Subject: The Contractor Chapter Eleven Welcome to latest chapter in the story about the developing relationship between a twenty something heterosexual self-employed contractor and a sheltered soon to be sixteen year old boy. The contractor will mentor the young man while he soon learns new things about himself as the young man helps him on his journey into new experiences. Life takes an unexpected turn that puts their relationship in jeopardy. WARNING: This story is for adult men. It contains a graphic and fictional depiction of sex between adult and youth males. If sexual activity between consenting males is illegal where you are, or you find this material offensive or if you are under legal age, do not go any further and do not read this story. The characters are fictional and do not represent any real person, living or dead or any real events or happenings. 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He didn’t want to wear them out so some of the practices were just walk throughs and strategy sessions. Kyle and Brandon and Brian weren’t having any more separate practices so they couldn’t find some private time to release the tensions building up in them. Kyle had broken up with his recent girlfriend so he was so horny he would fuck a knothole in a tree if it were the right height off the ground. Brandon was pushing himself hard at practice when the cheerleaders were watching. He hadn’t worked up the nerve to ask Cindy for a date so we think he was trying to impress her so she’d ask him out. Wasn’t happening. He was just getting exhausted and hornier by the day. Brian was stressing out trying to balance his time between everyone. And I was suffering holiday burnout and blueballs. Saturday came and Dorothy and myself had agreed to ride with the Davenports to the game. It was a two-hour ride to the stadium where the game was being held. The team and the coaches rode together on a bus the league had hired. It was a terrific game; each team fighting hard for every yard they gained. But the comradely and sportsmanship was evident on the field with friendly banter amongst the two teams in between plays. We won by three points and advanced to the next series the following week. Quite a few of the parents had left by the time the team showered and packed their gear on the bus for the return trip home. The Davenports and a couple other families stayed to follow the bus. We had only driven 30 minutes down the road when the bus pulled over to the side of the road. The alternator on the engine had burned out and there was no way that it would make it all the way home. We managed to get the bus off the road and into the parking lot of a local motel. They called a garage to come repair the bus but parts wouldn’t be available until morning. Mr Davenport went to the motel office and made arrangements to book enough rooms for everyone, putting four in a room. I agreed to stay with the coaches to help chaperone the boys, making five adults total, while Mr Davenport drove the women home. He was going to return in the morning to follow the bus the rest of the way home after it was repaired. The adults were going to split up three in one room, two in the other. One of the rooms we were assigned turned out to not have any beds in it. It was being done over and the night manager didn’t realize it. After some back and forth, I volunteered (just glad I didn’t have to beg) to sleep in a room with Brian and two of his friends if they didn’t mind. Kyle and Brandon had no objections at all. I sent the boys off to the room while I sat up playing cards with the coaches until they were satisfied all the boys were in their rooms and settled down for the night. It really wasn’t long considering how tired they all were from the game. I unlocked the door to our room and walked in, seeing my way only by the light from the sign out front filtering through the cheap curtains on the window. I could see two boys in one bed and one boy in the other. All three were snoring. Assuming Brian was lone boy, leaving the other side of the bed for me. I stripped off my clothes and quietly slid into bed. I wasn’t sure if I should wake Brian then or wait until I was sure the other boys were sound asleep. It wasn’t five minutes and the boy in the bed with me moved over and put an arm across my chest and his leg across mine, pressing his soft cock into my thigh. I guess Brian wasn’t going to wait. My left arm had been at my side and was now captured between my leg and his cock. My right arm reached over and rubbed his shoulder and his back. As he responded with some slight movement, my left hand found his cock and began to squeeze it, moving it around in my fingers. It reacted right away, chubbing up in my hand. He rolled back slightly to give me better access to his crotch and moved his hand off my chest and down to my cock, already stiff and waiting for his attention. My cock was leaking, making a wet spot on the sheets while his cock was dripping onto my leg. We were picking up speed, knowing as long as we had been denied our pleasures; it would be quick, strong and plentiful when we shot our load. It was almost at the tipping point when I heard movement and saw Kyle walking across the room to go to the bathroom. I held my breath and wanted to stop until he was back in bed. There was no amount of willpower that was going to stop this freight train. It was barreling full steam ahead. Kyle came out of the bathroom just as the cock in my hand shot it’s cum all over us, the boy next to me passionately calling out Kyle’s name. It wasn’t Brian’s voice! It wasn’t Brian’s cock I had in my gooey hand. Kyle answered back, “Good night Brandon.” Oh fuck! I was jerking off Brandon! Brandon froze at Kyle voice and picked his head up to stare at me. “Shaun! What the hell?” “Oops, guess that didn’t go as planned,” Kyle giggled. Brian woke up and looked around totally confused. He saw Kyle standing at the bathroom door laughing, Brandon scrambling to get out of bed and me apologizing and reaching over the side of the bed for my clothes. “Shit, nobody could be bothered to wake me? I’m fucking horny too, you know,” Brian declared as he jumped out of bed and came over to stand next to Kyle. “Never figured these two would get in on but I guess any cock in a hand is as good as another.” “No, no, no, no, this didn’t just happen,” Brandon insisted. “Kyle, you were in bed with me when I fell asleep. I thought you were still here. Why did you switch beds?” “You fell asleep so quickly and I was horny as hell so I climbed in bed with Brian, but then we both fell asleep before we could do anything.” “And Shaun, what the Christ were you doing in bed with me. You should have been in bed with Brian, if anyone” Brandon still argued. :”I came in and saw one spot open in a bed and assumed it was Brian on the other side. I didn’t want to wake him,” as I was interrupted by Kyle “So instead of waking him you wanked him!” he and Brian laughing hysterically at the expense of Brandon and I. “Alright, let’s put this behind us and get some sleep,” I told them all. “He wanked Brandon and now he wants it behind him? Looking for some butt fucking?” Kyle blurted out as he and Brian fell over on the floor in fits of laughter. “Go to bed!” I raised my voice. “Not so quick,” Brian protested from the floor. He and Kyle stood up and came over in front of us, Brian in front of me and Kyle in front of Brandon, both of us sitting on the edge of the bed. They had their cocks stiff and ready. “You two got off so now you owe us. A hand job or a suck, Kyle? Which do you think would do us justice?” “Brandon hasn’t sucked a cock yet, so I’ll take a hand job. It’s up to you how you want Shaun to even the score.” “I didn’t even cum. Brandon was the only one who has made it yet,” I clarified for them. “Well then, I’ll settle for a hand job and we’ll decide who will do what to you later,” Brian suggested. “Oh balls, I’ve caught everything else that was thrown my way today, I might as well catch a mouthful,” as Brandon pull Kyle towards him and opened his mouth for Kyle’s cock. “Whoa, are you sure you want to do this?” Kyle asked. “Hell no, so you better hurry up and stick it in before I change my mind,” as he closed his eyes ardahan escort and stuck out his tongue. Kyle moved closer and put his cock on Brandon’s out stretched tongue. When Brandon didn’t pull back, Kyle moved inside his mouth and pushed it until Brandon gagged. He withdrew it quick and apologized but now knew just how far he could go. Brandon started bobbing his head, not sure what else a blowjob entailed. “You ok, Brandon,” Kyle wanted to know, “Do you want to keep going?” “Have you cum yet?” “Oh don’t worry, you’ll know it when I do,” Kyle chuckled. Kyle began to move and face fuck Brandon, but doing it gently. He wanted his first time to be a good experience so hopefully he wants to do it again. Brandon pulled back and looked up at Kyle. “Am I doing it right? This is my first time, you know.” “Yes, I know. You’re doing ok. I’ve personally never been on the giving end but have been on the receiving end often enough to know that any blow job is a good blow job.” “You’ve never done it either?” “Not yet,” Kyle grinned as he pulled Brandon’s head towards him and onto his cock again. Brian and I watched in total surprise, and some envy, as Brandon swallowed Kyle’s stiff cock as far as he could, gag a little and then take it in again. Brian put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it while watching the two of them. I was alternating looking at them and looking at Brian’s cock impatiently waiting for the same pleasure. A few drops of precum were about to drip off the tip so I placed my finger out and caught them, bringing my finger to my mouth. The sweet taste made me want to get on with it and suck the rest of his fluids out of his cock but Brian was so intent on watching his friend giving head for the first time I didn’t want to break the mood. Finally Kyle told Brandon he was close. “I’m almost there. You better pull your mouth off and finish me with your hand.” Kyle advised. But Brandon would not hear of it He mumbled out the side of his mouth to Kyle, “Just like you, I don’t quit until the job is finished,” as he kept sucking. Kyle moaned and cussed and shot his load into Brandon’s mouth, much more then Brandon had expect or could keep in his mouth. It dribbled out the sides of his mouth, down his chin and dripped onto the floor. When Kyle had finished, Brandon pulled his mouth off and was swirling his tongue around in his mouth, trying to determine if he liked the taste of cum or was repulsed by it. “So, how is your first taste of cum?” Kyle asked. Brandon stood up, grabbed Kyle head and pulled him to open mouth kiss him, spitting some of the cum into his mouth. “You tell me, it’s your cum. How does it taste?” Brandon smiled. “I’m not sure. Can I have another taste?” Kyle replied. The two of them locked lips again and spat the cum back and forth between them until it was so diluted that it was more saliva than cum. But that didn’t stop them from continuing to kiss. “Oh Cindy, you’re such a hot kisser. I’ll bet you even better when I fuck you.” Brandon joked as he pulled away from the kiss. “Get away from me, you god damn homo queer fucking pervert. You ain’t never going to fuck me, no way, no day!” Kyle shot back in jest. Then he looked at Brian, “At least not tonight anyway.” Then he reached out and gave Brandon a hug. “Thanks, that was awesome. I owe you one.” “And I aim to collect,” he smiled back at Kyle. Now it was my turn. I looked up at Brian eyes and smiled at him. He stepped forward and placed his cock right in front of me. I stroked it a few times then lifted it up and took his balls in my mouth. I licked and tugged and massaged them with my tongue and then let them drop out of my mouth. I lowered his cock and licked the tip, enjoying the precum sweetness. “See Brandon, that’s how a pro does it. Better take notes.” Kyle said quietly. I just glared at Kyle out the side of my face. There is no way I should be doing this with Brian in front of the other two guys. Having sex with Brian is bad enough, but with them in the room? I knew it was wrong but I also knew that I was going to finish what I started. “Sorry, Shaun, no offense. I just want Brandon to pay attention so he will do better next time,” Kyle said as Brandon slapped his shoulder. “You’re the one who better take notes, asshole. I don’t want a sucky sucking when you do me,” Brandon retorted. I went back to what I was doing, making love to Brian’s cock with my mouth. Slowly taking it in, twisting my head from side to side as I did, playing with the underside of his boner with my tongue. My hands reached around to take a hold of his ass and squeezing and rubbing those beautiful lobes of tender flesh. It had been so long since we had done this that I slowly began to concentrate more on my own pleasure than Brian’s. I was applying suction and well as movement and tongue massage, wanting as much of him in contact with me as possible. My hands were squeezing his ass to the point of reaching a pain threshold. It all combined to push him over the edge much sooner than I wanted. I swallowed every drop of his nectar, not wanting to waste any. When I finished he started to soften in my mouth so I pulled off him. “And that, gentleman, is a blow job.” I announced to Kyle and Brandon. “Okay, Brandon, you got so much better at catching the ball with a lot of practice so we’ll set up a regular practice schedule so you can become equally proficient at sucking cock,” Kyle offered. “I’m not sure if I want to do this again. I just wanted to try it.” “You enjoyed it, didn’t you?” Kyle asked hopefully, knowing that Brian would be leaving in a few weeks and he’d be back to jerking off solo when he couldn’t hook up with a girl. “It was okay. It’s probably better on the receiving end. And that’s what I’m really good at, remember, receiving,” Brandon reminded Kyle. “Point taken. I guess we’ll have to see how this works out.” We cleaned up and I made a point or reminding them who was sleeping with who. We turned in and the room was resonating with the sounds of snoring in no time. I was thinking Brian and I would stay awake after the other two were asleep so he and I could enjoy a sensual fuck. It’s been a while since I’ve been in his ass and I was snow super horny to cum.. But it was not to be. We all fell asleep. I woke up at daybreak the next morning to hear gurgling sounds in the next bed. I picked my head up to look over and saw Brandon and Kyle in a 69 position, sucking each other’s cocks. I quietly chuckled to myself and put my head back down waiting for Brian to wake up. The phone in the room rang before he woke up. The coach was on the other end telling us to get up and ready for breakfast. They had been to the local donut shop and brought back dozens of donuts and gallons of drinks for everyone. By the time everyone was up and had eaten the bus was fixed and we were on our way home again. We pulled into the school parking lot to a cheering crowd of parents and students, celebrating our first victory at state. We unloaded the bus and got ready to leave. “Great game, guys. Rest up today and I’ll see you all after school tomorrow to watch the game videos and critique the game'” the coach announced. “And a big thanks to the parents for their help on the road with the bus.” “Hey coach, can we get a bus that will break down on the next trip. That was an adventure,” Kyle shouted out. The whole team cheered and yelled in agreement. The parents groaned and walked to their cars. Brandon looked at Kyle and quietly said, “Yeah, I know why you want to break down again. So you can go down.” “You complaining?” Kyle asked him. “Not really. It did make things interested last night,” as he smiled and walked over to this dad’s car. “Next time I want a separate room for us so we can fuck all night long,” Brian whispered to me. “Or at least tell Kyle and Brandon to leave the room for a while.” “I think they would figure out what we were up to. Not a good idea.” Dorothy wanted the three of us to go to lunch together. I had some paperwork to catch up on and some phone calls to make but I didn’t want to seem rude. I knew it would be awkward for all three us of but I felt I was obligated to go. I told her I had work to do so a quick lunch would be best. We went to her favorite restaurant and got seated. By coincidence Kyle and his family came in right after us and were waiting for a table when Dorothy suggested we all sit together. I was all for that. The hostess seated us all at a larger table with Kyle and Brian sitting together. The conversation was pretty much dominated by the two boys reliving each and every play of the game. When they got to the prank play at the end of the first half, Conrad just shook his head and said he was glad the rest of the game went smoothly. Looking my way, Conrad said softly, “I’m going to call Lt. Peterson tomorrow and fill him in on what happened. He may want to get involved with filing charges against Oliver. I know he is familiar with the whole family by now.” “I’m sure he’ll appreciate that. He’s a good man to keep in the loop,” I added. We finished our meal and were settling up the bill. I excused myself artvin escort to go to the men’s room. Brian stood up and said he had to go as well, followed by Kyle. “They’re like women, those two boys. Can’t go to the bathroom unless its in a group,” Conrad laughed. Kyle was blocked in and had to wait a few minutes for his mother to move her chair so he could get away from the table. I got to the men’s room and positioned myself at the urinal to piss. Brian came quietly up behind me, reaching around to grab my cock. “Need a hand with that, big fella?” he asked in a sultry voice. “Fuck off, we’re in a public place. Somebody might walk in a t any minute.” I no sooner said that than the door swung open. Brian pulled his hand back so quick he got in the way of my stream of piss, soaking his fingers. It was Kyle who walked in thank goodness. “Whoa, I didn’t know you two were into water sports as well,” stared at Brian’s wet hand. “No, just this little horndog being a pain,” I scowled. Brian went to wash his hands as Kyle stepped up to the urinal next to mine. “You’re not going to aim over here and soak me too are you Shaun?” laughing. “I might if you don’t shut up. You’re as big of a pain in the ass as he is.” “I hope to,” Kyle winked and shook his cock, then zipped up. I was the last one to get to the sink. Kyle was ready to leave so Brian told him when he went out the door, bend down right in front of the door to tie his shoe and block it for a few minutes. Referring back to the stall play during the game, Kyle shot back, “Do you want me to check and make sure my jock strap isn’t on backwards, too?” “Shaun is right, you are a major pain in the ass.” Brian pushed him towards the door. “Yup a major pain, all 8″ of it.” “In your dreams, goof ball.” “In my dreams and in your ass,” as he scooted out the door before Brian could hit him. Brian came up to me and grabbed me for a kiss. Actually, he was trying to eat my whole face. We could hear Kyle tell someone outside the door he’d just be a minute while he tied his shoe. “That will hold me until next time,” as Brian pulled away and opened the door. It was Conrad waiting to come in. “Kyle,” Conrad bent down to his son, “Are you going to check your jockstrap too?” The four of us bust out laughing, drawing the attention of everyone in the place. We went to our respective vehicles and headed home. Again, when I entered the house I felt a pang of loneliness being there without Brian. But I better get used to it. He would be leaving in a few short weeks, headed 1000 miles away from me. The next game was not as successful, nor as eventful. They played hard but their opponent was clearly a better team, beating us by two touchdowns. The boys were all disappointed but knew they played the best they could. The coach gave them the ‘you’ll do better next year’ speech which they all grudgingly agreed they would. The bus trip home was quiet, most of the boys falling asleep, leaning against the windows, leaning against each other or just slumped back in their seats. As Christmas approached I was trying to figure out what to get Brian. Tools would not be appropriate this time. He wouldn’t need them in St. Louis. I decided a video console might help to occupy him until he managed to make some new friends. Dorothy got him a laptop so he could video chat with us. Christmas morning I came over to Brian’s house and we opened presents. He was happy with his gifts but not overwhelmed. That is until I gave him one special present I held back. He unwrapped the box and opened it up to find a souvenir T-shirt from the waterpark where we spend the day. His smile was ear to ear as he jumped up and hugged me. “Thank you so much,” Brian gushed, his eyes watering but not actually tearing. “I didn’t want you to forget that day.” “I will never forget that day as long as I live. Best day ever!” as his mother looked puzzled at his reaction over a $10 shirt versus several thousand dollars of electronic presents. The coach wanted the all of the team to meet and go to church at noon on Christmas day. My corny line for that was, “The team that plays together, prays together?” “No, I just want the boys to be thankful for the season they had and that there were no serious injuries, that’s all.” The three of us attended church and then came back for dinner, a rather quiet and somber meal. More like the Last Supper than a joyous holiday meal. As we were cleaning up Kyle texted Brian to see if it was all right if he came over for a few minutes. He had something he wanted to show him. Ten minutes later a horn blew in front of the house. We all went to the front door and there was Kyle in a brand new Mustang, his Christmas gift from his parents. He was just enough older than Brian that he had gotten his driver’s license already. He was making the rounds showing off his new wheels. Brian jumped in and they drove off to show all their other friends. I said my good byes and left to go visit some of my friends I hadn’t taken the time to see since last summer. I felt bad that Dorothy was left all alone on Christmas but part of me hoped she’d appreciate what true loneliness felt like. I was sure that was what Brian would feel when he got to St. Louis. Conrad and Kyle had planned a surprise New Year’s Eve party and good bye party at their house for the football team, to be held two days after Christmas. Of course there was no alcohol but a good time was had by all. Everyone gave Brian their addresses and promised to write, a promise prompted by their parents. No self-respecting teenager was going to write a letter in today’s age of text, email and video chat. It did serve as a lifeline that Brian could grasp onto to feel he would stay in touch with everyone, especially Kyle and Brandon. I picked Brian up the next morning and we went to my place. We hugged and cried and tried to console each other as best we could. It would only be for six months and then he would be back with me again. I would fly him home on the winter and spring vacations as well if he wanted. We went into the bedroom, undressed and got into bed. “Brian, before you leave there is one thing I want from you,” I told him. “Anything, you know that. Just name it.” “I want you cock.” “You’ve always had that.” “Not in my hand or in my mouth but in my ass, like I do to you.” “Are you serious? You want me to make love to you?” he asked as he smiled up at me. “Yes, I want to lose my virginity to you so I’ll have this experience to think back on when I’m alone and jerking off in bed at night.” “I would like that so much, if you’re sure.” “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” Brian took me to the bathroom and helped me clean out, making sure this would be pleasant for both of us. Then we went back to the bed and made out, letting our passion build. We were groping and hugging and fondling until we both new it was time. I reached for the lube and handed it to Brian. “Do you want me on my back or my stomach?” I asked him. “On you back with your legs in the air. That way I can look into your eyes as we become one.” I lay on my back and raised my legs, grabbing my ankles to keep them up high. Brian smears the lube on my ass, gently working it in my hole with his finger. He has had his finger in my ass before, but the anticipation of what was coming next took this to a whole new level of arousal. When he removed his finger to lube his manhood, I felt coolness where he had just been. He moved in between my legs then bent over and kissed me. “Are you sure this is what you want? It might hurt to begin with.” “It’s going to hurt even worse when you get on that plane and leave. Please be gentle but fuck me so we will be forever together, in spirit if not in body.” He brought his cock to my hole and applied some pressure. I pushed out on my ass muscle like I had felt Brian do when I fucked him. It helped him start to penetrate me but it still hurt like hell. I winced and he froze. “I’ll stay still, you let me know when you’re ready for more of me.” “I’m ready now, please don’t stop.” He pushed in a little more and stopped. The pain was now combined with a burning sensation with this foreign object invading me. A little more and the pain didn’t get any worse. A little more and it became bearable to the point I could feel his cock more than the pain. A little more and he stopped again. “It’s okay, you can keep going,” I encouraged him. “That’s all there is and there ain’t no more,” he smirked. He lay there motionless as I experienced fullness like nothing I had ever felt before. He leaned over me and kissed me, softly whispering, “Now you are mine and I am yours.” After more deep kissing he began to withdraw slowly and then push back in. The pain came back slightly but subsided as he gently fucked my ass. It was feeling better and better the longer he fucked me. I moved my hips as best I could to match him but with my legs in the air I didn’t have any real leverage. Instead I mimicked what Brian had done when I was in him and pushed out as he was thrusting in and then tighten my ass as he was trying to withdraw. We ataköy escort were in perfect sync until he pushed hard and deep and just held his cock still. I could feel him pulsing and knew he was giving me his precious juice. We lay there until he went soft and his cock slipped out of my ass, leaking some cum as he did. I lowered my legs and we cuddled. “Was it as good as you thought it would be?” Brian asked. “It was better. If I’d know it would feel this good, I would have pulled over that first day when I brought you home from the Oliver’s house and had you fuck me in the front seat of my truck on the side of the road,” I laughed. Brian pinched my nipple and slapped my stiff cock. “I bet you would have, you horny old man.” I hadn’t gotten off yet, the initial pain holding me back. After we rested Brian declared it was his turn to be fucked. I happily obliged. We took a short nap and then we repeated it all over again, me now a veteran bottom and him wanted his turn after me. It was evening when Dorothy called and wanted Brian home. They were flying out tomorrow and wanted him to get a good night’s sleep. We held each other tight until our muscles began to cramp. Then cleaned up and I took him home, kissing him good night in the truck. This would be out last chance to be emotional, as tomorrow we both had to put on a brave face and say goodbye with a handshake. I gave them a ride to the airport and helped them check in and get to their departure gate. As they went through security, Brian looked back and silently mouthed ‘I love you’. I did the same. Brian walked into the walkway to board the plane, watching the most important person in my life leave, maybe for a few months, maybe forever. I stood at the large windows and waited until I saw his plane taxi to the runway and then take off. I waved a small wave, shed a tear and went back to my truck. Conrad invited me to his adult New Year’s Eve party, not wanting me to be alone. I went and enjoyed the conversation and the food but left before the ball dropped. I went home, turned off the lights and went to bed early, something that would become my new routine. The first few days weren’t too bad, pretending that Brian was just busy with practice and that’s why he wasn’t around. But by the end of the first week it really sunk in that he was gone. The second week I dove in my work as hard as I could, working 12 – 14 hour days or more. I’d come home exhausted, grab a sandwich and fall into bed. By the third week I was becoming a total wreck. I tried calling but it always went to voice mail. I texted and his standard reply was ‘Get back to you later’. It seemed as though Brian had left this life behind and didn’t want any part of it, or me. Wednesday I had finished early, dreading coming home to an empty house. I stopped for some fast food and ran into Kyle and some of his friends at the store. “Hey Shaun, long time since I’ve seen you,” Kyle came up to me. “Yes, I’ve been trying to keep busy, keep my mind of things.” “I know what you mean. I texted him last week and he just replied he’d get back to me later. I haven’t heard from him yet.” “I haven’t been able to get through to him either. Probably hectic getting settled in to a new school and a new home.” “Not a new home, damn it, the new place he staying temporarily!” Kyle raised his voice to me. He was missing him as much as I was and just as angry at the whole situation. “My food is ready. Good to see you again. Take care,” as I walked to the counter and then out the door. I had just finished eating when there was a knock on my door. Kyle was standing there so I invited him in. “Shaun, I’m sorry I snapped at you. I just miss Brian so damn much. I know you must miss him even more.” “I didn’t think it would be this bad but it is. Want to stay for a while?” I asked and pointed to the couch. He sat on one end and I sat on the other, watching some stupid show I had on TV when he arrived. We started talking about some of the good times we all had and the crazy nights in the motel rooms. I was starting to chub up thinking about Brian’s cute ass and how sexy he looked when he was walking away from me naked. Kyle told me about the first time he and Brian held each other’s cocks in the shower. How he felt a special connection to him ever since. “I’m not gay, you know. I just feel really close to him as a friend even if we never touched each other again like that. But when we do it’s just a feeling I don’t get with anyone else, girl or guy.” Kyle confessed. “I know what you mean. He can bring out emotions in a person they had no idea existed.” I agreed. All this talk was making Kyle chub up as well as me. We both had to rearrange ourselves several times as we sat there. Kyle sniffled a little and a tear or two rolled down his cheek. He tried to hide wiping it away but I knew how he felt. “Come over here,” I told him and put my arms around him to hold him tight. “For now we have each other,” not realizing how it sounded until I said it. I meant we had each other to lean on for support, nothing more. He looked up at me, “I’m so glad to hear you say that,” as he hugged me back, then slid his hand down and placed it on my thigh. “Now I don’t feel so alone.” His embrace, the touch of his hand on my thigh was the only physical contact I’ve had with another human being in weeks. I broke out in a sweat. I’m Brian’s lover and this is his friend. I shouldn’t be feeling this way towards him. Loneliness can do funny things to one’s sense of right and wrong but I knew it was wrong to be feeling this level of comfort from Kyle, as soothing as it was. I told myself it would be okay if we just stayed like this for a while and gave each other some moral support, nothing more. But then Kyle began to move his hand and rub my thigh. I rubbed his shoulder with the arm I had around him in response. It just seemed like the natural thing to do, mutual support I told myself, nothing more. He laid his head on my shoulder, nuzzling against me as he continued to rub my thigh, taking longer strokes down towards my knee and then back up towards my crotch but not touching my stiffening cock. I laid my head against his and smelled the scent of the shampoo in his hair. My shoulder rub expanded into rubbing up and down his side, going down to his waist and lingering before coming back up to his shoulder. His rubbing my thigh stopped and became a squeezing motion with his thumb sticking out to make subtle contact with the tip of my cock. My hand went down his side, past his waist and massaged his ass cheek. I know if this continued much longer it would go somewhere we would regret. I know I should be the adult in the room and stop this now. But just as with Brian, my self-control was sorely lacking. Kyle moved his hand into my crotch so he could put his fingers around my cock. “May I?” he innocently asked. “You know we shouldn’t,” I responded but made no attempt to stop him. Quite the contrary, I squeezed his ass tighter and moaned as he moved his head to kiss my neck. “We better stop while we still can,” I cautioned him. “I suppose you’re right,” as he continued to massage my cock and peck on my neck. I felt his hand release my cock and I felt relieved that he had taken my advice. Then I heard and felt my zipper being pulled down. Oh hell, he didn’t stop. His hand slipped inside my jeans and got a better grip on my cock, my underwear being the only thing between my flesh and his fingers. I tried to move my hand around his body to get to his cock but the position we were in made it awkward and uncomfortable. Kyle sat up next to me and moved back slightly so he could get at my pants with both hands and undoes them. It gave me a chance to move my arm in front of him and put my hand on his cock. He slid his hand inside the waistband of my underwear and had a hold of my cock, our flesh touching. I massaged him through his pants, not going any further. After a few minutes of this he stood up and removed his pants, letting his stiff cock spring free. He moved in front of me and pulled at my pants to get them off. Willingly I raised my hips so he could. He sat back down next to me in a way that he could stroke my cock and I could stroke his. He brought his upper body to me and we used our free hands to embrace as we continued to stroke each other. It had been so long since I had any interaction with anyone I knew I wouldn’t last too long. Evidently Kyle hadn’t either as he tensed up and shot a huge load of cum all over both of our laps, rope after rope of white goo. I followed next with the same results. We held each other for a few minutes then Kyle spoke up. “You’re right we should have stopped. But all I could think about was the first time Brian and I jerked each other to completion in the showers. I was jerking you but thinking about Brian.” “I was doing the same. It’s not right but it just happened.” “Are we bad people to do this behind Brian’s back. Are we kind of cheating on him?” “I’m not sure if we are or not but it sure feels that way.” We cleaned up and got our pants back on. Kyle walked to the door and turned back to me, “It may not be right, but I feel better now than I have since he left. Thanks.” And out the door he went. I felt guilty, I felt relaxed, I felt like I cheated on Brian but like Kyle, I felt better than I had since Brian left. This is going to be hell for the next few months.

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