Valentines Day


This stvory is an ultimate fantasy, pretty unlikely to happen in real life. It takes place in a world where safe sex and pregnancy are not worries. Please leave your comments!


I’m waiting for Dean, one of my best friends. We’ve spent Valentines day together, finding comfort in each other as we are both unattached, and he bought me lingerie. Which I’m now wearing. Standing in his bedroom. Alone. Quite drunk, wearing an incredible Agent Provocateur quarter cup bra and matching crotchless thong, and some stunning killer heels with hold up stockings. I feel sexy and spoilt, but confident we’re about to cross a boundary and it will be amazing.

He walks in, and grins from ear to ear; complimenting me on how good his present looks. I smile shyly, and giggle. I feel like a kid, suddenly feeling inexperienced and nervous. He’s carrying a box, which he sets down and opens. I watch as he pulls out two long silk scarves. Still standing, legs slightly apart, my curvaceous figure edible in his eyes, he approaches me and our eyes lock. There really is no going back. His soft lips brush mine and he whispers ‘Happy Birthday’ before pulling me into his arms, crushing his lips against mine. Our tongues entwine, my skin tingles as he nips my lower lip, pulling it away slightly before sucking on it and kissing me hard.

I stand, a little dazed by his passion, and he moves around my body, pulling a scarf over my eyes. I chuckle, it doesn’t bother me that I am blindfolded, I have total trust in him. His fingertips trace down my arms as he stands behind me, pulling my hands gently into his, until my wrists are together. The second scarf is fastened around my wrists. Now blindfolded and bound I am at his mercy, balancing in my heels has become harder without my arms to balance. I hear him undress behind me, telling me how beautiful I look, how this night will be incredible for me.

The door of his bedroom opens, and my head turns. I’m confused as to where he is going, but his lips once again meet mine, parting them and then licking my lips. There is another sound in the room, it sounds like glasses, and I become afraid. There is someone else in the room with us.

‘Relax baby, this is going to be the best experience of your life’. I feel his breath on my ear as he moves round me, now kissing along my shoulders and up and down my neck. My hands behind me reach out for him, feeling his hard cock pushing in between them as he caresses my sides. I try to relax, and feel a presence in front of me, someone else’s breath on my face. A second pair of hands, joining Dean’s, are now running up and down my sides. The stranger whispers ‘wow’ and I blush, before his lips brush mine.

The shock of being kissed by another man knocks me slightly off balance, but being sandwiched between two men I am steadied. I feel the familiar excitement of a first kiss, and begin to enjoy these kisses. He is careful and gentle, unlike Dean who was not afraid to push my boundaries. I’m so caught up in this moment I do not notice that Dean has moved away, and this man is now kissing around my neck, moving behind my to replace the shower of kisses along my shoulder and down my back.

‘Open your mouth’ I hear Dean say, and a glass is placed to my lips, and tipped up. Wine flows into my mouth, I swallow gratefully, thankful for the warming liquid. The glass is taken away and replaced by lips on me, another unfamiliar pair of lips. This person starts by nibbling on my earlobe, licking down my jaw, down my chest to my erect nipples. Already very aroused by the fact there are 3 men here, all using my body, I feel the warmth in my pussy increase further. The new man encouraged my legs apart further and I felt him kneel between them. His breath on my pussy lips is enough to make my legs buckle right then.

The moment his tongue touches me yet another stranger presses his lips firmly ateşli gaziantep escort against mine. The man behind me is moving his cock between my hands, encouraging me to try and grip it, but I can’t concentrate on him while I am being so stimulated elsewhere. I moan quietly, and Dean says ‘that’s enough’.

The three men who were servicing me move away as instructed, I can only assume that they are all naked. I feel welcome hands on mine, untying me and leading me to the bed. My barely there bra and thong are removed from me. I stand in just stockings and heels by the edge of the bed. Dean resumes his kisses around my jawline, meeting my mouth. Silently I wish he would take me passionately, shove his tongue in my mouth, make me his, but he teases. His lips flick over mine, his hands remain firmly on my waist.

A weight behind me makes me aware of approaching stimulation, and hands encompass my breasts, squeezing and massaging them. My nipples are screaming for attention and thankfully have some release; they are flicked and pinched a little while my tongue tangles with another. The other two men are now nibbling their way up my legs, until they reach the tops of my thighs. Dean’s hand moves between my legs, feeling my wetness and sliding a finger along my slit to my waiting clit. I jump as soon as he makes contact with my clit and he seems to come to a decision.

I am guided backwards onto the bed, and my wrists fastened to scarves which have been tied to the headboard. There is some slack in these as I have been positioned with my bum just on the edge of the bed.

‘Baby there are four men here, including me, and we are all here to pleasure you beyond your wildest dreams’. I don’t know what to think at this point, I need to be touched, I feel as though I’ve been teased enough but clearly not.

Lying tied to the bed he kisses me, while two men latch onto my breasts, and the final man settles between my legs. I can no longer focus on kissing, all I can do is moan as a tongue probes between my pussy lips, and two tongues run over my nipples, occasionally biting them, pulling them upwards. As the tongue buried in my folds moves up to my clitoris I begin to struggle against my binds, I am approaching my first orgasm.

I need to cum on a cock, I desperately want to cum on a cock, but instead two fingers are pushed inside me, pushing me over the edge and forcing my hips to buck. My soaking wet slit is now very sensitive, and the fingers and lips are removed from me. They are replaced with a cock, Dean’s cock, immediately. I feel sticky fingers being wiped over my nipples before the mouths return, cleaning my juices from my nipples. The remainder of my cum on this mans fingers is forced into my mouth, I suck his fingers clean and can hear him running his hand slowly up and down his meat near my face.

The cock pumping slowing in and out of me feels incredible, particularly as I know whose it is. He felt bigger than I imagined he would be, and starts slowly to allow me to adjust to his size. Before long he has picked up the pace, my pussy tight from the orgasm I have just had. I feel another orgasm building, moaning louder and louder. My nipples are released from the men’s mouths, but immediately I find them being tweaked instead, and pulled on more roughly than before. This is too much for me, I start contracting on his cock, almost screaming with pleasure. Waves of warmth come over me as my legs thrash try to thrash around, but are firmly held by his sides, he’s buried in me letting me ride my orgasm out.

As soon as I’m recovered he pulls out and I whimper, he hasn’t cum and I feel guilty. I jump but cannot get away as ice cubes are pushed against my nipples and clit. The sensation is crazy, it’s pain and pleasure all in one, as the ice melts against my clit and runs down to my pussy, I ateşli gaziantep escort bayan feel numb and hazy. A warm flannel wipes away excess which has dribbled down my legs to my stockings.

Fingertips run over my body, bringing the sensation back. A new pair of lips pushes against my pussy, the warmth of a tongue so welcome after the ice. Different fingers massage my breasts back into life, it seems as though the men have switched places. I moan Dean’s name, for reassurance that he is still there. He sounds as though he is across the other side of the room when he says ‘Enjoy it gorgeous, I’m still here’. I can’t see but the men working my tits are both hard as rock, their cocks in hand.

The man between my legs stands after suckling on my clit for a few minutes, bringing me back to a state of sopping wet. The head of his penis runs up and down my sex, before easing inside of me. Moving quickly he rams himself inside of me, much rougher than the first time, and begins pumping in and out of me at speed. This isn’t as enjoyable as the first time, I moan but not really out of pleasure. This guy is getting carried away. Dean must have realised, and tells this man to stop and move away, nominating a new guy to replace him.

As one penis is removed from me, and another is pushed inside I sigh with relief, this man is more considerate of me, pushing himself into me balls deep, but continuing to fuck me very slowly. This is now my only stimulus, the attention to my nipples has ceased and I feel two different hands pull my pussy lips wide open. My clitoris is exposed; it’s hard and eager to be touched. Someone blows on it, I can’t work out who, and I feel fingers being dragged up my arm, untying one hand.

‘Touch yourself’ is rasped in my ear, by the only voice I know in the room. Someone spits on my clit, although I don’t need the extra lubrication it feels hot in the moment. My hand is placed towards my stomach and I eagerly rub myself, reaching down to feel the cock rhythmically ploughing my cunt. My head is turned to the side, still blindfolded I don’t know what the idea is until my lips are parted by the head of a cock. I welcome it into my mouth, moaning onto it, sucking as I hear his voice.

‘That’s right baby, rub your clit, you need to cum don’t you, cum on his cock for me baby. Moan onto me as you cum on him’.

The dirty talk drives me wild, I’m sure I told him that at some point in the past. My pace on my clit quickens, the hands holding my lips apart are firm and keep my clit on show as I cum, twitching and thrashing. The man fucking me slowly lets out a deep moan and I feel him cum inside me, his cock pulsing as my walls grasp him. I hear Dean groan as I cum, the vibration from my moan travelling through him. He pulls his cock out of my mouth, the hands holding my lips apart are still there, and cold air is being blown on me, right onto my clitoris. My hand is tied back up so once again I am bound.

Once again the cock within me is removed, and my lips released. Again a warm flannel cleans me up. Nipples still poking upright, very hard, I feel as though something is wrong. Dean’s fingers are inserted into me and he scoops as much of the strangers cum out of me, seemingly annoyed that he allowed himself to cum. The cum is wiped over my nipples, and Dean orders the man to clean is off me.

This turns me on even further, feeling a man under Dean’s control being forced to clean his own cum off my chest, despite being tied up I feel quite empowered. The fingers inside me have surely served their purpose but are still pumping in and out of me. Dean kneels between my legs and liquid is poured over me, over my breasts, onto my freshly cleaned nipples, onto my engorged clit. The hands holding my lips open return, and champagne bubbles tickle and tingle on my soft folds. I am totally ateşli escort gaziantep exposed to Dean; he removes his fingers and leaves his mouth to drink up the bubbly running down me.

Two more mouths drink the champagne rolling from my breasts, my nipples are being bitten, pulled, squeezed, it feels incredible. My body is over stimulated, I feel as though I might cum any second from the slightest touch. One of these men shoots his load, jacking himself off while he suckles on me. He disappears rapidly; leaving just Dean and one other, the man who came inside of me had also disappeared.

Dean is kissing my pussy as though it were my mouth, with such passion; my whole body starts to shake as another orgasm wreaks havoc through me. He growls ‘release her’ to the only remaining man, which he does. My breathing is shallow now, so sensitive I might pass out.

Dean stands from between my legs, he and the final man are still here. He pulls me to my feet, my legs are shaking in my heels but his hands grip mine, pulling me towards him. I taste myself on his tongue, and my bum is squeezed and caressed while we kiss by the strangers hands. Kissing around my neck and up to my ear he whispers to me ‘Babe… it would turn me on so much to see you suck him off’. Usually this concept would revolt me, but at this moment it seemed like a great idea, and a huge turn on.

Bending my knees I slowly kneel on the floor, feeling Dean’s hands stroking my cheek while he moves to the side of me. Another cock is in front of me now, I can’t see it as I’m still blindfolded but can sense and smell skin in front of me. He smells clean, but unfamiliar. I work my hands up his legs; he is clearly very turned on as I stroke him, licking at his balls. I grip the base of him and run my tongue up his shaft, taking his head into my mouth I start to bob back and forth, his cock pushing farther and farther into my mouth each time. The man moans and tries to grab the back of my head, he is close.

Jealousy seems to overcome Dean as he pushes this man out of my mouth and tells him ‘finish off watching, you can’t cum in her mouth’. The strangers cock is replaced with Dean’s and I take to sucking him off eagerly, keen to give him just some of the pleasure he had given me. ‘Oh baby, that’s so good’ he moans, I try to deep throat him and gag but persevere. I can hear the other man wanking close by, my spit on his cock lubricating him. He must have acquired something to cum into, he groans as he shoots his load.

I whimper as Dean removes his cock from my mouth, I can tell he is seeing the final man out the room. As soon as I hear the door close my head turns towards the noise, seeking him. His hands take mine and I am pulled to my feet. I’m led towards the wall, pushed against it and kissed hard. My makeshift blindfold is ripped from me, and in one motion his cock is plunged into me in a swift motion, at the same time his mouth crushes mine in a desperate kiss. His teeth pull on my lower lip as I scream in pleasure.

I feel so overcome with passion; my legs really cannot hold me up much longer. As quickly as we were against the wall he takes me back to the bed, pushing forward so I’m kneeling on the edge of the bed. My heels are pulled from my feet and thrown to the side. My hands are reaching behind me to steady myself on him but his hands take over, encompassing my breasts and kissing along my shoulders, while his cock nestles between my cheeks.

One of his hands moves back down to my clit as he grazes my neck with his teeth, and my sopping pussy tells him all he needs to know. Swiftly I am pushed forward so I’m on my hands and knees and he enters me again. He’s no longer gentle, pounding me harder and faster. I’m screaming his name, pushing back on him. My final orgasm is building and he pulls my hair, spanking me and grabbing my hips until in one final thrust we cum together. Even my arms are shaking from the power of the last orgasm. Dean strokes my back, making me shiver, and pulls out of me. Cum dribbles down my thighs onto my dishevelled stockings.

I fall forwards and roll onto my side. Dean climbs up beside me, his legs entwine with mine and his arms wrap around me. As we pass out together in a slippery mess of cum, drink and sweat I hear him murmur ‘Happy Valentines Day’.

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