UK couple – our story of discovering BBC


UK couple – our story of discovering BBCThis is a story that happened a few months ago and it is a very true account from what I can remember of a great night ! The only thing that has been changed is1. The 3 names involved Ok I’ll begin. We are a mid 40’s happily married couple with a young family living in the UK our names are Steve & Michelle. Steve is writing this and we hope you enjoy our story. Cut a long story short a few years ago I let slip to my wife that my fantasy was for her to have sex with a Black guy. We’d role play a bit but it never went any further than that ! Over time I have become a cuck with Michelle tormenting me over my lack of size and how I don’t satisfy her. A few years on and she came around to the idea a little more so much so that it happened I won’t go into detail about our first time at the moment maybe that could be another story for another time, but the link here is the fact that her first Black guy is part of the story I’m about to tell. We’ll call him Kelvin. We have met Kelvin many times over the years and he really does it for my wife. Kelvin is in his late 40’s of large build and has an 8” long Black Cock with a thick girth. He puts me to shame as I only have a 5” at best. Kelvin’s is I would say nearly twice the girth of me. One day we were chatting and trying to get something arranged in the near future when Kelvin asked if Michelle was on the pill as he was interested in taking her bareback. As her husband I didn’t tell her about it as I knew she would have some interest. I bypassed the question a little maybe being protective and left it at that. For the record Michelle was on the pill and had always agreed to the use of condoms when we met Kelvin although I knew her opinion of them wasn’t a good one. Familiarity played a part when we met Kelvin, he was very polite, courteous and respectful but his other side was dominant in the bedroom and in a endearing way he used to call her his slut. How’s my slut doing ? Well potential slut being she had always used condoms whilst being with him. Michelle was always intrigued when he texted and she asked what he had said ? i was in 2 minds whether to tell her that he had asked whether she was on the pill or not. I left it a day or so and told Michelle eventually that Kelvin wanted to know if …… it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure what he was thinking. It didn’t take her long to decide and without asking me she had made her mind up, she said that’s sorted then I can’t stand condoms. When arranging to meet up he had dropped it into the conversation with her and then I realised she couldn’t wait. She wound me up by saying how different and much better it’ll be and told me that she couldn’t wait to feel Kelvin’s Big Black Cock inside her wet smooth pink pussy.I mentioned to her that he usually lasted 2 hours but without it’ll be much shorter maybe to derail her off the idea but she explained that it wouldn’t happen as he always makes sure she is completely satisfied until he satisfies himself. Throughout the messages Kelvin kept saying that he had spoken to her and I wasn’t allowed to fuck Michelle until he had fucked her. Throughout the texts he kept saying that he knew that this day would come and that Michelle’s pussy was now his until after the date. A date was arranged and we chatted a little more. I asked what was planned for the night and he told me he had asked her to wear her red Body stocking and white heels.A bit of discussion had happened between them and I asked my wife what the plan was ? She replied: You know what the plan is. bahis şirketleri I said so is he going to wear a condom or …… she replied no he’s going to give me a right good time without oneI was gob smacked. I messaged him and he told me that he was going to fuck my wife Michelle and fuck her smooth cunt Over the coming days I was teased mercilessly and then the big day came. We showered at home and I watched Michelle as she got ready putting on her bra, knickers and a black dress she blow dried her blonde hair and put on her makeup she looked incredible as I watched her put on her red lipstick in the mirror, we packed an essentials bag and not long after we made our way to the hotel and we met Kelvin downstairs in the bar area where we ordered some drinks. We had a bit of banter and we chatted away for a good while before we looked around and made our move upstairs trying to be discreet along the way, picturing a white couple walking along a hotel lobby with a Big Black guy in tow some people would maybe think what happening here but we carried on regardless and found our room. Michelle took the bag and went into the bathroom to change while I set up my camera to film as I always had so ! Kelvin put on a few light tunes on the tv and we were set to go as Michelle appeared from the bathroom looking fantastic in a red fishnet crotchless body stocking as she climbed onto the bed and Kelvins eyes nearly popped out of his head as he just said wow. Michelle sat up looking at me and told him how I had been starved and she hadn’t been touched for a couple of weeks in preparation. I put some condoms on the side table in case of any change of heart although I knew it was unlikely as I did so Michelle looked at me and said why did you bring those ? We don’t need those do we and they both giggled as I felt helpless of what was going to happen very shortly. Kelvin moved in and kissed my wife slowly as he stood at the side of the bed brushing his big hands over her huge tits she sat on the bed with her red body stocking legs wide open and I could see she was wet already her smooth pink pussy on display and while I watched Kelvin undid his suit trousers and took down his boxers to reveal his 8” Big Black Cock with a thick girth and big head which was rock hard already, Michelle told me as she’d done before look at that, my fingers don’t meet up when I wrap my fist around it, it’s that thick. She wanked him off and couldn’t wait to get his big cock in her mouth and as she did so Kelvin moved his hand down to finger my wife’s wet hole rubbing her clitty and eventually deeply fingering her at ferocious speed while she continued to wank and suck him off.I wanked myself off while watching them and then Kelvin moved down to taste Michelle’s smooth fanny I asked if I could taste it so he asked me to come closer whilst he licked her hole. He stopped and asked me if I could see my wife’s cum inside her I told him I could and then he swept in and licked it all off with his tongue telling me that it was his pussy. Michelle enjoyed him being dominant and I could hear her moans as he nibbled on her clitty, I knew then that he had her where he wanted her as when Michelle gets horny she wanks cock really hard and he moved up to the top of the bed as she wanked him really hard as he brought her off on his fingers. Kelvin commented on how wet my wife was and asked her if she wanted some cock she told him that she wanted his cock inside her and every inch of it. She continued to suck him as he circled her clitty she was almost climbing the walls until he bahis firmaları told her to turn over. There was a condom on the bed and he looked at it very briefly before smiling at me there’s no way he was going to put it on. He lined up behind her and he held her bum up as he showed me her pink pussy lips and then he pressed his Big Black bulbous head against my wife’s pussy and said now show your husband what you really want. He tormented her and it became clear he wasn’t going to just give it to her she had to take it she kept shuffling her hips as she could feel his huge head at her entrance. She pushed slightly back and whimpered slightly as his cock circled her hole, I could see Kelvin’s cock was soaked in Michelle’s juice and she desperately tried to take him in she was getting wetter and wetter until he finally gave her what she wanted and with that he said Michelle your such a slut as he let her slide all the way back onto his Big Black Cock.He looked at me and said you knew this day was coming mate as my wife slid back onto his unprotected Big Black Cock and he told me I was married to a slut. I could have only counted to sixty from when she first slid onto him that he then grabbed her hips and gave her the full 8” as she groaned and moaned and told me fantastic his cock felt so much so that she screamed as her first orgasm ripped through her, she must have gripped him hard as he struggled to compose himself slightly but then recovered and her knelt behind her and fucked her hard again telling me how good her cunt felt wrapped around his big cock. This continued for the next 20 minutes where Michelle was continually fucked from behind in the same position. They changed position where Kelvin slid in from the side and Michelle was filled again with Black I watch it slide in and out of her and she told me she needed this more often. He withdrew his big cock all the way out and all the way in, it’s huge size glistened and was coated in my wife’s cream. She wanked him off again and Michelle proceeded to ride his cock as his sheer size stretched her hole. Are you watching husband she said ? No wonder I can’t feel your small cock look what he’s done to me as she lifted off his huge dong to show me her hole and he laughed sorry mate I’ve stretched your wife I can’t say you’ll feel any resistance anytime soon and he laughed you must feel quite inadequate. Let’s just try it out for size I went over and slid into my wife as she laid on her back she asked me what I was waiting for ? Put your cock in me then, I am in I said she laughed and says she couldn’t feel it I did say at that point that she was just winding me up but she looked me straight in the eye and said Steve honestly I can’t feel it. Kelvin giggled and said shall I try mate and with that he lined up and slid into my wife again. Can you feel that Michelle, said Kelvin oh yeah I can feel that she said and he fucked her hard as she wrapped her red stockinged legs and white stilleto heels around his back and her white stiletto heels bobed up and down on his ass as she groaned and moaned as my wife came again. It’s always incredible to be able to watch as he’s allowed to do things I would never get away with, he turned her over again and entered her from behind and made sure she too every last millimetre he had at one stage he was on top of her from behind with her legs closed and the groans were almost screams of bliss or pain or both. He fingered Michelle again this time from behind and she was laying down she rose onto all 4’s and she came again on his fingers. They kissing kaçak bahis siteleri passionately for a while until Michelle took Kelvins big black cock in her mouth again and she wanked him hard. Personally by now I was dying to fuck my wife but Kelvin just took his place and she wrapped her heeled legs around him again and I heard her call him a stud as he still hadn’t cum, they had been playing now for a good hour and a half and I knew before long that Michelle couldn’t cum anymore having had many orgasms throughout the night. She wrapped her legs around his back again as I sat at the bottom of the bed and I watched Kelvin’s Big Black Cock disappear once again into my wife’s wet hole with a gasp ! I could hear them chatting and a little naughty giggle from my wife as he fucked her and I wondered what they’d said she then commented did you hear that Steve ? I said no sorry,can you say it again to which they giggled and said it didn’t matter. Kelvin turned my wife over again and told her to fuck his cock as she slid back onto him he called her his dirty little slut he fucked her and then laid her on her side and he got behind her from the side he was in deep again and I heard his breathing start to change. He started slow and got quicker readjusted and then used his hand to push against the mattress and lift himself over her from the side I saw his huge Black cock sliding in and out of my wife at a serious speed and Michelle’s groans got louder and in a split second I realised what was going to happen as Michelle’s cunt tightened around his cock and she squealed with delight as she came again, I shouted to Kelvin to pull out of her but I was too late as Kelvin gripped my wife hips and held her really tightly to him and I was too late with my words as groaned and roared really loudly as he shot his huge load into my wife’s cunt. It seemed a long time as they laid there just taking in the moment but finally Kelvin told me to get the camera they were still both laid on their side. I stood waiting as Kelvin pulled out of my wife and saw his Big Black Cock release from my wife’s pussy lips I looked at his cock and it was covered in spunk, my wife’s legs were still closed together her pussy lips were shown from the rear and opened slightly, gravity took its course and I started to see a white little puddle of spunk appear. Kelvin told Michelle to lay on her back and she turned over slowly. Kelvin said oh look at that as his spunk started to flow out of her fanny and there were traces of it all over her thighs and on her red fishnets. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing it was a surreal moment my wife’s Black bull had filled her full of toss and she was covered in spunk.,Well there’s only one thing left to do said Kelvin someone’s got to clean that up, I looked at Michelle and she said go on then. I’ll hold the camera said Kelvin he’s going to tidy you up Michelle ! My wife laid there on her back looking like a slut as I got between her legs and I started to lick up all of Kelvins thick spunk from her wet fanny while they both encouraged me I had to work pretty quickly as there was so much of it and it had started to run down her thighs. This took several minutes and just as I thought it was done my humiliation got worse as she would contract and more sperm would flow out of her and they’d both laugh. I was told to lay down as Michelle straddled my face and she opened her pussy lips as more flowed out of her and her lips aroused I think she got off on her hubby cleaning up as more spunk poured onto my mouth. That was about it did the evening as we all said goodbye to each other not long after and all made our way home ! Like I said this was about as accurate as a story gets and yes it really happened. Any questions or comments please ask away and Thankyou for reading.

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