Turnabout Pt. 10


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Turnabout — Part 10

Stepping through the front door, I was somewhat surprised by what greeted me. “How did Megan’s dance class go?” Marie was wide awake, dressed, and full of energy. “Where is my mini-me?”

Witnessing Marie’s disposition and composure after everything that had happened and all she had done last night was awe-inspiring. I haltingly explained how Meredith had offered to take our daughter and her friend, Tammy, to her house until Sunday afternoon. “That’s okay, isn’t it? We didn’t have any plans I forgot about, did we?” I asked.

Not only wasn’t my wife upset with this news; instead, Marie lit up with excitement. “You’re telling me that we have the next 24 hours to ourselves? To do whatever we want?”

Her excitement reignited the feelings I’d had on the drive home. I answered with a sly and silly grin, “That’s right!” Wrapping my arms around my wife, I said, “We can do whatever we want.”

“Oh, babe! That is perfect!” Marie gave me a wet, sloppy kiss. She then said, “Now I won’t have to make up any excuses.”

Puzzled by that remark, I asked, “Excuses for what?”

Marie pulled back further and stammered, “Ahh, Oh nothing, Never mind.” The look on her face didn’t match up with her words. Kind of like she was attempting to cover up for almost letting something slip out. Mixed expressions of guilt and mischief crossed her face. I attributed the guilt due to having had sex with another man. But it was the mischievous look that I found most intriguing.

That mischievousness was infectious. “How about we have some fun?” I said while reaching to pull off her top.

With a playful smile, Marie backed out of my reach. “I’m in the mood for a game. MY GAME. MY RULES!”

My mind raced. [If she wants to play, I’m up for a game.] “Okay, game master, what do I have to do?”

“First, you better take me to get my car before it gets towed for being abandoned. After that, that’s when the fun can begin.”

The drive to get Marie’s car from the nightclub gave us time for a heart-to-heart about the previous evening.

“Hey, Sweetie?” Marie was first to speak. “I’ve got to put the game thing on hold to ask something. Are you sure you aren’t upset about what I did last night?”

“Babe. Do I appear upset? How could I be? I was the one who said that having sex with a stranger would be good for you. A random and spontaneous fuck.”

“That’s true. I’ve had to listen to you tell me that for years. Only now that I did as you said, you might be wishing you could take it all back; that things should have been left the way there were. The thing is, after hearing about it for so long, I guess I got caught up in the same fantasy. So I’m just as much to blame if things didn’t turn out the way you thought they would. I’m still the one who fucked a stranger. Maybe neither of us had been thinking as clearly about it as we should have. And now, the day after, and all, I can’t help thinking that, well, maybe reality hadn’t lived up to that fantasy.”

Briefly taking my eyes from the road, I asked, “Are you saying that fucking Omar was a mistake? Didn’t it live up to your expectations?”

Marie gave a moment’s thought before answering. “Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’ll admit that a part of me really liked having no strings attached sex with someone else. It was an exciting adventure. Plus, making some stranger’s night sure gave my ego a boost. So, I’d have to say…”

Even with my eyes focused on the road, her pause told me Marie was watching for my reactions. Finally, she let it out. There was a wistful yet firmness in her voice as she said, “Last night, having sex with Omar was better than I expected.” After a beat, she sighed, then added, “Although it would have been even better if he hadn’t used a condom.”

My wife had just admitted that fucking a strange man had been enjoyable. This was something that would surely have hurt another man’s feelings. Only I’m not like any other man. Still, somehow I remained calm and expressionless, waiting to see what she would say next. I didn’t have to wait long. “But…,, well, another part of me feels guilty. I would hate myself if what I did hurt you in any way. Honestly, I would be devastated if fucking someone besides you caused problems with our marriage.”

Now it was my turn to speak up. Maintaining an even composure, I calmly said, “If any of this was a mistake, I am the only çukurambar escort one to blame. Not you. Not ever.” A small chuckle came out as I said, “You do realize that I had been counting on you getting laid, right? Only, like you said, without condoms. I was denied feasting on creampie.” I gave another chuckle. “I guess last night was a lot like what the Rolling Stones sang; You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes, you get what you need.” Even Marie snickered at that.

“So let me ask a simple question. Did YOU enjoy YOURSELF last night? Wait! First, you said that bedding another man was an ego booster. Well, that sounds to me very much like a positive thing. So now I’ll ask; as it was happening, while you and Omar were having sex, did it feel like you were getting what you needed? Did it make you feel good?”

There was no hesitation in her response. “I’m sorry, babe. But I can’t deny it. It did. It felt really good.”

I couldn’t help but crack a smile. “The way I see it, you and Omar both got something out of it. So, as far as doing the deed goes, there is nothing to feel sorry about. Omar got to relieve his tensions with the sexiest woman I know, who just happens to be my wife. And my wife enjoyed herself by having sex with another man. It not only felt good, but also it boosted her self-esteem. By my book, that’s pluses all around.

“As you said, for years, I’ve been telling you that if you allowed yourself the chance to fuck a stranger, having a no-strings-attached sexual escapade, you would enjoy it.”

“But what about US?” Marie was quick to ask. “How do YOU feel about it?”

“Babe, whenever something brings even a little joy to your life, I am delighted. No matter what it is or what it takes. I am just as much in love with you as I ever was. And although it is utterly bizarre, your having sex with another man has only intensified my lust for you. All along, I was sure that as long it was sex for sex’s sake and you didn’t go falling in love with someone else, everything would turn out just fine. So please, put all of your bullshit doubts to rest. I’m not going anywhere and plan on the two of us spending the rest of our lives together.”

Turning into the parking lot and parking next to her car, she pulled my chin towards her and gave me a sweetly sincere kiss. Afterwards, she smiled a menacing smile and said, “So finding out that I had really let another man fuck me last night turned you on, didn’t it?” As she was asking me this, she began rubbing my crotch. A strong indication she was ready to play.

Marie would tell me later that because I had shown no signs of jealousy or hurt feelings, she felt secure in proceeding with her plans. The game was on.

“That was fun, wasn’t it? Even now, knowing your wife willingly and willfully had sex with a strange man excites you. You know it does because you still want me even after I’ve been fucked by someone else. A more adequately endowed man. I especially liked how turned on you got knowing that I had done the deed.”

Still wearing that devilish smile, she continued, “I think it’s time to get back to our game. While I’m taking my car back home, your next task is to rent that motel room for another night.”

That came out of nowhere. Before I could ask why she cut me off. “And not one question about it either, or you’ll spoil the game and your surprise.”

That was my cue to stay silent. Besides, I like surprises. No sooner was Marie in her car than I was buzzing off to the motel. My heart raced while my mind dreamed of so many possible ways she and I might be using a motel room. Fond memories came rushing back. Some of my best high school dates were lived out in a rented motel room.

On the way, I made one additional stop to make the room and our evening even more special.

After extending the rental, I entered the room, placed a bottle of wine sitting in a bucket of ice and a couple of mints on the pillows. [Marie will love that I put this much care into making it a memorable night of fun.]

No sooner had I returned home when Marie asked, “Are you ready for the next part of our little game?” I was all smiles. “Get naked. And be quick about it.” Well, this was already looking promising. In a flash, I was naked and waiting for her next instruction. Hopefully, it would be for me to remove her clothes for her.

Unfortunately, that was not to be. “Go take a shower,” was her next command. Okay, I could understand that since a lot had happened since I last properly bathed. “After you’ve scrubbed real good, you are to shave yourself. EVERYWHERE! From the tip of your nose to the tips of your toes. I want your body, baby smooth.”

Naked and waiting for the hot water to come up, I asked, half playfully and half-seriously, if she would be joining me “to help out.” That request was met with a forceful slap on my bare ass and a stern demetevler escort reminder — this was her game and her rules. “You will do it on your own because that is how I expect you to keep yourself from now on. Without uttering a peep of protest, I did as instructed.

[Man! It’s been months since the last time I was shaved. Is she planning another round of baby games?] That didn’t make sense. [We wouldn’t need a motel room to play that game.]

Although some areas were more difficult than others to shave, in the end, I did like the feeling of being hairless again. Only, by the time I was done, I was convinced that this time Marie’s plans had nothing to do with me playing the part of her baby.

Oh, well. If maintaining a hairless body is what she wanted, I saw no harm in that. [An extra ten minutes in the shower for a days-worth of comfort; what’s wrong with that?]

When I returned to the bedroom, Marie wasn’t there. Instead, what was there, laid out on the bed plain as day, was what I could only assume, what she intended for me to put on. A pair of denim jeans, a long-sleeve t-shirt, and a couple socks all prominently framed a pair of the ultra-sheer panties I had been tricked into buying for myself last night. This time it was the gray pair. The same gray as the socks and shirt.

I thought to myself, [Well, so much for the two of us getting it on. At least right now anyway. Ah, but the day is still young. Still plenty of time to play.]

I quickly put on the panties, curious as to what the next phase of Marie’s game would entail. Since it was just the two of us in the house, I figured that I would model the panties against my denuded body. [That should help to get her in the mood.] Stepping out into the living room, I found her holding up her phone while on a video call. Even though she was facing my direction, she never looked up or acknowledged my presents. I decided I’d let her finish with the call before saying anything.

Because she was using her headphones, all I could hear was a one-sided conversation. “That’s right. Yeah, I was surprised just how much I liked it. Had another good time when I got home too. Jeff? Nope, not the least bit upset.” I couldn’t believe my ears. My wife was discussing, hell, she was actually bragging to this third person about her night of infidelity. Was nothing considered private anymore?

“Yes. I think they are really nice. They’ll be great for special occasions.” I noticed her tap the screen of her phone without pausing the conversation. “And such a variety of colors. A color for every kind of outfit.”

Intuitively, I knew the topic of conversation had changed to having me buy panties for myself. Special panties. The panties I was currently wearing. But only because she had laid them out for me to put on. I couldn’t believe she was openly discussing any of this. And, with who knows who? Beads of sweat formed on my forehead.

Marie went on, “Yes. As you can see, they fit him perfectly.” That’s when I realized why she had tapped the screen. She had turned on the rear camera so that whoever she was talking to could see me and what I was wearing. Marie’s words continued to register, “He looks absolutely adorable … in a childlike sort of way.” Time suddenly stood still. With it, I lost my ability to move, leaving me frozen in embarrassment.

I wanted to hide. But I also knew it was too late for that. Whoever my wife was talking to had already seen everything. “I left clothes out for him, but I guess he likes his panties so much he stopped at that. You’re right. They do perfectly showcase his lack of endowment.” Even through the headphones, I could hear laughter. And that was my trigger. Damned if my little dick didn’t begin to swell and stiffen.

“Oh, look! Now we’ve excited him. I still can’t get over what an exhibitionist he is. Especially showing people his little hard-on. For all the years we’ve been together, you’d think I’d have known this about him much sooner.”

Son of a bitch! She was absolutely right. In defiance of every instinct telling me to hide, I stood firm as my wife continued exposing me to whoever was on the other end.

“Okay, I better let you go before his hair-trigger goes off and he has another accident. Yes. Okay. We won’t be long. Bye.”

[Jeez! Now she’s even told them about my “accident” last night at the lingerie boutique? It’s bad enough that Betty got to have me try on multiple pairs of sexy panties. Could I help it if I got overly excited and had an orgasm? I just hope Marie didn’t also tell them that Betty had me catch and swallow my cum! BUT WAIT! Did she just say we wouldn’t be long?] Hope springs eternal. That could mean that she and I would be having a quickie after all. Or… [Please. Don’t tell me we are going to be seeing this person!]

Before I could ask, Marie snapped, “Finish dressing. We’ve got some shopping to do demirtepe escort and not a lot of time to do it.”

“Is shopping part of your game?”

“Yup,” was her snippy reply.

“But I thought since we had the day to ourselves, we could, you know, have some fun?”

Marie just laughed. “Oh, don’t you worry, we are going to have lots of fun. You’re gonna love it.

With no other choices, I’d have to let things play out. After putting on the matching shirt and socks, I pulled on my Levy’s, then a pair of blue New Balance sneakers. (The sneakers perfectly matched the jeans, and both coordinated with the gray panties, shirt, and socks.) Now I was ready to see what my wife’s game held in store for us and what part I was to play.

This time Marie drove. Along the way, she kept me entertained by telling me all the pathetic pick-up lines guys had tried using on her. Then she began torturing me with still more details of last night’s adventure, making me horny as hell. The next thing I knew, we were right back at the place I had hoped I would never step foot in again; Betty’s lingerie boutique. “Another part of the game?” I asked. My question was greeted with a beaming smile and another, “Yup!”

As would be my luck, Betty was there again. [Doesn’t she ever take a day off?]

A light bulb lit in my head. I suddenly knew who Marie had been video chatting with. [Well, at least it wasn’t someone who wasn’t already privy to my physical attributes.] Having been tricked into exposing myself to her the night before, Betty had seen first hand my lack of endowment.

Once again, I found myself in the four-walled, floor to ceiling, mirrored fitting room, naked except for the panties I’d come in wearing. Only, unlike my last visit, my wife was also there observing. Marie sat in one of the chairs as Betty had me finish stripping so I could be fitted with still more panties. However, instead of panties so transparent to being almost nonexistent, a wide variety of fully opaque panties were brought out for me to try on. [Why am I being put through this anyway? I had already been conned into buying a week’s worth of panties last night. And now I’ve got our neighbor and store manager, Betty, plus my wife, both making me try on a whole bunch more.]

My torture continued. I was forced to model one pair after another. Many had bold printed patterns, Some with extra frills and tiny ribbon bows. All in vibrant colors. The entire time I’m thinking to myself, [If they believe that I’m suddenly going to start wearing panties on a daily bases, they are sadly mistaken.]

No matter how embarrassing it was to be put through this ordeal, being the center of these women’s attention was also exciting. My dick was dibbling and drooling a never-ending stream of pre-cum.

By this point in the story, you’ve probably already guessed what else I was made to do. I had to catch these emissions on my fingertips and in my palm. Then, in front of both women I had to use my tongue to clean it up. To add insult to injury, I was also made to suck the evidence from each pair I had tried on.

Truth be told, and worse still, the feel of the soft material and the way each pair hugged my hairless body, I was beginning to appreciate the positives of wearing ladies’ panties. Maybe it was all due to my pent-up sexual desires and frustrations, along with the novelty of this situation, but seeing myself reflected in the many mirrors wearing such colorful underwear was also growing on me. Even if they were quite feminine, they were much more exciting to look at than my usual plain ol’ white undies.

Eventually, Marie declared, “Betty, I’m sure you have many more styles and colors for little Jeff to try on, but I’ve seen enough for one day.” [Whew! Finally.] “Besides, the way he’s leaking I’m afraid he’ll get dehydrated. But by the way his dick has remained at attention, you can bet he’ll be back for more.”

I was already blushing, but that last remark left me speechless.

As they were exiting the dressing room, Marie was saying, none to discreetly, “You know how some women can’t stop shopping for and collecting shoes? I think they’re called ‘shoe horses.’ Well, it seems that my husband is a pantie horse.” Waves of laughter filled my ears as I redressed in the clothes I’d arrived in.

When all was said and done, I would be bringing home over two dozen additional panties to fill my underwear drawer.

It’s kind of funny. Walking out of the store carrying my newly purchased goodies in their distinctly marked bag, I was smiling from ear to ear. Was there a noticeable spring in my step?

However, by the time we had settled back into the car, I wondered what I had just done. [When the hell was I ever going to wear them? WHY would I wear them???] I felt like I’d just flushed a pile of money down the drain.

But somehow this was all part of Marie’s game. A game I was determined to see to the end. So instead of questioning her motives, I kept my thoughts to myself. All that mattered was getting to the end so I could finally get laid. And because I wanted that so badly, I swore to myself that I would go along with anything and everything my wife could dream up.

— End of Part 10 —

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