the control


the controlThat fucking remote; I can’t ever watch my television without getting a moist pussy. I am a very horny 19 year old girl and I just can’t keep dry when I look at the shape of my remote.“Where the hell is it?” is usually said looking at the remote for more than one reason. Don’t get me wrong, the shows I watch are definitely important to me, but my horny needs are much more important than True blood. The curves and hardness of my remote just make me feel a lot better than any vampire show can!In fact, I’m looking for the electronic now. So far, my blankets are tossed on the ground, art supplies are spilling off my desk, and my furniture has been completely moved around. Great isn’t it? I can not stand messes, but I’ll worry about that after I get my aching pussy pleased.Drops of cum were greasing my slit and soaking my cotton thong as I continued to bend down to look for my remote. A gentle breeze kept blowing across my damp hole with my skirt opening up and I felt a strong spasm from my walls as I imagined how good the plastic of my remote would feel inside me.I was working underneath couch when I felt a soft hand pull my thong aside, my hole fully exposed as a finger traced the rim teasingly. My lips opened to a moan while my body pushed back on the searching finger; as my body pushed back, I felt the mysterious finger pull away muğla escort from me only to be replaced by a hard, cold plastic.“Oh fuck!” I gasped in exasperation with my head bending down. The plastic was slowly being worked into me, being bounced in and out of me by the centimeter. I was beginning to feel bumps on my velvet walls and I opened my eyes wide in amazement: I was going to be fucked with a remote!My body shivered uncontrollably as the entire length of my juicy cunt was filled with cold plastic, my juices splattering on my assailant’s hand. My mind was blank with sexual urge; my body was under complete control of my cunt.The hard cushion feel of the buttons against my desperately aching cunt gave me sensations that I had never felt before in my life. As the buttons pulled back and forth on my inner muscles, my cunt worked into overdrive. Girl cum began to fall from my pussy in a torrent, rivulets of juice cascading down my thighs. The throws of my orgasm rocked my body harder as the remote was forced even farther into my cunt and a tongue brushed against my anus.Jerking uncontrollably, my body writhed on the floor in pleasure and pushed back onto the searching tongue. The ring of my ass opened slightly as the pink tongue snaked its way into my rear end.“Oh god,” I cried as my breath began to catch muğla escort bayan up with me again, my fingers working slowly on my clit as I leaned against the sturdy sofa. My fingers massaged my throbbing clit as a tongue worked my ass and the remote pounded my pussy. A hand slowly worked the globe of my ass cheek as they feasted on my ass hole.A weight pressed into my back, the soft swell of a breast and smooth skin rubbing against me as I felt the warm breath of my room mate float over my neck. “Turn over,” she breathlessly whispered in my ear.Gina let me turn over before her tongue began to attack my love button. Her hand continued to pummel my tunnel as her lips stuck on my mound and greedily sucked on me. Her face was getting covered in my juices and I couldn’t believe how hot it made me.My fingers played with her hair lovingly, keeping the brown strands out of her face as she ate me out. Her pink tongue lashed and flicked over my clit quickly as her brown eyes bored into mine, the intensity between us heating my cunt. The buttons on my remote continued to massage and roll over my walls as Gina added her finger into my hole, my cunt stretching to accommodate the width. My eyes began to tear up as my pussy seemed to work through the paralysis it wanted to go into and my hips shook as more cum pouring escort muğla down my ass.There was no doubt now that we needed a new remote once she took it out of me: the entire thing was coated with my juices, most likely seeping down between the buttons to the electrical. Gina just tossed it aside with the rest of the mess in the room and straddled me.I could feel the heat from her snatch on mine as her full, plump lips pressed into my thin pair. A gentle swish of her hips made our clits meet and I gasped: I had never been like this with a girl before and it was incredible! The initial shock wore off and I felt my clit aching to be touched again. Feeling the slippery smooth skin against me was exciting and oh-so addictive. I just wanted to feel more of it! Together, we grinded and mashed our mounds together in a fuck lust.Our pussy juice mixed together as it dripped down my ass and onto the carpet and I felt so naughty for it. The naughtiness added to my throbbing walls. The fact that our hard nipples were rubbing against each other made the throbbing even worse and it wasn’t long before I yelled out to her that I wanted to come on her.Gina must have really liked that because her hips furiously pumped me before she tensed with me, our bodies shaking as her cum drenched my slit. I felt her hand against mine and I held it as her body rocked mine, the two of us panting and moaning as sweat spotted our skin.Her free hand dipped between us and pulled out covered in our mix of juices. One finger went in my mouth as another went in hers. We lay there, holding each other closely before getting up to clean the mess I had made.

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