“I was an ugly, fat girl.”

That’s what she’d said, although he had trouble believing it, the way she looked now. Then she bent over, and leaned on the fabric covered table. The brown thong slithered between her ass cheeks, and with her deep tan, it was barely visible as an article of clothing. A turquoise jewel on the triangular patch at the small of her back gleamed against her skin. She was stunningly hot and curvaceous, smoking.

She reached back, arching her back and making her shoulders into a deep valley. She hooked her fingers in the band of the thong and pulled down, exposing her ass completely. He looked down at her asshole and pussy, and touched the rounded globes, caressing and palming her body, smoothly, then roughly, until he heard her breath change.

“Come on, do it!” she said, almost snarling.

She bobbed her head at the glass bottle on the table, making her tastefully blonde-colored hair swish in front of her face. He reached for the container, and dabbed some on his left hand, saving the right for her swaying tits. Cupping her breasts and flicking for the nipples, he rubbed the viscous liquid on her asshole, pushing and pressing. She grunted and pushed back, impatient. He pulled back and coated his first finger with the stuff, and pushed it directly into her pulsing asshole.

She squealed and shoved forward, then took a deep breath and shoved back on his finger, until it was in her up to the last knuckle. She cursed in a deep voice, and said something unintelligible. He squeezed her tits and pinched the nipples, now hard, through the thin brown fabric. He felt the turquoise jewel, another one, between her breasts, twisted it to pull her tits together, then letting go to catch a hard nipple between a finger and thumb. She london escort tried to pull away a little, but with one firm hand on her tit and another with a finger up her ass, she couldn’t go far.

He pulled the finger out of her ass, and she gasped; he let go of her tits and used that hand to pour a good amount of the liquid on his hand, and with two fingers, he pushed into her. She put her head down, breathing heavily and muttering. He put his free hand on the back of her neck, pushing, and used his fingers to fuck her asshole, sliding nicely and smoothly. She managed to turn her head so he could see her face, and she had her teeth together, lips pulled back, grimacing. She looked at him, caught his eye, and a look of absolute lust walked across her face. She shoved back on his fingers.

He pulled out, and this time her asshole stayed open for a brief second, open and round, and the sight of it made his cock rage. He couldn’t believe how intense it was, and he wanted that ass more than he’d ever wanted anything in the world, ever, in his life. He lubed up again, and pushed three fingers in; she cried out. When he looked at her again, her eyes were heavy-lidded and slightly open, and her tongue was moving on her lips. Keeping the digits in her tight asshole, he leaned over, pinched a nipple hard, and kissed her on the mouth. Sliding in and out of her, he pushed his tongue into her mouth, abusing her fine tits, and she groaned into his mouth, trying to say things.

She finally managed to communicate, “F-fuck me-!”

He pulled the fingers out, looking again at the impossibly sexual, dilated hole between her fabulous, round, tight ass cheeks, and carefully but rapidly spread as much liquid on his rock hard cock as he could. Her asshole pulsated Escort Dubai and tried to close, but he pressed the head of his cock on the opening, which fit him almost perfectly, just tight enough to grip but not too small, and with a single, rocking motion, he pushed into her constricting asshole.

She yelled out, a high-pitched little squeaking grunt, and he waited for a second, with just the very head in her hot, yielding body, while she wriggled and stretched. He grabbed a handful of breast and cruelly yanked on a nipple, and she yelled, this time for real, and shoved back on him. He pulled back, quickly slathered a touch more liquid on the shaft of his cock, and pushed, hard.

Her head went down and she groaned loudly while he molested her tits and fucked her in the ass. He got his cock all the way into her incredible asshole, while she swayed and moaned and swore. He pulled back, almost all the way out, and she exhaled loudly; when he pushed back into her she collapsed on the table, cursing and writhing, grabbing the cloth and shoving her ass over his cock.

He pumped her asshole, pounding her as hard as he could, for what seemed like an exquisite century, then, with no warning to himself, his cock pulsed violently and he started coming.

He couldn’t help but shout out, a series of foul invectives, calling the gorgeous, sexy woman under him every name in the dirty book. He couldn’t stop his outburst, and pounded her ass helplessly while his cock, on it’s own life, splattered semen into her unbelievable asshole. He mauled her tits and grabbed at her round cheeks, groaning and saying filthy things while she squirmed and cried, held down and fucked in her delicate ass.

He wasn’t done coming, but he couldn’t stand it any more, independent escort girls and he yanked his cock out of her body. When the tip came out, her asshole stayed open, and he watched while, incredibly, his cock sprayed its very last bit of come into the cleft of her ass cheeks, where the pearls of semen crept down and wriggled into her distended, pulsating asshole. They’d almost all gone inside her when her asshole clenched and, like a reversed, slow-motion film of a flower opening, slowly closed, trapping his come in her body. He almost fell on her, and felt weak, and he came close to tipping over. He stumbled over to the chair next to them and sat heavily, worn out. He felt like he’d sprayed out his entire life energy when he came in her. He felt confused and unable.

She laid on the table for a while, gasping and heaving, her bikini bottoms still around her ankles, her hair over her face. Her ass, her sublime ass, curved beautifully at the edge of the table, and her legs were shaped by her position into statuesque perfection. Her round, tight tits pillowed on the table’s surface. He watched her body, then watched as she stood up and pulled her bikini bottoms up.

Then she pulled them down again, showing off her nicely sculpted pubic hair, and when she moved he could see her pussy was wet. She kicked off the bottoms, picked them up, and left the room.

He was slumped in the chair when she came back, bottoms back on, and she smirked at him. He weakly waved his hand, trying to smile, and she laughed.

He tried to put together a snappy comment, but all he could manage, and he didn’t mean to say it, was, “I can’t believe you did that.”

She smiled, a big, wide, thinking smile, a Cheshire cat smile, so much so he almost expected her to vanish into thin air. Then she said, “I worked hard on this body; and if I’ve got it, I’m going to use all of it.”

She adjusted her swimsuit, jewelry dangling slightly, rotated on her feet, arching and testing, and said, “Nothing lasts forever.”

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