The Shoplifter


I’d like to thank the volunteer Literotica editors who helped me with my story – JT and Annie. And a super duper thanks to “John” who continues to push me higher and always inspires me.

Had I really lost my mind this time?

The only thing I could say for certain was that nothing had ever felt this damn good. I was lying face down, bent over the man’s lap, my cheek pressed against the rough sheets of the “No Tell Motel”.


His open palm slammed down hard on my right buttock. The skin there was tingly and hot at that moment, and though I couldn’t see, I was sure my whole ass was bright red.


His palm was hard and unyielding, this time traveling even closer to the heart of my pussy. My God!! The pain bloomed bright and hot outward from the cheeks of my ass. I screamed loudly into the pillow. Earlier, he had told me I could scream and howl all I wanted. No one in this motel would be alarmed to hear screams of passion coming from 2B. Pleasure and pain mingled and made one delicious cocktail. I smiled inwardly as I thought of how I had come to be in this compromised position.


“Do you need to be spanked?”

I read and re-read the title of the personal ad. I couldn’t help the little flutter of my heart.

Yes, I had always wanted to be spanked, always wanted to feel that spark that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Craigslist was well known to harbor weirdos with a lot of different kinks. Would it be possible to find what I was looking for through an ad such as this?

The temptation was strong, even though I knew I shouldn’t reach for it. I had always wanted to explore this desire for bondage and discipline. As a soccer Mom and wife who most people considered to be very wholesome, I felt the need to break free and be a bad girl in a way I never had before.

Did I have the courage to reach out and grab what I longed for though? I scanned the ad once more. The poster proclaimed to be a safe, “nice”, 58 year old man named John apparently experienced in disciplining females. “Boundaries Respected,” the ad said.

Hmmm, I thought. He’s probably a serial killer.

At 58, the poster was quite a bit older than I. In fact, my parents were much closer in age. Somehow though, that made him more attractive. If I delved into all those secret fantasies I had been harboring, I wanted it to be with someone a little older and more experienced.

Still, I was shocked that I was even considering sending a reply.

A few days passed, and the seed had been planted. I found myself staring into space and daydreaming about being spanked as I sat alone in my office,. At night as I drifted to sleep, I closed my eyes and pictured the scene. My ass across a stranger’s lap, his hand coming down hard on my flesh. Each time I dreamed of the encounter, my vagina began to weep in anticipation.

Another couple of days passed, and I decided that if the ad was still there, I would reply. It was, and so it began.

Today was our third encounter.

Earlier, I had stood on shaking legs outside of the motel room, gathering my wits. I had absently noted dull, chipped paint and ripped plastic drapes hanging haphazardly against the motel windows.

What was it about John that turned me on so fast and hard? I wondered.

Deep down, however, I knew why. Plain and simple, it didn’t take a psychologist or a rocket scientist to figure out this particular equation. John made me feel comfortable, wanted, and desired. And he made cum like no one ever had before. And likely, no one ever would again.

Nervously, I smoothed my shaking hands down my knee length pink sundress and adjusted the flower clip I had placed in my brown hair. John loved when I dressed femininely, and my only wish was to please him the way he always pleased me. As we stepped up into the darkened room, I vaguely noted the ugly frayed carpeting and the lack of decor on the walls. However, the rooms always smelled pleasantly of cleaning products and the sheets were always clean and crisp, so I had no complaints.

“Look at me, young lady. Do you know why you’re here today?” John’s tone was quite menacing. In his Brooks Brother’s business suit and tie, he was a sight to behold.

Oh yes. We always talked about our scenes ahead of time, usually via texts, and I knew that was his way of teasing me and turning me on. It was a type of continuous foreplay that went on all day and served to heighten my excitement in the here and now.

I looked at the walls and the ceiling, rolling my eyes and playing my part.

“No, I have no idea. I was shopping for a few things for my mother and then store security dragged me into your office. They have no right to manhandle me that way!”

John put on his evil grin, the one that made honey drip right into my pink panties.

“Manhandle? Young lady, you don’t know the MEANING of the word ‘manhandle’. You are sure to be manhandled where you’re going, which Maltepe Sınırsız Escort is the county jail! Do you know what those inmates will do to a sweet piece of ass like you? Shoplifting will get you six months, easy!”

“Shoplifting!” I exclaimed in mock outrage. “I would NEVER!”

“Open your purse.” he demanded.

Oh yeah. This was my favorite part … resisting!! “No” I pouted. “You can’t make me!”

“Okay then I’ll just get the Sheriff in here to process you…” John smiled as his hand reached for the telephone.

“No, wait!” I grabbed his shoulder. “You’re wrong! I didn’t do it!” I made myself sound a little less cocky this time, and a little scared.

“Then open your purse and show me.”

I began to sniffle, really getting into the scene as I reluctantly opened my purse.

“Ahhh” John smirked. “Just as I suspected. Condoms!”

“But … but … I don’t know how they got there!!!”

“Please” John interrupted. “You think I don’t see you, shaking your ass all around that trailer park? I know your type … white trash. You need to be punished.”

“Noooooo!!!! Please! Please don’t call the police!! My mama will whip me with a belt, and she’ll kick me out for good this time!!”

“You leave me no choice,” John responded sadly. “I just can’t let you walk away from here.”

“But … isn’t there some other way?” I asked with a pout and a few cute bats of my heavily made up lashes, touched up with a mascara wand just moments before.

This was it, the part I always long for. My pussy began clenching and weeping in response, imagining the scene to come.

“I don’t know. You really need to learn a lesson, young lady. I’m really tempted to call the Sheriff.”

“Please” I pleaded. “Please, reconsider!”

He breathed a loud, suffering sigh. “Okay. Here is what we are going to do. Put your hands behind your back.”

Sweet Jesus. I was about to come just from his authoritarian tone. I complied and showed him my back, crossing my hands just above my ass. Out of nowhere, it seemed, he produced a set of shiny silver handcuffs, standard police issue. Damn, I loved how he got into these roles!

“Handcuffs?!” I cried out. “Is that really necessary?!”

“Oh yes,” he replied. “I know how sneaky you are, you little slut. I don’t want you running off”

With two loud clicks, the handcuffs locked into place and I was thoroughly restrained. We had discussed this previously. This was my first time restrained, and he knew how excited I was about it.

A shiver ran down my spine as I thought about how vulnerable I was just then. I hung my head, my whole posture a picture of submission. It was a pose I knew John appreciated.

“Mmmmm” John whispered. “You look awfully nice and sweet in this little dress, Beth. Have you been shaking your ass for all those fellows in that trailer park?”

“No” I cried. “I’m not that kind of girl!”

“Yeah, you are. And you know what happens to bad girls? They get their asses smacked.” With this, he bent down behind me and slowly trailed his fingertips up my dress, slipping a thumb into the waistband of each side of my panties and pulled them down slowly.

I pretended to be outraged and embarrassed, turning my head away. “Please!” I begged.

He took a seat on the bed, pulling me close and putting me over his lap. I struggled a moment, my cuffed hands giving me no support.

Finally, I settled in with my head and upper chest resting on the bed. My sundress lay up around my shoulders displaying my ass completely. He gently patted my ass, his touch soothing at this point.

“Nice ass, Beth” he whispered reverently, and I knew he wasn’t acting.

Actually, John had turned out to be a sweet, kind person who happened to share my love of kink and role play. He was a true gentleman, the kind that you can’t find in the world anymore. I reflected for a moment on how happy I was to have met him.


All of the sudden I was jolted back to the present moment. This was what John did to me. There was nothing but the here and now. He helped me clear my mind of all else. The first smack was quick and unexpected, and he held nothing back. The pain raced through my ass cheeks, down to my pussy and my clit.


The blows came quickly, and the pain was excruciating. I couldn’t get enough.

“How does that feel, little darlin? You gonna shoplift again?”

Oh hell yeah!! “Nooooooo!” I scream, trying again not to smile.


My screams at this point could have woken the dead. Thankfully the rooms on either side of 2B were vacant today.


“Hmmm…” his hand wandered down to my pussy, spreading my legs a little. Without warning, he dipped his long, thick middle finger inside, swirling through the juice that had surfaced there. “Oh my,” he said, chiding me. “Are you ENJOYING this Beth? Your little cunt is soaking wet!”


Oh yeah, I felt so hot and ready to cum at that moment. My clit had started to tingle.


His Maltepe Suriyeli Escort fingers still wet with my juices, John changed course and began to lightly caress my puckered rear opening.

“Ohhhhhhh” I moaned.

He swirled his wet finger around my asshole slowly, bringing all those nerve endings to life. My ass up in the air, the fluorescent bedside lamp hiding nothing, I couldn’t have felt more exposed, or more turned on. Slowly, John began to screw his finger deep inside my ass.

“Oh yes! Oh God!! Yes, John, yes!!”

It was always tough for me to stay in character at that point, and I began to gyrate my hips, silently begging for more, rubbing my nipples against the rough sheets.

“You like that baby? You like it in your ass? I know you do, bad girl.” He removed his finger, and I cried out at the emptiness. I hear a familiar squirting sound, which indicated he was planning to use some lube. I smiled against the pillow. It was going to be a fun night. His finger returned, but now it felt even thicker. “That’s two fingers baby, see how easy your ass takes me in? Ah. I can see you’ve done this before, you little slut. You’re real white trash aren’t you? You must like taking it in the ass.”

I couldn’t even think at that point, much less respond. I wiggled my ass at him and groaned loudly. Abruptly, the world spun and I was back on my feet, my hands still cuffed behind me, my dress falling back into place.

“Get on the bed, on your knees, with your ass in the air.”

I complied, and again my face was pressed into the sheets. I heard the crinkle of a condom wrapper. John again pulled my dress up and over my shoulders.

“Spread your legs wider.” he commanded. Again, I could barely move without the use of my hands, but I spread wider.

“Wider!” he yelled.

I did as I was told. That is the kind of person I have always been.

He was using his hard, dominant voice again. “Mmmmm,” he whispered, running his fingers along the crack of my ass, down to my pussy, dipping inside. “One day I will take a picture of you like this. I know you’re not ready yet, but someday. You look so beautiful right now.”

And as dirty and naughty as it all was, he made me feel beautiful and wanted. I smiled a happy, content smile. “Beth,” he began. “Ready to get fucked hard?”

Oh yes, indeed, I was. Heart pounding, I could hardly wait for him to open the condom and slide it on his thick, hard shaft. Mmmmm … he was so hot, always so hard, and so freaking tasty.

It occured to me that I hadn’t had the opportunity to taste him yet tonight.

Moving faster than I should be able to, I rolled awkwardly from my knees to my back, my head hanging close to the edge of the mattress, inches from that beautiful cock. I smiled up at John, and he returned the smile, allowing me to have my way for now.

Teasingly, I ran just the very tip of my tongue around the head of his giant, beautiful penis. It was so purple, indicating he was every bit as turned on as I was. Good, I smiled. I didn’t want to be on that boat alone!

I swirled my tongue softly around the head, gathering up the few drops of pre-cum he produced. Mmmmm. He tasted salty, sweet, and spicy, and I felt answering drops of fluid flood my own sex. He lightly grasped the back of my head, and I opened wider to fully take the head into my mouth. Slowly, I slid my mouth all the way down his shaft, swirling and circling my tongue as I progressed.

As his shaft bumped the back of my throat, I relaxed my throat muscles and let him in further. His taste and smell was incredible, an aphrodisiac in itself.

It was clear that John was deeply engrossed in my ministrations as he reached behind me and uncuffed my hands. I am good with my hands and fingers. I immediately brought both of them up to fondle his balls. I didn’t want them to feel sad and unwanted, and that thought made me giggle around his cock.. As best as I could, I gently rolled the soft orbs between my fingers while suckling that beautiful beast between my lips. I couldn’t get enough.

John was never still, and he quickly returned his attention to my hot, dripping cunt. He inserted two fingers inside and pumped them back and forth, and round and round. I could hear the loud, obnoxious squishing noise my pussy was making. It reminded me of a few porn flicks I had seen where the females have “squirted”, and my skin flushed in embarrassment.

He always seemed to know what I was thinking.

“You’re sooo wet. So hot and so fucking wet.”

“I’m sorry!” I whispered around his cock.

“Don’t be sorry, I love it!”

He then inserted another finger in my ass. I have heard this referred to as the bowling ball hold and, damn, did it feel amazing. John was somehow doing all that and working my clit at the same time. I couldn’t help wonder, jeez, how many hands did he have? How did he do it all?

All my senses were on high alert, my body on fire with his touch.

Ohhhhhhh, I Maltepe İranlı Escort was hot and turned on. I felt my body may just explode in pure sensation. All of my nerve endings were crying out in joy, about to begin singing the “Hallelujah” chorus!

I continue my lovemaking on his cock, fondling his balls which have now tightened into hard knots. This usually indicated he is getting ready to cum, but knowing him, he would surely hold off. A true, true gentleman, I know he would wait quite a long time before coming.
He pulled abruptly from my mouth, moving away as a string of saliva briefly kept my mouth and lips connected to his shaft.

“Stretch out, hands above your head. Don’t move them.”

I did as he asked, stretching my hands high above my head, lying fully across the bed. As I did so, he produced the cuffs again and restrained my hands once more. Testing the restraints, and giving a small nod of satisfaction, he looked into my eyes. Without breaking eye contact, he grasped me under my knees, spreading my legs open as he lifted them upward. My knees were practically touching my shoulders.

Oh God Oh God Oh God. I felt fully displayed, nothing hidden, and I could see John taking a visual inventory. My ass, my pussy, the juice running down my lips, I knew he saw everything. The thought of being exposed increased my arousal tenfold.

Abruptly, he began eating my pussy with gusto. Oh. My. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! John eats pussy better than anyone anywhere should ever have the right to! I moaned loud and hard as he took a full bodied lick of my pussy, starting at my weeping hole and slowly making his way all the way up to my clit and circling it, making an obnoxious slurping sound.

I quivered and shook, chills breaking out all over my body. “Oh god. Oh god. JOOOOHHHHHN!!!!!!!!!” It was so damn good.
He surrounded my clit with those soft lips and sucked it inside his hot, wet mouth. He hummed and moaned around that little piece of flesh, making my entire pussy vibrate. It was like being zapped with a jolt of electricity, and I screamed out in pure ecstasy.

John will not stop until he is good and ready. I know this from our past experiences together. He continued sucking in my clit, allowing it to pop in and out of his mouth. I felt my juices run down the crack of my ass to rest in a puddle on the sheets.

He paused to bring his hands up to the junction of my thighs, spreading my lips wide. “Do you know what I’m going to do? Do you know where I’m going to put my tongue now?” He had told me about this earlier in the day, in a dirty text. He wanted to bury his tongue deep in my pussy. He wanted to fuck my pussy with his tongue. Oh God.

I held my breath. Suddenly his hot tongue entered me, sinking slow and deep into my cunt. My mind raced.. He was tongue fucking me! The feeling was exquisite. Every nerve in my pussy was on fire..

He was persistent, dipping his tongue further and further into my wet hole as I screamed, moaned, and squirmed as much as I could within the restraints. I could barely breathe, barely think.
My mind slowly wandered to that special place.

There is a special happy place where I now know only John can take me. My mind completely clears and relaxes. I don’t worry about looking fat, or old, or how the bright lights are probably highlighting all of my flaws. I don’t think about work, bills, or soccer practices. Though I hate to admit it, many times while making love with other partners, I would often dwell on things like household chores and balancing the check book.

There is none of that in this special place, and while my pussy remained on fire, I exhaled deeply and my eyes rolled back in my head. Lips parted, chest heaving, I really let go for the first time as the orgasm began to bloom deep inside me. All I felt was sensation, waves of tingly sensation beginning to spread from my midsection, eventually encompassing all of my body. Down to my fingertips and toes, my body was a mass of happy, singing, dancing nerve endings.

As I floated slowly back to earth, still in my happy place, I heard soft moans of pleasure and realized they belonged to me. I looked at John, giving him a smile of pure gratitude, and he returned the smile.

“Oh, do you think we’re through? We’re nowhere near done young lady. Roll over, on your knees.”
I complied, since at this point I’d do damn near anything he asked. I’d probably even bark like a dog if he told me to. I stuck my ass high in the air once more, feeling no shame at all as he rubbed my ass cheeks.

My only warning was his hands grasping my hips roughly. Abruptly he thrust his cock hard and deep, so deep inside me. I was jolted forward as he sealed our bodies together. That giant cock slid in easily due to my natural lubrication.

He pulled out slowly, withdrawing, then thrust hard inside me again, each of us grunting and moaning. Again and again, he pulled out and crashed back inside, his balls slapping against my pussy with each forward thrust.

I rested my sweaty head against the bed as he continued to thrust, as I concentrated on the feeling of him bursting inside me that way. He pulled almost all the way out, and slammed back in repeatedly. Each time he left, the feel of the wide head of his cock upon his return set my pussy off.

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