The Family Reunion Ch. 03


While the children had gone off to the pond, Nicholas and Brenda grilled Crystal and Patrick on whether or not they had fucked the kids yet. When both admitted they had, Nicholas sighed in envy. “Oh that is so not fair, you know how much I would love to feed Elizabeth my hard cock?” He ran his hand down over the crotch in his jeans.

Brenda patted her husbands shoulder. She knew that he was hot for their daughter, but as neither of the children showed any interest that way, they had left them alone. She had to admit that she had a few erotic dreams about Nathan.

Crystal and Patrick smiled at each other. “Well you know, I’m sure that Jessie and Timothy would love to let you guys fuck them. Plus maybe we can get the kids into the family fun so to speak.”

Nathan licked his lips at the thought of sinking his 8 inch cock deep in his niece’s pussy. Brenda at the same time was thinking about how big Timothy’s cock had looked in his shorts and imagined it reaming her body very nicely. “Well I don’t know how well you are going to get the kids to join the family fun, but I sure wouldn’t mind having some fun with Timothy.” Brenda said smiling at her sister and brother in law.

Patrick smiled at his brother and sister in law. “If I know my kids, they have already introduced Nathan and Elizabeth into the joys of family sex.”

He knew he was right when the children returned a little while later. All four of them had shit eating grins on their faces.

Crystal also saw the looks on the younger people’s faces and smiled herself. She was trying to think how to move this along before the rest of the relatives arrived, when an idea came to her. “Nathan, I really need help fixing a picture in my room. Would you help me?” She asked innocently.

Nathan looked at Jessie, and then shrugged his shoulders, “Sure Aunt Crystal.” He followed Crystal down the hall to her bedroom.

Meanwhile, Patrick moved up to Elizabeth, “You know, I have a really cool video I think you might like. It’s in the den; want to watch it with me?”

Elizabeth was still reeling from the pounding timothy had given her. “Um…Sure Uncle Patrick.” She put her hand in his then let him lead her to the den.

The twins smiled at each other, when they realized they were alone with their aunt and uncle. “Hey Jessie,” Nicholas suddenly spoke up. “Your mom told me that your cat had kittens. Would you like to show them to me? I am thinking of getting Brenda one.”

Jessie was surprised, true the cat did have kittens here not to long ago but she didn’t understand why her uncle would be interested in them. He hated cats. Lifting her eyes to his face, she smiled at the look of lust in his eyes. Her pussy juiced badly at his look. “Sure Uncle Nick, they are out in the barn.” She took his hand then led him from the house.

Timothy watched his sister and uncle walk out of the house, then turned back to his aunt. “Looks like we’ve been deserted.” He said with a smile.

“Sure does, come here to Aunty Timothy.” Brenda replied licking her lips.

With a smile, Timothy moved towards her.

Crystal and Patrick leaped right in when they got Nathan and Elizabeth alone and it wasn’t long before both rooms were full of moans. Meanwhile, out at the barn, Jessie showed her uncle the kittens. He barely glanced at them before turning his attention back to her. “You have grown into a beautiful woman Jessie.”

Jessie blushed slightly at his words. “Thank you Uncle Nick…You didn’t really want to see the kittens did you?”

“Why would I want to look at them when I can look at you?” he asked with a leer.

Jessie smiled at him, and then taking his hand, led him into one of the empty stalls. There was a blanket thrown over in the corner. She picked it up and after shaking it out, laid it over the hay lying on the ground.

She barely turned back to Nick when she was pulled into his arms with his mouth hard on hers while his hands traveled over her body. “Oh Uncle Nick…” She purred as his hands went to her breasts.

“You are beautiful Jessie,” He growled lifting her still damp tank top over her head so he could look at her bare breasts. “I knew they would be beautiful.” He cupped one of her breasts while he lowered his mouth to the other one.

“Oh…Uncle Nick…” She purred again as she felt his tongue move over her flesh. “Yes…that feels so good.” She ran her hands under his t-shirt and over his hairy chest as his hands worked at her jeans. She hadn’t bothered to put her panties back on when they came back from the pond, so when he reached inside, all he found was her bare flesh. “Oh, I need to see you.” He growled pulling his mouth away.

She stood motionless as he stripped her shorts down over her hips and down her legs. He pulled them down until she could step out of them, and then leaned back on his knees his eyes devouring her body. “Absolutely beautiful.”

Jessie chuckled. “You already said that Uncle Nick.”

Nick lifted his escort haberleri eyes to hers. “Well, you are.” He helped her down to his level then gently pushed her back onto the blanket as he claimed her mouth once more with his own. When she felt his hand travel down her body, she spread her legs willingly for him. “Uncle Nick…Oh yes…” She purred when she felt his fingers move over her clit.

“Mmmmm…So wet…” He whispered against her neck as he slowly pushed a finger into her. “Have you been a busy girl Jessie?” He lifted his eyes to hers as he his finger moved in her body.

“Well, I did fuck daddy, Timothy and Nathan…” She gave him an impish look. “Does that make me a bad girl Uncle Nick?”

Nick smiled at her as he moved his finger faster inside her. “Yes it does Jessie. That makes you a very bad girl.”

Jessie’s grin grew even as her body pressed against his thrusting hand. “What are you going to do to punish me Uncle Nick?”

Nick lowered his mouth, nipping at her flesh as she moaned loudly. “I’m going to make you scream in pleasure.” He locked his mouth on her nipple, sucking hard while he slipped another finger into her wet hole, slamming it hard against her.

“Uncle Nick…Oh fuck…Ugh…Oh…” She grunted as he fingered her mercilessly. Her orgasm was rising faster then ever before. “Oh Uncle Nick…Finger me…Make me cum.” She begged slamming her pussy hard against him as her arms wrapped tightly around his head.

Nick fingered her pussy hard and fast while he nibbled at her nipple. His niece was purring up a storm and he knew it wouldn’t be long before she came all around his hand. He slid a third finger into her long enough to coat it with her juices, then moved it further down her body and slammed it suddenly into her asshole.

“Agh…Fuck…” She suddenly screamed when she felt him slam into her ass. She had been fucked up the ass by Timothy a few times but she still wasn’t completely used to having anything up there. “Uncle Nick…Yesssssssssssssssssss…”

Nick fingered her two holes furiously as his thumb attacked her clit. It wasn’t long after that, that he felt her tighten around him as she came gloriously. “Uncle Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk…” She yelled suddenly as her orgasm washed over her.

Nick kept his fingers buried in her body through her orgasm. He moaned as he felt her tighten around him. He couldn’t wait to shove his hard cock deep inside her. When she finally relaxed, he slowly pulled his fingers out of her. “Wow that was amazing, Uncle Nick.” She panted smiling at him.

Nick wiped his hand on his jeans then moved over against her. “Why don’t you unwrap your present honey? See what Uncle Nick brought for his favorite niece.”

Jessie pushed herself up until she was sitting before him then worked at his jeans until she had them open. She pushed them and his underwear down over his hips, then pushed them down until they were stopped by his bent knees. Lifting her head back up, her mouth watered as she looked at his hard 8 inch cock winking at her. “Oh Uncle Nick. This is for me?” She asked wrapping her hand around him.

Nick closed his eyes and moaned as he felt her hand wrap around him. “Oh yes…That is all for you darling.” He said huskily.

Jessie lifted her eyes to his face, and then looked back at the hard flesh in her hand. Leaning forward, she kissed the tip of his cock.

“Ugh…” He grunted when he felt her soft lips touch him. “Oh honey, take it in your mouth. I need to feel your lips around me.”

Jessie didn’t need any encouragement. She opened her mouth wide, letting him slip inside. Nick groaned as he felt her mouth engulf him. “Oh yes…that is so nice.” His hands moved to her hair, tangling in the soft strands as she slowly moved her mouth up and down over him.

Jessie closed her eyes in pleasure as she bobbed her head back and forth over him. Dipping her tongue over his flesh, made Nick groan loudly and thrust his hips forward burying more of his cock in her mouth. “Mmmmm…” Jessie moaned around him. She let his cock slip into her throat massaging him with her muscles as her free hand moved down to gently cup his balls.

“Yes honey, feel how full I am for you.” He moaned when he felt her hand cup him. He slowly fucked her face making sure not to strangle her with his heat. He felt the cum building in his balls and knew it wouldn’t be long before he was drowning her face in his juices. He knew some women didn’t like the taste of a man’s cum and wondered if his niece was one of them. Taking one hand from her hair, he ran it lightly over her face. “I’ve got a big load for you honey.” He said huskily as he watched his cock move in and out of her greedy mouth. “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”

Jessie nodded her head vigorously. She tightened her lips around him as she sucked harder at his cock. The hand cupping his balls, squeezed a bit but not to much gaziantep escort haberleri making Nick moan and fuck her face faster. “Oh honey. It’s cumming. Take all your uncles wonderful juices.”

He had barely finished speaking, when the first shot flew into her mouth. Jessie tried to taste it, but barely had enough time to swallow that load before the next load shot into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, her uncle was flooding her mouth with his juices and she was beginning to wonder if he would ever stop. Finally his shots started to slow then finally stop. She held the last bit in her mouth, tasting it before she let it slide down her throat. She decided she liked the taste and dug her tongue against his piss-hole looking for more.

Nick chuckled when he felt her tongue probing at his piss-hole. He ran his fingers over her face. “You got it all sweetheart.”

Jessie dug at him for another couple of seconds then reluctantly let his semi hard cock slip from her lips. “You taste good Uncle Nick.”

Nick smiled at her as he pushed his underwear and jeans off his body then fell onto his back on the blanket. He held his arms out to Jessie who immediately curled up next to him, resting her head on his chest. “Are you going to fuck me Uncle Nick?” She asked kissing his chest.

Nick chuckled as he rubbed her back. “Yes sweetheart. But give me a couple minutes to recover. I’m not exactly a young buck anymore.”

Jessie’s pussy pulsed at the thought of her uncle fucking her but she ignored it. Instead she curled up against him content to just be in his arms.

Meanwhile back at the house, Timothy was pounding his aunt’s pussy from behind as she leaned over the arm of the couch.

When the rest of the family had deserted them, Timothy moved up to his aunt at her request. They had kissed for a couple of minutes then she dropped to her knees before him. He stood there with his eyes lowered as she opened his shorts and pushed them down so he could step out of them. “Oh beautiful.” She groaned when she saw his hard cock.

Reaching up, she wrapped her hand around it and jacked it a couple of times. “Oh yea. That feels so good Aunt Brenda.” Timothy moaned. The moan turned into a loud groan when she suddenly took him into her mouth, sucking hard on him. “Fuck…Agh…Ugh…Aunt Brenda…Yes…” He panted as he watched her fast moving head. His aunt was going at his cock like it was a last meal. Her head was moving hard back and forth over him as she whipped her tongue all over his hard flesh. When he felt her teeth bite gently into him, he cried out. “Aunt Brenda…Oh god.” He couldn’t stop his hips from thrusting into her sucking mouth. It got to the point that she would meet him halfway when he pushed into her mouth and then they would both pull back at the same time.

In some ways, Brenda was just an older version of her daughter. She was a bit thicker through the waist and hips from childbirth but other then that. They had been told they could pass as sisters. She had Elizabeth’s long strawberry blonde hair and sapphire eyes. She was wearing a long flowing skirt and a tank top to the family reunion. As she went to town on her nephew’s cock, her fingers moved under the skirt so she could grab at her pussy.

Brenda didn’t believe in wearing panties as they were to constricting, so when her hands groped under her skirt, all they found was bare flesh. It didn’t take long for her to slide two fingers into her soaked hole. She moaned around Timothy’s cock as she slowly fingered herself.

When Timothy heard his aunt moan, he lowered his eyes to her skirt. He couldn’t see what she was doing as the skirt covered her hand, but he did see her arm moving under it. Knowing that his aunt was playing with herself as she sucked him, sent Timothy’s cock into overdrive. “Oh fuck…Suck me Aunt Brenda…I’m gonna cum.” He yelled grabbing the back of her head and slamming her face hard against him.

Brenda was surprised when she suddenly had his cock buried in her throat but she didn’t argue. She fingered her pussy faster as she let her muscles massage him. When she felt his first shot slither down her throat, she pulled her mouth back just enough to catch the second load. Her fingers were flying in her pussy and Timothy was still cumming in her mouth when she suddenly screamed in pleasure as her body shook with release.

Timothy smiled as he watched his aunt cum. “Yea that’s it Aunt Brenda. Cum all over your hand. I want to taste you cum on your body and on your hands when I bury my face between those beautiful legs.” He finally stopped shooting and pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Brenda looked up at him through passion filled eyes. “Timothy, that was great.”

Timothy just knelt before her and pushed her back gently until she was lying on her back on the floor before him. He didn’t bother to undress her; just lifted her skirt up until it was wrapped escort gaziantep haberleri around her waist, then drove his mouth between her legs. “Timothy, yes, Eat me honey.” She moaned when she felt his tongue touch her tender flesh. “Make aunty cum on your hot mouth.” Brenda lifted her hips, raising her pussy closer to his face.

Timothy wrapped his arms around her, pulling her even tighter against his sucking mouth. His tongue whipped over her clit making her purr in pleasure. When he lowered it to her slit, her purrs turned into shrieks. “Fuck…Ugh…Tongue me boy.” She panted as she humped her body hard against him. She lifted her tank top, wrapping her hands around her still pert breasts as she rode his face.

Timothy just dug his tongue deep into her body. Shoving it in and out like a small cock. He let his aunt ride his face as she dug around for her juices. He took one hand from around her and played with her clit while he tongued her hot snatch.

“Fuck…Oh yes…” Brenda cried pulling her bra down to expose her hard breasts. Her fingers dug into her flesh as she humped against him. “I’m gonna cum Timothy, your making me cum.”

Timothy dug his tongue deeper into her as she suddenly convulsed hard around him. She trapped his tongue deep inside her as her muscles tightened. Timothy just licked at whatever flesh he could reach until she relaxed enough for him to pull his tongue from her body.

When his face was free, he moved up her body and kissed her hard, driving his tongue into her mouth. Brenda tasted herself on his tongue and moaned against him. “Timothy, I need you to fuck me so bad.” She moaned feeling his hard flesh pushing against her leg. “Fuck me Timothy, give your aunty one hell of a ride.”

Timothy kissed her again then moved slowly off of her. He didn’t want to fuck her on the floor. Then he remembered the couch, he stood up pulling her to her feet. “Lean over the arm of the couch Aunt Brenda.” He ordered huskily.

Brenda leered at him then moved slowly over to the couch, she lifted her skirt up until it was once again wrapped around her waist, and then lowered her upper body over the arm of the couch. “Come give me a ride little boy.” She purred wiggling her ass at him.

Timothy growled and practically ran up to her. He rubbed his cock over her flesh a couple of times then moved it to her entrance. “Yessssssssss…” Brenda moaned when she felt him touch her. “Fuck me baby…Fuck me good.”

Timothy lined up his cock then shoved his hips forward roughly, burying his entire length inside her in one go. Brenda grunted then rested her head against the couch cushion. “Oh fuck…You’re so goddamn big.”

“That’s 9 inches of pure steel Aunt Brenda.” He said proudly as he held himself buried inside her.

Brenda lifted her head to look at him over her shoulder. “I believe it. Now show me how much you have grown up. Fuck me with that steel you got between your legs.

Timothy started out slowly. Pulling out to just the head then impaling her hard and fast making her gasp each time he slammed into her. Brenda dug her nails into the couch cushion beneath her as she pressed back against him every time he thrust into her. “OH Timothy, yes baby. Ride my sweet pussy.”

Timothy growled in his throat as he slammed hard into her body. His cock flew in and out of her sweet hole so fast that it was a blur to his eyes. His aunt was screaming and begging him to make her cum. He just forced his cock deep inside her. His movements were so hard and fast that the couch was shaking from the power of it. “Oh fuck…Agh…Fuck me…I’m cumming…” Brenda cried burying her head against the cushion as she pounded her body hard against him.

“Yea, cum for me Aunt Brenda, cum on my hard cock.” Timothy growled feeling her body tighten around him. He had learned some control over the past year so he was able to keep driving into her, but it was difficult.

He gripped her hips almost painfully as he drove his cock deep into her body. He slammed harder and harder against her, making her body shake. “Fuck me…” She screamed feeling him impale her again and again.

“Oh Aunt Brenda, I love your pussy. You are so fucking hot.” He growled as he started shooting deep into her depths. “I can’t hold it.”

Brenda purred when she felt his jizz coat her depths. “Yes…Give it to me baby. Give me all you’ve got.”

Timothy emptied his balls then collapsed against her back panting heavily.

“Now that’s a good fuck show.” Patrick commented putting his arm around Elizabeth’s shoulder.

Elizabeth blushed at watching her mother get impaled on her cousin’s cock. But after the fucking Timothy had given her and then the ride she had just gotten from Uncle Patrick, she wasn’t as opposed to family sex anymore.

Timothy and Brenda both turned their heads to see Nathan, Crystal, Patrick, Elizabeth and Jessie and Nick all smiling at them. Timothy was a bit embarrassed to be caught fucking his aunt but between the smile his father gave him and the way Brenda tightened her pussy muscles around him, he got over it pretty quick.

When the rest of the family arrived later that evening, everyone was respectfully dressed and sitting around talking. As everyone greeted each other, Timothy and Jessie exchanged a smile. Now the reunion could really begin.

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