The shop assistant

The shop assistantthe wife had gone to work and I had to do some shopping, unfortunately I had to go to an area that is known as ‘chav towers’, it’s a rough area but it’s the only store that sells stuff we want. As soon as I stepped in I knew it was rough. Getting my basket I was going round the store and crossing off off my list, when I saw this girl she was beautiful, young and chavvy.Then I saw her boyfriend, he looked menacing, as I was looking at this girl a male assistant came up to me and said “She’s unavailable pal”, “mmmmmmm” I said, he said “I can help you with your shopping if you’d like me to”, “Ok” I replied. As he went round the store I followed him, his name was Andy and he was happy to help.As we got to the checkout, he opened a closed one to process my shopping, then he packed it up for me, “I’ll carry it to your car for ypu” he said, as he was packing the boot he said it’s time for his break, did I fancy a cold drink, I said “Yes please”, as he’d been so helpful. Turned out he was 22, single, lived with his divorced mother.We went out the back of the store to a loading Escort bayan bay area, it was quite secluded and there was no-one else around, as we sat he talked about his boring life, having no friends etc. Then without warning he put his arm across my shoulders, cupping his wrist around the side of my face, pulling me towards him, as I turned my head he leaned forward and kissed me.Springing apart he said “Oh my God I’m sorry, don’t tell anyone will you”, I said “I wouldn’t”, then he did it again, as he kissed me he ran his hand up my leg, carressing the inside of my thigh, I was hard in my jeans. He carried on kissing my neck and then he moved his hand up my leg onto my cock, slowly rubbing me. I didn’t know what to do, but I was horny.He said “Come with me”, as he led me to the managers office, we went in and there was a table and a chair, he pushed everything off the table and told me to sit on it. As I sat there he rubbed my cock and kissed my neck, then he took off my T shirt, and licked my nipples, inching his way down to the waistband of my jeans.He licked my cock through Bayan escort my jeans as he unbuttoned them, pulling them down he licked me through my undies, then he pulled them down and I sprang up to attention, he said “I fancied you as soon as you came into the store”, as he licked up and down my cock. I lay there as he was sucking me and carefully wanking me I knew I wouldn’t last long.Then he stopped, as sudden as he’d started, he took off his shirt and pants and there was his monster 9″ hard erect cock, he came towards me and I leaned down and grasped it in my fist, pumping him he groaned, I stood up and faced him he said “Please suck me”, as I sat him on the table I put my lips over his helmet and sucked and wanked him off.”God I’m coming” he shouted, as I took his entire length in my mouth his hot sticky spunk shot down my throat, as I wanked him it pumped more and more, I swallowed it all, the look of excitement on his face said it all, then he went soft. He looked at me and said “Thanks that was ace I’ve always wanted to know what it felt like”.As I stood there with my 6″ cock Escort rock hard, I pulled him off the table and turning him around, I pushed him face down and opened his legs, “What are you doing” he said, I said nothing, just parted his buttocks and teased his hole with my cock, he groaned saying “No not this I only wanted a blow job”, as I carried on teasing him I said “Shhhhh”.Parting his buttocks as wide as I could I put the tip of my cock at his hole and pushed straight in, he squeeled, as I started to ass fuck him, he was virgin tight. As I continued to get a nice movement, he was bucking as I was fucking, but I knew I wouldn’t last too long. He said “Please stop it’s hurting me”, so I slowed down and pulled out.Turning him round I sat on the table and said “You suck me now”, he put his lips over my bellend and wanked me quite quickly, as he licked my helmet, I knew I was close, as he ran his tongue down my shaft I came and my spunk rolled over the top and ran down my stem, “Lick it” I ordered, he didn’t, he said “I don’t like the taste”, so I was wanked off.As we got dressed he said “I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to be sucked off by a bloke I didn’t like getting my ass fucked” and I replied “You shouldn’t play big boy games then”, and with that I left the store, half satisfied!!!

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