The First Time


On the sixth day, like the Bible says God created man and woman. The man was the first and named him Adam because he was formed out of the soil from the ground. God breathed into his nostrils and he became a living soul wrapped in a perfect physique of a human being –perfect tan, perfect teeth, perfect face. God had planted a garden in Eden, in the East, and there he put Adam. God made beautiful trees grow there that produced good fruit.

“I have provided all kinds of grains and all kinds of fruit for you to eat. I gave you all these trees that bear fruit that you can eat but not the tree that gives knowledge of what is good and what is bad. You must not eat the fruit of that tree; if you do, you will surely die,” God said to Adam.

The tree that gives life stood along side the tree that gives the knowledge of what is good and bad in the middle of the garden. Adam understood that he must not touch the latter tree for this meant disobeying God. This was the only tree that was forbidden to be eaten of its fruit. It also represented the only law by God in the garden that had to be obeyed so that life and fellowship with Him would continue on otherwise this kind of privilege shall be forfeited.

God had created animals and birds, all coming from the soil from which Adam was also formed. Some of the animals lived on land others under the sea. “Adam, I want you to give names to these animals and birds. You will have power over the fish, the birds, and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small.”

Adam saw all the created animals. He felt powerful because he was given dominion over all of them. Adam had no problem at all in naming them. He was bright and intelligent and he enjoyed the job. He named a turkey a turkey because it looked like a turkey or the lion a lion because the beast always lies around and gets turned on when he sees his mate. He grouped them first together like for example the cat family and then named each and everyone of them. As soon as he had named many of them, including the plants and trees, Adam reported to God of what he had accomplished. God never quibbled with Adam. He was pleased.

Adam played with the domestic animals and tamed the wild ones. It was both exciting and challenging to him as one by one they yielded to his power. Finally he was lord of the animals. Now feeling majestic and on top of everything he felt lonely for the first time. He wanted to have somebody like him that he could talk and share with what he had accomplished. When he looked at the animals, they have their own kind like the lion has the lioness and so on. They have their own mates except him he had no one. He had beauty all around him and yet no one to share it with.

God knew of Adam’s loneliness and so He decided to make him a companion. So one night God put Adam into a deep sleep, and while he was sleeping, God took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh. He formed a woman out of his rib. He was the first man to undergo surgery and the first woman was created.

Adam awoke not the usual early morning. He felt that he had the deepest sleep from the time he was created. His eyes fluttered and squinted and noticed the appendage between his legs was extended, rigid and upright. It felt hard like wood but at the same time pliant in his hand. He wondered why it had become that way. This only happens to animals when a male had to mate with the female. But he had none.

“Man oh man, I can visualize that this can be useful if only I had a mate.” He peed but only was able to when his hardness gradually wilted. Afterwards it was soft and tiny again. “Thank you my God. I thought it will be hard like that all the time.”

But alas when he turned back around, Adam was flabbergasted. “Whoa!” Adam gasped. A lovely figure was standing before him. “Oh my God! At last, here is one of my own kind.”

“That was hard awhile ago, ” she spoke.

“Good God! My kind of mate and one that could speak like me,” Adam blurted out.

“I woke up beside you,” she said in a soothing voice. It was the most beautiful voice Adam had ever heard. “Then I wandered around while you were asleep.”

“You are the answer to my prayer. I am very pleased that God finally gave you to me. Now I know I will no longer feel lonely,” Adam said to the woman.

Adam walked up closer to her and touched her hands. Then he held her hips moving up to her ribcage. He touched her cheek with the back of his fingers. Her skin was softer than his. Then his fingers slipped down her neck and over her collar bone. They moved further down and took hold of her breasts, feeling its heft and shape and then released it. He looked at it, touched the nipple with his fingertip then – stepped back and looked at her beautiful body with adoration.

Her nipples stood erect as his thumbs grazed on them. The woman closed her eyes and hummed a groan. He loved the sound. Thrills of tingling pleasure run down her spine, making her shiver with excitement.

Adam felt a stirring in his loins as ankara escort his hands continued exploring her body. She had no belly button like his because remember Adam came from the soil and the woman was formed from his rib.

They were perfect products made directly by the hands of God so there was no factory defect. Their genetic pool was clear, untouched by any kind of disease or abnormality.

Adam slowly sank down on his knees and examined the mound shrouded by brown hair between the fork of her legs. He fluffed the hair with his fingers and felt some moistness in the cleft where two segments of fleshy lips were joined together. He turned her around, caressed her shapely-round bottom, and then made her face him again. He ran his hands on her thighs down to her legs and feet. Then he stood up and uttered: “Bone taken from my bone, and flesh from my flesh. You are woman because you were taken out of me.”

“You are my other half,” the woman said and held his hand.

“Certainly. Hallelujah. You are my suitable mate, my love.”

“I feel happy and privileged to be with you Adam.”

Then the voice of God boomed around. “Adam take the woman as your wife and helpmate and I will bless the two of you. I am uniting you as one body. Have many children, so that your descendants will live over the earth and bring it under control.”

So Adam and the woman were the first man and wife married. When they received the blessing the couple found their attraction like magnets. The moment they looked at each other and touched hands romance blossomed in the air. The cool breeze, the fragrant smell of the flowers, the love inducing sound of the environment, all contributed to what is called love at first sight. Their bodies were both perfectly beautiful and well-attuned to each other. The chemistry was perfect.

They padded on a soft grassy path and the woman was excited on all the colors that he saw around from the flowers to the trees, from the birds and the bees, to the spectacular sky above them.

“What is this place we are living in?”

“This is the Garden of Eden that God made and He put me here.”

“It’s so beautiful,” she sighed.

“You’re very much beautiful, ” Adam stated.

“And you are handsome. Adam, tell me about this garden,” she implored.

Adam motioned his wife to sit and recline on a smooth rock and he sat beside her. She put her hands above her head and she looked seductively adorable.

“The Garden of Eden is a triangular area of garden landscaped by God. The shape is similar to the mound in the center of your body,” Adam said as his fingers brushed the triangular bush shrouding her softest flesh. “Then this line at the center is where the water flows that makes the garden fertile and productive,” he said as his finger ran along the moistening slit of her flesh. “The stream divides into four great rivers beyond Eden namely Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates. I will show you all of these.” Eve was extremely turned on by his touch that a small rivulet leaked from where his finger insinuated running along her inner thigh to her bottom.

Then gently he unfolded the lips of her wife’s paradise mound. A jut of much tender skin peeped out from the outer lips and Adam remembered about the tree of life and the tree of knowledge at the topside of the garden. Adam reminded the woman God’s law regarding the two trees. “You can partake of the fruit of the tree of life but not of the tree of knowing good and bad. If we eat the fruit of the tree of knowing good and bad then we will surely die.”

She nodded with acknowledgement. “I like the way you touch me there,” the woman said.

“I like touching it too. It’s the most extraordinary thing that I have touched,” Adam said and the woman drew a long breath.

“As God planted the seeds in this garden, by His mandate I will plant my seed into this area that I found in you.” Adam said as his hand cupped the arc dome of her female center, his middle finger slowly sinking into her moist alley. He was positive this is the logical spot to plant his seed. The woman closed her eyes and hissed at the sensation of Adam’s intruding finger. “We will make as many descendants to fill this world as God has ordered us,” Adam continued on.

“Then we shall have to control it, as our God says, aren’t we?” she said, as her hips undulated and pressed against his hand.

“Yes, if the population has gotten too many. This place is vast and it reaches out beyond this place,” he said, waving his hands in the air to emphasize his point.

“Put you finger back there,” the woman admonished.

The woman snaked her hand down his body and encircled his seed planter. “It is beautiful, and growing out of my palm. When I walk up this morning it was standing upright, like one of the tall trees in this garden. And these two nuts here … are they your seed pouch?”


“I merely touch your thing here and it is thickening, growing. It is hard again. How wonderful it is to ankara escort bayan play with it,” the woman giggled, stroking its velvety skin up and down.

“How do you call this?” The woman asked.

“I can call it with lots of names like little Adam, a woody, a pecker, a dick, a prick, a rod, a joystick, lingam oooh….”

For the first time Adam was heaving a sigh of delight, breathing heavily and hearing the beat of his heart. The animals in the trees were cheering.

The woman rubbed Adam’s seed planter back and forth and Adam was enjoying it immensely. He could see the head of his seed planter bulging out as the skin gets retracted through the woman’s stroking.

Then the woman took it in her mouth, tasting it, enclosing it in the warm embrace of her mouth and Adam groaned with pleasure.

The woman looked up to Adam and saw that he was struggling. His face was squirming and wincing. “How does that feel?” she asked.

“I can feel my seeds are going to come out and there’s a current of pleasure carrying them along as you do that to me.”

“Can I taste your seed?” the woman asked seeing the tip drooling.

“You can do whatever you want because it pleases me so much,” he answered.

“It feels good in my mouth. It’s so delicious. I can already taste your seed. It’s coming out in trickles like what I feel is coming out from me.”

“Ahhh, the pleasure is almost unbearable. I haven’t experience this before,” Adam said panting breathlessly.

The woman’s mouth sucked the head the nerves screaming with the intensity of the sensation until she felt a thick sticky fluid in her mouth. Her face jumped back in surprise as Adam squirted his seed. The woman continued stroking and more squirted out. She was fascinated. Adam groaned and for the first time felt a tremendous joy.

“I can’t wait to plant it inside me.” She said wiping her mouth with her hand and licking off some of the seed that clung to her fingers.

“Adam what you said was true. I feel like a stream was flowing out of the triangle patch that I have here,” the woman said as she stood up. It was indeed dripping wetly.

“Oh Adam, I can’t ignore the burning sensation between my legs. Please touch me there. I want you to taste me too. I think I also have seeds to match yours,” the woman implored.

“Then lie down here my dear wife and I’ll reciprocate what you’ve done to me,” he said pointing to a smooth slab of black stone making a great contrast to her creamy skin. She did as she was told and Adam began kissing her lips. They discovered playing with their tongues and it felt wonderful. Her arms slid around him on the back of his neck, and kissed him with as much fervor as he kissed her.

“There’s so much things to play with your body,” Adam said as he started fondling her breasts. He kissed, roved the tip of his tongue around one nipple and sucked it until she was trembling with a series of gasping breaths. He did the same with the other breast, then pressed them both together, flitting his tongue across and flicking at each nipple sending delicious spurts of pleasure between her legs.

Adam was hard like the proverbial rock and the woman was thoroughly wet. He crouched on the ground between her spread legs, admiring her soft pink folds upclose before him. She felt his breath over there. He breathed deeply, inhaling the sweet musky smell of her arousal. Each time his tongue swirled around her opened lips held by his fingers her body jerked.

“Ohhh…it’s good, it’s ohh so utterly good…” she moaned, her voice trailing off breathlessly. Her hands hurriedly rubbed her breasts and pinched each nipple with her fingers

him reathed inhaled deeply limbed over, kissing her mouth and breasts. His torso raised on his hands and stiffened arms. He lowered his middle – the woman lifted her hips and turned her womanhood upward to meet him – and rested his shaft lengthwise along her portal lips. He moved slowly, remaining outside, the underside of his shaft sliding in her channel.

The woman caressed his buttocks with little grabby pinches, matched his movements with hiprolls. Adam was not an obsessed man. He was patient and not blowing out his sexual energy into an ecstatic explosion. Serenity was in him. He was determined to savor the experience. He wanted the woman to feel it as intensely as he felt it.

Adam and the woman played each other’s bodies like virtuosi playing their instruments. Adam made love to her in a practiced, deliberate, loving way. His performance was expressive.

Adam raised his hips back, his seed planter dangled, pointed downward, lowered himself and found the outer lips with the dome of his member. He pushed, resistance was negligible, and her lips gave way, Adam’s seed planter entered and blazed the trail for the slow entry of his whole long shaft.

When Adam was fully impaled the woman cried out, a half-sob, and slid her hands up from his ass, across his back, down to his ass again. The woman’s cry was like a prod escort ankara to him. He pulled his manhood out, shoved it back in, each thrust faster and faster, until soon he was a pile driver driving into her juicy soft vessel, making her whole supple body quiver all around it.

The fallen angels that were invisible to the eyes of Adam and the woman were watching them, their expressions naked with envy. “Fuck her Adam!, Fuck her! Fuck her to kingdom come!” They chorused in rhythm with his thrusts. The leader of the fallen angels was insanely jealous of the couple, and spiteful as he watched this beautiful couple entangled in their juicy moaning and ecstatic cries. He started concocting in his mind an evil scheme for he is evil. He had been rebellious to God that’s why he was expulsed from heaven and thrown to the earth together with his cohorts. The evil one lost his great privilege in heaven and he was seething for revenge.

This time the sound of the woman’s cry had the opposite effect on Adam. He continued pumping into her but more slowly, each thrust slower than the one before. The woman got right into the slower rhythm, substituting intensity for speed, lifting her hips higher, pressing Adam harder, intensifying every aspect of the acts. It was a beautiful sight to see, a magnificent body movement.

The woman was climbing toward her peak, closer to it and slower she moved. And when the woman finally climaxed, she was together with him almost immobile, his shaft fully buried into her wet, clingy inner walls of her moist warmth. He froze for a moment, then shot his liquid seed into her. The woman took it with spasms. At last they were huddled together in a firestorm of love, becoming one body and one spirit.

The evil angel had finally made up his plan. He will make the couple also rebel against God and put them under his control. He laughed aloud.

After the deed was done Adam spoke to his wife: “I would do anything, give anything, to be with you as I have been.” The woman hugged Adam tightly feeling the fullness of her love.

Moonlight came and Adam had gathered all the delicious fruits that they would eat. Adam made a bed for them out of those huge palm leaves and they lay beside each other, chatting happily and looking at the stars and planets that they could visibly see. Soon they made love again until they fell asleep.

The next morning they woke up made love and run around like children at play. The woman was excited at all the beauty that surrounded them. Everything was in perfect harmony and she resonated at the aesthetic splendor of God’s creation.

“Let’s climb this huge tree,” the woman invited.

Adam showed off and climbed like a monkey. Several monkeys perched atop a branch went close to Adam and hugged him. The woman followed and began reaching branch after branch like what Adam did.

“Come on jump to my hands and I’ll swing you,” Adam said suspended upside down his legs draped on a branch offering his free hands to the woman to clasp them. His wife jumped to them and she swung like it was a show by a flying trapeze duo in a circus. The woman shrieked with joy. There was no fear in them they can do things with authority and confidence.

In the misty blue atmosphere of the wooded part of the garden there loomed a huge heap. “Hey Dino,” Adam called out loudly. Dino was a dinosaur –the largest animal in the garden. The dinosaur heard Adam and moved a step closer toward him. Adam and his wife jumped from the tree top to the top of the dinosaur’s neck and Adam led his wife to a couch-like protrusion of the skin situated behind the head of the behemoth animal. “Dino, take us around. I want to tour my wife around the paradise.” The dinosaur understood and started walking along its path, careful of not destroying the garden and it’s vegetation. Dino meandered along the valley and the two were a portrait of happiness and togetherness. When the dinosaur walked along the stream, Adam stopped the animal and he invited his wife to slide from the animal’s back down to the perfumed stream. There they bathed, and played like children in the water. Adam swam and his wife imitated him and she was quick to learn of anything that Adam did. The water was invigorating and they felt refreshed and their energies renewed. They looked at the little waterfalls and the aesthetic surroundings pleased their eyes to no end. Adam showed Eve that there was gold on the banks of the stream and they could mirror themselves. Like a stylist hairdresser, Adam braided her long hair and put a lei of flowers around her neck. She looked ever so beautiful. Then they climbed the back of the dinosaur and continued their journey.

Adam told his wife that there were numerous growths of plant and trees sprouting everyday and it was his job to name them and present them to God. “You could certainly help me naming the new growth and present them to me and then we shall present them to God,” Adam told Eve. “Oh my mind is already suffused with names I can’t wait to do it.”

The night came and like always Adam communed with God thanking and praising Him fervently. He was joined of course by his wife. They had been making love during the day so Adam decided that they should take a rest.

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