Subject: Uncle Tyler’s Release This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This work contains material of a sexual nature. Readers must be of legal age according to local laws to open, read, copy, or save this work. The author in no way endorses sexual contact with minors. Please observe all local and federal laws. You can email me at ail. Apologies for any errors. All Rights Reserved Please donate to Nifty.Org fty/donate.html) to keep our stories alive! “I’m telling you now, Steve. He’s not staying here,” Susan said a little too loudly. “Shh… I just got the boys to sleep and you’re gonna wake them up with your nagging. I told you already, he’s staying here and that’s final,” Steve replied, grabbing a beer from the old fridge. Susan stopped washing the dishes momentarily and glared at her husband with disgust. This wasn’t what she signed up for when she married Steve. She had dreams and goals. All of which seemed to end when she got pregnant with their firstborn, Brody, straight out of high school. “Of course! Everything is ‘final’ with you! Well, except fixing anything around this piece of shit trailer you call a home!” She screams, not caring who heard. “Don’t fucking start, Susan! Go pop a Xanax and go to bed!” Steve retorts not in the mood to argue. The couple’s relationship had been strained for quite some time. He couldn’t remember when they had last been intimate, but he didn’t mind too much. Work and the boys kept him pretty busy. “Fuck you! You are so fucking predictable. Your whole world revolves around those fucking boys and your fucking delinquent brother. You’re willing to put your precious boys in danger letting that criminal live here. What if he goes off the deep end and comes on to me again?” She asks angrily. Susan had been adamant Steve’s younger brother, Tyler, had come on to her. Steve hadn’t entertained the idea knowing his troubled brother didn’t swing that way, which only pissed Susan off even more. “Don’t flatter yourself, baby,” Steve replied, laughing mockingly. Susan rolled her eyes in disgust at the 35-year-old, 6’3″ frame that was her husband. Steve had always been a looker, as much as she hated to admit it. His strong jawline, piercing green eyes, buzz cut, and his prominent five o’clock shadow still turned heads. Sure, he didn’t have the rock-hard abs he had in high school, but that’s expected after two kids. Gone was the leanness that accentuated the hours he spent in the gym as a teen. Now, he had a small layer of fat covering his midsection, but he was still solidly built. His meaty pecs were covered in a dense growth of black hair, extending down to his crotch. His biceps still impressively muscled, covered in tattoos. Steve scratched his hairy, ripe armpit, realizing he definitely needed a shower, “Get me a beer, will ya?” “Get your own fucking beer!” Susan snapped before walking out the door, slamming it behind her. Steve rolled his eyes. That was nothing new. Susan would cool off and return in a few hours. As Steve got up to grab himself another beer, his youngest son, Brent, walked into the room rubbing the sleep out of his puffy eyes. He had obviously been crying. “Daddy?” He cried out. “Hey, buddy! What are you doing up?” Steve asked. He grabbed his beer and approached his small son. He towered over the young brown-haired boy, who stood in his one-size-too-small Spiderman underoos. Money had been tight lately, but the boys didn’t seem to realize or mind. Steve sat down in his chair while patting his leg, and Brent immediately climbed into his father’s lap. He leaned against his dad’s bare chest and slowly started twirling his fingers around the hair on the older man’s big pecs. “I heard mommy screaming and I got scared,” Brent confessed. “Don’t worry, squirt. Mommy is just in another one of her moods,” Steve replied, rubbing his son’s naked back. Lately, Brent had been habitually jumping into his dad’s lap, then squirming around until he found a comfortable spot. As much as Steve was ashamed of himself for it, it turned him on. He would never cross that line, but he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t shot countless loads imagining himself sliding into those creamy, round cheeks. “Can I stay with you until I fall asleep, daddy?” Brent asked, grinding his little bubble butt into his dad’s thickening member. Steve let out a low moan having felt his son rub himself against his 8-inch, beer-can-thick cock. There was no way in hell his son couldn’t feel it, but If he did, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he continued playing with his dad’s chest hair. “Sure, bud,” Steve replied, turning his attention back to some reruns on TV. “Daddy?” “What, Brent?” “What’s Uncle Tyler like? Why was he in jail? Was he naughty?” Brent was notorious for asking multiple questions at once. Steve laughed, “Well, let’s just say Uncle Tyler was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s learned his lesson, now. I think you’re really gonna like him.” He wasn’t exactly lying. However, he couldn’t exactly tell his son the truth. Tyler had been messing around with a teenager and the kid’s older brothers found out. To save their little brother from being dragged through the mud with a trial and what not, they framed Tyler for a crime he didn’t commit. Luckily for him, he only served 3 years. No one knew the truth, not even Susan. She was convinced Tyler was guilty of armed robbery, just like everyone else. Hell, Tyler had confessed. I was the only one who knew his secret. He was lucky they hadn’t done worse to him. “I hope he likes me, daddy!” Brent yawned. “He’s gonna love you, squirt. Come on, it’s time for bed,” Steve tells his son. Brent stands up and reached out for his dad’s hand. Steve did his best to adjust himself to hide his hard cock, but the tent in the man’s sweatpants wasn’t lost on his observant little son. “Daddy, your peepee is poking out,” Brent giggled. Steve looked down and realized his dick was tenting obscenely. He shrugged and followed his son, staring at his son’s creamy white bubble butt. The tight underoos rode up his boy’s butt crack and Steve had the perfect view of each of his son’s smooth butt cheeks. The next morning, Steve woke up and immediately headed to the bathroom to get ready. He half expected to see Susan, but she was nowhere to be found. Most husbands would worry, but not Steve. As fucked up as it sounded, he hoped she didn’t return. He headed to the kitchen and found both boys already at the table, eating cereal in their underwear. “Good morning daddy,” his boys called out in unison. “Morning guys! Where’s mommy?” Steve asked them. “She said to give you this,” Timmy, the older of the two boys said holding an envelope. Steve scratched his balls through his boxers and walked over to the boys. He took the envelope and smiled at them both. “She said she had to go away for a little bit but that she loves us. Daddy? Is mommy coming back?” Brent asked. The boys went back to eating as Steve pulled out the letter. She left. She couldn’t take her husband’s indifference anymore and left. She wanted nothing, kocaeli escort bayan not even the kids. “Good riddance,” he thought to himself. “Well?” Timmy asked. Even though he was almost a whole year older than Brent, Timmy and his brother were almost identical. They both had dark brown hair, big blue eyes framed with dark lashes, and pouty lips. Timmy was a bit taller than his younger brother, but otherwise they could have passed for twins. “Well, mommy had to go take care of some stuff for a while,” Steve said, ripping up the letter and tossing it quickly. “Hey, no sad faces. What do you guys say we clean this place up for Uncle Tyler?” Steve asked, noticing the boys’ faces. They both looked at each and then back to their dad, grinning, “Yay! Uncle Tyler! Ok, daddy!” They spend the morning cleaning up the small 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom trailer. It had seen better days, but with his younger brother’s help, they could definitely fix it up. The trailer was on a big piece of land outside of the city, so it had potential. The boys were on their hands and knees, cleaning under the couch. Steve caught himself staring and rubbing his crotch. Timmy’s Batman underoos were threadbare and Steve got a good look at his son’s smooth taint. After about an hour, they were finally finished. Both boys were sweaty and exhausted. The air inside was musky and stuffy, but no one complained. The boys had become accustomed to their dad’s scent. In fact, they came to love it. It was the scent of a man; their father. “So, I was thinking, would you guys be open to sharing a room so that Uncle Tyler has a room of his own?” Steve asked them. Both boys looked at each other and then at their dad and shrugged, “I guess that would be ok. But where will we sleep?” The boys asked. “Well we still have the bunk beds in the garage. We could set them up,” Steve told them and they seemed to love that idea. “I get the top bunk,” Timmy shouted excitedly. “Aww, shucks! I wanted the top bunk,” Brent pouted. “Maybe you guys can trade once in a while, but Timmy is older, so he gets first pick,” Steve told him. “Ok, fine, but when I’m older, I’m going to get the top bunk,” Brent exclaimed, making his dad laugh. “Alright! That sounds fair,” Steve told them. The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing the room for the boys and for Tyler. At the end of the evening, all three were exhausted and quickly fell asleep. The following day was Tyler’s release. The 6’1”, 190 lbs., bearded man was excited to be released. He had been counting down the hours until he was free. He planned to stay on the straight and narrow path, especially since his bitch of a sister-in-law would be watching him like a hawk. The prison wasn’t too far from the Millers’ home, so Steve took his time getting ready in the morning. Both boys were already awake, anxious to meet their uncle. The last time they saw him, they were too young to remember him. “Alright, I shouldn’t be gone more than an hour. There’s milk and cereal and stay away from the stove. Timmy, you’re in charge. Can you look after your little brother?” Steve asked. “Yes, sir, daddy! I will take care of both of us,” Timmy claimed proudly. “Why can’t we go with you, daddy?” Brent whined. “Because jails aren’t for little kids, only grown-ups and bad people,” Timmy chimed in before his father could reply. “I want you both to eat and shower before we get back, ok? If you can do that, then I promise to take you guys out to eat for lunch. How does that sound?” Steve asked his boys. “Yay! Ok, daddy!” They both screamed with excitement. “Remember, lock the door and don’t open it up for anyone!” He reminded them before kissing them both goodbye. Steve made the 20-minute drive to the prison rather quickly and waited in the discharge area for his brother. He was excited to have his younger brother back in his life. “Stevie!” Tyler called out, running towards his older brother. “Nice clothes,” Steve teased, hugging his not-so-little brother. “Fuck you,” Tyler laughed, ” It’s what I got arrested in. Sorry I didn’t have my tux on hand.” “Man, it’s good to see you, knucklehead,” Steve said, squeezing the back of his brother’s neck. The young man had packed on muscle in prison and quite a bit of ink. He had both of his nephew’s names tattooed on his beefy pecs. Unlike his brother, he shaved his chest to show off his tattoos, but otherwise looked like a younger, more toned version of his big brother. “Where are the little runts?” Tyler asked. “At home, anxiously waiting for your return. Seriously, let’s get out of here before they go nuts,” Steve laughed, putting his arm around his brother and leading him out into the free world. Tyler was like a kid in a candy store, taking in all the sights and smells, “Man, it’s crazy how I took all this shit for granted. I’m never going back there, man. I mean, sure that kid had some good pussy but damn it wasn’t worth the trouble.” “I bet, you lucky bastard. You’re lucky they didn’t kill you! Seriously, you need to be careful,” Steve exclaimed. The brothers had never really talked about Tyler’s urges, but to explain what happened. Tyler assumed it was just his brother warning him to avoid those urges, but here he was really telling him to just be careful, not to keep himself from continuing to enjoy his urges. The thought of Tyler being alone with his boys turned Steve on to no end, even as they drove, he palmed his hard dick through his jeans, an action that was not missed by Tyler. He smiled to himself seeing his big brother’s bulge as they talked. “How’s good old Susie?” Tyler asked after a pause in their conversation. Steve laughed and finally replied, “Dude, she left me. We were arguing about you, again, and then she just up and left. I dunno if I should thank you or hate you.” “Good riddance,” Tyler laughed, rolling down the window to take in the brisk air. “Welcome home, little brother,” Steve announced pulling into the long driveway of his trailer home. The boys heard the unmistakable roar of their dad’s truck and peered out the window in anticipation. They had on their favorite superhero shirts and shorts, wanting to make a good first impression. Tyler got out of the truck and stretched his muscular body. Inside, the boys looked on in awe. They didn’t know what to expect, but definitely not this. “Come on,” Steve said as he walked to the front door. “Daddy!” The boys cheered, hugging their dad. When Tyler walked in, their eyes grew wide as they stared at the sight of their uncle. “Woah! He’s huge like you, daddy,” Brent whispered. Steve and Tyler both laughed at the comment and Tyler kneeled down to get a better look at them. They were beautiful boys. There was no way in hell Tyler was going to be able to control himself around them. Then the words his brother said to him started to echo in his mind, ‘just be careful’. “Well are you guys just gonna stare or are you gonna say hi?” Tyler asked. “Hi. I’m Timmy and this is Brent,” Timmy said shyly. “I know who you guys are. Come on, give me a hug! I’ve missed you guys so much! Your dad told me you gave up your room for me Brent, but I hope you’re not too mad at me,” Tyler said. Both boys approached their uncle slowly, then threw their arms around him. He easily picked them up in his kocaeli sınırsız escort arms and stood up tall. They were both amazed at his strength and giggled. “It’s ok, Uncle Tyler. I have a bunk bed now. When I’m bigger like you, daddy says I can sleep on the top bunk,” Brent said proudly. “Awesome! You still got a ways to go to be this big,” Tyler said, putting both boys down and flexing his biceps. The boys were hanging onto their uncle’s every word and Steve watched intently. The boys fought over who was going to give him the grand tour, but Tyler convinced them they could both show him around. “Hey guys, why don’t we give your uncle a chance to shower and then we can head off to McDonald’s,” Steve called out from the living room. “I showered last night, so I’m good. Do you have some clothes I can wear, though?” Tyler asked. Steve quickly reached into his jeans and tucked his throbbing cock into his waistband and walked towards his bedroom. Tyler and the boys followed him into the room. Steve went into the closet and retrieved a t-shirt and a pair of jeans for his brother. They were relatively the same size so they should fit him. The boys watched intently as Tyler undressed in front of them. He had become so accustomed to getting naked in front of others that he did it without thinking. The boys’ eyes never left his body and when he stripped off his pants, their mouths dropped open. Steve watched in awe as his sons stared at their uncle’s flaccid dick. His thick 5-inch soft dick sat atop a pair of low hanging, golf ball sized nuts and a thick patch of untrimmed pubes. “Uncle Tyler, you’re not wearing any undies,” Brent exclaimed. “Oh sorry, bud. I forgot that I’m not in jail anymore. I guess I just got used to not wearing any. My mistake,” Tyler explained, looking over at his brother who just nodded. “Sometimes, when we don’t have clean undies, daddy lets us just wear our shorts, but our wieners aren’t as big as yours or daddy’s,” Timmy added, making Brent laugh when he said wiener. Tyler looked over at his brother and raised an eyebrow, “They shower with me from time to time. They still haven’t mastered how not to turn the bathroom into a swimming pool.” The answer seemed to satisfy Tyler, for now. Could his brother have the same affliction he did, he wondered to himself. “Can we go eat now, daddy?” Brent asked, his belly rumbling. “Yeah, little man. Go get your shoes on,” Steve tells them and they rush out of the room, excited to go out to eat. “They’re beautiful,” Tyler said, low enough only for his brother to hear. “Yeah they are. They’re gonna worship you, man!” Steve replied, winking at his brother and walking out of the room. The boys played for a while after quickly inhaling their meals, tiring themselves out and quickly falling asleep in the car. “Have you ever…?” Tyler asked his brother. Steve looked at his brother and immediately knew what he was asking and shook his head. “Well… would you?” Tyler fired back. “I dunno. Sometimes I think I could, but I don’t know man. I really don’t know. I’m glad you’re here, though,” Steve replied. The rest of the car ride home was quiet, only the roar of the engine and the boys’ cute snoring filled the air. “Can you help me get them in?” Steve asked as they pulled up to the trailer. Tyler pulled his seat forward and slowly pulled Brent into his arms. The boy cooed in his arms but stayed asleep. “Just lay them down on the bottom bunk,” Steve said, starting to take Timmy’s shoes off and leaving his brother alone with the boys while he used the bathroom to relieve himself. Tyler stared at the boys longingly and slowly caressed their legs, smooth and warm. Tyler sat on the edge of the bed and began to rub his thickening dick as his hands made their way up Brent’s beautiful, smooth legs. He heard the toilet flush and quickly removed his hand and walked out to meet his brother. “So, I work all day tomorrow, but if you need the truck you can drive me to work,” Steve told his brother. “Nah, I shouldn’t need it. As long as there’s food and beer, I’m ok. You know, I could help you fix this place up. I noticed you had wood out back. You still have pop’s tools?” Tyler asks. “Yeah they’re in the garage. I was actually thinking of adding a deck in the back and maybe adding a bathroom to the master bedroom,” Steve replied, getting excited. If only Susan could see. It took her leaving, for Steve to become motivated to fix the place up. As they discussed their plans for the house and drew up some rough sketches, both having experience in construction, the boys woke and walked out in their underwear. “Hey, squirts,” Tyler greeted. “Hey, Uncle Ty. Hi, daddy!” Brent chirped. Brent ran over to his usual spot in Steve’s lap and again rubbed his little boy butt on his dad’s crotch. Tyler watched intently and only looked up when Timmy interrupted his perverse thoughts. “Can I sit on your lap, Uncle Tyler?” Timmy asked cutely. Tyler didn’t answer. Instead, he picked his nephew up and sat him on his lap. Timmy, much like his brother, shifted in his seat trying to get comfortable and rested his head on his uncle’s beefy pecs. “You have a lot of drawings on your arms, Uncle Tyler,” Timmy said, tracing the visible tattoos. “Yeah, I have quite a bit. I even have your name and Brent’s on me,” Tyler laughed, attracting the attention of Brent, who had now hopped off his dad’s lap and approached his uncle. “Can we see?” Brent asked, excitedly. “If you ask nicely,” Tyler replied and looked over at Steve who nodded in agreement. “Please! Pretty please, Uncle Tyler?!” They begged. Tyler made a production of removing his shirt, his thick bush peering out over the low waist of the jeans he was wearing, causing the boys to giggle. He tossed his shirt to the side and sat back down, the boys immediately climbing into his lap. “See. Brent right here, and Timmy, your name is here,” he explained, taking the boys’ hands in his and tracing their respective names. “Cool!” They say in unison. Steve watched intently as his boys traced different tattoos on his younger brother’s chest. Tyler had his arms behind his head, exposing his hairy pits to the boys. “You smell like daddy, but he’s hairy and you’re not,” Brent said. “Oh yeah? What do we smell like?” Tyler asked. “Hmm, like kinda stinky, but good. I wanna smell like you when I grow up,” Brent said after a while. Timmy shoved his face in his uncle’s pit and inhaled deeply, “It smells kinda like spicy, but you’re right Brent, it smells good. Dad can I smell yours to see if it’s true you smell alike?” “It is true. I smelled daddy before,” Brent said matter-of-factly. “Sure, champ,” Steve replied, after clearing his throat nervously. Timmy jumped off his uncle’s lap and watched as his father removed his shirt. Timmy jumped into his lap and lifted his dad’s pit and inhaled. “You’re right! Only dad smells a little stronger,” Timmy exclaimed proudly. Tyler couldn’t take it anymore. He needed release. These boys were driving him crazy. He was rubbing their naked backs and thighs and was ready to burst. “Alright boys, I need to take a shower,” Tyler said, much to the boy’s disappointment. When he stood up, the crotch of his jeans was obscenely tented, a sight that was izmit anal yapan escort not missed on the boys and Steve. Steve knew exactly what Tyler was going to do. “I’ll put out some clothes for you,” Steve told his brother, who nodded in agreement. When Tyler got into the bathroom, he didn’t bother to lock the door, knowing there was only one bathroom. Sure enough, as expected, as soon as he was naked, Brent walked in. “I gotta pee,” he told his naked uncle. The boy didn’t move, and instead, took in the sight of his muscular uncle’s nudity. Tyler’s stiff dick was sticking straight out, inches from the little boy’s face. While the same length as his brother’s, he wasn’t anywhere near as thick. Tyler’s dick was 8 inches, with a thick, flared mushroom head and a thin shaft. His dick resembled a lollipop. Staring at his nephew in his tight superman underoos, Tyler’s cock throbbed and produced a dollop of precum at its slit. “Uncle Tyler, you’re gonna pee on the floor,” Brent giggled. “That’s not pee, kiddo. Sometimes, when a man is excited, he makes a very special drink. Would you like to try it?” Tyler asked boldly. “I dunno. It looks like pee,” Brent exclaimed, still not convinced. “Go ahead, try it. It will make you big and strong and it tastes good. Watch, I’ll do it first to show you it’s not pee,” Tyler rebutted. The muscular man reached down and with his index finger swiped his piss slit and brought the clear, milky liquid to his mouth, savoring the taste. “Mmm. That’s good!” “Hey, I wanna try. Make more!” Brent said excitedly, his small dick starting to harden to its 3 inches. Tyler reached down once more and squeezed his cock producing another copious amount of precum, only this time Brent reached forward and gripped his dick with both hands and started lapping it up from the source, hungrily. “Mmm, that was good! Am I big and strong yet?” Brent asked flexing his muscles. “Not yet. You need to drink a lot more,” Tyler explained, he couldn’t believe his luck right now. “Can you make more?” Brent asked, impatiently. Before he could answer, there was a knock at the door, “Brent, hurry up, I gotta pee. Oh, and daddy said he’ll be back in a bit, he went to the store to get you a toothbrush and stuff, Uncle Tyler.” “Come in, champ,” Tyler responded, causing Brent to quickly let go of his uncle’s erect dick. “Woah! That’s huge!” Timmy said, his eyes wide. “Guess what? Uncle Tyler makes a special juice that makes you big and strong and he said I can drink it,” Brent explained to his brother. “Hey! That’s not fair, what about me?” Timmy asked, confused but he didn’t want to be left out. “Hey boys, listen. Whatever we do has to stay a secret, because if you tell anyone they’re gonna wanna drink my special juice too, and then there won’t be any for you, and you will be stuck as little as you are now. You want to be big and strong, don’t you?” Tyler asked, causing both boys to nod. “Ok. We won’t tell anyone. Not even daddy,” They promise. “Good. Now Timmy, you can try it with your finger, or you can do it like your brother and lick it right off,” Tyler explained, gripping his dick tighter and another drop of precum emerged. “It looks like pee,” Timmy grimaced. Before Tyler could answer, Brent opened his mouth and popped the tip of the plump head between his young lips and nursed out as much precum as he could. Tyler threw his head back in pleasure, shoving his hips forward and gagging Brent with his fat dick head. Brent pulled off, coughing a bit, his lips coated in precum, “Hey, you almost choked me!” “Sorry, bud. It just felt really good and I couldn’t help it. Do you forgive me?” “Ok! Just don’t do it again, please! Timmy try it, it’s yummy!” “Ok, but don’t choke me, Uncle Ty,” Timmy warned. “I won’t.” Timmy opened his mouth and leaned forward, opening his mouth as wide as he could to accommodate the large knob. Tyler again moaned, but this time was conscious of not pushing his dick too far into the boy’s mouth. Timmy swirled his tongue around the spongy head and savored the taste, “Mmm that is really good,” He only paused to praise his uncle before putting his mouth back on his uncle’s cock. “Hey, cut it out, it’s my turn,” Brent whined. “Ok, no fighting boys. I’ll tell you what… both of you get on your knees and I’ll give you even more and you both can share, ok?” Tyler asked, not wanting them to fight. “Ok!” They both exclaimed and quickly got on their knees. Tyler wrapped his hand around his dick and started stroking, his large, low hanging balls slapping against this thigh. Both boys watched in awe and occasionally reached out and grabbed his hairy balls. “Your balls are really big, just like daddy’s!” Timmy stated, in awe. “Do they smell like daddy’s?” Brent asked, causing Tyler to raise an eyebrow. “How do you know what your dad’s balls smell like boys?” Tyler asked, curiously. Had his brother lied, he asked. Could it be possible Steve had been feeding these boys? “Promise you won’t tell?” Brent asked. “Of course, bud,” Tyler replied. “Well, sometimes when daddy falls asleep Timmy and I have seen daddy’s balls. Timmy has even licked them,” Brent giggled. These naughty boys. Where had they learned it, he asked himself. To be honest, he didn’t care, nor did it matter. The only thing that mattered right now was feeding them. “Go ahead smell them if you want. You can even lick them,” Tyler boasted. “Awesome!” The boys cried out and leaned forward and started darting their small, pink tongues around the hairy, heavy orbs. Tyler knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer, not with the attention his two nephews were showing him. What he wouldn’t give to have his brother here with him right now, sharing his boys. “Alright boys, close your eyes and open your mouths,” Tyler moaned, his breathing labored. Both boys obediently did as they were told and suddenly their faces became coated in thick, warm cum. Big globs of jizz landed in each boy’s open, willing and eager mouth. They licked their lips and swallowed quickly only to be rewarded with a several more blasts. “Woah!! That’s a lot!” The boys cried out. “Make sure you eat it all, so you can grow big and strong,” Tyler moaned, still dribbling all over the boys’ faces. Both boys opened their eyes cautiously, Tyler luckily had missed their eyes, but the rest of their faces were covered. The boys greedily, used their fingers to gather as much of the slimy load as they could and fed it to themselves. “Look Brent, Uncle Tyler’s willy still has a lot of juice on it” Timmy cried out, excited. Having heard some commotion and moaning when he returned, Steve walked in quietly. He heard muffled noises coming from the bathroom and before he could change his mind, he opened the door to find both of his little boys on their knees, sucking on the end of their uncle’s dick. “Hey, big bro!” AUTHOR’S NOTES- Hey guys! I have wanted to write this story for so long and I finally got around to it. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one-off story. I have thought about continuing with additional chapters, but I think it’s hot as is. Like all my other stories I write, I welcome any and all constructive criticism. Special thanks to hornysuckboy for reviewing and editing the story! You are amazing and make sure the story is easy to read!! I appreciate you I wanted to write a little something before the end of the year as my thank you to all my readers. I had wanted to get this up before Christmas, but obviously that didn’t happen! I wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope you enjoyed! Alex

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