The sounds from next door…


The sounds from next door…Over the weekend I spent a couple of nights “catching up” with an ex of mine. We booked into a hotel in the centre of town and spent most of our time in the bedroom fucking like there was no tommorow. Last night we got back into the room having been out for dinner, I came out of the bathroom to find her laying over the bed in nothing but her heels, a suspender belt and black french knickers.She came over to me sliding her nails down my back pulling at the rim of my jeans. She pulled them down and got on her knees like the dirty little cock slut I remember her being. Her blonde hair fell over her face as she sucked my cock, I could feel her tongue stud wrapping itself around me. As she dragged me over to the bed she pulled her underware down and threw them over onto the other side of the bed. Being into domination she pushed me down on the bed and straddled my aching cock. She moved her pert little ass up and down taking in every inch. Escort I wrapped my tongue around her bouncing chest and dug my nails into her thighs. Faster she moved, deeper and harder I could feel her dripping wet cunt and hear my cock slap in and out of her. Working me up into such a frenzy she rolled off and onto her knees. She looked back at me and smiled begging for that which she loves the most. Moving between her legs I slid two fingers into her wetness, hearing her moan and arch her head back a third slid in. She moved herself back on my fingers, riding them like she rides cock….hard and fast. I could feel her juices flow down my fingers. I leant down and slid my tongue down and tickled her ass as she rode. Faster and harder down my fingers, I could hear her pant, begging for cock. How could I refuse? I rubbed my cock wit the hand that had been finger fucking her, bulging like i’d never seen it before she moved her wetness onto the tip of my cock Escort Bayan and slid herself down. She put her hands up onto the headboard to support herself as I began to thrust inside her, feeling my cock slap against her ass as the speed and tempo increased. I grabbed hold of her waist and sunk my nails into her skin as I thrust my cock inside her, I could feel how wet she was by the soft trickle of pussy juice running down my cock and onto my legs. I ran my hand up and grabbed hold of the sluts hair, pulling it back and digging my cock deeper into her pussy. Through the pants and the moans I could hear her begging for cum. Her waist began to move quicker, her ass slapped against my stomach as she rode my cock for one purpose only….for cum.I could feel myself building up, the feeling you get when you know that you can’t control yourself. With one last massive thrust I exploded into her tight little cunt, she gasped and wiggled her ass a little Bayan Escort to make sure she got all of it. After collapsing on the bed exhausted I put my head back and listened to the deadly silence. During the night I woke up..I could hear noises from out in the corridor. The door to the room next door opened and closed. I heard the voice of a woman, it was obvious she was drunk and in the company of someone else. Needless to say it wasn’t long before I could hear her screams. Piercing the night silence, I could hear the headboard rock and creak as her screams got louder and louder. I closer my eyes and ran my hand down onto my cock. Hard with the excitement of listening to the other room I imaginged what it would be like walking next door and fucking whichever hold she wasn’t already being fucked in. My hand began to move a little faster before I felt another hand. I looked over to the dirty cock sucking slut who i’d dated for way over 2 years who was gagging for more. With the sounds from next door echoing around the room, she moved her head down below the duvet. All I can say is that with the feeling of her tongue stud wrapped around my cock, we gave next door a taste of their own medicine.

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