forward, inching her mouth closer to the object of her lustful desire.Her tongue sparingly touched the tip of his shaft, and she felt an exciting tingle in her body when her son moaned in pleasure. She gave her young man another subtle lick. Only this time, letting it slide up his shaft and then felt his hands grasp her head before easing her head closer. Her mouth opened with no remorse or regret, and she slowly eased his enormous pole inside her watering mouth.”Ohh. Ohh fffuck, Mom,” she heard him groan as her mouth stretched to take all of his girth.Faster and faster, she went, while that burning sexual drive inside her only grew more intense.Billy’s hips pushed up to meet her as her mouth slid down, driving more of his immense meat into her mouth until it was no longer simply in her mouth, but was now sliding down her throat ― so deeply it caused her to gag as more and more of it sank inside. Dawn found herself unable to breathe as the monster pumped madly.Billy grasped his mother’s head tightly and pushed her entire mouth on his raging cock until her lips were locked to his boiling balls. Light muffled coughs were heard coming from his mom as his cock erupted its prize down her gagging throat.”Oh! Fuck, Mom! Oh. Fffuck. Yyyou’re making me come… Oh god!” he croaked, even as she tried desperately to pull herself free from his impaling bahis şirketleri prick when he exploded.Billy finally let her go, and Dawn came up gasping for air as his hot sperm dribbled down her chin.”Billy, I couldn’t breathe!” Dawn scolded, but didn’t even wait for a response as she moved onto his mouth with her needing pussy.”Eat me! I need you to fuck my pussy with your tongue!” Dawn pleaded as she pushed her hot mound to her son’s lips. “Eat, mommy. Make me come! Mommy needs to come so bad!”Billy did as he was told and licked his mother’s sweet nectar as it smeared his face.”Ohh. Mm-hmm. Oh yes! Oh god, Billy, that’s it. Keep going. Keep going, honey! Yes, Yes, Right there. Don’t stop. Ohh fuck, please don’t… ssstop!!” Dawn pleaded as her first climax sent waves of pleasure throughout her trembling body.Billy kept licking and sucking as more and more of her juices escaped her swollen, hot cunt, while his dick rose again to the occasion.Dawn eyed her son’s massive monster growing before her eyes, and her mouth watered as Billy licked and lapped at her pussy. Then, finally, she leaned over and devoured his stiff tool again, taking him as deep as she could handle.As moans and grunts of sexual pleasure filled the cold night air, the sounds traveled to Greg and woke him. Still not fully alert, the sounds of sex pierced his brain, and his eyes opened.Greg looked over the embers and saw his wife and son engaging again in their forbidden foreplay. He knew that before, Billy’s sex with his wife was to help him cover his own misguided mistake with his daughter, but now it sounded different. There was no sign of resistance from his wife as she eagerly sucked on her son’s cock. He could hear moans of pleasure from her as his son hungrily feasted on her pussy. Shamefully he couldn’t stop watching; their incestuous romp filled his own mind with thoughts of pleasure. His dick wanted to feel what they were experiencing. His passion grew more and more as the sounds of sex filled the night sky.Greg glanced over at his sweet daughter. She slept peacefully as the moans from his wife became louder. His dick grew stiffer and stiffer, almost painfully so. He needed relief. He needed to feel his little girl’s soft skin against him again. He needed her hot pussy dancing on his cock. Greg moved closer to his daughter and lightly traced his hand over her soft breasts, causing her to moan softly. Her body twitched as his hand played with her globes, and her perky nipples stiffened under his fingers.Dawn needed to feel her son’s cock inside her now. She slipped his dick out of her mouth and turned herself around. Straddling his body, she paused when she noticed her husband’s eyes looking back at her from across the fire pit.With her eyes glued to her husband’s face, she lowered herself down until her folds came in contact with her son’s rod, and with what remorse she had left, wallowed, “I’m sorry, honey! Please forgive me, but I have to fuck him again!”With that, Dawn grabbed his giant pole and guided it between her outer lips until his mushroom head was entirely inside them. Then eased herself down. Farther and farther down, her body descended. Letting her pussy swallow his enormous cock.”Ohh, fuck, Billy! You’re even bigger than before! I’ve never had anything like this inside. Ohh. Oh yes! Oh god, yes! Awww! It’s tearing my pussy apart!!” Dawn wailed as her love-hole stretched wider and wider until she felt all of him inside.Slowly, Dawn eased herself up an inch and then back down. And eased up another inch and then back down. Up and down she went as her pace slowly increased and slid more and more of his massive dick in and out of her until finally she was bouncing and slamming her hot, stretched cunt forcefully on her son’s enormous stiff cock.”Ohh. Mmm. Oh yes! Oh god, it’s so good! Fuck me, Billy! Fuck me. I want to feel you fill me again. Give it to me, baby!” Dawn expressed as ripples of pleasure filled her body.Only as her son’s cock reached depths that had never been touched by a dick before, her body suddenly shook in ecstasy when she yelled, “Oh fuck!!”Dawn’s eyes rolled in the back of her head while her noggin tipped back when she let out a loud sexual bahis firmaları groan. She had never felt anything like this and screamed, “Oh! Oh! OH!! You’re! You’re! Oh god, you’re touching my G-spot! OH! MY! GOD!!”Waves and waves of pleasure filled her quivering body as her son’s thick cock kept hitting her magic spot.Fuck! Fuck! Fffuck!! Dawn wailed over and over again since she wasn’t just cumming, she was squirting, and as her son kept pounding his massive meat against her G-spot, her pussy kept gushing. Giving her an orgasm like she’s never experienced before.Greg couldn’t take anymore. Seeing his wife cum like that had pushed him over the edge, and his hands wormed their way down his daughter’s body until his fingers brushed her sweet mound. He twisted them around until they slid nicely into her.Steff stirred, and her hips twitched as her father worked two fingers deep inside her, warming her love-nest up for his arrival.Faster his fingers went. Deeper his fingers went. Feverishly, he finger-fucked her until her hips bucked to meet his every thrust.”Oh, Oh, Daddy! Oh, yes. Oh, fuck me. Please fuck me now!” Steff moaned as her father positioned himself over her petite figure.”Mmm. Yes, Daddy. Oh, make love to me again. Fuck your little girl once more.”Greg slid his stiff dick along her slit until it parted. He could feel the heat and wetness glide across his rigid member as his cock’s head found its mark. Then, with a solid push, half his dick went home.”Ohhh. Fuckkk,” Steff moaned as her body pushed up and sent the rest of her father inside her little pussy. Then, as her father ever so lovingly pushed and pulled his dick in and out of her pussy, she hissed, “Fuck my pussy, Daddy! Fuck your baby girl! Give it to me! I want you to make me cum again!”Greg went faster and faster as the moans from his wife and daughter filled his ears. The sounds of their incestuous act had driven him mad. His cock boiled with sperm as his daughter wrapped her legs around his waist and rocked her hips wildly on his tool.”Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me. Keeping going. Oh. I’m close. I’m so close. Oh, Yesss! You’re doing it, Daddy. You’re doing it! You’re going to make your little girl cum!” Steff said as her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him to her.Greg pumped faster as he felt her approaching orgasm. Her cunt gripped tightly to his cock, sending his sperm racing to the tip. He felt her body stiffen, and her hands squeezed his ass tight as sexual sighs whimpered from her lips. His dick-head fattened as he felt his own climax burst free and send his seed into his little girl, and he groaned, “Oh! Fuck! Steff! Ugh!! Ugh!! Ugh!!”As Dawn’s body trembled from the massive orgasm she had, Billy sat himself up and gently helped his mother back to the ground. Not letting her recover from the fucking she just got, he took her legs and put them over his shoulders as his magical tool plunged back into his mother’s wonderful pussy, causing his mother to let out a loud gasp. He had all the control now as his stiff prick rammed deep inside her.Dawn screamed as his massive cock went even deeper than before. Waves and waves of pleasure rippled through her body as her son wildly fucked her.”Oh god, Billy. You’re really tearing me apart!!” Dawn whined while letting her body enjoy the pounding she was getting.Billy went even faster and harder. Taking hold of her thighs for more leverage, he could push even more of his thick dick into her innermost womb. Her cunt clutched and gripped tightly to his shaft as it raced deep inside his screaming mother.”Is this what you want, Mom? Is this how you like to be fucked? I can do this all night. Just ask me. Tell me you love my cock. Tell me you need it.””Oh. Yesss. God, yes. I need it. Fuck mommy! Make me cum again. Oh! Oh! AHHH!” Dawn screamed as another climax was set free.Billy felt her juices erupt again as his own release was closing. Her tight pussy clutched his dick, driving him crazy. He pushed and pushed and pushed and then, “Ohhh! Ohhh! Ah! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” His sperm exploded while his giant cock throbbed inside his mother as her hips bucked and twisted around. Billy crashed on top of her again as his head spun from the excitement.Greg kaçak bahis siteleri eased his weight off his daughter’s body. But Steff touched his arm as she sat up and whispered, “Let’s go into your tent, Daddy. I want to make love to you again.”Greg looked over at his wife and son and saw how they both were holding each other in a lover’s embrace and helped his daughter to her feet before they both walked to his tent, leaving his wife and son alone to play by themselves.Dawn and Billy then moved to his tent and fucked themselves silly as well. The four of them, in their incestuous state, made passionate love until daybreak.Only unlike Greg and Stef, who felt content after fucking the entire night, Dawn and Billy’s lust never diminished; their new sexual desires only deepened. Instead of feeling satisfied, they were left wanting more. The hunger for sex grew and grew and didn’t show any signs of stopping. Whatever had happened to Billy because of the bite had also now affected his mother for sure.Totally exhausted, they both finally passed out. Only as they awakened at noon did their sexual hunger immediately return.”Oh my god,” Dawn said, as she felt the strange tingle building rapidly between her legs.”Me too, Mom. My dick wants to feel you again.””No. Billy. I now understand what you meant by not being yourself. I feel it myself,” Dawn replied.Quickly, Dawn got up and raced out of the tent before her body’s sexual desires could stop her from wanting to leave. Her pussy tingled with every step. Her pussy-lips felt swollen against her clit, and her excitement grew. It was becoming harder and harder to ignore, like an itch that had to be scratched. Dawn rushed into the woods and found a spot by a big tree. Her hand went down to her pussy and pressed it lightly to her clit.”Ohhh,” Dawn moaned, as her body twitched from the touch. Her fingers went; faster and faster, building herself up to climax. She needed more than her fingers rubbing her clit. Her pussy was screaming for something to fill it. Dawn stopped flicking her nub and dug three fingers deep into her wet cunt.With her fingers pumping faster and faster, her moans grew louder. Her release was close; she could feel it as another digit went inside. Her body tightened up as her imminent climax broke, and just before she went over the edge, her mouth dropped when she spied her daughter standing only a foot away, naked and playing with her own pussy while her body trembled from the coming orgasm.Unable to stop, Dawn expressed while ramming her fingers deep inside her swollen cunt, “Steff, why are you… Here… Do-ing… Oh, fuck! I, I can’t ssstop!!”Embarrassed, but past the point of no return, Dawn continued onward, and she watched as her daughter rubbed her own pussy.  “Oh nnnno!” Dawn sighed when she couldn’t stop herself and sinfully held her fingers deep inside her snatch when her orgasm hit.Quickly Dawn’s eyes closed as she wailed, “Aww. Aww. Aww. Oh, fuck, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!”Dawn’s body trembled as her hips twitched against her hand while riding out the last of her orgasm and mumbled, “God, I’m sorry, Steff. But I, I needed to do that.””It’s okay, Mom,” Steff said while walking right up next to her mother and then gently placed her hand on her mother’s shoulder, causing her mother’s body to tremble from her touch while she was still recovering from her orgasm.Steff quickly noticed how her mother shivered from her touch and lightly raked her fingers down her arm, causing her mother’s body to shake again.”Oh, Steff, please don’t do that,” Dawn said. “I think I’m infected with something that’s making me extremely horny very easily. I’m pretty sure whatever bit your brother has affected me now.”Unbeknownst to Dawn was that Steff was still feeling horny after seeing her mother climax in front of her, and now, with this knowledge of her being infected, it had put a wicked notion inside her daughter’s head.Deviously Steff decided to act on it and rapidly grasped both of her mother’s fleshy breasts in her hands.Dawn’s eyes shot wide open when her daughter gave her tits a hard squeeze, and she squealed, “Steff!! Wh-what are you doing!””Shhh. I’m just helping you with your problem, Mom,” Steff hissed as she reached down with her right hand and hastily raked her fingers over her mother’s swollen clit while pressing her lips hard against her mother’s.Mm-mm. Mm-mm! Steff could hear her mother moan in her mouth as her…

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