The Hangover: Aftermath


It’s been three months since my sister Brenda and I became lovers. We spent that whole first weekend nude on every horizontal surface in my house, and even a couple vertical ones. I can still see the dent I put in the hallway wall with my back as Brenda jumped into my arms and impaled herself on me.

But Monday came and we both had lives to live. She lived on the other side of town close to her work. I tried to talk her into moving in with me, but she shouldn’t do that yet. I lived ten minutes from my own job so understood her reluctance to move.

The following weekend Brenda had to take Molly out and I was not invited. Apparently Karl had been so jealous of the way she was with me at the club it caused a huge fight. They broke up that night as he was taking her home. Since I was the indirect cause of Molly’s breakup Brenda thought it would be in bad taste for me to be out with them.

So with nothing to do I stayed in and watched a few movies on pay per view that I had missed because Cindy refused to watch them with me. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘My Idiot Brother’ and ‘Green Lantern’. I was disappointed in ‘Jack and Jill’.

I decided to go for a run Saturday morning. As I ran around the small lake in the park I began to think about where this relationship with Brenda would go. We both obviously had no inhibitions when it came to the whole sibling sex thing. We both admitted freely that the sex we shared was the best either of us had ever had. I was trying to come up with reasons why this couldn’t work and the only negative was the whole brother sister thing.

I had two messages on my phone when I got home.

“Hey Dean. It’s Brenda. I really missed you last night. Molly asked why you weren’t there. I guess I was wrong about her not wanting to be around you. Call me when you get home. Love you bro.”

The second message was from Molly.

“Hey Dean, Molly here, call me and tonight maybe you and I could get together for a little post breakup sex.”

I decided to call Brenda first.

“I just got in Bren. What did you want to talk about?”

“Is it OK if I come over? I think we need to do this face to face.”

“Sure. Whatever. I need to hit the shower so just let yourself in when you get here.”

“Love you bro.”

“Love you Bren.”

I decided to wait on calling Molly. No sense getting her worked up for a good pussy pounding if something was going to happen with Brenda.

I was freshly showered and changed into a pair of shorts and a Hawaiian print shirt that Brenda had got me for my last birthday. It was only the second time I had worn it. Brenda walked in carrying a bottle of wine. She smiled when she saw the shirt I was wearing.

I took the bottle from her and gave her a light escort portalı kiss on the lips to test the waters. As I stepped back she said “That’s no way to kiss me.” And kissed me fully inserting her tongue into my mouth. I was so lost in the kiss the wine almost fell out of my hand.

“Nice to see you too Bren. You want me to open this now or wait until later?”

“Later. We need to talk with a clear head.”

I was feeling like I was on a roller coaster. One second she sounded serious like what we did was a one time thing. The next second she was tickling my uvula with her tongue. Then right back to the melancholy talking. I put the bottle in the fridge to chill since it was a nice white.

“Why so serious Bren?”

“Have you been thinking about last weekend at all?”

“Only all day while I’m awake and all night when I dream. How about you?”

“Glad it’s not just me. I don’t know what’s happening right now and I’m scared but excited. If this is what real love feels like I don’t want to give it up. But society says that what we did is wrong.”

“I tried to come up with the old plus/minus list. The only minus was the brother sister thing. That shouldn’t matter. We’re both adults. We know what we’re doing. The only people we might hurt is mom and dad.”

“Wow Dean. You really have put some thought into this. Haven’t you?”

“Brenda. You and I have known each other our whole lives. We know we love each other. Completely and unconditionally. We are closer to each other than anybody else. We know each others secrets. How can a love like that be wrong?”

“When you put it like that… God I was so close to coming over here Wednesday night and then again last night after I got Molly home. But I thought that with five days apart you would start to freak out like you did when I joined you in the shower last weekend.”

“I admit for about ten seconds I was freaked out. But once I took you back to my room for our morning after sex there was no more thought to it being wrong.”

“Since we can’t have an open and traditional relationship right now. Why don’t we come to a little understanding? I’ll come over once or twice a week to satisfy my cravings for you. No more all weekend fuck fests for right now.”

“What happens you want it more than twice a week or if someone finds out about us?”

“I still have B.O.B. at home. So if I get horny and miss my big brother I can call and we can do a little phone sex. If someone finds out what we’re doing we’ll deal with that when it comes up.”

“One other thing. What happens if one of us finds a boyfriend or girlfriend?”

“I’m off the market bro.”

“Thanks for the compliment. I just think you should escort gaziantep portalı know Molly called right after you did. She must be really horny because she suggested I go over and give her some.”

“Did you call her back?” I saw her bottom lip begin to tremble.

“No. As tempting as she is, I took myself permanently off the market too. There is only one woman I want. And she’s sitting two feet away from me getting ready to cry.”

The tears started to flow and Brenda jumped into my lap. I held her to my chest and stroked her hair. It took a few minutes but the crying stopped. I kissed the top of her head.

“You feel like going out to dinner Bren? It will be our first official secret date.”

“Why don’t we just order in Chinese and spend the night holding each other?”

“You afraid to be seen in public with me?”

“No silly. I just want you all to myself tonight.”

After dinner we each had a single half glass of the wine Brenda had brought. When we finished our drinks I laid out flat on the couch and signaled Brenda to lay on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her waist once she made herself comfortable. We laid there just looking into each others eyes. At first with longing then we were both trying to make the other laugh by making silly faces. My hands were still around her waist when I decided to up the game a level. I slid my hands to a spot I knew was very ticklish and I soon had Brenda in tears again. This time from laughing.

“Stop! You’re going to make me pee. I need to use the toilet now.”

“Hurry back. I’m getting cold already missing you.”

She kissed me on the lips and I sat up to watch her walk down the hall. She looked over her shoulder and saw me staring at her ass. God what a gorgeous woman. Once she went inside the bathroom I laid back down to wait for her. I was just getting reading to look up again when her head poked over the back of the couch.

“You are seriously over dressed right now Dean.”

It took all of five seconds for me to shed my clothes. And two seconds later Brenda had resumed her position on top of me. My hands went immediately to her ass. My cock started to rise and tapped the inside of her thigh. She leaned in and kissed me starting with short gentle pecks that rapidly shifted to full on tongue twisting passion filled spit swapping.

I decided it was time to pay attention to her breasts and slid my hands along her ribs toward that goal. She wiggled a little thinking I was going to tickle her again. Then as my hands found her fun bags she smiled as we continued to kiss. Her nipples quickly grew taut in my hands. I alternated between simply rolling the nipple between my thumb and middle finger and lightly pinching them. She began to hump her hips up and down sighing when my hard on settled into the folds of her moistening pussy. She was soon rubbing the length of my shaft with her dripping slit. I was growing harder by the second. Brenda broke the kiss to reach back and grasp my pole.

“Here or in bed?” I asked.

“I can’t wait lover. So here it is.”

She sat upright as soon as she positioned my cock where she needed it. I moan of pure joy passed her lips and a look of complete bliss on her face, she began to rock on top of me. My hands were soon on her breasts once again and I gave them new sensations alternating between fingers and palms caressing just her nipples. I sat up and licked first one nipple then the other. Once both were sufficiently covered in a coating of saliva I blew gently across the right nipple as I pulled her left nipple taut.

Brenda’s thrusts increased as I ministered to her breasts. I kept my hips still delighting in giving my full attention to her chest. Brenda moved her left hand to her clit and her thrusting increased again. I could feel the familiar tingle of imminent release and as my cock grew thicker inside her, so did Brenda.

“Wait for me lover. I’m so close. Cum with me. Cum with me… Cumming now.”

We released at the same instant. I couldn’t tell if it was her pussy pulling on my cock or my cock pulsing into her pussy. We were both on overload and Brenda collapsed on top of me. It took Brenda about five minutes to come around. I had gone soft and fallen out by then. Our mixed fluids dripping from Brenda’s well fucked pussy onto the couch cushions and pooling near my ass.

Brenda stayed all night, and we made gentle love before we dropped off to sleep. It was so tender that we both had tears of joy when we finally climaxed.

Brenda went home after breakfast Sunday morning. She promised to see me Wednesday night after work. I waited in anticipation until she let herself in. Our love making that night was frenzied. We partially stripped and fucked before she fully entered the house. I cooked dinner in the nude and she laughed as I served with my dick dangling inches from her body. After dinner we jumped each other hungrily and fucked off all the calories we had just consumed. She left just before eleven so she could get up for work in the morning.

We have kept to the same schedule mostly during the last three months. Saturday, all day we make love and Wednesday we let our pent up passion explode over each other. There have only been two times when Brenda called to use B.O.B. so I must have been doing something right.

Molly was disappointed I didn’t call her the weekend of her breakup. But she was soon with another guy. She made frequent comments about how both Brenda and I always seemed to be well fucked in spite of the fact neither of us was dating.

Brenda and I still don’t know what’s going to happen. but we are taking things one day at a time. Maybe I’ll bring up moving to Ohio where we can live in the open.

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