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Subject: The Topper Club The Topper Club This is a fantasy story and doesn’t represent any one person or group, and as always the story does not comply with safe sex but you should. And since this is a free site if you can please send in a donation to Nifty to keep this a free site. Thanks and now for my fantasy story. As always I enjoy hearing from all on this and my other stories on Nifty. You can read many of my other stories here on Nifty under Authors, hungrod and hungboi. Thanks Hungrod@ The Topper Club I was on the internet one morning and came across this head line and of course was curious so I opened it and the AD was on a national men’s web site for folks to meet for adult fun. I was curious! The AD said “The Topper club is seeking dedicated Tops and Bottoms in the local area that meet twice a month for fun. If interested contact Bernie and I will answer all questions” I emailed Bernie and within minutes he responded! He told me about the club, the members that were “ALL TOPS” and those that were dedicated “bottoms”. He told me about the meetings, times they usually met, where and that they allowed guests that were brought by a member, but did restrict the visits by a guest. He also said the group had 15 full time members and limited the membership to 20 Tops and a smaller dedicated group of bottoms. The Tops were only Tops and they only allowed those bottoms that did not switch but loved to be a bottom for other men. We discussed the fun that went on, and what was expected by a bottom if he became a “volunteer bottom”. All dedicated bottoms had to be introduced by a member top and the top had to make sure the bottom did in fact take cock, and then the bottom had to meet a 3 member group to be interviewed, and made sure he did in fact do oral and take cock bare in his hole. Once, approved by the 3 member team he could then go to all future meetings as a “volunteer bottom! I was interested and Bernie and I decided to talk on the phone about this more, and eventually we met in person at his home. It was a week later that I did meet Bernie and he was an older mature man, nice looking and a full head of gray hair. We chatted briefly and then he told me to strip completely as he needed to see my body and inspect it and then he needed me to demonstrate my oral skills and then he would fuck me bare. After that he said we can hang out and discuss how I felt and if I wanted to continue with the next phase. Bernie then stripped once I was naked and standing before him and he inspected my backside and front, and felt my body head to toe, my ass, crack, hole, my cock and balls too. Then he sat in his big easy chair and directed me to get between his legs and give him a blow job. I did. He has a beautiful cut cock and large hanging hairy balls and the head was a nice mushroom type head with a well defined ridge too. I am 7 inches when hard and I am sure Bernie’s cock was larger in length and girth than mine! I worked his cock shaft, head and balls for a few minutes until he declared he was going to cum. I did not pull off and when he blew his orgasm was intense and he shot a big load of sweet sperm in my mouth,,,, Once he came down a bit, I cleaned his cock shaft and balls and sucked out the remaining drops of his nectar into my mouth,,,, then I sat back and he commented on my ability to give oral! He told me that every member would love how I did that and would seek me out for a lot of oral during the meetings! We sat nude and chatted about the members, and that all 15 were older, ranging from 56 to 78. All were tops and none took cock in their asses but loved to fuck. All fucked bare too as a requirement in the club. He told me they had 6 dedicated bottom “volunteers” and most usually came to the meetings as it was a great group of mature men, some great cocks and the bottoms got to be fucked and creamed as much as they could take it. A bottom was always naked once entering the meeting and could not refuse any cock for sucking or taking a cock in his ass. Bottoms did not fuck other bottoms and when creamed could not wipe off any cum from a member until the members were done and the meeting ended. As we chatted I was hard! He had me fondle myself but I was told to not cum, so I edged my dick listening to Bernie describe the meetings! Then he asked, well I need to know if this is something that interests you? I told him it was. He then said, “OK, get on the ottoman, on all fours, spread your legs and I will get some lube and before we go to the next step I have kocaeli escort to fuck your hole and make sure you do in fact take cock”. I got on the ottoman and waited as Bernie lubed my hole and fingered me a bit, and then he walked in front of me and entered my mouth again so I could get his nice cock hard. After a couple minutes he was hard as a rock and he walked back, grabbed my hips and I felt his head on my hole and then he entered me in one slow push! He felt great and I immediately got erect and he took his time fucking my cunt. He would go as deep as he could and then pull out completely or some times pull out so his head was just in my hole but he always held my hips as he stroked my ass. It was about 20 minutes later that he increased his motion and I knew by his noises, he was close to creaming my pussy! I was also a bit verbal too, as he was hitting my prostate with that nice ridge of his and I was feeling very sexy as he fucked my ass! When he came, He was deep in me, and I could feel his balls retract as he shot and his hot sperm filling my hole too. Bernie fell forward and kept his hard cock in me as he lay on my bare back and caught his breath! Once he recovered he pulled out slowly and his cream came out with his cock. I felt it running out and he took his head and pushed some back in my cunt and some on my inner thighs. Some was running out down my thighs and I could feel sperm on my hanging balls too. He shot a ton of jize in me! Bernie then walked to my face and stuck his now semi erect but wet cock in my mouth and told me to clean it, as this is a requirement by a bottom after a member fucks a hole. I did. He then had me stand in front of him and beat my cock so I could show him my orgasm and he wanted me to eat my own sperm as he watched, so I did.. I liked him watching me jack myself off. We then stayed naked and Bernie said he would “LOVE” to host me to the group. I agreed. He picked up his cell and called a member and as I listened told him he had just met me, and that I suck cock wonderfully and took his cock in my ass and he thought I was a great fuck and would like to set me up for an interview with the board. I sat and listened as he described me, mid 60’s 5.9, 200, muscular tight ass and hung cut cock and my big hanging nuts, the sex and how much he enjoyed my ass! The person on the end of the call told him he would get back in a few minutes and set up a meeting. We waited, both naked for the return call. As we did Bernie put on some gay porn of a bottom getting gang fucked by a group of older men,, and I got hard again and so did Bernie. As we waited, he suggested I suck his cock again, so I did. With his cock in my mouth the call came in and the men would see me the following day and Bernie gave me a time and address to meet. I agreed. Bernie then shot a smaller load but he did get off in my mouth before he said, I could leave. He explained that I would be inspected by the 3 members nude and then I would have to show my oral and anal skills to all, and they might even want to confirm that he had fucked my too, by watching as he took my bare ass again!. I agreed to all of it and my cock was hard again! It was the next day Saturday that I met Bernie and his 3 buddies at a member’s home. I entered and they all introduced them selves, Mack, John, and Ernie. All mature men, and all looked nice, attractive and looked clean. I was told to strip and I did. John inspected me as all watched and he had me bend over and spread my legs as he fingered my hole. All watched. The men then striped and now I and the 4 members were naked. I was told to get on my knees and suck each mans cock, and if he came I was to take his cream. I told them I understood… so I sucked each cock. Mack was the largest of the 4 about 9 inches and uncut but his head was out when he got excited, John was average and cut and so was Ernie. Bernie was bigger than John or Ernie but the rest were all cut, and had nice looking cocks! I took my time on each, using my mouth, tongue and hands on the head, shaft and balls and each man decided to shoot into my mouth and face once I got them to orgasm. I had a belly full of cum and could taste each man’s sperm when they shot. I also had some cum on my face and since I could not wipe it off it dried on my face as I blew each of the 3 men. Then after Ernie shot, Mack was ready to fuck, so they bent me over the back of a couch and he took my bare ass and fucked me as the 3 others watched and awaited their turn! I felt FULL with Mack kocaeli escort bayan in my ass and he gave me a great hard hot fucking and I was verbal screaming “YES FUCK ME, Fuck OH GOD FUCK MY CUNT!, CUM in my hole breed me SIR! He did and the men loved my verbal screaming! After each of the 3 board members screwed my bare wet and now stretched hole they discussed privately my entry into the club. I waited with Bernie as they did and as we waited he stuck his hard cock in my mouth and shot a ton of cum just as the 3 men came out from their private meeting! They laughed and said “Looks like you really do like taking cum! I was in! We all sat nude and talked about the rules, scheduling of meetings, and how some members have private meetings with the bottoms at times too, all of which I was encouraged to attend when possible and what I was expected to do and some of the members that liked certain things as they had sex. One member liked spanking a bottom as he fucked him, and a couple enjoyed lite bondage when they had a bottom over for a private party as they used his pussy. I was excited and before we all ended they told me to stand and masturbate and shoot into my open palm and eat my own cum, so I did. I ate my cum along with all of theirs so my taste buds were running rampant and my belly full! I dressed still with dried cum on me and said my good bye, and they told me Bernie would be in touch and give me to info on the next group meeting. I was excited. Later that day I once again masturbated as I was still turned on by the meeting! It was 2 weeks later that the next group party was scheduled and Bernie did stay in contact with me during. He met me twice at his home alone to get his rocks off in my mouth and hole too. I took his info and told him I would be there at the home and the time requested and be ready to service all that wanted me to take care of them. He suggested I lube my hole as being the new guy meant most members there would want to experience the new guys cunt! I told him I would be ready. The home on the meeting night was in a gated community and I was given the gate code to enter along with the directions. I knocked on the door and was a bit nervous as I had not met all yet and knew I was to be used as a cunt but yet I was excited and wanted that. The door opened and a tall lankly completely naked man opened the door and welcomed me in. His cock was soft but it was hanging at least a good 6 inches and it was uncut so I knew he had a nice full dick. He ushered me in and told me to go ahead and strip here and put all your things in the basket by the door. I saw 3 baskets already full with other clothes in them. I stripped as he watched and then told me to follow him. I did. He led me to a downstairs basement door and I followed him down, and once there I saw 10 mature men all naked and 3 men nude on their knees with cocks in their mouths! I was introduced to all as the new cunt boi and welcomed by most. I was immediately pulled over to an older naked man with his semi hard cut cock in his hand and told to “suck me boi” So I did! That night I am sure I had sucked on and sometimes had most of the members cum in my mouth but I know at least 7 of the members that night did in fact fuck my hole and shoot their load into me. I was fucked in various positions and it seemed each member had his own way of fucking. Some were a bit more aggressive, some gentle, some fucked fast as others stroked my hole slowly, as it seemed they savored each stroke. Not all came in my pussy but most did. I also had most if not all of the member’s cocks in my mouth during the evening! It was about 4 hours later that I saw some members start to leave and most still there were spent! There were 3 other bottoms besides me and all of us were fucked and had sucked cocks all night. One bottom was in his 40’s with a gorgeous ass and it was covered in dried cum like mine was, the other 2 were in their 50’s and I was the oldest I think in my 60’s. I was covered in cum on my face from when some shot on my face initially or after they came in my mouth then shot the remainder on my face and those that came in my cunt and some shot on my hole but reentered it pushing their sperm back into my pussy. So as I was fucked sperm was pushed out and all over my crack and hole and balls and my inner thighs were covered as well with wet and dried sperm from the sex. My hole when finally done was a bit sore but still felt good. I was very verbal too with most of the men as they used my cunt as most kocaeli bayan escort felt great in me and being watched was a huge turn on. When we 4 bottoms were released the host asked us all if we were ok to drive home or we could spend the night but expect to be used in the morning. I elected to drive home, as my hole was sore but not that bad. I did feel on the way home the dried up cum on my crack, on my ass, and face which was a big reminder that I was just used by 10 mature men as a whore! I actually masturbated as I drove home! The following morning, Bernie called me at my home and wanted to tell me how impressed the men at the meeting were and how they liked my naked look ass and cock. He asked how my asshole was and if I enjoyed myself. I told him I felt great but when I left last night my hole was a bit sore but was fine this morning and I did enjoy all of it and was glad I replied to his AD! He was glad too. He then asked me if I would like to come over that afternoon and play with him and the host from the party home last night. I said I would. Bernie then informed me that the host is into role play some and he likes to discipline his bottoms, as he spanks them before during and sometimes after he fucks them! Was I still interested? He asked. I told him I was but not any heavy pain, and no lasting marks, and if that was acceptable I would like to meet both and service them. He agreed. It was about 3 pm that afternoon when I arrived at Bernie’s home and when I entered he told me to not strip but follow his friend’s suggestions. Carl was the previous evenings host and both he and Bernie were dressed but had cocktails. I was told to stand in front of Carl and he proceeded to tell me I was a bad employee and had to be disciplined or face losing my job. I told him I needed my job and would accept the discipline he suggested. I was told to strip as both men watched me. I did. Then Carl told me of my indiscretion and that to keep my job I had to be disciplined, and he was going to spank me until I agreed to be better. I was placed over his lap and he slapped my bare ass a few times but stopped and then had me stand as he said I was leaking pre-cum, so he and Bernie both took off their clothes as we 3 were all naked. Carl then continued with me over his bare lap as he smacked my bare ass a few times, fondled and kneaded my butt cheeks and crack and continued smacking my ass. I was in pain, it stung and I know my hole was exposed and my butt red! All of it turned me on. Then Carl stopped and he told me to get down between his legs and suck his cock so I did. He was about 8 inches erect, uncut but had a thick shaft. Both he and Bernie were much larger than the average man and as I sucked Carl, I felt Bernie lube my asshole. Then Carl had me lay on my back and he held my legs up and apart as he entered my bare hole with his big cock. Bernie entered my mouth as Carl fucked me. Carl fucked my pussy for the longest time and as he did Bernie would often pull out of my mouth and then wait and reenter as Carl stroked my cunt. Eventually, Carl shot a massive amount of cum in my ass and Bernie immediately entered my used cunt. Bernie screwed me as I cleaned Carl’s dick of our juices. Bernie came soon as he has been holding his orgasm while I sucked him so he could blow his load in my cunt. He added a huge amount of sperm in me with Carl’s and so when I stood up I felt the men’s cum running out of my pussy and down onto my hanging balls and inner thighs. We had a drink and then Carl said I could go but he needed me to suck his cock again and make him cum before I could have my clothes back and go. So, as Bernie watched, I took Carl’s huge uncut cock in my mouth and took it from soft to hard and after a few minutes he shot in my mouth and some on my face! Both men commented on my ability and both enjoyed using my mouth and cunt. I told them I enjoyed it too. I left and once home I beat off myself as I had to relieve the pressure in my nuts! It was the next day Bernie called and said Carl really enjoyed you and he wants to have you over to his house with a couple other men soon. I agreed. We chatted about the next group meeting. Once he hung up, I sat back and reflected on the last few days and decided I was happy I did and was looking forward to being a long term “volunteer” for the group! As always this is a fantasy, safe sex is just that safe, so be careful. You can email me at ail I answer all that do respond. Some of my readers have even suggested story ideas I had written about or things they get into in a story like this. Please sending a donation to keeps this free site just that online and free. There are procedures on the site to do that. Thanks for reading and hope I hear back. Hungrod

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