Through the Haze


I was immediately enthralled. Her big brown eyes, her warm smile on a beautiful dark face framed by neatly trimmed, streaked shoulder length hair captivated me. She entered gracefully with an air of confidence, dressed and groomed perfectly. My being a 55 year old, white male and she a mature, black woman did not lesson my delight at sighting a most beautiful woman.

We didn’t sit together that first day in our high-rise office building’s smoking room. It wasn’t until later that we shared one of the three tables and began our friendship. It grew from the special camaraderie existing between smokers in our building.

When warmer weather came, we moved outside to take our breaks in the designated area adjacent to our building. Escaping from our winter confinement, we enjoyed the freedom of the outdoors and the added privacy. Our friendship deepened.

Her name was Patricia. She was 47 years old, married and worked for a company that gave seminars for professionals. Besides our nicotine addiction, we shared similar tastes in foods, music and movies. We grew to know each other well and I asked if I could buy her lunch. She accepted.

Halfway through our lunch, the topic of our spouses arose. We began with both of us professing our marriages were good, turned to how we’d resolved some marital difficulties and felt we’d both reached the comfort stage with respective our partners. Our exchanges got personal when we progressed to how marital intimacy had waned over the years. Just as it was time for us to leave, we each casually dropped comments on how we missed the excitement of the early years.

Two weeks later, Patricia told me that one of the seminars she’d planned was concluding later in the day. As a job perk, she had the use of the seminar’s hospitality suite for the night and invited me to come by for a drink.

I was surprised when she let me in for I’d expected her husband or even some of her co-workers would be joining us. But, it was just the two of us. We finished one drink and then started on another as we talked while sitting on a sofa. There was a sudden awkward pause in our conversation, broken when she asked, “Jack, you ever sleep with a black woman?”

I froze, my body overwhelmed by disjointed thoughts racing in rapid succession through my mind. Her candid delivery, the privacy of the room, our lunch conversation, the lure of her enticing beauty within my reach, the nearness of the king-sized bed, the smell of her perfume flashed by to influence my reply, “No, I’ve never had the opportunity. Would that I’d ever been so fortunate…and the lady was as lovely as you, I’d be a fool to let it pass.”

She smiled at my answer then leaned forward setting her glass on the table saying, “I’ve never been with a white man. In fact, you’re the first one that I’ve ever felt comfortable with and attracted to.”

I placed my glass next to hers and the two of us embraced and kissed. Her warm, larger lips heightened my own pleasure and parted to let our tongues touch and explore the other’s mouth. Desire flared between our pressing bodies.

She didn’t resist when I wedged my hand between us to cover and caress her firm breast. Our kiss ended, reluctantly giving way to our need to breathe. We eased back, allowing the cool air between our heated bodies and space for my hands to fondle her ample pair. We took turns showering the other’s face with pecking kisses. Our eager hands swept over the other’s chest and shoulders in excited ümraniye escort discovery. Patricia suddenly rose to her feet. Smiling down and unbuttoning her blouse, she said, “Getting a little warm in here.”

I quickly stripped off my tie, shirt and undershirt along with her. Planting her feet on the floor, she hiked her skirt and knelt on the sofa cushions straddling my thighs. Using my shoulders for support, she crawled forward and sat resting her bottom just above my knees.

She gave me a short closed-mouth kiss and I circled my arms around her. My hands clumsily fumbled in undoing the three clasps of her lacy bra. She slid the straps off her shoulders saying, “I’ll let you do the final honors.”

With a swift unveiling, I had my very first close-up view of a half naked black woman. The contrast of her dark brown crests against the lighter surrounding skin was exquisite. Raising my hands slowly, I glanced up at her approving smile and she said, “I can see you like my black ‘tits’, Jack.”

I blanketed her two mounds with my palms and replied, “Your black tits are beautiful.”

As soon I got the words out, I felt it. Already excited by one first time experience, I enjoyed another. I’d never had a partner that both used and liked dirty talk. It must have shown on my face, causing her to continue, “Good Jack, I liked hearing you say ‘tits’ as much as my saying it. Gave me a little extra kick. If it’s OK with you, let’s use dirty words. And, we can use black or white too. It’s what we are.”

“Yes, it could make our fucking even more fun.” I blurted and followed with, “Gee, I liked saying that.”

Patricia grinned wider watching my hands cover her tits. Both of us savored my touching her soft flesh. I tenderly brushed around her soft edges, gradually making smaller circles closing in on her nipples.

Her hands fell, sweeping down through my salt and pepper chest hair. She found my hardening nipples and took them between the tips of her thumbs and forefingers saying, “I like your little white tits too.”

Though smaller, mine grew equally stiff as we skimmed, bent and tweaked each other’s rigid nubs. Patricia bent over for another short kiss, breaking it of with, “Let me suck your little white ones first. Then you can play my black tits as you want.”

Scooting back, she bent into and worked mine with her lips and tongue. I swirled my hands over her bare back as she soothed my buds with her mouth’s wet warmth. A tingling sensation spread out from my chest. She ended by scraping each lightly with her front teeth before shifting back to resettle on my legs.

Patricia drew her arms around me. Her forearms rested on the backs of my shoulders. Her free hands clasped the back of my neck. Leaning forward, I lifted her soft succulent twins just inches from my mouth.

I planted kisses on her supple mounds, pinched her ebony nipples with my lips, flicked each point with my tongue and suckled each one. Patricia’s hands guided my head between both and pulled in when she wanted more pressure. Her purrs became moans and her breathing fluttered. Her hardened nipples bulged and grew out nearly an inch before she pulled my head away and panted, “Time for bed.”

We unbuckled, unclasped and unzipped in crossing over to the bed. Her back was to me as she pushed her remaining clothing down. The years had been kind to her body and she carried her ‘few extra pounds’ in all the right places. Her bare hips and ass were smooth pendik escort and wonderfully rounded flowing down to her equally enticing thighs.

As I ridded myself of my pants and underwear, she sat on the bed to tug the pantyhose off her feet. Fully naked, she glanced over just as my hard shaft bounced free from my descending shorts. She touched and swipes my erection saying, “Oooo, I know my black pussy’s gonna LOVE it’s first white cock. I just gotta have a little taste.”

Patricia clasped my shaft and bent it straight out. My cock twitched at her first wet touch of her lips. Her tongue snaked out over my bulbous doom and teased my center slit with its tip. Her wide eyes rose to mine as she opened her mouth to take me inside. Tingling sensations darted through me as she closed and sucked my swollen prick, ringing my dome’s fleshy rim with lapping tongue.

Just as I began to fear that I was going to let go into her wet warm mouth, she released. She smacked her lips loudly and said, “Ummmmmmmmmmm, yummy white cock. I want a second helping later.”

Patricia stood and bent over to pull down the bed covers. I had to reach out and run my hands over her round plush rear cheeks. Feeling my touch, she braced her hands on the mattress permitting me to fondle and lightly squeeze the flesh of her marvelous ass. She wriggled her cheeks, pushed against my hand and tossed back an invitation, “Go ahead, grab a feel of your first black pussy. It’s shaved for you and a little wet.”

I slipped my hand between her legs to cover her warm slit and drew slowly back to let my fingers skim her damp outer folds. Reaching her opening, I plied the soft edges enough to get a peak of the shiny pink underneath and confessed, “My mouth is watering for a taste of your sweet black pussy.”

We both giggled like a couple of young kids as she scrambled naked to the top of the bed, her dark skin sharply highlighted against the white sheets. Flipping over, Patricia spread her legs wide open with her knees drawn up. She passed her hands over her breasts, stomach and down. Stopping at the creases where her legs joined her body, she grinned saying, “One black pussy, all wet and ready for good licking.”

If I weren’t so awed by the gorgeous sight she was offering, I would’ve laughed. Instead, I just chuckled and crawled on the bed. Grabbing the tops of her white-soled feet, I told her, “Let me enjoy one of your lovely legs first to get my mouth all warmed up.”

I ran my hand up her leg, followed it with my mouth. Swerving in at her knee, I kissed and licked her inner thigh. Arriving at my final destination, I lowered my head to her clean-shaven core and slowly dragged my stretched tongue between her dark folds. I paused several times to gather in her salty dew, taste it, swallow it and then rewet my lips.

Stopping for a few breaths, I used my thumbs to spread her wide open and relished the sharp contrast of her shiny pink furrow against her darker surrounding hues. I flattened my extended tongue against her opening and dragged it slowly up, pausing to nip and tug at her of pussy lips with my own mouth’s pair.

Curling my tongue up, I moved up to the top of her slit. I slipped my tip under her fleshy hood, lifting it off to uncover her raised clit beneath. When I flicked over and around it, Patricia shuddered and urged me on, “Oh yeah, Jacky. You a good pussy eater.”

I continued my tongue’s ardent assault of her sensitive nub and inserted two fingers bostancı escort into her wet, hot opening below. Patricia gasped, “Oh yeah, Jacky. My clit and pussy love your mouth and fingers. Don’t stop.”

I gave her swollen bud three hard sucks and pumped my fingers in and out. Glancing up, I saw she was kneading, rubbing and pulling at the nipples of her tits. Patricia lifting her hips at my finger’s backstrokes. Her breathing quickened. Her low deep moans were interrupted when she blurted out, “Suck Patty’s clit. Pump her with your fingers. I’m so close. Make me cum and sticky up your hand.”

It didn’t take long. Her hips jolted her center up into my face and hand, a surge of hot wetness squirted over my two sunken fingertips as she nearly exclaimed, “Oh yeah…you did good…you got me off…feel my cum?”

I waited a few seconds, watching her body shudder, before I shifted to line my fully engorged cock up with her entrance. She pulled her legs back and out, elevating her midsection as I planted my hands firmly on the mattress at her sides. We both watched as my hardened shaft disappeared into her slippery wetness. She embraced me with both her arms and legs as I lowered my upper body and set my mouth to hers.

Holding still to enjoy the sensations rising up my sunken cock, our hungry kiss deepened. I lifted my hips slowly up, halting with just my shaft’s head remaining inside her before plunging back in. I began measured, tender thrusts.

Gradually increasing the pace, I pulled my mouth away leaving two inches between our faces. Patricia breathed, “Give it to me. Fuck my black pussy with your big white dick. Fill me up with your cum.”

Summoning all my strength, I pounded into her with my balls slapping against the taut space below. Patricia’s hands and arms pulled me in with each plunge. The bed shook and creaked from our bouncing weight. With the first rush of searing heat up my shaft, I slammed deep in and held firm. Patricia’s straining hips rumbled beneath me when my first spurt erupted deep in her hot core. Our linked bodies wrenching, seized by the power of our combined releases. Black and white fused as one, riding the crest of sexual passion.

Our descent came only after I was completely drained. Our mixed warm cum welled up to seep between my sunken cock and her surrounding secret walls. It oozed out to cover our skin at our joining point and flowed down my balls.

The sweet pungent aroma of sex hung in the air as we struggled to return to normal breathing. Patricia’s legs loosened their grip and moved out to fall limply on the sheets. I planted kisses on her forehead, eyelids, over her cheeks and ended on her lips. When our mouths finally parted, she was the first to speak, “What an incredibly good fucking.”

I softened, meekly plopped out and we moved to our sides. Basking in the afterglow, we kissed, cuddled and stroked each other with both our hands and legs. Our body strength was nearly regained when she said, “If there was ever a perfect time for a smoke, it’s now.”

I left and returned with both our packs and we truly enjoyed indulging in our shared habit. As we finished, I asked, “I’ve still more time before I need go. You?”

“Enough for me to lick your balls and suck your wonderful white cock hard again. I can’t wait to start.”

Her broad smile matched my own as I asked, “Enough for me to lick and suck your black tits too?”

Her big brown eyes grew wider as she answered, “Yes. And, this time, let’s do it doggy style.”

She did. I did. We did. We finished and had time for two more celebration cigarettes before we showered together and redressed to leave. We parted, promising to find a way of repeating our fully gratifying experience.

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