The Mother I Never Knew (AU)


This is an alternate universe story in the series “The Mother I Never Knew”, by FinalStand, who has graciously allowed me to play with his characters. This splits off from the main story line after chapter 5 and does not include developments in Chapter 6. Once again, thanks to FinalStand who created the main characters I use here, and has let me take them in a different direction.

Natalie Hires a Lawyer

It was shaping up to be an interesting evening.

After dinner, we decided to have a rest and digest break. I settled on the couch with a glass of red wine, and looked at the three beautiful women that made my life complete. Heidi had finally put on a black, baby doll nightie and g-string, after she had told Siena that sheer fabric would make her look even sexier than being naked, and she wasn’t wrong. She sat beside me and snuggled.

Siena had chosen a long red Peignoir gown, flowing and gauzy, sitting in a leather club chair. This honestly made her look the Madam in a high class bordello. My old Sergeant used to say if you want the best piece of ass in the house, see if you can afford the Madam. While not as immediately striking as Heidi’s outfit, Siena smoldered and worked at parts of my libido that I didn’t even know existed. She smiled like a cat at Heidi and sipped at her Aviator Red Ale, seemingly waiting for something.

Natalie was stretched out adorably on the love seat in her red corset and stockings, her cute little ass poked out and looked delicious. She had that fresh youthful wholesomeness that made me want to take her roughly from behind and make her mine, again and again. But that was for later…

There was nothing worth watching on TV, and I mean nothing, so Siena switched it to one of the Music channels in the high numbers on the cable listings. Smooth jazz flowed out of the speakers, and washed over me like a liquid aphrodisiac. Heidi’s hands were stroking my thighs and she leaned over and kissed me lightly on the chest and stomach.

“What are you, doing?” I asked.

“Oh, just enjoying being with you, Joshua,” said with a smile. Her next kiss turned into a playful brief lick that made me instantly hard.

“If you keep that up, I’m going to enjoy the shit out of you, right here on this couch!” I said hotly. “We agreed to rest after dinner, before further festivities.”

“Well…you didn’t say that.” Heidi shifted uncomfortably. “Nat suggested it, but you didn’t say anything. I thought the question was still open,” Heidi said. “And besides,” she added playfully, “I’m not really done with dinner. I want you for dessert.”

She kissed wetly down my torso, taking her time as her hands went to my now totally rampant cock. I watched her take the first lick and she stopped suddenly. Heidi looked me in the eyes, and said with great seriousness, “Will you let me have dessert, Daddy? I’ve been a good girl…”

“Daddy?” I thought. Where did that shit come from? She never called me that before. I loved her and would do what I knew would make her happy, yet things had to be by my rules. By springing this little twist on me, we both knew she’d pay later and we were both looking forward to it.

Heidi slid down off the couch and knelt in front of me. She was doing a magnificent job, and continued licking a figure eight pattern on my cock head, obviously enjoying herself. “Please, Daddy…” Her mouth engulfed the head and slid down the shaft. She stroked a soft hand on my balls and added a ferocious suction, and she drew her mouth of me with a loud popping noise. She licked between the shaft and the head of my cock in short snappy strokes. “Please, Daddy… Can I have dessert?”

“Oh, you think you’ve earned something special?” I moaned as she took as much of it her mouth as I thought humanly possible, and continued a little more strongly, “If that’s the best you can do, I may have to reconsider my positttttiiiioon.”

Heidi lifted her mouth of my nearly bursting cock, smiled and said, “I’ll show Daddy just how good I can be.” She licked around the head again then down the length of the underside ridge down to my balls and back up to the tip and licked the pre-cum off. She made a great show of smacking her lips and stared me right in the eyes as she proceeded to suck me into the back of her throat. I have, since then, had more intense blowjobs, usually from Heidi before I took her to work in the morning (because that’s what she likes), but that was the best one I had ever had in my life up to that point.

For the next half hour she kept me on the edge of coming. Literally a fraction of a second from exploding into her mouth and then backed off, and then another slow buildup until she looked me in the eyes and with an intensity borne of passion tinged with madness, said, “Give it to me, Daddy! Fill my mouth with your love!”

Her eyes were still locked on mine as her mouth engulfed my cock again, and sucked for all she worth. Now there was no teasing, no subtlety, no waiting. After less than a minute of her mouth-fucking herself fetiş escort onto me, I roared with pleasure and grabbed the back of her head to pump an enormous load of cum into those sweet, sucking lips. I swear to you, my toes curled as I came with a frightening intensity. My vision blurred, but I could still see Heidi’s intense, lustful stare. She swallowed as fast as she could, but there was just too much. Hot cream overflowed down her chin and onto her hands, and made its way to drip onto my thighs.

“Oh, Daddy, I’ll clean up this mess right away,” Heidi said. Her tongue swirled around and licked up every drop, adding kisses to my softening cock at random intervals.

I was ready for a nap, or a drink of water, the rest of six-pack of Aviator Red, or anything but what came next. She opened her mouth to show it was all empty from cum swallowing and sat up next to me on the couch again. Her hand drifted to my cock again and gently stroked my spent rod. She licked up the sweat from the base of my throat to my chin and kissed me.

“Thank you for your cum, Daddy,” Heidi said with intense, heartfelt gratitude.

Now I know this is standard sub dialog, and I always found it kind of strange, especially when the dom makes her say it, but on the other hand… I wanted to know what brought this on — what was her inspiration.

Something in the way she said it went straight down my spine and into my groin. I was raging hard, when a half a minute ago, I thought I was fucked out for the next few hours, or maybe even the week. Now I was the fucking energizer bunny.

I pushed her onto her back and held her shoulders as I demanded, “What brought this on?”

“Natalie suggested it,” Heidi said with a giggle. She struggled to wrap her legs around me and slid her ass down the couch to speed up penetration. She was incredibly wet and more than ready.

“OK,” I said, “I’ll deal with her later’.” I lined up my cock with her juicy slot and pushed in to the hilt.

“Yes!” Heidi moaned. “Give it to me, Daddy! Give it to me!”

I tried to start slowly, but she was crazed, almost ravenous for my cock in her sweet, wet pussy. Her heels locked behind my knees and pulled her ass up to meet every stroke. Suddenly, I found the right rhythm and she shrieked in joy. Our fingers locked together as I immobilized her hand above her head and leaned in to kiss her, devour her, and ravish her mouth with my tongue.

I came up for air from the kiss and was intoxicated by her scent. The room was filled with the aroma of her perfume, and her delicious flowing pussy. I couldn’t think anymore. I could only drive my cock into her, as though my life depended on it. The rest of the world didn’t matter. Only she mattered, only she and the moment of our passion.

I put Heidi’s ankles on my shoulders as I pounded into her, nearly folding her in two. Now she was totally vulnerable to me and I had a strong position to penetrate her juicy cunt, and she loved it.

“Just like that! Just like that!” Again, she stared at me with manic intensity and begged, “Fuck me, Daddy! Please!” She babbled “Fuck me, Daddy!” over and over again like a sex mantra. I gave her all she asked for, and more.

Her eyes snapped shut, and she threw her head back in a soundless scream. I knew she was coming so hard that everything else she had in mind for this encounter was forgotten in ecstasy. She went a little limp, and I was afraid she would pass out from the intensity, so I released her hands. But I did not stop pounding that beautiful snatch. I stuffed her as full of me as I could, as hard and fast as I could, bouncing her glorious ass on the couch cushions like the beating of a drum.

Her eyes fluttered open and she moaned in time with my strokes. She pulled my face down to kiss her, incoherently murmuring encouragements. Her lips were sweet and fruity from the wine, and I drank her in, building my strength for the climax to come.

“Daddy’s almost there, baby” I panted.” I’m getting ready to shoot, Heidi.”

“God, yes!” she rasped. “Fill your baby! Fill me up with your juice!”

After having expended so much from that masterful blowjob, I didn’t think there would be a lot of juice left for this time.

Right before she came again, she looked into my eyes again and panted, “You know I’m all yours, Joshua.”

And that was it! Like the dawn on a winter morning, when the sun breaks through the clouds, I came. Golden spheres of light literally flashed across my vision. If you told me at the time that I pumped a quart into her, I would have believed you.

A long sustained orgasm started behind my eyes, and rushed like wildfire to the back of my skull. I felt like my entire life was pumping out my cock in to her pulsing pussy, and that it would have been worth it to die like that, because I had just entered Heaven. Heidi was coming too, shrieking in triumph and screaming my name.

Now it was my turn, I nearly passed out myself. My elbows gaziantep fetiş escort buckled, and I collapsed onto her, burying my face into her shoulder. She kissed my ear and stroked my hair. I lifted my head and looked into her eyes.

“Wow,” she whispered.

“Yeah,” I said.

At that point, Natalie and Siena began applauded with their eyes and smiles.

“What a good little girl you are Heidi,” Siena teased.

I had been so into the moment of our passion, I had actually forgotten they were in the same room. But of course, I didn’t say that. Wordlessly Natalie had brought out towels for us to sit on, so that our combined juices didn’t ruin the couch cushions.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that she was too late.

We struggled to a sit up and leaned wearily against each other. Heidi snuggled onto my lap and made a kind of purring hum while she happily played with my hair.

“What was that all about?” I asked in my sternest tone, though in fact I did not feel very stern. I felt tired.

They looked at each other guiltily. Now I was starting to get angry, smacked Heidi’s thigh sharply enough to make her squeak and repeated my question. Heidi became a little frightened and threw her arms around my neck, hugging me for comfort.

Natalie cleared her throat. “Siena and I spoke earlier today, and realized we needed to discuss some family business. We thought it best if your head were clear for the conversation.”

“That was the best head I’ve ever had, but…” Heidi kissed me intensely, cutting off the next thing I was going to say. What was I going to say?

“Heidi, no,” I said, kissing her cheek. “I’ve had nights with all three of you that didn’t take as much out of me. You’ve fucked me nearly into exhaustion, so I guess you want something. Probably something you think I’ll object to. Am I right?”

“Sort of…” Natalie said evasively. She bit her lip, looking unsure for the first time this evening.

Who did she think she was kidding? I grew up with that face, and knew that she was afraid of something.

“Out with it, Nat!” I said. “Stop playing games!”

She drew in her breath sharply and said, “We need to hire a lawyer.”

That was it? I said “Nat, we have lawyers, good ones. What do you mean?”

Natalie sipped her wine and said, “I’ve seen a few of these cases come through the hospital. If we’re going to clear up Heidi’s problem, we may to have to explore some dangerous things. Things that our current counsel might not want to do. It could get so rough that our lawyers could need lawyers.”

“Natalie thinks she knows someone she can trust,” said Siena.

The light dawned, and I saw where this was going. “Nat, no!” I said.

“Jumbo will do anything I want, Joshua,” Natalie said. “You know he will, and you know we can trust him.”

“Who’s Jumbo?” Heidi asked.

“Richard Bernstein, Esquire. The best research lawyer in the city,” Natalie said, “one of Joshua’s best friends.”

“Nat, no.” I said calmly.

“Little Dickie Bernstein?” Siena said, and looked at Natalie. “I thought you meant Jake Bernstein.”

“Who’s Jake Bernstein?” Heidi asked.

“Richard’s father,” I said. “The lawyer who kept the lid on at my mother’s trial and got her a plea deal that meant she wouldn’t be executed for murder.”

My mother seemed to lose 25 years for just an instant. Her face brightened and she said, “Little Dickie was always over at our house to play with Joshua. A smart, pudgy, little boy who could recite poetry and bits of movie dialog. Joshua brought him home one day after he had rescued him from being beaten up by bigger kids in the school yard. So he’s a lawyer now? …And Natalie’s sweetie? Not surprising really. He loved Natalie from the moment he saw her….”

Siena ‘s eyes lost twenty years of bitterness, and was lost in memories of happier times. I had to snap her back to reality. “Mom let me tell you the rest of the story. Little Dickie as you remember him, grew to be the size of a Kodiak bear. He has been in a hit and run romance with Natalie since they were twelve years old, each break up worse than the last one, until about two years ago; I thought they were going to end up in a murder/suicide”

“Honestly, Joshua,” said Natalie. “You’re as bad as he is.”

“So speaks the Drama Queen of West Side High. Nat if you don’t care about your own broken heart, at least have some pity on him. He still loves you.”

“And I still love him. More than I can say,” Natalie said. “And Joshua, we NEED him. I wouldn’t trust this to anyone else.”

“We can’t afford him,” I said.

“What would he want?” Heidi asked.

“Me,” said Natalie.

“Which is why it’s still no,” I said. “It would tear you both apart.”

Heidi burst into tears and ran across the room to hug Natalie. She kissed her cheek and sobbed uncontrollably. For a few minutes she was totally incomprehensible, but Natalie calmed her down. Heidi gaziantep fetiş escort was still crying as she said, “I can’t believe you’d sacrifice yourself for me. That’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard. We’re intimate yes, but you don’t really know about me. Nat, this could be your whole life.”

Natalie shushed her and said, “Mom, throw me one of those towels. I shoud have saved one for myself. She’s getting Joshua all over me.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” I said.

“It’d be the first time for these stockings, and this time I didn’t have the fun that made the mess!”

Siena found this incredibly funny, and tossed a folded towel to Natalie to put on her lap.

Natalie mopped up the mess, and said, “Sweetie; first it’s not that big a sacrifice. Jumbo and I belong together. We have been fighting and embracing it since puberty. He’s a wonderful man, with flaws, and we all have flaws, but we grew up in expectation of a life together.” She turned to me and said “Joshua I love you and this has been fun, but I miss Jumbo terribly. You say we’re free to leave here anytime we want?”

“Yes,” I said, “but I don’t want you going to your death. You guys keep crashing and I can’t stand to see that happen again.”

Natalie inhaled deeply and sighed. “Thank you for your concern, but I think we’ll be all right now.”

“What’s changed?” I asked.

“Mom’s here,” Natalie said, “and she’s not the psycho-killer of my nightmares that abandoned me. Every time Jumbo and I broke up there was one last issue; children. He’s desperate to have children and I’ll let him tell you why. Mom sacrificed her freedom so that I could be free. Meeting her, talking to her I understand the courage it must have taken, and how hard it must have been to kill the man you love to save your child, even if he is evil. Now I know that I can be a mother, and not fear I’ll wake up and kill my husband or my children. Joshua, in freeing her, you’ve freed me.”

She turned to Heidi, “Second as to knowing you, I’ve examined you. Hell, I’ve seen your x-rays. I researched your past, and I know a little bit about you, probably as much as you’d want to tell now, anyway. But I know that Joshua loves you, and more importantly I know that you love him. And it’s not just that he fucks you into unconsciousness. You are healing in mind, body, and spirit. Only love can do that, after what you’ve been through. He is your hero.” She turned to look at me and said, “And I want mine.”

I was out maneuvered and I knew it. I had brought Natalie into my home to make her strong enough to face the world again, and apparently it had worked. Now she felt she was ready, and I couldn’t say I disapproved, even though we would miss her. I looked at Natalie and said, “Make the call.”

“One question,” Heidi said, “Why Jumbo?”

“It’s the nickname he picked up in High School,” Natalie said. She crossed the room to retrieve her purse and phone.

“Because he’s a big guy,” I said, using my hands to denote a stout profile.

Natalie laughed, and said, “Yeah, that and he’s got a dick as big as an elephant’s truck.” Her hand gestures indicated something else entirely.

“Really?” Siena asked.

Nat nodded as the call went through.

“Like father, like son,” Siena said. We all turned to stare at her. “I guess…”

“Later!” Nat whispered at her. On the phone she was a different person; radiantly cheerful, sensual and obviously interested in the person she was talking to. “Hello Jumbo. Yes, it’s Nat. I’m fine, but Joshua is having some trouble that I think you might be able to help with. No, you don’t have to kill anybody. God! What are you up to this evening? Yeah, sure…”

She put her hand over the mouthpiece, and said, “He’s checking his calendar.” She made the hand gestures at Siena again and mouthed the word “really.” Her smile lit up the room.

“You can? Great! Yeah, I’m over here right now. What? Of course I’ll wait for you. I want to see you! When can you get here? Don’t speed; I know how you can get. You don’t need any more tickets. Okay, in an hour, then. Yes.” Pause. “Yes.” Pause. ” Yes, and I’ve missed you too. See you in an hour.”

I stood up a little shakily, and adjusted my pants. I said, “First order of business, open a window, we don’t want to give the wrong impression. First time meeting Heidi, and well, he hasn’t seen Mom since he was just Little Dickie.”

“And now apparently he’s grown up into being big Dickie?” Siena said with a big laugh. “And I don’t know that the aroma is the wrong impression of what goes on around here. I mean…”

Nat shook her head and said “Just open a goddam window, Mom. OK? Though, she does bring up a good point. How much do we tell him about our… domestic arrangements?”

I sighed and said, “Everything. If you really want him, Nat, he’s got to know what he’s letting himself in for. I have a question, Nat.”

“Shoot,” she said.

“That little seduction scene that you put Heidi up to, with the “Daddy” stuff?”

“What about it?”

“Are you and Jumbo ‘Daddy’ and ‘Baby’?”

“No,” Natalie said, “we’re ‘Daddy’ and ‘Mommy’. I suppose that’s where the trouble really started every time. But now, I think we’ll be all right.” She brooded over her thoughts for a moment, and then shook herself. “Now we need to get dressed, and you two messy people need a shower.”

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