the married guy


the married guyLast week I had a married guy over to see me.Hubby was away.He gave me such a good fucking.Afterwards he said that he needed to be punished because of what he had just done.he had spunked his load in my arsehole.So I had him kneel on the bed with his arse in Escort the air.That is the way that he likes it.I got him to choose which dildo that he wanted and I attached it to my strap on and rode him like hell having him wimpering,begging,crying.Please stop Mistress Escort Bayan he said it hurts,it hurts.it hurts so good.And then he said Please fuck me harder Mistress make me cum again.In the end after about half an hour of me fucking his hot arse he shot another Bayan Escort load.I came at the same time because I had inserted into my cunt a vibrating egg which works on a battery.This gives me plenty of hot sensations whilst I am fucking a guy.Afterwards he thanked MADAM and said that he would see me again.And he does he always does, he always comes back for more.They all come back for more.I have even had gay guys to ram my dildo into their arses as well.Feels just the same to them as a real cock.

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